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Funny funny funny episode
Michael Seese8 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Funny funny funny episode.

Funny scenes, funny lines, and funny looks.

I thought one of the best scenes took place in the medical examiner's room when Lanie bluntly said to Beckett, "You're having sex," and asked who it was. Castle, of course, demanded to know as well. And on the set of the news show, I loved Castle's attempt to play weatherman, which morphed into him channeling Superman and flying over the city. (I also appreciated the way this bit started, with Beckett in the foreground and an out-of-focus Castle in the background.) Finally, the two makeup artists were great; I would love it if they could find some way to have them in a future episode.

Oh, and I loved the upside-down camera shot when Beckett walked in on Castle and Kristina.


Beckett: "You just want me to take off my shirt again, don't you?" Castle: "What?"

Beckett: "Isn't that the reporter who shows up to cover stories in her bikini?" Castle: "I didn't... Is that..." Beckett: "You want to try that again, only make it more convincing? Castle: "No. I'm good." Beckett: "OK."

(When discussing the air quality monitor that Mandy took up in the chopper.) Castle: "The direct tox monitor. Of course." Beckett: "You have no idea what that is." Castle: "No. Not a clue."

Castle: "You didn't tell me he (Chip, the sportscaster) called." Beckett: "Really? You're going to play the jealousy card now?"

Castle (leaving for his date): "Call you later." (Pokes head back in.) "To check on the case."

Beckett: "Can we say we'll talk about needing other people, but we won't actually date other people?" Castle: "Yeah, I can do that." Beckett: "Good. Because I have a gun and you don't really have a choice."

And, naturally, the looks:

Castle's bewilderment when Esposito asked, "What? No coffee?"

Ryan's attempted explanation when Espo asked, "Are you wearing makeup?"

And THE look... Castle's smirk when Beckett said, "I keep seeing her boobs in your face." (Yes, I watched that one twice.)
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One of the funnest, most light hearted Castle's yet. Laughed throughout and loved the ending!
RidgebackTTF2 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I laughed and smiled a ton while watching this episode. It's so fun to watch our favorite chess characters try to work out the logistics of their relationship while still maintaining appearances. The back story took front stage in this episode and the case they were working on best served as a medium to reintroduce Esposito, Beckett, and Castle to the 12th. Castle's squirming led to antics that were more clearly forced, while Beckett's unease was less visible and minimized her need for recoveries. Both Fillion and Katic played their parts so very true to the characters they've established over the last few seasons, and it was great to see Beckett finally smile more openly at Castle's little antics. There was nothing foreboding or overly dense about this episode as it was one of the most upbeat and hilarious episodes of Castle yet. I can't think of many reasons at all why most people wouldn't ENJOY it. I especially liked the way it concluded. Man, did they nail it. Beckett's reaction after Castle repeated that he didn't have a choice was one of the cutest and most endearing reactions we've seen out of her since the beginning of the show. Castle's coy facial response after she turned to walk away was spot on. Kudos to both actors. This episode was a great addition to the story. It will leave you feeling just plain good.
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