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Unfinished Business isn’t a laugh-free experience — Nick Frost steals every scene as a business underling with a kinky side — and some of the comic set pieces actually work.
A once-energetic comic talent (and underrated serious actor) slows down to a pace he must feel matches his audience these days.
Time Out London
This limp, sometimes lifeless business-trip comedy can’t decide whether to aim for teenage boys or their fathers. So it plumps for – and misses – both.
Screen International
The supporting cast takes some of the comic weight off the always likeable Vaughn’s shoulders. But Wilkinson’s character is too sad-sack to be really funny and Franco’s verges on the mawkish.
Unfinished Business is a jumble of half-baked ideas, none particularly interesting.
Unfinished Business, the second film Vaughn has done with the deliberately paced Canadian Ken Scott (“Delivery Man”) groans under the weight of expected laughs, expectations that are rarely met.
Unfinished Business is the cinematic equivalent of sub-par fast food (think Carl’s Jr. or Jack in the Box); it’s cheap, easy and maybe even tasty for a second or two, but leaves you feeling queasy and undernourished.
A comedy with its heart in the right place and everything else bizarrely out of joint.
The Dissolve
Unfinished Business aspires to high-spirited antics, but it feels defeated and exhausted from the very start.
Mawkishness, gay panic, and lazy jokes make Vince Vaughn's workplace comedy considerably less fun than work itself.

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