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The Bollywood hero is a clich?: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui feels the Bollywood hero is the most clich?d creation one can think of, adding that he likes to keep a distance from that image.

"I have played a variety of roles, be it gangster, a writer or a policeman. Even if I get an opportunity to play the lead hero in a movie, I will do it only on the basis of my style," Nawazuddin told Ians.

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"The Bollywood hero is one of the most clich?d roles (that) you will find. People have this conception on how they see him, the kind of clothes he wears etc. This is a zone I ideally don't want to be a part of because then you go into an absolute comfort zone," he added.

According to Nawazuddin, anybody can play the hero but the difficult part is to
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UK box office preview: ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’, ‘Angry Birds 2’ take aim at ‘The Lion King’

UK box office preview: ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’, ‘Angry Birds 2’ take aim at ‘The Lion King’
Other openers include ‘Animals’ and ‘Holiday’.

Franchise titles Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and The Angry Birds Movie 2 are aiming for different audiences in their opening weekends at the UK box office, with The Lion King looking to hold its top spot for a third week.

Universal’s Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw is a spin-off from the Fast & Furious franchise, starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as a special agent and mercenary who team up to stop a genetically-enhanced villain played by Idris Elba.

As the below chart shows, the franchise has steadily grown since
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In the picture by Amber Wilkinson

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Rafi Photo: Joe D'Souza. © 2018 Tiwari's Ghost, LLC. All Rights Reserved

The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra - who now lives in New York and has recently directed English language films The Sense Of An Ending and Our Souls At Night - returns to his home country to use the bustling streets of Mumbai as the backdrop for Photograph, a romantic drama that crosses the class divide.

It stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui - who was also in The Lunchbox - as Rafi, a street photographer who strikes up an unlikely friendship with younger middle-class Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) he snaps one day. Using her photograph in a bid to convince his gran (Farrukh Jaffar) he has a girlfriend, he soon finds himself begging the younger woman to join his charade when his gran decides to visit. Soon, the faux romance begins to show signs of blossoming into the real thing.

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Guneet Monga joins Mubi India

Following the recent announcement of curated global streaming service, Mubi?s expansion into South-East Asia, Guneet Monga joins Mubi as Content Advisor for Mubi India as it expands its operations in the region.

Guneet is an Oscar-winning Executive producer and Bafta-nominated producer, having won an Academy Award for her short film Period. End Of Sentence, and has to her credit films including the smash hits like The Lunchbox and Gangs Of Wasseypur.

At Mubi India, Guneet Monga will take on the position of Content Advisor and take forward the overall programming and acquisitions strategy for Mubi India. She brings with her a wealth of experience within the Indian film industry that will help define the content profile.

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Guneet Monga, film producer said, ?I've been a fan of Mubi for many years now. To see a new curated film everyday through
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Liff 2019: Photograph Movie Review

Ritesh Batra broke through with his debut feature The Lunchbox and now he’s back with his next Indian-language film “Photograph”. Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui as the romantic lead, the movie follows the life of a villager named Rafi who’s come to the big city of Mumbai to earn money for his family as a street photographer. Opposite him is the well-to-do Miloni, played by Sanya Malhotra, who is training to be a chartered accountant.

An unconventional romance very slowly blossoms after they meet in a chance encounter where Rafi takes Miloni’s picture, a photograph that captures her in way that she’s not seen herself before. Unbeknownst to her, Rafi is under pressure from his family and friends to get married, he’s not getting any younger. This is portrayed to great comic effect in several scenes throughout the film and it’s this kind of gentle, natural
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Liff 2019: Brilliant Closing Night Gala Screening of Photograph with Ritesh Batra!

Closing Night at the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival 2019 on Friday 28th June, 2019 at BFI Southbank, London England

Darren Brade Photography

A blazingly hot Saturday afternoon saw the 2019 London Indian Film Festival (Liff) come to an end in London with the UK Premier of Photograph at the BFI Southbank. It’s worth noting, however, the festival is still running in Birmingham with a showing of Photograph on 1 July and Halifax with the Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition on 8 July.

