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Why the low ratings and bad reviews?! It is funny!
gpride20094 August 2017
I really do not understand the extremely low ratings and bad reviews. It is a funny movie with really good cast. I do not laugh easily, but this movie made me laugh out loud several times. Moreover, there was not a dull minute in it. Every scene is either funny or action packed.

Some of the reasons behind the bad reviews are utterly ridiculous. Therefore, I am no longer choosing what I am going to watch based on IMDb reviews.

Finally, I want to add that I do not write reviews often, but after watching this movie and seeing the ridiculous comments and rating, I could not resist. If you want an hour and a half of fun, watch this movie.
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Good as any if any
mhgarney18 August 2017
I'm not sure why so many low ratings. I would say it's better than a lot of other comedies out there. I thought it maybe on par or less with The Hangover. Goldie was great and nice to see her again enjoying herself. I felt there was nice chemistry between both Goldie and Amy. Good work Gals!
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Not as bad..
tuanhvu10 September 2017
It's not as bad as everyone's saying. I kinda like the slapstick raunchy humor and violence. The adventure in the jungle of South America reminds me of Romancing the Stone, without the romance. Just enough fun and adventure to make you forget your worries. I would say it's worth spending 90 minutes for a few good laughs.
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Very funny comedy with poignant moments
Bodhi_Dusk23 August 2017
Wow, I'm really surprised at all the negative reviews. I thought this movie was very entertaining. I laughed out loud more than once. Amy Schumer yet again keeps it real for the ladies. She is not afraid to go there and that's one of the things I love most about her. A lot of the humor was raunchy but that's right up my alley. If that's not your thing, don't go see her movies. I don't understand why people rag on her because of that. It's like why are they going to see her movies to begin with if they're offended by her humor in general. There was one scene between her and Goldie Hawn that brought a tear to my eye. Great supporting characters including Cusack and Meloni. Sure you have to suspend disbelief for some scenes but I don't think the movie was trying to be realistic or factual. The fact is this was a funny movie with women kicking ass. I loved it and am sure I'll watch it again sometime.
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Not worth your money
nullcreations11 May 2017
It's really unfortunate that Goldie Hawn was in this movie, because she's genuinely capable of doing great work.

Schumer on the other hand has never really been funny, and has been recycling the same tired vagina jokes for what seems to be an eternity.

The mother-daughter duo have horrible writing, it's difficult to really relate to them (which is a problem with a lot of Schumer's stand-up - she says a lot of unrelatable things) and I had a very hard time liking or even finding the characters interesting.

At some point Hollywood is going to realise that the quickest way to kill a movie is to include Schumer, who is rapidly becoming a poison pill in the industry.

That time can't come fast enough.
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The Big Question
francozeff17 May 2017
I just couldn't believe it. Amy Schumer, the comedian of the moment and iconic Goldie Hawn decide to make a movie together, wow! But this is the best they could come up with? So depressing. Have they heard of Preston Sturges, Billy Wilder. No of course not. Goldie Hawn must know. She was in "Overboard" and in that original, witty and phenomenal comedy with Meryl Streep "Death Becomes Her" She was with Ingrid Bergman and Walter Matthau in "Cactus Flower". My point is, she must have known, reading the script that this was going to be offensive to an audience who loves her. There is nothing to recommend here but lots to reprimand.
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Really sad
bears195012 May 2017
Feel so sorry for Goldie she is such a good actress & to be in such a boring movie is just sad. She waited 15 years to make a movie, I think she should have waited a little longer. The attempt at humor was pathetic & strained. I sure wish I hadn't wasted my money on this. First time I have seen this many people leave a theater before the movie was done.
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All I can say is my buddy works at a movie theater, and with free access to this film, I still felt like I lost something. 10 min in one can accurately see what is coming the rest of time. Predictable, forced, recycled content hour in a half harsh language vagina-humor. I tried to give it a chance because I grew up watching Goldie, but if it wasn't a free viewing I may have tried to swap tickets and see something else.
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AWFUL! ...just AWFUL!!!
baltmikeb12 May 2017
Tired, Lazy, Racist, Ill-Cast, Do not waste your time or money on this total waste of celluloid! The story is awful, the acting is awful, the action is tired and the direction leaves something to be desired. As a barometer of success for this film, the theater was just about empty and if not for my girlfriend, I wouldn't have been there either. Wait for it to hit TV and then watch the Animal Planet Channel!
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terrible movie
tiberiusaensland10 May 2017
Honestly this movie was hard to watch. Amy Schumer really declined. It's so sad to see once great comedians lose their ability to make us laugh.

