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Very good documentary
cmarie255911 September 2017
This was a fascinating documentary. I loved all the personal touches, the interviews with family. I was fascinated by the contributions of the Mackay-Bennett and the comparison with modern recovery techniques. The story of Dr. John Henry Barnstead was all new to me and the fact that his pioneering techniques for victim identification are still used today shows what a tremendous contribution he made to his field. His techniques were later used to identify the victims of the Halifax explosion and, much later, the victims of the 9/11 disaster. This documentary treated the memories of the dead with great feeling, and left me with a much better appreciation for what those involved had to deal with. If you like documentaries, I recommend this one.
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This one sinks!
gregoryjamescurtis18 December 2012
"A rehash of basic Titanic information, made worse by substandard CGI, slow-pacing, and reenactments featuring terrible acting and poor production values. Comments by so-called experts are presented as if they personally have inside information when, in fact, their insights have been well-documented. There is also a lot of filler showing modern skylines, and lengthy scenes showing how today's Coast Guard recovers bodies from the sea. Since there are no living survivors, this is full of interviews with descendants of victims, but their detached comments are not nearly enough to save this cheap effort. With all the Titanic documentaries available, especially those produced for the 100th anniversary of the disaster, this is one you can do without."
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