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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 2: Jessica is having sex in public toilets for about 10 seconds.
  • There is no frontal nudity the worse that is seen is bare shoulders and back. The sex scenes are not last long.
  • Season 3: In one episode a prostitute gives a wank/blow job to a man who has a girlfriend, it is implied, not shown.
  • There's a large amount of sex scenes
  • In season 3 a man rubs Jessica's breast
  • Although the profanity and alcohol use is severe the fact of there is no actual nudity that can even be described, you compare it to wearing a bikini.
  • Simulated sex with bare skin to various degrees and bare buttocks in sex and various situations shown on screen.
  • Season 1 The show opens to a character taking photographs of two people in the act of having sex. They kiss passionately, he pulls her up to around his waist and they have sex in the back of a car. His buttocks are shown briefly. Later in the episode, Jessica spies on a man and woman from a fire escape who are shown through a window about to have sex. The woman is in lingerie and her butt can be seen very briefly. Later after the bar scene two more characters can be seen having sex with moaning and thrusting and shaking the bed.
  • Two characters have sex in two separate scenes in a hallway and on a bed a woman is thrusting on top of a man they moan loudly with movements shown.
  • A woman is implied to be having oral sex performed on her in a bed, we see a man's figure (entirely covered by her bedsheets) moving between her thighs. No nudity and the scene is very brief. A man is seen later walking around in his underwear, the scene focuses on his chest mostly though.
  • Two characters kiss passionately (sex is implied) and we later see them lying in bed the next morning.
  • Brief sex scene between two characters. Partial nudity is present.
  • A woman slides her hand up another woman's dress offscreen. We see the woman close her eyes and smile, suggesting she is being sexually stimulated. The scene is brief however and the woman stops, claiming she won't do anything until she's married.
  • A female inmate states she needs her fingers to "please ladies".

Violence & Gore

  • Intense violent content: attacks and deaths by shooting, stabbings, beatings, suicide, and more. A main villian causes people to do disturbing things unwillingly such as murder, suicide, self-harm, etc. A woman is raped by this character off-screen, but it's mentioned several times. A viable amount of blood and gore is shown throughout the show.
  • A man is thrown through a glass window, he survives but is knocked out. Kilgrave uses mind control to force a girl to shoot her parents to death with a pistol. The scene is shown offscreen (and partially heard), but the bloody aftermath is fully shown.
  • Jessica is shot in the shoulder, we later see the bloody wound as she showers. Blood runs down the shower drain.
  • A woman has a nightmare about her deceased family visiting her; blood and cuts adorn their faces. Kilgrave uses his powers to make a man and woman hold knives to their own throats. A woman (under mind control) blows herself up with a bomb, killing herself and a few other men. A young boy undergoing painful scientific testing has fluid extracted from his spine with a syringe. No blood but the boy screams and cries in pain.


  • Profanity is used throughout the series, including "shit", "dick", "asshole", "bitch" and lots of religious expletives. The f-word is used at least once.
  • Some scarcely used sexually-explicit terms and swears, including "twat", "prick", and "boning"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Season 2: A lengthy scene with drugs, alcohol, and a party of lesbian prostitutes
  • Jessica is a hardcore alcoholic and drinks heavily almost all the time. This is later revealed to be a result of the trauma she faced in her past.
  • Several characters are drugged with surgical anesthesia throughout the series.
  • Jessica supplies an abortion pill to another character.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Suggested (Deleted. Personal opinions about suitable viewing ages are not appropriate for the Parents Guide.)
  • Jessica Jones has graphic violence; also, the tone is very dark.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • In the past, Jessica was sexually abused and raped by Kilgrave over a period of 8 months.
  • Hope later on reveals that she was raped by Kilgrave and gets pregnant. She then takes a pill to abort the pregnancy.