Very boring and cringy movie. Save yourself the ten dollars and don't watch this movie.
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Bad. Very bad.
tpaladino11 May 2017
Arguably the worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

I got free passes to check out this movie at a pre-screening, without knowing what it was or who was in it. As soon as I saw Amy Schumer I knew I was in for a bad time. She's done some okay stuff in the past but the last year or so has been a total nosedive for her, and I honestly can't even look at her anymore. Between her political rants and her in-your-face tryhard attention-seeking antics, she's just done as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I did try to give the film a fair shake despite all this, and I have to say that Schumer isn't even the problem. You can replace her with nearly anyone else and the movie will still be awful. Mind you, it's extra awful because of her, but she's not solely responsible for it's failure.

The writing was poor, the entire plot was contrived, and there was really nothing that held my interest overall. It was nice to see Goldie Hawn on the screen again, so if I was forced to say something nice that would have to be it.

Avoid at all costs. Not worth it, even if the tickets are free.
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An Honest Review
trublu21511 May 2017
First off, the reviews (if you can call them that) here are ridiculously biased and definitely come from a place of pure disdain for Amy Schumer. While I do feel the critiques of her are warranted to an extent, I also feel that the film is not going to get a fair shake. So here is my attempt at giving Snatched a fair review. First off, I saw this last night at a preview screening and I'd be lying if I said I didn't chuckle a couple times. I did. Goldie Hawn being back on screen is awesome to see and to see her doing comedy again was a huge selling point. However, despite a few chuckles and me being enamored with Hawn's return to the silver screen, Snatched is simply a dismal film. It isn't just because of Amy Schumer that this film is bad, it is a joint effort by all parties including Goldie Hawn.

The film begins in slapstick fashion by introducing us to Schumer and Hawn's mother- daughter team. I'm not gonna lie, the two have some serious chemistry in their respected roles. The only problem is that Schumer & Co. rely on gross out humor and even lift some jokes from certain cult comedies to make their film work. The script is barely there and hopes that Schumer can fill in the gaps with stupid jokes rather than some on-the-surface character development. Instead, the film brushes through topics ranging from promiscuous sex to human trafficking to the power of a mother-daughter bond. These are all topics that could carry a film and at every chance the film gets, it fails to capitalize on any of those themes.

