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'Discreet' from 'Interior. Leather Bar.' co-director scores deal

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'Discreet' from 'Interior. Leather Bar.' co-director scores deal
Exclusive: New film from Travis Mathews heading to Benelux.

M-Appeal has closed a deal on Discreet directed by Travis Mathews with Zeno Pictures for the Benelux.

Mathews is this year’s president of the Queer Palm jury in Cannes who directed the 2014 drama Interior. Leather Bar.(pictured)with James Franco (who also starrred) reimagining the cut sex scenes from controversial 1980 gay thriller Cruising.

Discreet centres on an eccentric drifter who, after years in hiding as he struggled to control his demons, plots revenge when he returns home to discovers that his childhood abuser is still alive.

As the armed man prepares to carry out his plan, he must navigate through the perilous land of masculine fragility in modern-day America.
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‘Discreet’ Review: A Dissonant Thriller About The Effects Of Child Abuse — Berlinale 2017

‘Discreet’ Review: A Dissonant Thriller About The Effects Of Child Abuse — Berlinale 2017
Childhood abuse affects its victims in myriad and often abstract ways. The disparate images and mysterious female voiceover that provide Travis Mathews’ “Discreet” its illusory opening do eventually come together, like the concentric cycles of abuse and pain experienced by its woeful protagonist, Alex (Jonny Mars).

A drifter and filmmaker, Alex travels the country in a dark blue van shooting footage of highways. On a passing visit to his unstable mother, he learns that the man who abused him is living in a small cabin on the outskirts of the rural Texas town where his mother lives. Seeking out the older man, Alex finds a severely incapacitated John (Bab Swaffar), complete with an involuntary twitch in his left arm and a vacant stare.

John is a ghoulish cartoon of a predator; even in his weakened state, his fluffy white beard, ruddy red nose, and lanky frame tower over Alex. Facing
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‘Discreet’ Exclusive Poster: An Eccentric Drifter Returns Home To Exact Revenge Against His Childhood Abuser

‘Discreet’ Exclusive Poster: An Eccentric Drifter Returns Home To Exact Revenge Against His Childhood Abuser
In the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, there was a sharp national focus on modern masculinity and how it’s supposedly threatened by rising forces in identity politics. Travis Mathews explores that idea in his new film ‘Discreet,” about an eccentric drifter who returns home after years in hiding to discover that his childhood abuser is still alive. Soon he plots his revenge while he navigates an uncomfortable landscape. Check out an exclusive poster for the film below.

Read More: Berlinale 2017 Will Premiere ‘Logan,’ ‘Trainspotting: T2,’ and Hong Sangsoo’s Latest

“‘Discreet’ began as a moody cautionary tale,” says Mathews, “a nightmare warning to what discretion — in its many forms — might bring. Over [the summer of 2015], then into 2016, crystallizing with the Us presidential election, it became increasingly clear that the monster built from years of fear mongering was no longer under anyone’s control. Unhinged, it would answer to no one,
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James Franco's gay porn drama: 'He loves his scandalous stories'

King Cobra director Justin Kelly talks about his film based on Brent Corrigan’s career and how far Franco, who plays a porn producer, was willing to go on screen

“I like to think that I’m gay in my art and straight in my life,” James Franco said to himself in an article for FourTwoNine magazine he wrote titled, The Straight James Franco Talks to the Gay James Franco. “Although, I’m also gay in my life up to the point of intercourse, and then you could say I’m straight.”

Franco toying with the public’s perception of his sexuality is nothing new. He’s made his fascination with gay culture known not just in interviews (in April, he told New York Magazine that he considers himself “a little gay” – even if he doesn’t sleep with other men), but also in his work. His directorial debut, The Broken Tower,
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Venice Film Review: James Franco’s ‘In Dubious Battle’

