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Great, silly, cheesy action fun - this movie should have been a hit!
gogoschka-113 December 2013
I'll never fully understand why people flock to films like "Iron Man I-III" and then completely ignore a fun action film like "White House Down". After reading so many bad reviews, I started watching Emmerich's latest noise-opera only because I wanted to get tired enough to go to bed. I had planned to watch the first 5 minutes and to then fast forward through the rest of the film and have a quick look at the expensive special effects. Never did I expect to actually enjoy myself - and yet I did. In fact, I enjoyed myself so much that I couldn't stop watching for the entire 2 hours, and I didn't even get up to go to the bathroom. Right from the start I realized that this movie doesn't take itself too seriously and that this is Emmerich having fun (destroying the White House - if you count freezing it - for the fourth time). But despite all the silliness and the tongue-in-cheek moments, this is a suspenseful ride which never lets up and kept me hooked the entire time. There are quite a few unexpected twists and turns along the way, and the wonderful supporting cast (James Woods, Richard Jenkins and Jason Clarke, to name a few) keep even the most clichéd characters fun and interesting. So my verdict: Great, silly, cheesy action film! Suspend your disbelief and you will have one hell of a good time. I rate it 7 out of 10.

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An entertaining action movie
The Grand Master17 January 2015
It was a shame White House Down didn't do too well at the box office, considering the fact Olympus Has Fallen which was released earlier in the year has a similar plot: Die Hard in the White House. Perhaps if White House Down was released earlier, it may have done better. If Olympus Has Fallen was brutally violent, White House Down may have watered down the violence but does it bigger and better with a touch of humour especially with Ronald Emmerich (Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow) at the helm.

Taking on the blueprint role of Die Hard's John McClane, Channing Tatum is Police Officer John Cale who takes his young daughter Emily (Joey King) on a tour across the White House while he applies for a job as a Secret Service Agent. While at the White House they meet the President of the United States James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). During the tour the White House is taken over by a group of ex-Military fundamentalists led by Stenz (Jason Clarke) who is also aided by disgruntled Head of the Secret Service Walker (James Woods). While John Cale is able to slip away, he must work to save President Sawyer and the many hostages including Cale's daughter Emily.

I liked Channing Tatum as the hero John Cale. There are numerous homages to Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard (white singlet, one liners and all) and I felt that this may be the passing of the torch. Channing Tatum shows he can easily do comedy (21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street) and also action. Unfortunately I could not take Jamie Foxx seriously as the President of the United States of America. Jason Clarke is great as Stenz and it's always good to see James Woods chew every scene as Walker.

Unfortunately after a while it felt like a buddy movie not too dissimilar from Lethal Weapon and 48 Hrs with John Cale and President Sawyer taking on the terrorists. That aside I found White House Down to be more enjoyable and I felt it was better than Olympus Has Fallen. Another movie you can just sit back and watch it for what it is.

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It's called entertainment people
shane-may7 July 2013
This is the first review I've ever written ever. I don't subscribe to movie reviews--at all. I actually enjoy movies. It seems to me that by in large reviewers just don't like movies. Not the intelligent reviewers anyway. They seem to be more concerned with how they look to their readers, pretending they know something about film. Reviewers are writers who want to be something else, filmmakers perhaps, and find it incredibly trendy and smart to disassemble and deconstruct the hard work of others; and to hate entertainment. They all seem to have this idea that they know better and I have little time for their self righteous, self important, pretentious bullshit thinly disguised as some sort of public service. Heads up: it does no one a service to be condescending or insulting.

With that said I will now step off of MY self righteous soap box and say that White House Down is a damned good time time with excellent shots of DC (making it look like an attractive, interesting place to be as opposed to the hot and smelly dumpster it actually is...seriously, the place smells like a dumpster), in your face action, fine performances-- Jamie Foxx is pretty cool as the leader of the free world--a bad guy who you just can't wait to watch die (there are several bad guys in this movie, so I'm not counting that as a spoiler), and pretty awesome hero in John Kale.