Violence & Gore

  • Jessica and Luke get into a bar fight with several thugs. One of them tries to stab Luke's neck with a broken bottle, but he is unharmed by the attack. A man takes a circular saw and begins to slice his stomach. Due to his super-powered skin however, he is completely unharmed.
  • A man (under the influence of mind control) begins to choke a woman to death, she survives however. Kilgrave uses mind control to make a police officer commit suicide. He does this be walking off the roof of a tall building. Jessica tackles him before he walks off.
  • Kilgrave uses mind control to make a man throw scalding-hot coffee on his face. We see him screaming in pain and clutching his burned face (shown from a distance). Several thugs are beaten up in a fistfight, they later taze Jessica with stun rods. A man is shot with a tranquilizer dart. An inmate is beaten brutally at night by another inmate. We later learn this is willing done in an attempt to abort her unborn child.
  • In flashbacks, Jessica is shown killing a woman by punching her in the chest so hard it stops the woman's heart. Luke attempts to kill a man he believes murdered his wife. He throws the man through a windshield but doesn't kill him.
  • Jessica threatens to throw a woman onto a train-track and then accidentally does so; she saves the woman before the train hits her. A man's corpse is found in a bed, dead from slitting his own throat. There's blood all over the bed and the body is shown a few times. A woman is seen carrying a bag into a police station, then dumps a decapitated head out of the bag onto a desk. Graphic, but very brief.
  • A man is shocked multiple times in a room through electrified water. A woman is shown with severe burn scars on her face, we later learn this is from when Kilgrave forced a hot iron onto her. Jessica violently beats Kilgrave during an interrogation. He spits out blood and has cuts on his face. A man is stabbed in the shoulder with scissors and shot in the shoulder, little blood is shown. Kilgrave forces his mother to pick up scissors and stab herself for every year she wasn't there for him. She does this and dies. A man (under mind control) forcibly pulls his hand through locked handcuffs, causing some of the flesh from his wrist to be scraped off.
  • Kilgrave tells a woman to kill another woman with a knife using 1,000 cuts. She then proceeds to do so only to get hit by a vase and killed after 30 cuts. The force of the attack sends the woman's head through the corner of a glass table, very bloody and graphic. This whole scene is about 2-3 minutes long. A man is shot in the head with a pistol, this is very sudden and unsettling. A woman stabs herself in the neck with a broken tea cup, she then bleeds to death. Several people (under mind control) are forced to willingly hang themselves, but are saved.
  • In a flashback, Jessica wakes up in a hospital after finding out her entire family was killed in a car crash. A girl has a bloody cut on her arm, we learn this was because her mother cut her. A man shoots two other men in the head with a pistol, very bloody. Jessica is hit by a truck, but the camera cuts away before impact. We see her wounds later on. Jessica gets into a bloody fistfight with a man, she is punched through walls and beaten pretty badly. A woman almost dies after taking a combat-enhancing drug.
  • Kilgrave forces a man to stick a pair of lawn cutters into his mouth and fall directly onto the ground. The camera cuts away as he falls, but afterwards the bloody blades are seen piercing through his head from an obstructed angle. A man is shot point-blank in the face with a shotgun. He survives however thanks to his unbreakable skin.
  • Jessica walks into a room and sees a dead body. She then discovers Kilgrave's father missing both of his arms and bleeding out, with another man trying to jam his severed arm down a garbage disposal. Very graphic, but brief. Several people (under mind control) are ordered to kill each other by fighting to death, they are stopped however. A man has spinal fluid drained with a syringe that goes through his eye socket. Disturbing, but it's done mostly offscreen. Jessica snaps Kilgrave's neck, killing him.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Malcolm is a 'junkie' as described by Jessica. Malcolm is working for Kilgrave, in favor of drugs. We later see him suffering from severe withdrawal as he attempts to give up drugs.
  • Simpson takes a combat-enhancing drug that boosts his adrenaline, but makes him lose his self-control. This causes him to become violent and kill people.
  • Kilgrave enhances his mind control powers using stem cells from the aborted fetus of his own child.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Throughout season three there's a serial killer that takes photos of his victims before he kills them. These photos can be highly disturbing to some viewers.
  • Jessica suffers from severe PTSD over the traumatic experiences she suffered at the hands of Kilgrave in the past. This can be pretty disturbing and emotional for people who're sensitive to or have suffered from sexual abuse, psychological abuse, or any other abuse.
  • Kilgrave is a very intense and frightening character, due to his power to control people's minds with his voice. He physically and psychologically tortures people with his abilities, always forcing them to do actions they would never normally do such as killing other people, suicide, other violent acts. Furthermore, Kilgrave typically does all these vicious things on a whim, which makes his evil deeds feel even more frightening.
  • Additionally, Kilgrave's backstory is very upsetting and disturbing, as his parents tortured him throughout his childhood with scientific tests and operations. This is shown in a few scenes.

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