Venice Film Review: James Franco’s ‘In Dubious Battle’
It’s easy to mock James Franco for the polymath showiness of all his extracurricular endeavors (actor! filmmaker! poet! collector of academic degrees! the world’s first and last postmodern Oscar host!). Yet if you leave the snark aside, there is something half-crazy/admirable about the scale of his ambitions. Besides, it’s no easy task to pull together a feature film, and Franco has directed close to a dozen of them. Up until now, he hasn’t been very good at it. Whether it’s a sexually “transgressive” (but actually cautious) documentary curio like “Interior. Leather Bar.” or one of his two (count ’em) Faulkner adaptations, Franco as a filmmaker has been more diligent than competent. At Cannes in 2013, as the audience sat dying through Franco’s “As I Lay Dying,” I tried to relieve the tedium by glancing to my left, and saw that half the people there were asleep.
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2016 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: Travis Mathews’ Oscillate Wildly

Slowly moving away from the docu world, but keeping with real life subjects, filmmaker Travis Mathews first gained entry into Sundance with the New Frontier played Interior. Leather Bar. back in 2013. Fast-forward a couple of years and he might be headed there again. While Oscillate Wildly has been on the Sffs/Krf fast track and landing several West Coast grants and it was reported that shooting took place during the summer, unless this was shot completely off the radar, we believe we’re a tad too early with this one. If not, then we called it.

Gist: Written by Travis Mathews and Keith Wilson, Ben is a hot-headed young gay man with a mild form of spastic cerebral palsy that expresses itself in his swaying walk and intermittent muscle spasms. He lives a solitary and routine life in a working-class neighborhood of Austin, Texas, with no family and few friends.
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Transgender Documentary ‘Mala Mala’ Bought by Strand

Transgender Documentary ‘Mala Mala’ Bought by Strand
Strand Releasing has bought the North American rights to Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles’ “Mala Mala,” a documentary exploring the transgender and drag communities in Puerto Rico.

The film made its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April and will debut in theaters on July 1 at the IFC Center. Ronnie Schieb gave the doc a strong review for Variety, calling it “highly entertaining.”

Shot over a three-year period, “Mala Mala” features Lgbt activists, business owners, sex workers and the Doll House, a group of drag performers.

Mala Mala” is an El Peligro production presented by Killer Films in association with Moxie Pictures. Sickles and Santini served as producers. Executive producers are Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler.

Strand noted that it has history of distributing Lgbt films, including Gregg Araki’s “Myseterious Skin,” Daniel Ribeiro’s “The Way He Looks,” James Franco’s “Interior. Leather Bar.” and Hong Khaou’s “Lilting.
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Ian Olds, Geremy Jasper, Boots Riley & Laure de Clermont Tonnerre Among Sffs / Krf Filmmaking Grant Finalists

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the not so distant future in American indie film, a reliable sampling is usually found in the bi-annual Sffs / Krf Filmmaking Grants finalist (and future winners) lists. Grants will be awarded next month, but this finalists’ list overviews a look into the 2016-17 pool of talent and feature films. Among the trio of items that are in various stages of production and we’re keeping tabs on, we have Ian Olds (docu helmer of Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi) who moved into fiction feature filmmaking with The Fixer. Produced by Caroline von Kuhn (Camden Int. Film Fest Managing Director and docu field expert), this is said to include supporting players in the shape of Melissa Leo and James Franco. And speaking of Franco…, Travis Mathews from Interior. Leather Bar. fame has Oscillate Wildly next in line. Beasts of the Southern Wild
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2015 Sundance Film Festival Predictions: James Franco’s Bukowski

Feeding our curiosity for what a major transgressive adonis in future literary world might look like in the pre stench of cigarettes and booze era, I’m imagining something akin to Kill Your Darlings in term of look and feel, and a perfect drinking partner to Bent Hamer’s Factotum. Quite frankly it’s got everything you’d want in a Park City indie biopic – hence why I originally circled Bukowski as a possible 2014 Sundance selection. Little did I know that production would be tied up in legal troubles. The good news is, as of last month, whatever woes existed between right holders of “Ham on Rye” and this project have been resolved. Moving forward, we can expect to see a transformative performance from Josh Peck and peak into the man behind the method, and the madness. Shannen Doherty, Alex Kingston, Keegan Allen (see set pic above) and Tim Blake Nelson support the titular player.
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'Child of God' Trailer from Director James Franco

'Child of God' Trailer from Director James Franco
Although he is still much better known as an actor, James Franco continues to rack up more credits as a director, including recent indie offerings such as Sal, Interior. Leather Bar. and As I Lay Dying. The actor/filmmaker returns with the first trailer for his latest offering, Child of God, which he co-stars in, directs and produces, along with co-writing the screenplay adaptation, based on Cormac McCarthy's 1973 novel.