Now the movie gets a little long which is only an issue if you're a smoker like me, by the middle of the third act I was craving pretty hard, and there's some dumb lines of dialogue during one of the action sequences that didn't seem to fit the characters, but whatever.

White House Down is a fun and intense action movie that I would gladly see again. 8 out of 10!
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Highly Entertaining
Floated229 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
White House Down (2013) delivers from the beginning a sense of action, thrills as to what the audience would get a look upon. The lead is John Cale (Channing Tatum), an ex-military guy currently serving as the Capitol policeman protecting the Speaker of the House (Richard Jenkins). It's a dull job that involves chasing squirrels and marking time. John's dream is becoming a Secret Service agent, as much to be where the action it as to impress his daughter, Emily (Joey King), a fan of all things political. He calls in a favor for an agency interview, only to have an old friend, and possibly old flame (Maggie Gyllenhaal), perform the duty. She's fond of John, but the less than sterling file on him makes it plain that only a miracle will get him his dream job.

Fortunately, a miracle in on the way. Or, rather, a well-timed, well- planned takeover of the White House that goes down just as John and Emily are in the middle of the White House tour. Unfortunately, it's when Emily has excused herself to use the facilities, and John spend the rest of the film protecting the president, foiling the terrorists, and looking for his daughter. What we see upon the end is a well paced finished, and although it was predictable, the execution is what made several parts excel. Comparing to Olympus has Fallen, White House Down does not take itself nearly as seriously, and the storyline is better written, with more heartfelt moments. We get to know more about the characters that in Olympus Has Fallen, and the chemistry between Tatum and Foxx is what excels the film for the better.
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Not as bad as everybody told me !
Miranda Philippen9 September 2013
I wasn't that eager to watch this movie, because I had seen some clips on TV shows reviewing it, and read reviews in newspapers...and none of them were very positive.

But on a rainy Sunday night, nothing else to do...i thought to myself...why not !? Have an open mind and go and see it.

And i must say I was pleasantly surprised !!! YES every normal thinking adult must know that the things you see in this movie are outrageous and simply couldn't ever happen that way. But so is most of what happens in any Bond movie ! So just forget about that part of it all...and decide if the movie is entertaining, and i thought it was !

Channing Tatum, James Woods, Maggie Gyllenhaal and little Joey King did really good work ! The only negative for me in this movie was Jamie Foxx, and I don't even know what it was that bothered me about him in this movie, but I just didn't think he was the best choice for that part !
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A waste of 2 hours
Paulh61624 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rating this as 1 out of 10 (awful) doesn't really reflect just how poor this film actually is. I understand that this is Summer blockbuster patriotism but this trash is an insult to the eyes, from the bad acting to the script... who would say these things.

Rather like 24 (which is a good watch) can I suggest that the Government departments and agencies beef up their recruitment procedures because it seems that they regularly employ traitors and never properly check the background of people who suddenly start working in Government buildings.

One positive is that the bad guys gradually lose their ability to shoot accurately as the film progresses. At the outset, they are slick and basically kill everyone with dead-eye precision but later on they become standard 'can't hit a barn door' baddies who attended the university of bad guys never win..

2 hrs lost forever...
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Loud, Dumb and Overlong
trublu21529 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Now, this seemed like the perfect summer blockbuster. Two huge stars, an expensive budget and a director with a knack for action. What could go wrong? By the end of it, instead of what could go wrong, you'll be asking yourself what went right. The answer....barely anything. White House Down is not only dumb, it is downright idiotic. The plot is preposterous, the action sequences sub par and the acting is atrocious. Channing Tatum does his best Bruce Willis impression while Jamie Foxx turns in the worst performance of his career. The supporting cast lead by Maggie Gyllenhaal saves the terrible leads and are the sole reason I am not giving this a 1. Overall, this film is loud, long and boring, so much so, I can't imagine any adult with a functioning brain to enjoy this. I highly recommend to stay away from this stinker. If you want a great action film featuring the destruction of the White House, tune into Olympus Has Fallen.
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White House Propaganda
sycodon28 June 2013
It is inevitable that White House Down be compared to Olympus Has Fallen. Unfortunately, it compares poorly from the title on down.

