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Think twice, this is a religion anime movie
tonytse081427 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
(This review have plenty of spoilers) In the near future, an empire using a logo similar with the nazi swastika invaded Taiwan, USA, Japan and all countries. Only a small organisation, disguise as medical service, attempted resistance. A young guy was named its leader, and in order to win the war, He went into a spiritual journey. He learnt the secret of the empire, and was caught and to be executed live at global audience... This film (English title "The Mystrical Law") is not the kind of entertaining Japanese animation you expect. In fact, it is the story of how an everyman guy become religious saviour. The first 30 minutes pretends as an action-packed movie, but once the spiritual journey begins, people started to exit from the cinema (and the film last for whole 120 minutes). Religious teachings are thrown straight to the audience, the male lead preach for almost 10 minutes near the end. The good side of this movie is that it do not sell "cute" as seen in most Japanese anime today, and is filmed in 1:2.35 widescreen, some visual effects are nice.
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Religious Anime
Fortune_Sparkles31 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's obvious from the title that this would be religious; at least I knew it would be. That being said if you know that you are watching a religious movie it shouldn't be a surprise. If you go in thinking you are watching Spirited Away or Bleach or something like that then you are going to be disappointed. It does become a bit preachy towards the end. Clearly made by Happy Science a religious cult as their symbol is everywhere in the movie. And their beliefs are touted throughout. I'm just puzzled as to why they choose to make a cartoon to promote their beliefs. Maybe Anime is more important in Japan than they are in America. Anyway, it's not that bad for a religious cartoon.
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