In between vaginal jokes and gags from Schumer and some scenes of pretty hardcore violence for a comedy, there is barely anything to make us want these characters to succeed other than they are mother and daughter. While I can't exactly relate to that relationship, I can tell the filmmakers were hoping that that familiar bond would be enough to carry the film. Guess what, it's not. They're poorly written characters, which is a shame because Schumer and Hawn do make quite the dynamic duo and when it works, it works. The big problem here is that it works far too little and there is far too much wrong with the film overall to really recommend it.
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I never knew what it felt like to be this depressed
cdhspamtest12 May 2017
I never knew what it felt like to be on the verge on suicide when leaving a screener. Not one laugh was muddled from the entire viewing audience, only sounds of disgust, and shocking awe from how poorly this movie was executed. It is quite literally was 1.5 hours of my life that was truly, and entirely wasted. I will never get that previous time back. When i'm on my death bed, the one regret i will have is seeing this movie.
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time you cant get back
sailandcycle12 May 2017
I still love Goldie but all through the movie I just kept wondering how that Amy chick gets cast in anything other than an extra on the walking dead. This review has to be at least 5 lines so to recap, I thought the movie could have been OK with a better choice of actresses, I wouldn't have even gone without free tickets.
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Plenty of laughs throughout
jkwright-202-92931610 September 2017
This film was written by a woman and stars two women-- kudos, we need more! While the jokes are variations on old sophomoric themes, they are spun freshly enough, and at times impressively original, to have kept me laughing throughout!! This movie is a great way to pass a lazy afternoon with some snacks. Don't be a film critic; relax, enjoy, have fun with it. It's very funny!
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It's just funny movie.
uyame-0169418 August 2017
I was laughing a lot during this movie. I think all this people saying is disgusting just didn't get the jokes. They just hate Schumer and her harsh humour. Maybe for some people, mostly men is too much when girl behave like a man. She didn't even do anything so bad, but for most of people, woman shouldn't do this kind of stuff. Schumer is not for sure next one cute, funny girl with a little quarrelsome character, like in most comedy movies. I think is hilarious to show this perspective of a woman. Similar hating comments you can see about this TV-show girls, also there is a character like Schumer. It's comedy and if someone don't like that kind of low class jokes, then shoundn't watch this movie.
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it's only terrible if you come in with a bad attitude
marcus_k23 August 2017
I don't know what the hell people expected. Saying that it's predictable or stupid, as if comedies aren't normally predictable or stupid. Snatched was no worse than what you normally see, and it was actually entertaining enough to provide some distraction. If you hate Amy Schumer, or if you think they are trying to force a political message, of course you are going to think everything is horrible; you went in with a bad attitude. A lot of people say this movie was "trying" something or other. But it's not trying to do anything. The characters are all stupid or weak in some way, man or woman, old or young. In fact, I was impressed how they managed to give all characters weaknesses without annoying me, I usually find stupid characters intolerable. There is no grand message, nothing much to learn. This is just a goddamn b- movie, and it isn't for a second trying to be anything else. If you are disappointed because you expected some innovative profound story, I think it makes you look more stupid than the movie. Production companies discovered 20 years ago that, while people claim to want quality movies, what they actually pay for is brain-dead movies that are easy to watch and allows a low maintenance respite from life. Especially when it comes to comedies. Yet somehow people are still whining about crappy movies, as if they are surprised each time they see one.
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WTH? Better than they give credit...
mjlower-2899126 August 2017
Look this review is simply my opinion about this movie. That being said... I liked it. It seems to me that people are RIDICULOUSLY HARSH when reviewing movies. I find this very tedious and unfair. I'm not a big Amy Schumer fan but you don't have to be. I was pleasantly surprised how good this movie was. Seriously, I was sober and everything when I watched it and I laughed out loud multiple times. It is what it is... a comedy. Stop letting all the critics decide what is good and what sucks. Make up your own mind. I defended this movie's trailer on a YOUTUBE site about 6 months ago, someone from a different country than mine sited it as "Another American Hollywood propaganda film". THE TRAILER!!! Judging this flick without even knowing a single thing about it. Silly really when one thinks about it. Anyway.... it's worth a watch. So, that's my opinion... take it for what it is. Thank you for reading my humble review.
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A funny, entertaining evening with my mum
amesrichards30 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Aawwhhh, look - all the members of the 'I hate Amy Schumer' club got together and decided to each give her film 1 star! The majority of the negative reviews are barely a couple of lines, mostly just a list of negative adjectives that do not constitute a 'review'. It's strange how someone can think a film so utterly terrible and yet struggle to elaborate at all on why - it's almost as if they haven't actually seen the movie (mock gasp of shock!). So, in case anyone is interested, here is an actual review of a film I actually saw last night called 'Snatched'.

You'll most likely know the basic premise - Schumer and Hawn are a mother daughter duo who go on holiday and get kidnapped - madcap adventure ensues. I went to see this movie thinking, a bit of harmless,light-hearted, funny escapism - and that's exactly what I got. Is it going to win any Oscars...? Of course not! It's a slapstick comedy! But it delivered exactly what it promised. Schumer and Hawn's chemistry is brilliant, two incredibly talented comedy actors coming together was magical. The storyline is both weak and implausible - again, it's a slapstick comedy, who on earth is expecting realism here!? The great thing about it is that it doesn't take itself seriously at all! It doesn't try to be something it's not which is so refreshing in a comedy. It's a very well paced 90 minutes so there's no pointless padding out you see so often with comedies desperately trying to stretch out a movie, believing quantity is better than quality. Some of the characters are so tongue in cheek that the film borders on being a spoof - but this only adds an extra dimension to the humour and you just have to roll with it.

I loved seeing an average, curvy woman confidently wearing a bikini in a Hollywood movie. It seems there's either anorexic 'serious' female leads or obese 'comedy' leads - neither of which (sorry Melissa Mccarthy!) promote a healthy body image. I just feel sad that it has to get a special mention - it should be so commonplace that it's unremarkable, but it isn't.