There was a full house, all eager for the screening, perhaps remembering the great film that ended last year’s festival, Venus, which managed to tell a touching and funny tale of a transitioning woman who finds she is the father of a teenage son. The evening began, as is traditional, with the announcing of the winner of the Satyajit Ray Short Film Competition. “U Ushacha”, a tale of a
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Photograph review – restrained Mumbai romance never comes into focus

The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra returns with an enigmatic meditation on chance meetings and things unsaid

Ritesh Batra stole the hearts of moviegoers the world over with his gentle romance The Lunchbox in 2013, and after some uncertain English-language movies he has returned to India with this odd, enigmatic high-concept love story set in Mumbai. Photograph has some beautifully shot moments, and Batra sometimes captures the city with something approaching the rapture with which Wong Kar-wai captures Hong Kong. Yet it is weirdly opaque and internalised, and doesn’t ever really come to life.

This is a romance in which the lovers do no more than briefly touch hands. They rarely even smile at each other, and their voices are hardly ever raised higher than a murmur. Photograph is elliptical, so much so that I almost suspect some scenes have been lost in the edit. The plot turns on a photograph that we never see.
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Film Review: This Is Not What I Expected! (2017) by Derek Hui

By Shikhar Verma

In Ritesh Batra’s 2013 Indian film ‘The Lunchbox,’ romance blossoms between two strangers through food. While being alarmingly charming, ‘The Lunchbox’ was also incredibly honest, grounded and real. Derek Hui’s ‘This Is Not What I Expected’, quite ironic to its title, is not only everything you would expect but is also so timidly clichéd that it never leaves you with enough meat to chew on.

This Is Not What I Expected!” screened at the New York Asian Film Festival

Based on Lan Bai Se’s novel ‘Finally, I Get You’, the film opens with Lu Jin (Takeshi Kaneshiro), a stiff, well-dressed and overly self-conscious multi-millionaire. His job is to visit and acquire hotels, making them a part of his own company. While on inspection he also likes to sit alone and eat the various cuisines that the hotels have to offer. He has made it a
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Photograph – Review

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Rafi and Sanya Malhotra as Miloni in Ritesh Batra’s Photograph. Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

In director Ritesh Batra’s previous hit film The Lunchbox, two strangers become linked by chance events involving an inanimate object, a lunchbox. In his follow-up film Photograph, it is a photo that brings two strangers in contact. Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a street photographer from a rural village struggling to make a living taking photos of visitors to a famous Mumbai tourist spot. Miloni (Sanya Malhotra) is a shy, soft-spoken young woman studying to be an accountant, a career chosen for her by her prosperous Mumbai family. Feeling overwhelmed by her overbearing family, she wanders one day to the tourist site, where Rafi snaps her photo. The photograph he takes of her becomes a link with far-reaching consequences for their lives.

Like Ritesh Batra’s previous film The Lunch Box, Photograph
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Do we see Indian films except in Cannes

As many as 1,854 feature films were submitted to be part of the 2019 Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival from across the world this year. As many as 39 nations are represented as production or co-production countries. India is missing.

Filmmaker Onir rightly questioned: "What are we supposed to celebrate about Cannes 2019... The cinema that's being celebrated or just the clothes our actors wear and the parties they attend. Somehow that is all that seems to be talked about."

Barring the overwhelming red carpet or party looks of Bollywood actresses making a splash on social media, an India Pavilion, organized by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Ficci, is doing its bit to forge international partnerships in distribution, production, pitch India as a shooting destination and promoting film sales and syndication.

India may be one of the largest film producers in the world, but no film from the country made it in the competition categories.
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‘The Souvenir’ Is the Top Specialized Opener as Business Remains Soft

‘The Souvenir’ Is the Top Specialized Opener as Business Remains Soft
As the Cannes Film Festival presents prospects for the next year of specialized releases, distributors at home are praying for better fortunes ahead: For titles in their third week or beyond, the best gross is under $250,000 for “The White Crow.” Ongoing releases traditionally form the bulk of art-house business, and that’s likely the lowest-ever best gross for a film in its third week.

