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  • Research began in 2008, and the script was slowly written as the information came in. Although some segments were created in 2009, filming of the main narrative began in 2010, and continued into 2012.

  • Filming and production were accelerated when the research team discovered that Schapelle Corby had overdosed on medication shortly after her birthday. This was a stark reminder of the importance of the information being revealed.

  • The mission of The Expendable Project is to expose the truth with respect to the Schapelle Corby case, through meticulous and independent research and investigation. The Expendable documentary is a showcase of that research.

  • The Expendable Project has no connection with Schapelle Corby or her family. At the outset, the decision was taken to retain independence, to mitigate the risk that the project could be used against them by unscrupulous third parties.

  • Yes. All the songs used can be downloaded from the official Expendable website.


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