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  • Monroe explains to Nick about the feral Coyotl prison gang-like, even tattooed kind's pack code when they find on old friend of Hank is actually one who fled his pack years ago and now finds his daughter kidnapped. The trail leads to their Texas relatives, the Kempfers, who stop at nothing but ignore the other side has a Grimm. Nick shows angelic patience when Juliette's memory returns about everything except their love.

  • As Hank continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable siting he had, an old friend, Jarold Kempfer, needs his help when his daughter goes missing. Nick's expertise as a Grimm comes in to play as he investigates the disturbing motives linked to the disappearance.


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  • Grimm

    A father and his teenage daughter argue over whether she should take fewer AP courses (so not your typical parent-teen conversation). Outside on the driveway, a man sits in a car. His face morphs into that of a Coyotl, a werewolf like creature that lives in packs. Uh oh. Sure enough, the Coyatl is soon in the teen's bedroom. She is about to scream and he covers her mouth. Nick, meanwhile, visits with Juliette in the hospital. She doesn't recognize or remember him. "You're that cop," Juliette says. So Nick shows her pictures of the pair together. Oddly, Juliette remembers EVERYBODY in the photos but Nick. "We live together," says a sad Nick. 

    The Coyatl and his buddy, meanwhile, take the teenage girl to a farm, where they lower her down into a deep, dark well. She screams behind duct tape. Hank then talks to a psychiatrist about his recent spate of nightmares, though he doesn't mention their supernatural origins. It's just too terrible to say out loud -- and who would believe him anyway? Hank is clearly unstable.

    Later, Monroe accompanies Nick to visit Juliette in the hospital. Of course, Juliette remembers Monroe, who tries to jog her memory further -- with no luck. "How do you know Nick?" Juliette asks. The answer is far to complicated. Back at the farm, the teenage girl is pulled out of the well to meet a bearded man who claims to have known her when she was very young.

    Nick pays a visit to Renard and asks the captain for his help in locating Adalind. Renard agrees. Nick then meets up with his partner. Hank admits he is seeing a therapist. "I'm thinking about going to the captain, Nick," Hank says. "I'm not sure I can do this anymore." Nick is about to explain a few things to his friend when the teenage girl's dad enters. He is an old friend of Hank and explains that his daughter has gone missing. Dad is distraught -- and quickly morphs into a Coyatl himself. Nick notices, of course. "Is there anything you want to tell us about your personal life?" he asks. Dad shakes his head.

    Nick heads to Monroe, who explains that these creatures are essentially an underworld gang -- and leaving the pack would be a big, big "no no." It gets worse. These Coyatls have a mating ritual to introduce a female into a pack ...  after her 17th year. And guess what? Tonight is a full moon. So Nick suspects that dad left the pack and took the girl with him. The rest of the pack, meanwhile, might have finally caught up with them. Nick returns to police HQ and, with Hank briefly away, explains to the worried father that he knows the man's secret. "I'm a Grimm and I can help you," Nick says. Dad then admits that he and the girl left his now-deceased wife's "family" in Texas -- and the family wasn't too happy.

    Hank does a search on the man they suspect took the daughter, a criminal named Hayden. Turns out Hayden now lives in town. Nick and Hank head to the man's apartment and find it empty. Almost. Butchered animal remains are in the bathroom. Nick knows it's a prelude to the ritual. Hank then finds a "for sale" ad for a local farm. 'I think I got something here," he says. Nick, Hank, and dad head for the location, where the girl is being tied to a some sort of makeshift altar. "I remember when your mom went through this," Hayden says.

    Nick and Hank arrive at the farm and confront Hayden while dad waits in the car. "We're looking for a missing girl, your niece," Nick explains. Dad doesn't stay in the car long, however. He storms at Hayden, demanding to know where his daughter might be -- then runs inside a barn to find the altar. Nick notices a rope leading down into the well is twitching. The girl is being held below. Nick and Hank pull the girl out while Hayden and his sons subdue dad. "Get the guns," Hayden demands. Nick and Hank, meanwhile, hustle the girl inside the barn, where she briefly changes into a werewolf. Hank FREAKS OUT.

    It's his nightmares all over again. He points a gun at the girl, but Nick steps between the two. "Hank, you're not crazy," Nick explains. "What you see -- I see it, too." Hank lowers his gun. "Right now, you just have to trust me," says Nick, explaining that he is a Grimm and that means he can kick some werewolf butt. Hank decides to trust his partner. The werewolf family runs into the barn to find Hank leveling his gun and unfazed by their animal appearances. Everybody is under arrest. They don't argue when they hear Nick is a Grimm.

    Back at the police station, Hank feels strange not being to write the truth in his report. "Nothing's changed, OK?" Hank tells his old friend and the man's daughter. "I'm just glad you came to me." Later, Hank tells Nick that this has been one of the best days of his life. "I may be crazy, but nowI know I'm not alone."

    Nick then gets a call: Juliette is being discharged from the hospital. The two return to their home, but Juliette still doesn't recall her relationship with Nick.

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