Within this context, a decent opening — $20,000 in four top theaters — for Joanna Hogg’s highly praised “The Souvenir” is positive news. It’s good enough to serve as the basis for much wider play, but doesn’t suggest a strong prognosis for the business.

Meanwhile, documentaries continue to provide specialized releasing whatever good news there is: “The Biggest Little Farm” showed continued growth in its second weekend.


The Souvenir (A24) – Metacritic: 94; Festivals include: Sundance, Berlin 2019

$85,851 in 4 theaters; PTA (per theater average): $21,463

With “The Souvenir,
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Interview: Ritesh Batra on 'Photograph' and why he makes movies about longing

by Murtada Elfadl

By his own admission Ritesh Batra makes movies about longing. Movies about people trying to connect. That was evident in The Lunchbox (2013), where two strangers meet and bond through a case of mistaken lunch deliveries. In Our Souls at Night (2017) two older neighbors - played by Jane Fonda and Robert Redford - try to fill their lonely nights by sleeping in the same bed, for companionship not sex.

In his latest film, Photograph, two strangers from different backgrounds also try to connect. He’s Rafi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a struggling street photographer. She’s Sanya (Sanya Malhotra) a shy Accounting student. They meet when he takes her photo at the Gateway of India, the famous arch monument in Mumbai. Rafi is being pressured to marry by his grandmother so he convinces Sanya to pose as his fiancée during a family visit. The film tells more with the silences
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10th London Indian Film Festival Announces Full Lineup. The Man Who Feels No Pain, Article 15, Reason, And More

The Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary this June and July with a droolworthy festival lineup featuring many of the best Indian films of the year across five UK cities. Among the highlights are the world premiere of Article 15, directed by Anubhav Sinha (Mulk), the English premieres of Ritesh (The Lunchbox) Batra's Photograph, Vasan Bala's The Man Who Feels No Pain, and Rima Das' Bulbul Can Sing.    I've seen a good chunk of the films in this years lineup and would happily recommend The Man Who Feels No Pain, Ghost of the Golden Groves, Bulbul Can Sing, Rohena Gera's Sir, as well as conversations with director Anurag Kashyap (Gangs of Wasseypur), actress Radhika Apte and writer/director/actor...

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Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival Announces Full Line-up

Back for it’s 10th edition, the Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival has announced its full line-up as well as the list of guests that will be attending the Festival this year.

Their most diverse showcase yet, with 10 languages and 7 talented women Directors’ films being premiered, the Festival will play host to multi-award winning director Anurag Kashyap and one of India’s most talented actress, Radhika Apte.

This year’s highlights include a red carpet opening night at Picturehouse Central with the exciting World Premiere of cop whodunnit “Article 15” starring Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana directed by Anubhav Sinha. Our closing night marks the return of Ritesh Batra, the Director of “The Lunchbox”, with the premiere of “Photograph” starring the legendary Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Ayushmann Khurrana in “Article 15”

In addition to the Screen Talks with Anurag Kashyap and Radhika Apte, there will also be a Chai with Chadha event, where prolific
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‘Photograph’ Film Review: Mumbai Romance Feels Sweet but Slight

  • The Wrap
‘Photograph’ Film Review: Mumbai Romance Feels Sweet but Slight
Meet-cutes are the hallmark of any romantic comedy, and although Ritesh Batra’s “Photograph” is more of a genial drama, its meet-cute is so essential to the plot, the film is named after it.

Rafi is a photographer working the tourists at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. He has a good line for roping in customers: “Years from now, when you look at this photograph, you’ll feel the sun on your face, this wind in your hair, and you’ll hear all these voices again, or it will all be gone. Gone forever.”