The special effects lack the realism of OHF.

The action sequences are disjointed and downright goofy at times.

The bad guys are cartoonish and you get no sense of satisfaction when they are put down.

The plot is too complicated by half and really is not relevant to the action.

The movie ends with a whimper and a SNL quality perp walk of the character who is ultimately responsible for all the carnage.

But the worst thing is the crude, amateurish and transparent Left vs. Right political message in which it drapes all the other sub par elements. It is a Progressive's wet dream that really couldn't be any more wacko if you gathered 100 of Huffington Posts's top Super Users in a room festooned pictures of Dick Cheney and GWB, fed them mushrooms, and asked them to come up with the motivation for the bad guys.

But Good Guys shooting bad guys is always good and so are explosions. If you ignore the channeling of Nancy Pelosi, then you might get your money's worth at a matinée showing.
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a convoluted mess that's joyless and flat out dumb
wang wang26 June 2013
White House Down offers very little that's new or interesting. It's a convoluted mess that's caught in no man's land. It takes itself far too seriously yet offers ridiculous action (ridiculous as in dumb, not as in wild or fun) and even more ridiculous characters. It wants to be taken seriously but functions in bizarre surroundings with a foolish plot. A calamity of underdeveloped ideas, half the film is flat out brain damaged and the other half is pure schlock. Do yourself a favor and avoid this dumb and actually boring farce.

This movie simply can't stand on its own as a film. Does often joyless, dark and dumb appeal to even the popcorn crowds? The rest of us want way more in our summer movies.
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I Spent How Much on This?
melvisu-724-17768228 June 2013
I will start with the pros. This movie is packed with excitement, action, and CGI effects - almost start to finish. Now the cons: a blatant ripoff of both Die Hard and Olympus Has Fallen (which was a blatant ripoff of Die Hard); the most implausible story EVER; the absolute worst acting EVER with Jamie Foxx taking the lead. This movie should be reason enough to finally burn that guy's SAG card once and for all. And Channing Tatum, whom I normally like, was a close second. In fact, the only actor to give a good performance was the little girl who played Tatum's daughter.

Believe the reviews you read here. They are not exaggerations. If you must watch this, wait for Redbox!
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One of the worst movies of the last 20 years
Brian Reisman7 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am struggling to find a single thing about this film that was even average. Jamie Fox handed in a performance appearing to have put in about as much preparation as one would expect for a SNL hosting gig. Channing Tatum, as another reviewer mentioned, did his best Bruce Willis imitation but nothing could save this dreadful script. **Spoilers Below** The pocket watch was almost as predictable as it was with the bubble-gum filled cigarette case in "Johnny Dangerously".

In addition to all of the above, I could have done without the ridiculously left-wing nature of the film... There were so many that it was hard to keep track but here were some: Left Wing President, who wanting nothing more than peace in the middle east, essentially declares it so. His peace policy blocked only by the right-wingers and the evil military industrial complex, the only way that the evil conservatives can stop his plans is to get the right wing speaker of the house to enlist a secret service agent (whose son died in a botched military operation), a burned off-book spy , and a "right wing" neo- nazi. Their master plan: To assassinate the President and Vice President and make the world think it was done by Islamist Terrorists..

If you are able to look past the obvious political nonsense in the film... your still left with a heaping pile of crap. A much better version of this "genre" is "Olympus has Fallen"...
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Entertaining! But that's it.
gkc-kelvin2 July 2013
Let me just begin by saying, this movie was worth the price of my ticket. But that might just be because I got my ticket at 50% off.

