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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It is never explained. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Carcosa is revealed in the last episode of the first season as a place. On the outside, it appears to be an old brick structure with many tunnels, possibly a battery or some other military building, probably made before the Civil War. Inside, it is essentially a church of sorts, where "kings" and "brides" wed, and sacrifices probably occurred.

    The altar room in Carcosa is where the final showdown between Rust, Marty, and the "Spaghetti Monster" occurs.

    On the other hand, the final showdown may take place in a place that is linked to Carcosa, but not Carcosa itself.

    Carcosa is also a citation from the book "The King in Yellow" published in 1885 by Robert W. Chambers. This collection of horror short stories is frequently alluded to in "True Detective". Carcosa is a mythical place in this book, that is mentioned in an imaginary play, called "The King in Yellow", which is frequently mentioned in the otherwise not connected short stories. One of the most famous appearances of Carcosa in "The King in Yellow" is "Cassilda´s Song", supposedly from Act 1, Scene 2 of the play. Some of it´s verses are cited in TRUE DETECTIVE:

    Along the shore the cloud waves break, The twin suns sink behind the lake, The shadows lengthen

    In Carcosa.

    Strange is the night where black stars rise, And strange moons circle through the skies, But stranger still is

    Lost Carcosa.

    Songs that the Hyades shall sing, Where flap the tatters of the King, Must die unheard in

    Dim Carcosa.

    Song of my soul, my voice is dead, Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed Shall dry and die in

    Lost Carcosa.

    While Chambers borrowed the name Carcosa from an Ambrose Bierce horror story called "An Inhabitant of Carcosa", horror author H.P. Lovecraft elaborated on the mystery The King in Yellow in his "Cthulu Mythos" stories, especially in "The Whisperer in Darkness". One would expect more of these kinds of references if the story was continued, which should lead closer to the King in Yellow and Carcosa. There must be a larger cult involved, and the green-eared Spaghetti monster would hardly be the King. However, this is all speculation and will likely never be revealed as it has been confirmed the second season has been will not pick up the story line of the first season and will involve a new cast and a new setting. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He is revealed in the last episode as Erroll Childress, also known in the show as "The Man With the Scars," and unofficially by fans as "The Lawnmower Man" because he is encountered by Rust and Marty, and later Gilbough and Papania, mowing lawns at a school and a cemetery, respectively, as part of a contract with the local parish. He is a local handyman and works for his father's company, Childress and Sons. He is seen at different times mowing schoolyard lawns and painting at elementary schools.

    Erroll Childress is revealed at the end of the first season as the killer of Dora Lange and others. A little girl being chased by him gave a description of him to police that resulted in the sketch depicting the "Green-Eared Spaghetti Monster." Viewers find out that Erroll's ears were green because he had recently put a fresh coat of green paint on the Fontenot house. He is a "spaghetti monster" due to his severe facial scarring. Edit (Coming Soon)

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