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While There Is Life, There Would Be Cinema
claudio_carvalho9 June 2014
In the 70's, in the countryside of Ceará, the storyteller and kung fu movie maniac Francisgleydisson (Edmilson Filho) runs a movie theater business. However when the big screen television arrives in his town, he travels in his yellow truck Vanderlea with his beloved wife Maria "Graciosa" das Graças (Miriam Freeland) and son Francisgleydisson "Francin" Filho (Joel Gomes) to Pacatuba to open the movie theater Cine Holliúdy. Francisgleydisson and his family work hard to open the theater and have difficulties with the Major Olegrio Elpidio (Roberto Bomtempo) that wants to use the movie theater to win votes. But his love for the 7th art and his family makes Francisgleydisson to be well succeeded in his business despite all the difficulties.

"Cine Holliúdy" is a hilarious movie for Brazilian viewers since there are many jokes and criticism on stereotyped characters that are usually found in small towns in the countryside of my country. Many jokes are based on the behavior and way of speaking of people from Ceará and all these elements would certainly be lost in translation and would not make sense to foreigners. This low-budget movie is a kind of Brazilian "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" with a wonderful homage to the cinema industry, to people from Ceará and those that love this art. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Cine Holliúdy" ("Hollywood Cine misspelled")
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A hilarious and moving masterpiece from Ceará, in Brazilian Northeast
guisreis26 August 2020
So cute, charming, funny, moving. Unpretentious but also deep, the film shows in a family story how, during military dictatorship, movie theaters vanished in countryside Brazil. It also depicts how cinema is more than what is made, but also how it is received, and that may vary from culture to culture. Culture from Northeastern Brazilian state of Ceará is itself something nicely explored throughout the movie, which has Portuguese subtitles to be more easily understood by Brazilians from other regions. The movie is light but perfect: direction, text, characters, acting, cinematography, set, script, tyere is nothing I could say thay is not positive. Prepare yourself to laugh loudly.
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