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MPAA Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material, language and sexual content

Sex & Nudity

  • A married man kisses a woman passionately but briefly while they stand against a building on the sidewalk.
  • A man and a woman kiss twice on a beach house deck one morning and the camera cuts to a scene of them the next day; they each say that making love the previous night felt right.
  • At a party, a woman in a sleeveless, knee-length dress wears no bra and we see the shape of her nipples through the cloth of the bodice; other women at the party wear strapless long gowns that reveal cleavage.
  • In a shower scene, we see a woman's bare shoulders and a small part of her upper chest (the rest of her body is hidden by a shower curtain).
  • A woman tells her sister that a new boyfriend "Has the hots for me"; the camera cuts to a beach where the first woman tells the man that slow-dancing with him got her all hot and bothered and that's why she had sex on the first date; he says that he knew she'd be good in bed from the way she danced and he asks her to have sex in the back seat of the car for the second time that day (we see neither) and she asks, "Are you a sex addict?" to which he replies, "I am for you" as they run toward parked cars to end the scene.
  • A man and a woman dance in a hotel room and lie on the bed as the scene ends (sex is implied).

Violence & Gore

  • We hear that a man hanged himself in his jail cell, snapping his neck and dying, and that his wife had a nervous breakdown; in a flashback, the wife calls the FBI about her husband's financial scams and the camera cuts to two FBI agents and two police officers arresting the husband on the sidewalk, cuffing him, and putting him into a cruiser as he curses.
  • An elderly woman tells her dentist's receptionist that her colonoscopies are always very special and leaves the office; the dentist enters the area and tells the receptionist that her wardrobe makes him feel aroused (her white blouse is a bit see-through and we can see the outline of her bra) and they struggle as he tries to kiss her; she pushes him down onto a cabinet with a loud noise and she quits her job and leaves.
  • A man argues with his girlfriend about talking with and possibly kissing another man at a party and they shout loudly; he leaves, but shows up later at the grocery store where she works and begins a loud argument with her and the manager tries to get him to leave twice; the woman tells him to go away and leave her alone and he finally leaves; he shows up at her apartment and grabs her angrily, but the woman's sister grabs him away and the man grabs the ex-girlfriend's phone away from her when he decides that another man is on the other end of the line; he curses and shouts that he will bash in his head, then rips the phone line out of the wall and leaves slamming the door loudly.
  • In several scenes, a woman has difficulty breathing during panic attacks of varying degrees; in one scene, she rips through her tote bag, throwing things, and then sits down and cries.


  • 1 use of goddamn, asshole, pussy, Jesus christ almighty, for christ sakes and Jesus 4 uses of shit 2 paired with bull 2 uses of fuck
  • Two uses of "fuck." Three scatological terms. Two anatomical terms. Seven mild obscenities. One religious profanity and seven religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A character repeatedly gulps pills of an specified medication, either with water, with vodka, or alone. A woman shakes prescription bottles at home until she finds one containing pills and swallows one without water while her sister tells her that she should take more. A woman tells another woman that only cocktails of liquor work on her condition and not the cocktails of pills that doctors give her. A dozen men and women drink wine at a formal dinner. A woman drinks whisky and talks to herself in an empty bedroom. Two women drink martinis at an outdoor luncheon at home.
  • A man drinks from a bottle of beer and another man drinks what could be a short amber-colored cocktail and then iced tea beside a swimming pool. Men and women drink martinis and short cocktails at a large cocktail party. A husband and his wife argue at home about drinking and each say the other had too much alcohol (neither appears intoxicated). Two men approach two women and ask them to come to an apartment for imported vodka; we see them there drinking. A boss asks his receptionist to have a drink with him and she accepts.
  • A woman drinks shots of vodka while at home alone in three scenes, in one scene she also takes an unknown prescribed medicine with the vodka. Three men drink from beer bottles while waiting for a boxing match to begin on TV. A woman shouts, "Who do I have to sleep with around here to get a Stoli martini [i.e., made with Stolichnaya vodka] with a twist of lemon?" then grabs a bottle of vodka and pours a shot into a glass and swallows a pill with a sip before going to her room, taking the bottle with her. A man and a woman in an apartment open a bottle of champagne and each drink a glass of it.
  • Women are seen drinking martinis, beer and wine at an outdoor café. A man smokes two cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The ending is very bleak and hopeless.
  • A man and a woman have a loud argument in the woman's apartment. He tears her telephone out of the wall and throws it to the floor before exiting with a slam of the door.
  • A man makes unwelcome, increasingly intimate comments on a female employee's appearance before forcing her against a wall and attempting to kiss her. The woman fights him off and rushes away.

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