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Sex & Nudity

  • Season 3, Episode 4 : pounding heard implies sex, nothing shown, later shown both of the male and the female on bed no nudity shown.
  • Season 1- Overall: Some nudity (nonsexual and sexual) infrequently present in the show (maybe 3-4 times throughout the entire season. The nudity in this show was not intended, rather forced upon the director by the network. Because of this, any scene with nudity can be easily skipped, as the director hated the idea of it.
  • Episode 1: A naked woman is seen dead multiple times in crime scene photos
  • Episode 2: Brief kissing/sex scene (no sexual motions or noises are seen) with full frontal female nudity. easily skipped.
  • Episode 3: A man and woman kiss and are seen having sex on a bed. The scene has only the woman in view so not much is really shown.
  • Episode 4: A scene in a strip club contains multiple women with breasts exposed and dancing in lingerie. In the same scene you see a row of women sitting on bar stools with their buttocks shown in thongs. Later in the episode strippers are shown at a party, breasts are again visible.
  • Episode 6: Sex scene with full frontal female nudity. Gratuitous shots of the womans breasts. A second sex scene with a man and woman bent over a counter is less revealing and ends quickly. A nude picture is seen on a cellphone. A woman is in her underwear looking at herself in the mirror while asking a man over the phone to come have sex with her.
  • Episode 8: It is made blatantly obvious that a very disturbed man has an ongoing relationship with a mentally deranged woman.
  • Episode 1: A deceased man's house is full of sexual images and items (dildos, artworks, and sex toys). A female figurine lays in milk (breast and pubic area exposed). A woman performs oral sex on a man after the man takes viagra (male buttocks shown, woman in revealing underwear). Sexual references to sex positions and sex toys. A woman walks around in her underwear and a slightly see-through tank top (her nipples are visible). Police raid a house where several porn actresses are perform on on webcams. Most of them are topless.
  • Episode 2: The female main character watches porn full frontal nude female images on web page. Penetration is very briefly shown, although blurred. Women are shown dancing at a strip club in scantily clad outfits.
  • Episode 3: A woman is shown performing oral sex on a man. A woman swims in a pool (breasts exposed). A man and woman discuss IVF.
  • Episode 5: A woman shows her breasts. A woman talks about liking big dicks.
  • Episode 6: An orgy takes place, a woman walks through a house where many people are having sex in multiple positions. Sexual sounds are heard and full frontal nudity of some women are shown very briefly, mostly in the background and blurred.
  • Episode 7: A man and woman passionately grope and kiss each other in bed, a woman's buttocks are partially shown very briefly during this.

Violence & Gore

  • Season 1
  • Other violence in the series is limited to intense moments and discussions of violent crimes.
  • There are two scuffles in the show, but they are more intense than they are graphic.
  • Season 2 Episode 4 has a long, extensive gun battle between police and criminals, numerous people are killed.
  • There's a short, concise torture sequence comprised of a man's hand being pierced by a nail, and then another being forced into his shoulder. The scene is not overtly intense, but handled with a degree of casualness which emphasizes his evident distress.
  • In the beginning, a murder victim is found dead with his eyes burnt away by acid. He's later show to have had his genitalia blown away at point blank range by a shotgun blast. There is a graphic closeup of the wound which only lasts for a mere second.
  • A short, though brutal fight transpires between two men in which blows are exchanged and the intensity increases as one of the men begins to take the upper hand. The fight ends with one man's face bloodied and the other removing a grill that says "Fuck You" via pliers.


  • Frequent uses of "fuck", "shit", and other profanity with their variations throughout each episode

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Hard drugs such as cocaine, and methamphetamine are frequently discussed.
  • A character goes on a alcohol and cocaine binge in one episode. He is seen snorting the cocaine.
  • In another episode, a character does cocaine, methamphetamine, and a little bit of heroin.
  • Some shootout scenes take place in drug labs or areas where drugs are being sold and used.
  • Constant smoking and drinking throughout.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Rated TV-MA for disturbing violent content including grisly images, language throughout, strong sexual material, graphic nudity and some drug use.
  • A very dark, unexpectedly scary and intense series, with a theme of murder and crime. There is also a prominent theme of child abduction, pedophilia, and implications of sacrifice throughout the series. While there is only very infrequent violence there is plenty of suspense and brooding.
  • There are a few scenes with disturbing images, particularly those of corpses, which are often bloody or bloated, and in the worst cases, mutilated (only shown briefly).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • There are violent overtones to the entire series, but the only moment of real graphic violence shown is in episode 5 where a sex offender is shot pointblank in the face and another offender is blown in half when he runs over several land mines and detonates them.
  • In episode 8, the main villain attacks the two protagonists with an axe. One is stabbed in the abdomen with a knife and the other is clipped with the axe. Both characters are shown bleeding profusely. The main villain is shot point blank in the head. This is brief, but graphic and brutal.
  • A shootout takes place at a drug lab. Men and woman are shot in the head, face, abdomen, and legs. Both criminals and police die at the scene. The scene lasts from approximately six minutes. Extremely violent.
  • Two men engage in a calculated assault and shootout with ten men in a wooden cabin. Numerous individuals are shown to be blitzed with tear gas, punched, and then shot in gritty, realistic fashion.
  • A man is shown running from several others through the woods. As he does so, he picks off the first two with multiple shots by way of a handgun. When he is finally cornered, he emerged from behind a tree and confronts his pursuers, who shoot him multiple times in dramatic, bloody fashion.

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