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Seems the audience is Expendable
anghart7 August 2014
When the first Expendables was announced, it was supposed to be a throwback to the early years of action cinema - gratuitous violence, one liners and major carnage. The first two films lived up to this. The third is just awful.

Instead of spending more time with the aging heroes we've come to love, we get stuck with a bunch of whiny youngsters who don't do anything and aren't very interesting. I seriously doubt the so called "broader" audience this film is aimed at are gonna care about it. And the people who were interested in the series are going to be bitterly disappointed. Nice one, Sly!!!

Some of the new additions to the cast aren't that bad: Banderas, Snipes, Ford, Grammar, but Gibson completely owns the film - which dies whenever he is not around.

How's the action? Instead of being focused and over-the-top like the other two films, we get bland MTV style kills, thanks mainly to the new PG-13 rating. Who thought giving the film this lame rating was a good idea? Hey, lets take a series that is aimed at adults, starring aging action heroes who only the older audience will remember, and turn it into a dumb teen movie where the target audience WILL NOT CARE who they are or what they have done. Surely one of the worst business decisions in recent memory.

Newcomer director Patrick Hughes has not done anything with this film, but its really hard to tell if that was intentional or if the PG-13 hack job done to the film has made it bland.

Overall, this film is just a waste. Too soft for its hardcore fans, and not "hip" enough for its intended young audience. No one will be happy. Sure, it might puts bums on seats for the first week, but it will quickly disappear after that...and with good cause.

"What mean Expendable?" "It's like when you're invited to a party and don't show up and nobody really cares".

I suspect theater owners are gonna know the meaning of this come August 15.
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Great popcorn flick
hawkfrend-875-9680875 August 2014
I read a lot of bad reviews about this film, attacks on the script, plot and direction, so I was pleasantly surprised to find they were all wrong and they totally missed the point. I think these people were expecting Oscar winning performances but this film is about watching bad guys getting their a*s kicked. I also read that the actors seems withdrawn and bored of their roles and that is utter rubbish, and even if that were true it doesn't matter, im not interested in deep characters and meaningful performances in films like this, I just want to see lots of destruction and the bad guys getting owned.

There's some funny dialogue here and there and Banderas' character had me smiling a lot.

If you like action films you will enjoy this action romp, so ignore those bad reviews and grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and enjoy.
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Just watch it
enquiries-81-12122415 August 2014
You know what. With a busy lifestyle and so much to do everyday, every now and then you just need to watch an action movie that you do not need to think too much about, that simply washes over you and puts a nostalgic smile on your face.

The plot might be thin, you know it will likely come good in the end and you know that the good guy is going to win. But that does not matter a jot. It is filled with quips, familiar faces, memories of the 80's and just good fun.

There will be people that hate this film as just another example of mindless violence, but who cares. It is what it is.

If that is what you need, then go and see this film. I loved it.
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An action movie filled with boredom
NastyNecros31 July 2014
I enjoyed the first two movies for what they were. They were fun rides with old actors kicking ass and making jokes about how old they are.

The third installation of the series has both of those things, but, sadly, not enough. The whole reason these movies exist is for us to enjoy the nostalgia exploding through the screen while we listen to crappy one-liners and bad jokes. This movie takes itself way too seriously and, even though it tries, it just isn't self aware enough for it to work. It spends a big portion of the plot introducing a bunch of young characters pretty much no one cares about, and then it tries to make us care about those people we've never seen in our lives before. Needless to say, it does not succeed. All of a sudden we're suppose to give a damn about these one dimensional characters, and I'm not saying that the main cast has more dimensions than one, but we don't need dimension. We don't need backstory. We don't need emotion.

We need to see old people doing over the top action, make old man jokes and reference their old movies. The movie just takes itself too seriously. There are jokes, but there are also dramatic moments which just fall flat. The acting isn't that good either, and neither are the new characters. It was cool to see Snipes back in action but his character was pretty much useless and didn't make any sense plot wise. Banderas was suppose to be annoying for the characters in the movie and funny for the audience, but he was just annoying. Gibson's role was pretty fun, even though he kind of just played the Joker. There's a scene taken straight from The Dark Knight, but I didn't really mind it, it was fun. Ford was just really plain and did nothing for the movie.