The world has seen millions of movies where USA comes under attack. This was probably just a rehash of every single one of those movies. There was nothing fresh, or new; there was no wow factor. Simply put, the producers probably just took a bunch of pre-molded "Lego blocks" that had already been overused in every other action movie, threw them all together, made a new movie, and called it "White House Down".

But that's not to say this movie was all bad. The undeniable chemistry between Tatum and Foxx was like a consolation for a 99.9% cliché storyline. The light humor between the two might have just given the audience a couple of time-outs from the heart-thumping moments during the movie's intense sequences, making the somewhat draggy, long-winded two-hour film a little easier to sit through. But as mentioned, a million clichés thrown together made the storyline absolutely predictable, so don't expect any twists.

In a nutshell, it's just a mashup of a whole series of music hits, in movie form. But oh well, at least the mashup was decently done.
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Pure cliché
ali_n_214 September 2013
Pure cliché . Makers of this movie must be so low level . Second movie with almost same story this year . Same plans , missiles , codes . The makers of this movie are so naive , repeating all usual things again and again . As usual , someone is there or gets there by accident , which is hero . Terrorist take down whole place . Hero is the only one who can fight back without dying ,where as other trained guards just dying easily . Then nuclear missiles time arrives . Then national counter attack , intending to blow all place even with hostages or civilians . And final episode as always to stop counter attack at last seconds . Aren't you tired of the same none sense scripts ?!
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Whether or not you've seen the earlier 'Olympus Has Fallen', do yourself a favour and avoid this loud, dumb and boring poorer cousin that is best described as an utter farce
moviexclusive25 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Forever etching his name on the 'blacklist' of the highest office in Washington, Roland Emmerich is back at destroying the official residence of the President of the United States. Alas, Emmerich has been beaten at his own game, his White House under siege premise coming less than six months after the similarly-themed 'Olympus Has Fallen'. Besides cast and character, both are essentially variations of the same movie - or to sum it up succinctly, 'Die Hard' on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And having lost the novelty factor to 'Olympus', what matters is only whether it is in fact a better movie than its predecessor, to which our answer is unfortunately a resounding no.

Yes, despite a bigger budget and perhaps more bankable lead stars (Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx are still surer box-office bets than Gerard Butler going by their respective track records), 'White House Down' is a disappointing letdown. To be fair, that ain't the fault of Tatum and Foxx, both of whom are the saving graces of an otherwise embarrassing exercise in hokum; instead, Emmerich and his screenwriter James Vanderbilt are squarely to blame here, the latter for throwing any semblance of logic out the window and the former for trying too hard to emulate Michael Bay.

Whereas 'Olympus' had the real-life threat of the North Koreans to lend some authenticity, Vanderbilt engenders none with his far-fetched premise of the President's Head of Secret Service, Walker (James Woods), recruiting a hodgepodge bunch of right-wing ex-military fundamentalists to kidnap the President and exploit his nuclear arsenal so as to wipe out America's enemies in the Middle East (here's looking at you, Teheran) off the map. The trigger for that? A G8 speech where current President, James Sawyer (Foxx), essentially tells the world that the U.S. will be pursuing peace diplomacy by taking the first step to lay down its weapons.

Despite a backstory that tries to explain Walker's motivations, there is little coherence to just how the Head of the President's Secret Service detail would be so compelled to attempt such an act of treason, let alone assemble a ragtag team of militarists with past criminal records and sneak them into the White House to aid his 'noble' cause. Ditto for the likelihood that a hacker, however brilliant he might be, could simply run a programme to crack the NSA's firewalls without even so much as alerting anyone else in the process - and may we add thereby precipitating a thoroughly laughable chain of swearing-ins that goes from the Vice-President to the Speaker of Parliament Raphelson (Richard Jenkins). If you thought 'Olympus' was just implausible, then 'White House Down' pretty much operates on its own system of reasoning.

