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So, here's why you see a ridiculously low rating...
supadude200423 June 2013
This is really no worse than Pawn stars, and in some ways it's better. This series concentrates more on either of the following dimensions: (1) the pawn aspect of the business; or (2), the petty squabbling between the leading brothers - each trying (sometimes irritatingly) to prove he's the better/smarter hustler. Whereas Pawn Stars is a loosely bound mix of lighthearted pawn (in which, as most realise, gullible fools take far less money for valuable items than they'd get on the auction site), family squabbles and the occasional extra curricular outing.

I feel the low rating for Hardcore Pawn Chicago is more to do with the fact that both of the leading hustler brothers (and they don't try to hide the fact that they're hustling) in this show, are the type of person that most people would find detestable. The low rating has therefore nothing to do with poor production, lack of anything interesting etc. What's more, there's no 'chummy' dumbo in this programme (as opposed to 'you know who' in Pawn Stars) to make almost anyone feel like they're far smarter "...than that idiot!!". Here you're watching smart folk who make an honest living off the majority of less smart folk; which is also the all too real reason this reviewer argues that it suffers in its ratings.

The program should really be entitled "Pawn Sharks Chicago", and again, its rating is ridiculously low, due to the above reality, and not because its uninteresting in any way: Most folk simply despise watching not particularly nice, 'clued up' brothers, making a crafty living from ordinary folk, who've nonetheless clearly taken their dislike of this pair of sharks by rating it far lower than it deserves. Meanwhile, for the few people who can still appreciate that there is an element of skill in doing what they do, please do watch this show only if you can stomach the reality of the pawn business.
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cmccarthy040816 January 2013
The main character is a bad Harry Carey wanna be with a whiny ladies voice. He talks thru his nose or something -- unbearable. His partner is portrayed as a moron who doesn't know how to run a business. A full episode was dedicated to used bride dresses, really? No one brings in anything mildly exciting. And they show the standard clients being angry they can't get what they want. So predictable.

There is a young lady would appears to be the most intelligent of the bunch. She is teaching the old men how things should be done. But even some of her scenes are so obviously staged it is maddening.

I had high hopes for this show because it's from the city I have lived my whole life.

These guys do not represent our city and are boring. There has to be a pawn shop in Chicago with more character and fun than this --- horrible
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