I've tried to avoid giving any spoilers in this review, but just to prove I really have seen this movie and genuinely LOVED it - here are a few of my favourite bits hopefully described in a way that doesn't give away too much - the guy with the boat's back story, delivery and overall character, Joan Cusack popping up - another 'unconventional' Hollywood lady, the totally relatable, over- protective mothering scenes (actually this was the context of the whole film and the main reason I loved it!), Emily 'freshening up', Emily learning a new 'dance', the relationship between Emily and her grown-up, still living at home brother, Emily's encounter with the doctor...

In the future I will be mindful of extremely negative reviews and discount ones that are clearly part of a hate campaign by people who haven't seen the movie in question.
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Worst Movie Ever
a-2212112 May 2017
I want my money back! Lasting only 30 minutes into the "movie" I left after being blasted with poor acting, over the top reactions, woeful script but worst of all AMY SCHUMER. This comedian, actor is irrelevant, puerile and really not funny. It was excruciating to watch and I felt embarrassed for her. Do not see...
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Equality Does Not Mean Striving For the Sewer
mattsewellisqueer11 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
And here we go again...

As a feminist accidentally born with testicles, I am always hopeful when Hollywood attempts to package movies designed for women. As we know, 99 percent of all Hollywood product is aimed at sexually confused 19 year old males. Give Hollywood some credit--in recent years, they've really tried to introduce diversity to their slate of films and that, of course, means movies produced by and for women.

Here's the problem:

Equality does not mean imitating the worst behavior of the worst men. Hollywood seems to think (and has done a great job of convincing a lot of women) that replacing penis jokes with vagina jokes represents some radical evolution in filmmaking. It doesn't. Hollywood has been trying to make Animal House with a female cast for some time and they don't even understand what made Animal House an enduring film. There is, ultimately, a camaraderie amongst the men of the Delta house which allows them to come together at the end of the film and battle the forces of conformity.

Snatched pretends there's warmth between the mother-daughter pairing of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, but it never feels genuine. This is what has sunk the whole slew of "women behaving badly" movies that started, I believe, with Bridesmaids and has continued through the Ghostbusters reboot and Bad Moms (I'm sure there are a few other, but they slip my mind at the moment).

This is a bit of a tragedy. When Amy Schumer's career began, she was very funny and, in some ways, very radical. She's given in, however, to the pressure to be vulgar for the sake of vulgarity. This is not an attractive trait in any self-respecting woman. It's no different than women solving problems with guns and other phallic symbols in an action movie, as opposed to solving problems with their minds.

This movie will make you yearn for the 30s and 40s, when women in Hollywood were respected and were given roles in films about women negotiating life in an intelligent, realistic manner.

If Hollywood cannot do better than this, the women's movement is doomed.
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Wow! How bad can a movie be?
ahoricesesdyk13 May 2017
The jokes are just bad, the acting is worse. I didn't stay past the middle.

I think this is the last chance I give Amy Schumer.

As for Goldie, her face is just impossible to look at for very long. She should sue her plastic surgeon.
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Totally Awful
timbacho13 May 2017
Save your time and money. It's sad that Goldie Hawn got drug into this mess. I always liked her but this movie was awful. Amy Schumer should never be given another acting job in her life.I sure hope the studio fires whoever thought putting her in a movie was a great idea. I wish IMDb allowed negative numbers, because this movie deserves one!
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Woefully surprised
tommanning-5747414 May 2017
So I was preparing to present this movie with a half star review, however I was technically limited to one star due to the IMDb system, thus I have effectively overrated it.

It is time to stop forcing narratives on the masses, and to make use of people who can actually act. Amy Schumer looked completely outclassed next to Goldie Hawn... So badly so, that I jumped up outraged every time she spoke, wondering if an extra had attempted to steal the stars lines. I cant think of a single moment, where her acting convinced me anymore so than the effectiveness of when my two year old daughter tries to convince me she is genuinely spider man.

Save the planet, save humanity, avoid this movie.
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Don't watch
macasoft12 May 2017
Just one question that says all: where is the bottom Ms. Schumer? I actually demanded the movie theater crew after 30 min watching it for a refund. That was their and actually my first time. Never done that in my life. My wife likes her, so we went, but she wanted to leave before I. This is not a movie. It is trash. Category C or D... Hope they will not spend any energy to put it on DVD. Please don't support the crew or her by watching it. You will regret. Spend that money on bowling, snooker or air hockey. Much more fun.
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