Further turning the proceedings to farce is the buddy team of aspiring Secret Service agent John Cale (Tatum) and President Sawyer. A classic case of the right guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cale finds himself rising to the call of duty when the terrorists launch their attack just as he and his daughter Emily (Joey King) are on tour in the White House. But instead of repeating the formula of one man saving the day (or the President for that matter), Vanderbilt introduces a twist to the dynamics between Cale and Sawyer by turning them into partners - though how much it really does veer from the earlier cliché is questionable.

Nonetheless, Tatum and Foxx make a pleasantly amusing pair and are - truth be told - the best things that the movie has going for it. But the immediate trade-off of injecting comedy into a premise that intuitively demands a certain degree of solemnity is that you cannot quite take anything else that happens in it seriously afterwards. Nowhere is this more evident than in an utterly ludicrous sequence where Cale and Sawyer are in the President's limousine driving round and round the fountain in the middle of the White House lawn while being chased by the bad guys, the sheer stupidity of it matched by the fact that Sawyer is in the meantime figuring out how to assemble a mini rocket launcher in the back seat.

Whereas 'Olympus' kept its pacing taut by emphasising the gravity of the threat facing the nation, there is nary a frisson of tension even as Walker comes dangerously close to acquiring the President's nuclear commandership. Simply put, the self-aware humour that is the only reason why the movie remains watchable sits at odds with the self-serious tone in the last third of the film, and no number of fighter planes nor surface-to-air missiles can regain the credibility of its premise.

It doesn't help that the action, which consists largely of close combat fights, is surprisingly lacklustre, choreographed with neither finesse nor technique to distinguish one from the other. Wherever Emmerich gets the opportunity in the screenplay to stage the action against a wider canvas, he squanders that chance to make it count, the surfeit of CGI and excess making for a toxic combination that renders what is shown little more than an afterthought. Indeed, a similar sequence as that in 'Olympus' where the Special Forces attempt to land on the roof of the White House from helicopters unfolds with so little excitement that it might as well have been cut out altogether.

Therein lies perhaps the biggest problem with 'White House Down' - even as a summer popcorn flick, it just isn't thrilling enough. Emmerich tries to keep every frame busy - hence the countless number of times Tatum leaps over couches or slides over tables - but the action is just loud, dumb and plain boring. Only the humour between Tatum and Foxx manages to be entertaining, though it's hard not to regard the movie as farce afterwards. Call us biased, but we like our White House under siege thrillers to be hard-hitting, intense and gripping, none of which can be used to describe 'White House Down'.

  • www.moviexclusive.com
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Overblown, senseless and mind numbing not worth the price of a ticket!
janmejay-vyas24 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I managed to catch an advance screening of this Roland Emmerich directed flick in the theaters last Tuursday. I particularly did not have any high expectations going into this movie partly because the director's previous duds and also because the trailer didn't particularly excite me. But, one thing Emmerich does is that he always mounts his films on a grand scale and I'm guessing most of you will agree with me on that. Be it, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow or 2012, you will always see a grand spectacle unfolding with a larger than life projection, and White House Down is not much different in that aspect.

So you have John Cale (Channing Tatum) vying for his dream job with the Secret Service protecting the President of United States (Jamie Foxx) for which he takes along his high on political IQ, daughter Emily (Joey King) for an interview in the White House. As indicated by the title of the movie, the timing could not have been any better as within minutes the building is taken down and held hostage by heavily armed in-house terrorists, who have their own personal agendas on mind. The initial scenes manage to get your attention with some nicely executed scenes of the siege of the most important building of the world. But alas, its all downhill from here. Clearly, this is not the place to ask for reasoning and logic. An event of such a magnitude, needs to have a very strong intent but when the purpose is gradually revealed you seem to feel simply let down and you seem to ask this question "Do the makers feel their audience is so stupid?" None of the characters stand out. I'm not asking a Joker show here but at least the antagonist needs to have his motive clear. Twists appear completely out of the blue, I mean it should be a good thing but there should always be a good justification so that all the bits and pieces join together to make the twist believable. Simply saying how would you react if Alfred from the Batman trilogy turned out to be the villain in the last scene.

