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MPAA Rated PG-13 for prolonged sequences of action and violence including intense gunfire and explosions, some language and a brief sexual image.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man asks a woman for a favor and she agrees in exchange for dinner, candlelight and the promise that "You'll try to get to second base."
  • During the opening scene a sniper is scanning through the sky when he sees a curtain blowing. He changes his scope view to thermal and we see two people on top of each other, implying sex. Nothing graphic but still shown.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot several times in the chest and we see bloody wounds.
  • A gunman shoots a man in the head (we see a bit of blood splatter) and he falls to the floor dead.
  • A man is shot and he falls back on the floor (we see blood on his chest and abdomen).
  • Blood is shown on several gunshot victims lying on the floor and ground.
  • Two gunmen shoot at two men; one gunman is shot and one man hits the remaining gunman in the head with a toaster like the Hulk and they fight until the other man shoots him repeatedly (we see a bloody smear on the cabinet behind him).
  • A man slashes the throat of a man as he runs past him (we hear a squish) and then stabs another man in the back.
  • A man stabs another man in the back with a pen and they fight.
  • Many police and security officers are shot as gunmen move through a building (no blood is seen, and we hear groans and see them flinch from the blows).
  • A guard in a glass-enclosed booth is shot and we see the bullet break through the glass behind him (no blood).
  • Men with guns enter a room where civilians are being held and shoot two men (no blood is shown).
  • A pre-teen girl witnesses gunmen shooting several police officers and she hides from sight.
  • A man attacks a gunman and uses his gun to shoot another man.
  • A man with a gun searches a women's restroom and a gunmen opens fire on him; the man dodges the bullets and pleads for his life, then shoots the gunman in the chest (he falls to his knees and we see a bloody wound) and kicks him a couple of times before leaving the room.
  • Several gunmen open fire on a pool house where two other men are hiding and the house explodes (the men inside get away unharmed).
  • Two men climb through a dumbwaiter shaft and one shoots up at a man leaning inside the shaft (no one is harmed).
  • Two men speed out of the White House garage in an armored car and are chased by another car with a high-powered gun on the top and they are fired upon; the cars chase around the grounds, one car speeds through a gate, and one car crashes into a basketball pole and flips on its side; an RPG is fired at the first car and it is struck and thrown into a swimming pool (the two men in the car get out but have bloody wounds).
  • Helicopters are shot at as they approach a building being overrun by gunmen and they veer away.
  • A cleaning cart explodes inside a room filled with tourists and security guards; we see a couple of bodies thrown by the blast and we hear screaming.
  • A grenade explodes and throws a man; another man approaches with a gun and threatens to kill him until another man beats him over the head with a heavy clock.
  • A man drives a car through the wall of a building, gets out of the car and shoots another man repeatedly.
  • Military helicopters are shot at, spin out of control and crash to the ground or into a building; one chopper's tail breaks through the roof of a building and the small tail blade spins dangerously close to a man who screams but is not injured; a helicopter is shot out of the air as soldiers are sliding down ropes and they are presumably crushed when the chopper crashes.
  • Tanks move through a fence and fire on a building where people are being held hostage; an RPG is fired at the tank and it explodes (presumably killing the soldiers inside).
  • A missile is launched and it hits a plane, blowing off a wing and we see the plane roll and plunge toward the ground (we understand that the plane crashed and there were no survivors).
  • A man opens his jacket and we see a large shard of glass sticking out of a bloody wound in his abdomen; another man pours alcohol on the wound and bandages him.
  • A dead man is dragged into a room by two other men.
  • A man is shown with a bloody nose after a fight.
  • A man is shown with a bloody bandage on his hand in a few scenes.
  • We see a bloody bullet lodged in a pocket watch.
  • A pre-teen girl attacks a man and he throws her on the floor (she is not shown with injuries).
  • A wounded man grabs another man's foot and he kicks him in the face repeatedly (we see the man's bloody face).
  • Two men fight and one wraps something around the other's throat, strangling him and roaring him in the face.
  • Two men fight with punches and kicks, and they crash through a glass roof and into a green house; one man shoots at the other as he runs out of the room and through a window (he is shown with a bloody face and arm).


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man takes a Lorazepam
  • We see Nicorette gum in a nightstand drawer and a man chews some.
  • A woman drinks from a glass of alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A little girl is put in danger several times among the terrorists.
  • There's a lot of violence, but most of it is on a grand scale -- explosions, helicopters/planes crashing, and deaths the audience doesn't see too up close.
  • There are a few hand-to-hand combat scenes and a tense hostage situation in which people (some in high levels of the administration) are executed or wounded.
  • A pre-teen girl hides in a supply closet and a gunman raises his gun to shoot her but she opens the door before he does; he grabs her and pulls her out of the closet, and then shoves her into a room with other people.

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