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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman seduces a man at a bar. Later they are in a room and she is in lingerie. She is shown with her head near his crotch and it is implied that she performs oral sex on him. Later an audio tape reveals that she "stuck her finger up your ass" and contains sounds of lovemaking.
  • A man holds his wife from behind and kisses her neck. She tells him to stop.
  • During combat training a KGB officer subdues a female trainee. He rips open her pants, exposing her underwear and proceeds to rape her.
  • A young teenage girl is seen wearing a miniskirt. Later, an adult man makes suggestive comments to her.
  • A married couple have sex in a car. No nudity.
  • A man strokes his new wife's hair. She says she's not ready to have sex. He accuses her of not finding him attractive.

Violence & Gore

  • Several fight scenes.
  • Two men chase a Soviet defector through a series of alleys. The defector stabs the one man with a small knife and then fights the other before being subdued. The stabbed man has some blood visible on his clothes and later dies, offscreen, from his injuries.
  • While tied up in a car, a prisoner is kicked several times when he tries to bargain with his abductors.
  • A female KGB officer is seen sparring with a trainer and then engages in a more violent confrontation with one of her superiors. The superior subdues and rapes her. The original trainer leaves once he realizes the superior is going to rape his trainee.
  • A man encourages his much-younger girlfriend to lie to her mother about where she's going to spend the night, presumably to then actually spend it with him. This same man later propositions a 13-year-old girl.
  • A woman pulls a knife on her husband when he refuses to stop kissing her after she tells him two or three times to stop.
  • A woman and a man fight. She slams him against several objects and kicks his head through a sheetrock wall. She grabs a tire iron to hit him with but decides against it.
  • A man strangles and kills another man. He and his wife then dump the body in a river.
  • A man beats up another man who had hit on his 13-year-old daughter and stabs him through the hand with a fork


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

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