"The Legend of Korra" Out of the Past (TV Episode 2012) Poster

Seychelle Gabriel: Asami Sato



  • Asami Sato : Hey, is Mako alright? He seems really worried about Korra.

    Bolin : Yeah, we all are.

    Asami Sato : I know, but... he's your brother. Do you think that he likes Korra as more than just a friend?

    Bolin : What? No! That's- that's just gossip, where'd you hear that? Crazy talk is coming outta your mouth right now...

    Asami Sato : What do you know Bolin? Come on, spill it.

    Bolin : Nothing! I mean, there was this one time, during the tournament when Mako and Korra kissed but...

    Asami Sato : They kissed?

    Bolin : Believe me, I was upset too, but I'm over it. I don't think it meant anything.

    Asami Sato : I doubt that.

  • Bolin : Ughh! Man! I had this awful dream that Korra was taken by this evil bloodbender. So weird.

    Asami Sato : Bolin, that really happened. He knocked us out.

    Bolin : Are you serious? Where is he? Is he here right now?

    Saikhan : Tarrlok is long gone. I'll alert the whole force.

    Lin Beifong : We've only been out for a little while. Maybe we can still pick up Tarrlok's trail.

    Tenzin : It could lead us to Korra! Let's go.

  • Lin Beifong : Hope you got enough beauty rest. Come on, I'm busting you out.

    Asami Sato : Thanks. I owe you.

  • Mako : Let's try this way.

    Asami Sato : What if Korra's not down there?

    Mako : Then we pick another tunnel until we find her!

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