Scott Haze stars as Lester Ballard, a maniacal loner who slips into a downward spiral of violence and disorder. Tim Blake Nelson, Jim Parrack and James Franco's co-writer Vince Jolivette co-star in this upcoming indie thriller, arriving in theaters August 1.

A dispossessed, violent man's life is a disastrous attempt to exist outside the social order. Successively deprived of parents and homes and with few other ties, Ballard descends to the level of a cave dweller as he falls deeper into crime and degradation.
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James Franco Gets Explicit Through ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’ On Vimeo

Vimeo has scooped up two salacious documentaries to add to its On Demand library. Most notably, James Franco is one of two filmmakers behind Interior. Leather Bar., which imagines a graphic deleted scene from the 1980 Al Pacino movie Cruising. Franco teamed up with co-creator Travis Matthews for Interior. Leather Bar., which is inspired by a gay S&M scene ultimately cut out of Cruising. The trailer makes the film seem provocative, strange, and uncensored, making it exactly the sort of documentary one would expect to take advantage of the few restrictions of online distribution. Interior. Leather Bar. is joined on Vimeo by another sexy title: Bettie Page Reveals All, which stars famous pin-up model Bettie Page. Page, who died in 2008, made her mark through her photo shoots, which often included sexually deviant poses. The documentary looks at her life and career and even features some narration from the woman herself
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When Movie Stars Act Weird

When Movie Stars Act Weird
As problems go, it’s a pretty First World one to be saddled with. You’re a movie star pocketing obscene paychecks to appear in Hollywood blockbusters. But something is missing. Fame and box office success alone aren’t why you started making movies. You are an actor If only your fans could see just how cool and fearless and devoted to the craft you really are. What to do? Worry not. There’s a well-trod path laid out that will put this plight behind you once and for all: You will make a boldly uncommercial art film. The weirder,
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The Seventh Seal

Whitney Biennial 2014 Whitney Museum of American Art Through May 25, 2014

"I think of the media as a cannibalistic river… that absorbs everything." Gretchen Bender

"The image is dead. The icon is dead. The painting is dead." Patricia Cronin

"I am a deeply superficial person." Andy Warhol

Fade In

Int. Dining Room/Brant House

Table, Bjarne Melgaard “nude African American female” fiberglass figure chairs, “giant stuffed Pink Panther dolls,” enormous ceramic phalluses.

Hypnotic atmosphere.

Adam Driver, Idris Elba, Ellen Barkin, Heath Ledger, Michael Lee Nirenberg, James Franco, Billy Cyborg, Narrator, [Seven Background/Evening Dresses] stoned on their milk-plus, their feet resting on faces, crotches, lips of the sculptured furniture.

Narrator (V.O.):

“Righty right right,” I say. “So what will it be tonight then?”

Camera Pans Slowly Across Darkened Room [Set Dressing: Vintage Gretchen Bender lighted wall sculptures that flash “Korova,” “Moloko Plus,” and “Moloko Vellocet.”]

Move in slowly to Narrator slumped in chair and:

Narrator (V.O):

Well, there we were: my brothers, that is, me and Billy Cyborg,
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Capsule Movie Reviews (Mar. 5): 'Bethlehem' and three more

New Release


Not Rated, 1 Hr., 39 Mins.

Director Yuval Adler’s Israeli import is a slow-burn police procedural set in the West Bank, where a Jewish agent (Tsahi Halevy) forms a fatherly bond with the younger brother (Shadi Mar’i) of a Palestinian militant. Family ties and clan loyalty are put to the test as the confused teenager questions whom he can trust. The answer, sadly, is no one. B —Chris Nashawaty

The Face of Love

PG-13, 1 Hr., 32 Mins.

