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Sex & Nudity

  • There are 2 sex scenes in this movie and they are almost on the level of a Hentai (even though this is far from a porn flick). Most of it is softcore, but quite intense nonetheless.
  • A crippled man lies on top of a woman and makes some sexual noises while thrusting on her (both are fully clothed), however, she pushes him off before anything can happen.
  • Rape scene which shows female nudity. Lasts about 5 minutes.
  • Numerous instances of both male and female nudity, though no genitalia is seen in the edited version. In the uncut version, several demons are seen with cartoonish male genitals for brief amounts of time.
  • At the beginning Griffith is incarcerated in a cell without any clothes save for his helmet. His genitals are obscured but we can see his pubic hair briefly.
  • A man is walking around naked (we see his buttocks). Viewers can find amusingly convenient censoring of his genitalia and phallus symbology in the huge sword he carries during said scene.
  • At the start of the Eclipse a gigantic, naked female demon rises from the ground. She fondles her breasts (nipples shown clearly) and has a seductive tone of voice and expression. In a few shots, her vulva (censored with pubic hair) can be seen very briefly.
  • Several demons are seen naked, falling from the sky. Several of the demons have male genitals but are in cartoonish form (it's not detailed but have the generic appearance).

Violence & Gore

  • Multiple graphic fight scenes and, depending on which version you're watching, the gore is intensified in the uncut version.
  • Throughout the movie, MANY people are killed in various ways: decapitation, cut in half, limbs torn off, dying from blood loss, shot with arrows etc. During the Eclipse scene the violence reaches a particularly high point, as soldiers get mercilessly slaughtered in nearly every way possible by demons. This movie is extremely bloody, and the gore is very highly detailed as people are decapitated and eaten apart, and the violence is enhanced by the art style and animation.
  • There is a scene where a large claw can be seen slowly entering inside of a man's eye. This may be difficult for some viewers to watch.
  • A man tries to stand up in a shallow pool and sees that his arm's been broken (we see the bone jutting out). Then the character attempts suicide by impaling his throat on a sharp piece of wood, but fails, and merely cuts his neck.
  • A man is shown in a torture room, starved and near-death. The jailer later reveals that he cut out the man's tongue and dangles it from a rope in his hand. He also cut out the tendons in his arms and legs with graphic scars seen on both.
  • A man is stabbed through the shoulder and has his tongue cut out with a knife. The sword then slides through his shoulder (lots of blood shown) and he falls to his death from a very high height.
  • A man is split in half down the middle with a sword.
  • The dimension of the God Hand (a group of immortal, demonic gods) is shown to be made from the bodies of the dead. The lands are literally made from thousands of corpses and bones, along with lakes of blood.
  • A man falls from a very high height and ends up surviving by falling into a MASSIVE pool of blood and severed limbs. He spends much of the remaining movie completely covered in blood.
  • A man (who's already dead) is suddenly ripped to pieces in front of another man.
  • A man has his head bitten off by a demon.
  • There are more gory moments in this film than one can count.


  • A few uses of "fuck" and "shit" (in the Japanese version).
  • The English version has some uses of "bastard", "hell" and "damn". Some uses of "shit" and "bullshit", one use of "fucked up".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People are seen drinking ale in a few scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending is very depressing.
  • The whole film from start to finish is very intense, and gets incredibly disturbing and even horrifying during the Eclipse sequence, as the characters are transported into the surreal, nightmarish dimension of the God Hand.
  • The movie includes several instances of explicit sexual content, graphic nudity, extreme graphic violence, torture, disturbing images and explicit sexual violence.
  • During the Eclipse we see a surreal dream sequence, where a boy is horrified to find himself standing on a field littered with bloody and rotting corpses.
  • Many of the demons during the Eclipse look very bizarre and unsettling. One member of the God Hand, Void, is shown with his eyes sewn shut, his lips and nose missing and massive brain exposed in a permanent, disturbing expression.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a sex scene with Guts and Casca, nudity is shown (her breasts, his rear). Guts fondles her breasts and kisses her nipples. In the uncut version, Guts spreads her legs and her pubic hair is briefly seen, he leans down which she expresses to enjoy by moaning. We see Guts thrusting from a side view (shown more clearly in the uncut version). This scene is more meant to be romantic and emotional, but is still somewhat graphic.
  • In the uncut version, a man sees a naked woman, her breasts can be seen while pubic hair covers anything explicit. The man approaches her and places his face between her breasts. The woman turns into a demon and kills the character.
  • A woman is viciously raped by a humanoid demon in front of another man that clocks in at around 5 minutes, but involves some violence for almost half of it. This scene consists of some very explicit material. The demon fondles her breasts, rubs his hand between her legs (pubic hair shown) and ultimately thrusts inside her. Afterwards, his semen can be spotted on her thighs briefly.
  • As per the previous listed, the unrated version includes: (To better understand the difference of the edited vs uncensored version - don't read unless you want to spoil the scene listed above) The humanoid demon fondles the woman's nipples and breasts before rubbing his fingers against the woman's vagina, which causes the woman to unconsciously moan. The demon uses tentacles to spread her legs before finally thrusting into her. The sound effects are also explicit. At one point we see the demon's erected penis thrusting several times from the side. The demon uses its tentacles to turn the woman around, where we are able to see him continually thrusting into the woman while fondling her bouncing breasts. There is a brief scene where we see his erected penis inside her before he ejaculates into her. Her lover unsuccessfully tries to save her, and is then forced to watch it happen. After letting go of the woman, she lays on the ground and we see semen flowing out from her vagina and down her thighs.

Violence & Gore

  • When the main character cuts his arm off we see the tendons, veins and bone slowly stretch and break, with blood spilling everywhere.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The deaths of most of the main cast are especially upsetting if the viewer has grown attached to them in the previous films.
  • The rape scene happens in front of the victim's lover, who unsuccessfully attempts to save her before he gets his arm cut off and his left eye gouged out as he's forced to watch. As a result, the woman ends up being driven insane and losing all her memories while her lover ends up becoming more unhinged and violent from the event. Add to the fact that the victim and her lover, who are Casca and Guts, respectively, are very likeable characters, and this is an incredibly shocking, graphic, upsetting, and heart-wrenching scene

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