Movies in which action does most of the talking, need to have deep rooted and believable characters, and this starts from the writing stage till the final casting but unfortunately this is one of the weakest aspects of the movie. I mean a simple way to gauge that would be to ask yourself, how badly you want the villain killed or the love story to end on a positive note or the leading man bash up the antagonist in the final act. In this movie, I felt none of those. I couldn't care less about any of the characters on screen, whatever happens I just want the lights back on ASAP, and that's not a good sign for any movie. On a positive note, you take back a couple of characters like Donnie (the guide) and Emily (Cale's daughter). Nicolas Wright as Donnie, the guide taking visitors on a trip inside the White House gets his timing right in most of the comic scenes he has particularly in the scene where Emily answers his questions beforehand or the scene where he takes a dig at blowing of White House in Roland's previous film Independence Day.

That's the only thing you take back from an otherwise overblown, out rightly dumb and a flat film which offers nothing new only other that the White House being blown to bits. At a runtime of almost 130 minutes, it feels long, tiring and chances are it'll leave you with a migraine. I would definitely not recommend it to anyone, it's not worth the price of a ticket. Grab a DVD cuddle up in your couch and watch the Independence Day again, it'll definitely be the two hours well spent.
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More of a comedy instead of action
muhammedamelgammal14 May 2016
This movie was good, but it had two major disappointments to it. This was more of a comedy movie than it was an action movie. It made the Secret Service and the White House defenses appear to be extremely weak.

Humor in movies is fine, but too much of it in an action movie takes away from the focus of the choreography of each of the sequences. It also did not make sense to have so much humor in a time when the White House is being taken over and countless people are being killed.

The Secret Service were taken down so incredibly quick, and it was annoying. They were portrayed as if the Navy SEALS went up against a group of teenagers. They were literally annihilated in no time at all. It was pathetic.

Other than those two things, the movie was fine. The story had a nice twist to it in regards to who was responsible for organizing the attack on the White House. It was completely unexpected.
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Major action scenes are inaccurate, among other distortions Warning: Spoilers
The screen writers for this movie could not have bothered to use any advice from the U.S. Military. In one scene, an Abrams main battle tank is being used to breach the guard fence around the Whitehouse to allow our heroes to escape. The bad guys fire a RPG-7 anti-tank round at the front of the Abrams, where the thickest armor is located. The RPG-7 round blows up the Abrams. Really! During the invasion and taking down of Iraq in 2003 by U.S. forces led by General Tommy Franks, one Abrams got involved in a protracted firefight inside an Iraqi city with Iraqi soldiers. The Abrams took 33 hits from RPG-7s. All external weapons and equipment were blown off the hull. But the hull was never penetrated and the main gun was never damaged. The Abrams and her crew kept fighting until relieved. One hit from a RPG-7 will not hurt an Abrams in any way, shape, or form.

The bad guys decide to kill Air Force One while it is in flight somewhere over the U.S. The bad guys over-ride ICBM launch command and fire an ICBM at Air Force One. Of course, the ICBM connects with Air Force One and destroys it. There's just one catch. There is no way in this universe that an ICBM can be used to shoot down an aircraft. It cannot be done, period.

Then we have Jamie Fox's President character with a political agenda that mirrors the political agenda of Barrack Obama. We all know that Jamie Fox is a 110% supporter of Barrack Obama. But that support does not belong in an entertainment movie. It is nothing but pure political campaigning.
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What was I thinking
wictor8029 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Been working a lot of hours lately and called the Mrs. to say let's go see a movie. She brought this title up and I said sure, let's go. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not normally a guy who likes mindless action movies (Die Hard 1 was good, 2-10 not so much), but it had Foxx and Gyllenhaal in it, so it can't possibly be as bad as, say, Independence Day. But, without research, I didn't realize the movies came from the SAME GUY.

