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Delightful, Quirky and Charming
Raven-196928 September 2017
Immersed in a magical realm of glitter, rainbows and unicorns, Kit radiates happiness and positive energy to the outside world. Yet darkness begins to creep into her life. Kit is rejected from art school, cannot find a job or mate, and is subjected to constant needling from parents who are encouraging her to leave the nest. In the face of such pressure, feeling unappreciated and losing faith in her dreams and artistic abilities, Kit displays uncharacteristic behavior. She slips on a bleak business suit and obtains a job at a soul snuffing ad agency with a creepy boss. This is when mysterious invitations arrive at Kit's desk luring her into believing in unicorns again. Friends and family consider an intervention as Kit responds to the invitations, begins building a stable worthy of a unicorn and prepares to smother her unicorn with love.

Brie Larson directs the film and stars as Kit, a creative woman with a fierce desire to be seen for who she truly is. This delightful, quirky and charming film sparkles with feminine energy and pastel colors. Even Samuel Jackson, with a supporting role, is part of the magic and glow. As wonderful as the story is, it needs a little more sophistication and depth, and less straightforwardness. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.
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The film is about a young woman named Kit who receives a mysterious invitation that would fulfill her childhood
fondajane13 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Brie Larson has proved time and again that she's one of the finest actresses working in Hollywood with her undying talent as an actor it is easy to say she is the best. Now she takes a leap of turn and makes her debut behind the camera as a director with a movie which is to simply put in words is one of the best films I have seen at TIFF 2k17 and probably in my life , it's just amazing , beautiful film filled with beautiful performances and a brilliant direction by Larson
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A charming, whimsical tale of self-discovery.
supportara12 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Ms. Larson could not have selected a more fitting project for her directorial debut in the feature-length category. Within the first two minutes of Unicorn Store, the viewer grasps that this picture is autobiographical in nature; the film opens with home videos from the early 90s depicting Brie in early childhood; her pension and predisposition for art become abundantly clear in these snapshots and they are a logical segway into the main character Kit's current state of affairs.

We are introduced to an adult Kit, early 20s, played effortlessly by Brie Larson; quite frankly it's difficult to fathom whether Ms. Larson is even acting in this piece. Kit attends art school and struggles to conform like the rest of the students. Her rebellious streak doesn't fit in with her peers and soon Kit finds herself flunking out of Art School; her only solace; shacking up with.her overbearing parents until she can figure things out.

After a hilarious scene that is all too relatable on the sofa (watching an endless loop of meaningless television), Kit decides it's time to grow up and joins a Temp Agency as a lowly employee who's sole responsibility is to make copies, ad nauseam. It's a beautiful juxtaposition, placing an artistic, creative soul into a bleak, drab work environment void of hue. Though Kit flourishes initially, it becomes readily apparent that the soul within this character realizes this place isn't the ideal fit.

From here the picture takes the viewer on a whimsical journey of self-discovery. Through a chance encounter with a stranger, played earnestly by Samuel L. Jackson, Kit is given the unique opportunity of fulfilling her childhood dream of owning a Unicorn. But first she must prove herself worthy to take on such a task, a poignant metaphor conveyed beautifully without being on the nose by Ms. Larson. Ultimately, the film's central message is about learning to be in touch with your inner-self & embracing what you have, instead of focusing on your perceived shortcomings.

Other notable stand-outs; newcomer Mamoudou Athie breathes life into the picture and more than holds his own across a dynamic and seasoned actor such as Larson. The film is paced beautifully, with a plethora of beautiful Jonathan Demme-like close-ups throughout & the ensemble cast provide top notch acting. Ms. Larson proves that her foray behind the camera is not a one-off and that she is more than apt to bring her unique and singular voice to future narratives.
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Very Quirky Indie Comedy
Jadedviews11 September 2017
Got to see this film at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Was also there for the Red Carpet and Q&A and might I just say Brie Larson is SO SO SO Down to earth.)

This is a coming of age movie about a middle aged woman going through a mid-life crisis. Very clever script and strong performances from Larson and Jackson.

Nice use of shots, with unique touch of shaky cams, and lighting expo. As her directorial debut, I was very impressed!
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