Overall it's one of the most boring action movies I've seen. It has literally every single action movie cliché ever made, and the performances were average at best. There are also moments where the CGI is terrible and takes you away from the movie even more. I don't recommend it unless you are a big fan ( a really really big fan).
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ikari15 August 2014
The first one was interesting seeing old big names on screen. The second one had the Chuck Norris jokes and van Damme doing his signature kicks. This one?... This one has a lot of "kaboom and badawoom"... Which is why, I guess, it is an all right movie.

Unfortunately none of the big names do anything interesting on-screen. If you're expecting to see Wesley Snipes do Blade stuff, or Jet Li some amazing kung fu, nope! you will be disappointed...

Mel Gibson is great, but he's got a tiny part. The only fun is provided by Antonio Banderas.

As for the new actors... who cares!

The problem with the Expendables movies is that the more big names are on the credits their on screen time has to be shared with others and it breaks down to just a few moments each.

I do not understand how they missed the point again!
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The Expendables 3: I stand corrected, a bit
Platypuschow22 May 2018
Okay fine The Expendables franchise isn't a complete failure in my eyes, this is by far the best one and three movies in shows potential.

First of all I want to address a point. I've long since complained about the state of a world where it's highest paid people are actors, singers and sports people. Though I'm a movie obsessive I'll never deny that they are offensively overpaid and Expendables 3 demonstrates that with the absence of Bruce Willis. They tried to get him back in a small capacity, just 4 days work and offered him 3 million. 3 million dollars for 4 days work! In response, he demanded 4 million and they decided to cut him loose. So think about this, a man being paid more for a days work than a minimum wage worker is likely to make in their entire life! That ladies and gentlemen is the world we live in.

Anyway I digress.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that The Expendables 3 entertained me but it certainly had its moments. The action was marginally better than the previous two films but it's saving grace was the cast. No I'm not talking about the same guys who have been phoning it in for the past two movies, I mean the newbies. Antonio Banderas stole the movie, he was brilliant. Snipes delivered like I haven't seen him do so in years and despite all the criticism I think Rousey did a great job as well.

So fine, it's not the big action blockbuster to end all action blockbusters but it blows the previous two movies out of the water. With a great villian, the new cast and a good lengthy finale it's passable stuff.

The Good:

As much as it pains me to say, Mel Gibson

Antonio Banderas & Ronda Rousey

The Bad:

Robert Davi was wasted

Still mindless cliched stuff

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Every person on the planet without any formal training can wield any type of firearm like a professional

The moment Gibson was outed as a bigot, he started doing bad guy roles and nailed it every time

I genuinely want to know if it's possible to attain/maintain a physique like Stallones without steroids

Countless explosive shells fired from tanks at a building rigged with explosives won't set them off

Disguising yourself as a bad guy complete with helmet without your allies knowing you're doing it in a full assault situation makes perfect sense
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Mind-numbingly tired
chaos-rampant30 August 2014
The second was mildly enjoyable, the third time it's tired, the attraction has lost any charm and they still haven't figured out a way to create a sense of world. Terminator, Lethal Weapon, all these films created their own world. Even Cobra had a home to come back to, that marvelous Venice beach apartment next to the Pepsi logo where he forked pizza with a knife.

There's absolutely none here. There's an action plot with actors mouthing their lines when they have to, then on to the next scene. Willis is swapped for Ford but it's again the same thankless plot function of a few minutes. Arnie hovers around in spots - he says 'choppa'. A few amusing scenes with Snipes and prison. And the action mechanics are completely slapdash, overall it feels like the second album after reunion of old heavy metal stalwarts, still polished but all the passion has gone out a long time ago.

Banderas is the only one who manages to charm and that's because he's the only one written with a tiny smudge of life - a screw loose because of what he witnessed.
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The Knife Before Christmas
ferguson-617 August 2014
Greetings again from the darkness. Whether you saw the first two in this series will directly correlate to whether you head to the theatre for this third entry. The filmmakers' attempt to attract a younger audience by adding a "new" crew and dropping to a PG-13 rating backfires, and will not provide the legs this franchise needed for more installments.