But ultimately I was right, ID was a 1 star and WHD is a 2.

Character and plot development? They didn't have time, they had 2 million rounds of various calibers to expend so it was laid out in the fastest most cliché manner possible.

I am a left leaning person but the "bad guys'" and their "motivations" were about a subtle as an anvil dropped on Wiley Coyote. And the bad guys were a grab bag of the worst nightmares of a liberal. It seemed like a Batman movie where the Joker, Riddler and Penguin all got together to fight the caped crusader Tatum. Really? The only saving grace was the $100 mil of CGI of the WH being blown up which offered momentary respite from the, gulp, dialogue.

My brain feels insulted and I feel sorry that Jamie and Maggie were so desperate for a payday, they appeared in this. It got so bad, I excused myself for the last 10 minutes to go to the bathroom because she bought large drinks. Thank God.

Next time, I pick the movie.
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Poorly done
Doratca-724-95129228 June 2013
Not only is this movie poorly done but it was not even enjoyable. Emmerich has really defined the meaning of 'implausible' and ludicrous. There are numerous obvious fallacies in the presentation of the security aspects of the film and the plot meanders. The movie seems to suffer from a identify crises, serious political thriller vs comedic quips. And it appears to be nothing more than a vehicle for Channing to perform impossible heroic stunts. I'm surprised Channing would include himself as a producer on this boring piece, very little different from Olympus Has Fallen of a couple months back. And it is an obvious promotion for the Obama administration-- you know Obama good and everyone opposed to him is bad.
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Just when you thought things couldn't get worse…they made White House Down
Johnny Utah8 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so bad; it's hard to know where to begin. Jamie Fox overplays being a down to earth president so much that it makes you laugh. The scene where he has to change shoes and goes for the high top sneakers was just tragically funny, not to mention unnecessary. These supposedly highly trained professional terrorist's run around like idiots. There's a scene were they come out of a elevator,on the hunt to find the president. Were they just walk out like they are bulletproof. If he had been waiting for them they would all be dead before they even walked 5 paces.

It would like to think that if the president was held hostage within the white house or any where else for that matter, they would have a media black out immediately. Not much point in the good guys storming the white house, when you as terrorist can watch it play by play on CNN live. I would also assume that as long as the president is held hostage he's nuke codes would be useless. But based on what I've read about our nuke system, he's codes a lone doesn't lunch a baseball at once. So there's really no point in getting the codes. Cause someone else has to push the button Since in all these movies they always just HAVE to use the new F35, (who I believe is still on a testing level and has yet not entered mass production, since most of the countries canceled the order when Lockheed couldn't keep the budget.) I'm stating to wonder if these movies are made simply as propaganda for the plane. If you loved Olympus Has Fallen, you will probably love white house down.. If not. Have the good sense to stay away from this movie, I wish I had.
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Dumb. Just plain dumb. Plot full of holes. Cringe worth
RichFlower9 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
One of the worst films I've seen in ages. It's like those poorly made horror films where the bad guy gets knocked down; the good guy then turns his back on the bad guy, puts down his weapons and walks away, while us, the audience, watches the bad guy get back up and attack the good guy once again. Very painful to watch and I wish I walked out and never finished the film. A total waste of two hours.

Not only that, it's a piece of left wing propaganda, where corporate America is evil and the peace loving muslims, and an obama look alike are the good guys.

