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Sex & Nudity

  • While people are being examined in their underwear for skin rashes, a divider separating the line of men and women gets knocked over, exposing the groups to each other. This is played in a low-key comedic tone. A male side-character appears to ogle the female lead character and other women, but the male main character gets in the way to block his view and tells him "don't look."
  • No sex or nudity.
  • A young woman's skirt is ripped in an emergency situation, briefly exposing part of her upper thigh.
  • Groups of men and women are briefly seen in their underwear as they are examined for symptoms of an illness (2 scenes). These scenes are not sexual.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is centers on the spread of a deadly virus and the chaos that ensues as a city struggles to contain the outbreak. While there is blood and are scenes of violence through out much of the movie, it is not gratuitous nor is it overly gory considering the context.
  • Scenes of human trafficking.
  • Various sick, bloody, and dead bodies throughout, including several scenes where sick people vomit blood.
  • A man fights with officials trying to restrain him in several scenes.
  • Medical staff burn contaminated bodies with blow torches to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Several riot break out in a crowded areas.
  • Army members draw weapons on and shoot at unarmed civilians, including women and children.
  • Gunshots are heard offscreen. It's implied that the government is executing people infected with a virus.
  • A woman gets stabbed in the shoulder with a syringe during an altercation.
  • People infected with a virus are wrapped in plastic and dropped from a crane and into a pit where they're set on fire, many while still alive.
  • In a standoff, one soldier shoots another.
  • Rioters attack a van trying trying to flee the violence, one of the rioters is hit by the vehicle and the rioters attempt to pull people out of the vehicle.
  • A man is stabbed several times during a riot, another man is shot and his blood sprays onto a bystander.
  • The military opens fire on a crowd of civilians, including women and children. Several people are shot.
  • Two men fight with a third to protect a young girl. During the fight, one man is shot in the shoulder, one is strangled with barbed wire, and a third is impaled on a metal pole.
  • A civilian woman is shot in the shoulder by the military as she tries to retrieve her daughter(doesn't die).


  • One use of "Oh my God.", and the words "Shit" and "Fuck" are actually said in English only once.
  • Several f-bombs are dropped, moderate and some severe curse words throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is extremely perilous.
  • An emergency responder attempts to save a woman trapped in a car in a precarious position.
  • A man is startled when he's grabbed by someone he thought was dead.
  • A woman is nearly trapped under a falling security gate.

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