It’s this line that persuades Miloni (Sanya Malhotra), a student who’s been separated from her family, to allow Rafi to take her picture. He gives her the photograph, but before she can pay him, her family calls out to her and she runs off. Not a great start to a relationship, but he’s captivated nonetheless.
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Get Ready for the Exciting 10th Edition of the London Indian Film Festival this June

This June, the prestigious London Indian Film Festival will once again thrill audiences with outstanding and thought-provoking independent cinema, including India’s new wave of Lgbtq+ films. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the UK and Europe’s largest South Asian film festival, supported by the Bagri Foundation and the BFI, Liff runs from 20th June to 8th July across 5 UK cities. This year, the festival will showcase 25 feature films in 11 languages. Not only that the festival is featuring films by 7 women directors. There are films from 6 countries including the UK, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, and Poland. As well as screenings and special Q & A events, there are three very special In Conversation events with Anurag Kashyap, Gurinder Chadha, and Radhika Apte. That is just part of the exciting list of films and events you can be a part of at Liff!

Cary Rajinder Sawhney, Executive & Programming Director of the festival says:
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Rising Indian Director Ritesh Batra On Working With Both Amazon and Netflix

Rising Indian Director Ritesh Batra On Working With Both Amazon and Netflix
Ritesh Batra is reflective of a new voice in Indian cinema which is finding an international connect thanks to a growing filmography which transcends borders. Along the way, the 39-year-old writer-director has also become the rare Indian talent to make films for both Amazon and Netflix.

Batra broke out with his 2013 debut feature The Lunchbox, a romantic tale set against the backdrop of Mumbai's famous lunchbox delivery system. Starring Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur, the title bowed at Cannes to rave reviews resulting in a North American distribution deal via Sony Pictures Classics. Despite heavy buzz, in a controversial ...
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Yours Truly Movie Review: A sincere take on loneliness

The only cure to old age is death. The only remedy to loneliness during old age is memories, at least for some. Others who prefer to live in the here-and-now may choose to seek reluctant company. There are stories of how veteran actress Nadira would bribe her guests to stay a little longer with drinks.

Violet Stoneham, the character that Jennifer Kapoor played in Aparna Sen's "36 Chowringhee Lane" allowed a young couple to use her apartment for sex, just so that she would be in company. Creaky bed notwithstanding.

There is a couple making noisy love in "Yours Truly", though their sounds of passion sound fairly phoney, as though they were faking it just to make the ageing protagonist feel lonelier.

In Yours Truly, Soni Razdan playing an autumnal Bengali woman Mithi Kumar in Kolkata, is a direct descendent of Violet Stoneham, though far less intimidated by her solitude.
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New York Indian Film Festival 2019 has very exciting line-up including Ritesh Batra’s Photograph

The prestigious New York Indian Film Festival (Nyiff), which begins May 7th and runs through May 12th, has announced its exciting line up of showcase films for Opening Night, Centerpiece, and Closing Night.

North America’s longest-running Indian Film Festival, the esteemed New York Indian Film Festival (Nyiff), screens premieres of feature, documentary and short films made from, of, and about the Indian subcontinent in the Independent, arthouse, alternate and diaspora genres. Seven days of screenings, post-screening discussions, industry panels, award ceremony, special events, nightly networking parties, red carpet galas, media attention and packed audiences build an awareness of Indian cinema, entertain and educate North Americans about the real India, and add to the amazing cultural diversity of New York City.

About this year’s line-up, Festival Director Aseem Chhabra stated, “We are proud to share a wonderful collection of new films from India. This selection of exceptional titles showcases the beauty,
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Nawazuddin Siddiqui joins No Land's Man

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui will star in and co-produce Bangladeshi filmmaker Mostofa Sarwar Farookis No Land's Man. The predominantly English-language film will chronicle a tragic and strange funny journey of a South Asian man whose journey takes a layered and complicated shape when he meets an Australian girl in the Us, reports recently starred in this year's Sundance and Berlin title Photograph and in 2018 Cannes and Toronto title Manto. His body of work includes films like Lion, The Lunchbox, Miss Lovely, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Kahaani and Peepli (Live).

"The script explores today's strange world, with strong humour, satire, and emotion," said Nawazuddin.?

"I felt compelled to be associated with the project in more than just the capacity of an actor, as I thought this is that kind of film which really needs to be made."

Popular Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Imrose Tisha and Farooki will co-produce the project via their Chabial outfit,
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