As if the army would watch the president being chased across the White House lawn, ten feet in front of them, and do nothing. Bad guys walking around around the white house, sitting on the roof, and no one shoots at them - but every time the bad guys shoot at the army, they decimate the troops. The army doesn't kill a single terrorist. Asinine. Don't watch it.
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It's Like Being Kicked You Know Where for Two Hours
Michael_Elliott8 July 2013
White House Down (2013)

1/2 (out of 4)

To quote Roger Ebert: "I hated, hated, hated this movie." Roland Emmerich's latest disaster is about a cop (Channing Tatum) who is taking his daughter on a tour of the White House when terrorist take it over and try to take the President (Jamie Foxx) hostage. Now the cop, whose daughter can't really stand him, must try to impress her by saving the day and her favorite President. For starters, go watch OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN as it's a much better action movie and deals with the same subject. I'm sorry but if Emmerich were making movies back in the 70s they'd be lucky to play third bill at a drive-in just before the sun comes up. I really can't wrap my brain around how someone can make such bad movies one after another. Is he doing it on purpose? Surely he didn't make this film as bad as it is without doing it on purpose. Everything from the story to the acting to the CGI effects are just downright bad and all of it has Emmerich's style behind it. I mean, were we really supposed to find this movie touching and patriotic? The Foxx character is obviously "inspired" by Obama but if this was meant to be a tribute then they failed because it comes across as really embarrassing. Even worse are the bits of comedy, which includes some of the worst one-liners that you're ever going to hear. Even worse still are the awful action scenes with some of the worst looking CGI action effects that you're going to see this side of a SyFy production. Then, you have an incredibly awful subplot dealing with the cop's teenage daughter who is a complete brat but they try to make her out as some sort of patriotic hero. This entire bit of the story is just a complete embarrassment and it made me cringe as I watched it. I won't call out the actress but it was just a really bad position that the director put her in and it's almost as bad as Jaden Smith in AFTER EARTH. Let's pray that the two never team up. Both Tatum and Foxx are clearly just picking up paychecks and the great character actors like James Woods, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Allen Jenkins are just wasted in worthless roles. There are some moments here that are so incredibly bad that I couldn't help but laugh at them but sadly the film runs way too long to enjoy it as simply an awful movie with laughs.
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Propaganda with a bow on it
mitchlb45215 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Olympus Has Fallen was a far better movie. I'm tired of seeing the nuclear football being used over and over again in films. The president was immature and idiotic. When the president of the united states says "hands off my Jordan's!", something is wrong. The writing was amateurish and honestly - if you don't think it was propaganda, democrat or republican, you don't know anything about politics. What are the messages: We should get all our troops out of the middle east Republicans are crazy terrorists who don't want peace All it takes is a nice guy who is willing to listen to the middle east, and all our conflicts can be solved. Also, the acting of that little girl was terrible. I kept hoping she'd get killed... no such luck.
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Horrible with a capital H.
SF Tech15 July 2013
Bad plot, bad logic, bad agenda.

How can you take a decent enough action flick and ruin it, just follow White House Down.

I understand they want to make a flick that represents today's political situation and push a liberal agenda of how everyone want's to kill him because he's black.

I can look past that blatant in your face radical left agenda. I just can't get past how the plot is so bad. I can't get past how the scenes are so one sided. One guy takes out 20 better trained soldiers. It's just bad. Period. Better off watching Band of Brothers, at least you'll get some feeling of reality and sacrifice.
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Even for Hollywood this is idiotic
wilemon200030 June 2013
This plot is a ridiculous leftwing psycho fantasy. Understand that Boeing ,Lockheed and Microsoft are completely responsible for all the violence in the world and aided by the Speaker of the House ,will start a nuclear war to (somehow) maximize profits. Throw in stereotypic rednecks as bad guys .Totally ruined a below average action flic. The acting is OK as far as the plot will let pretty decent performers utter their preposterous lines with a straight face. Spoiler alert- (if that is possible with this movie) If you can get past the blatant propaganda you are still faced with characters such as the pilots who would do things such disobey orders and for all they knew allow a nuclear strike on Iran, killing millions of children to save one child. This is simply Hollywood at its elitist fantasy world worst and the scarier part that they believe-possibly accurately - the viewer is really that dumb.
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