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  • Yes, two major ones.

    Firstly, he owns the "Count's Tattoo Company" tattoo shop in the Rio hotel/casino.

    Secondly, he owns the "Count's Vamp'd" restaurant/bar/concert venue. The venue attracts a number of classic hard rock bands. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • For several years in Las Vegas, on local/independent station KFBT (now KVCW), of which he was part owner, Danny hosted Saturday Fright at the Movies, under the guise of "Count Cool Rider." This was a series showing old B-horror films. Quite obviously, the "Count" nickname stuck. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes it is. There are 3 Pawn Stars spin-offs thus far.

    -The First was American Restoration (2010), featuring Rick Dale of Rick's Restorations, who was featured prominently in early Pawn Stars episodes. The American Restoration pilot revolved around the restoration of a beat-up old golf cart the Pawn Stars guys bought.

    -The second Pawn Stars spin-off was Cajun Pawn Stars (2012), featuring Jimmie DeRamus of Silver Dollar Pawn in Louisiana. While similar to Pawn Stars in its format and execution, the show has no direct links/characters/etc. from the original show.

    -Of course, Counting Cars (2012) is the third and most recent of these spin-offs. The pilot episode revolved around Danny and crew restoring a beat-up old Mustang the Pawn Stars guys bought, turning it into a replica of Steve McQueen's vehicle of choice from the classic film Bullitt (1968). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The band is called Count's 77 (previously known as Zito 77.) The members are:

    -Danny "The Count" Koker on vocals.

    -John Zito on guitar. Zito also plays in his separate John Zito Band and does "Electric Jam" nights at Danny's club, Vamp'd.

    -Stoney Curtis on guitar. Curtis has released a number of Stoney Curtis Band records on Shrapnel Records, many of which have been produced by legendary record label owner/producer Mike Varney (the man largely credited with giving Yngwie Malmsteen his first exposure in America.) He also plays in the Lust of KISS tribute band.

    -Barry Barnes on bass. In addition to Count's 77, Barnes also plays in John Zito and Stoney Curtis' separate solo bands.

    -Paul DiSibio on drums.

    The band's first album will be released at the end of April 2014, consisting of all original material (although the band regularly plays cover material in concerts as well.) Edit (Coming Soon)


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