If Hitchcock’s Vertigo were ever turned into a Lifetime movie, you’d end up with something like this far-fetched story
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James Franco Gets His Own Film Festival at New York's IFC Center

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James Franco Gets His Own Film Festival at New York's IFC Center
Given the eclectic nature of James Franco's projects, it was only a matter of time before someone thought to host a festival in Franco's honor, and it looks like the man himself plans to attend. New York's IFC Center will host FrancoFest, a retrospective celebrating the work of James Franco, from March 5-13, with Franco appearing at several screenings. The festival will showcase several of Franco's most notable performances ("127 Hours," "Howl," "Spring Breakers"), as well as a number of his efforts as a director ("As I Lay Dying," "The Broken Tower," "Sal").  Perhaps the most notable inclusion is Franco's Berlin and Sundance hit "Interior. Leather Bar.," which re-imagines the destroyed explicit scenes cut from William Friedkin's controversial thriller "Cruising." Friedkin's film will appear in concurrence with Franco's.  Also scheduled to appear is Gus Van Sant's "My Own Private Idaho," which influenced the included films "My Own Private River" and "Idaho,
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James Franco Says Class Is in Session

Want to follow the career path of James Franco? There’s a class for that. The actor, who has achieved success in film and television in addition to his varied artistic pursuits, has entered into a partnership with Playhouse West. Through his production company, Rabbit Bandini Productions, Franco will now run the bicoastal acting school’s Studio 4. What can students expect from a teacher who’s starred in “Spider-Man” features, been nominated for an Oscar for “127 Hours,” and co-directed “Interior. Leather Bar.,” the reimagined lost 40 minutes from “Cruising”? Franco said he’ll teach his students the techniques he used to succeed. “This is what worked for me, and I did it for eight years,” he told Backstage. The Playhouse, which has campuses in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, declined to discuss the price of the Franco courses, but said, “It’s going to be well below average.” Franco, who plans to
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Michael Lannan & Andrew Haigh On Their Series “Looking”

(l to r) Michael Lannan, Jonathan Groff and Andrew Haigh

(Photo: Getty)

With two episodes having aired in the first season of HBO’s Looking, we’ve heard from the stars of the show – Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Frankie J. Alvarez – but what about the guys who brought the series to life?

Meet Michael Lannan & Andrew Haigh.

Michael Lannan, credited with creating the show, wrote and directed Lorimer, the short film on which Looking is based. He was also a producer on James Franco’s Interior. Leather Bar.

Andrew Haigh is best known to TheBacklot readers for directing the gay indie film, Weekend. He brings his unique vision to the look of the gay-centric series focused on the lives of a group of gay men living in San Francisco.

We recently sat down with Lannan (who sports an impressive beard, which helps explain why the majority of the guys
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Child of God Trailer: James Franco Does Cormac McCarthy

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Child of God Trailer: James Franco Does Cormac McCarthy
Besides releasing a novel, getting roasted, starring or appearing in a whole bunch of movies, and a variety of other projects, James Franco also brought three films he directed to festivals. Interior. Leather Bar. and the William Faulkner adaptation of As I Lay Dying have already received pretty minor releases, so we're still waiting on his Cormac McCarthy adaptation Child of God. Though it still doesn't have a release date, we finally have a full trailer for the film. As it is McCarthy, the thing looks super violent. If only this book also had a woman-having-sex-with-a-car scene – that would've fit nicely into Franco's oeuvre.
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James Franco: 21 Reasons Why You Couldn't Avoid Him in 2013

It seems James Franco is now the hardest-working man in show-business -- if you look back at his 2013, that is.

Franco's multi-tasking started to seem like a Joaquin Phoenix-style put-on a couple years ago; not only was he writing, directing, and starring in various films, but he was also, it seemed, studying for graduate degrees at several universities at once. But then, it became apparent that he really was spreading himself too thin when he practically fell asleep onstage while co-hosting the 2011 Oscars. He took a lot of flak for that, but he hardly seems to have lessened his pace.

Indeed, the Oscar jokes ceased once Franco returned to the good graces of moviegoers with the 2013 smash "Oz the Great and Powerful."

According to IMDb, Franco worked on some 49 film and TV projects in 2013, and while many of those were just guest spots on talk shows, that still means that,
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