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TheOny1328 November 2018
At this point I'm wondering, can it get any better? By the looks of the ratings this show has here on imdb, it seems so. This is the best episode so far of this season. Again the things that catched me at first with this show are also here: mystery, intrigue, character-driven story and surprises which I couldn't see coming. There are lots of twist, revelations and turning points in this episode that I'm a bit surprised that this episode isn't over 9 here on imdb. But not everytime the rating here correlates with the actual quality of the show. The way the story between Korra and Amon is being build up right now is excellent and I can't imagine what could happen in the future, for example the end of season 1, let alone the other seasons. I'm literally in awe at every episode knowing how good this show has been till now. This is easily one of the best first seasons of a show that I've ever seen in anything (anime, TV series or animated TV shows). And the fact that there is no filler and the story keeps you involved from each episode to each episode makes it even better.
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