The regular old geezers are back: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Jet Li (briefly), and Arnold Schwarzenneger. In addition, we get new "old" blood in the form of Antonio Banderas, Kelsey Grammar, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and the dominating presence of Mel Gibson as the bad guy. The young blood comes in the form of Kellan Lutz, Glen Powell, boxer Victor Ortiz, and MMA superstar Ronda Rousey. The blandness of the newbies simply steals valuable screen time for the old folks, and the movie suffers because of it.

The film's biggest flaw, however, comes with the biggest screen hog of all-time: Mr. Stallone. We understand that this is franchise is his baby, but why field an all-star team if you won't let them play? Snipes gets some time early in the film, replete with a reference to his real life prison sentence for tax evasion, and Ford and Arnold get in a few shots, but the only savior here is Mel Gibson. It's a reminder of just how good he can be on screen ... if we could just forget what a horrible person he can be off screen.

There is no need to go into detail on the plot or describe any of the characters. You know what you are getting if you buy a ticket. It's just a shame the film's direction and script aren't at the level deserving of a cast that includes: Rambo, Mad Max, Blade, Conan, Han Solo, Hercules, Zorro, The Transporter, He-Man, and even ... Sideshow Bob!
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Children Friendly.
seechester2 August 2014
-Jet Li appeared for 5 minutes total and doesn't even fight (seriously? Feels like he was kept in the movie (top-billed too!) just to lure asians to watch it. Yes I'm an Asian.)

-Action scenes are a yawn; all the been there done that. No suspense whatsoever; it's even worse than a Micheal Bay film.

-The climax fight was just 3 minutes tops and was like Stallone wasn't even trying.

-PG-13 violence; Christmas's knife stabs are now blood-less and bullets are now made of rubber since nobody bleeds or spurts blood after being fired upon by a minigun. Seriously?

-The storyline is just a drag and dull; the worst in the series IMO. The "young-bloods" in this movie are just plain unlikeable, arrogant and disrespectful i.e. One of the young ones (I didn't even bother knowing his character name) screamed at Stallone to shut up. Are these kind of characters the ones we're supposed to like?

-Banderas was just wasted and everyone hates his character. He was supposed to be comic-relief, but instead he's just annoying. -Talking about comic-relief, the jokes were just bad. I remembered laughing with tears watching EX2; I barely grinned at this. Stallone said he wanted to go back to the dramatic storyline like EX1 and look what happened. Not dramatic and not funny.

5/10 P/S: Just don't waste your time.
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Old School Actions But With Galgo Style Plot
michael-sengwah16 August 2014
Learning from the mistakes in The Expendables 2, the cast has reunited in this sequel with a climax that really brings back or nearly close to the old school action thriller just as in the original first film. However, having the Galgo style of plot has dragged the entire film into an unnecessary overlong of 2 hours. While the old cast still brings a lot of fun and maintains the brother love across the trilogy, the introduction of the young Expendables might seems a fresh strategy to develop possible sequels but the poor performance, poor developed screenplay and moderate quality of visual effects have ruined part of the film. At least, it compensates audiences once again with amazing scores from Brian Tyler which enhances the actions scenes but overall, Barney's emotional feelings in this sequel seems to be similar to the boring emotional Iron Man in Iron Man 2.
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Never mind the quality feel the width
EdWrite1 August 2014
If you are looking for intellectual enlightenment please stop reading. The Expendables 3 is not for the cerebral it is full of blazing action scenes, comfortable humour and a plot that is held together by duck tape but it delivers in spades. OK Harrison Ford is his usual gray self but Antonio Banderas shines in every scene he is in mixing pathos and humor in a heady mix of, "why has he not been the lead in anything more than the cat in Shrek", for so long. Also Wesley Snipes has his moment in the sun as a quipping killer whose knife prowess and capability makes Stratham's character step up to the plate.

The character list is a who's who of action heroes and the in jokes keep on rolling. If you love tanks, guns, huge explosions and larger than life characters you'll not be short changed.

Personally I think this is the best of the three and I say look past its flaws and just enjoy the ride.
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Who is this movie even for?
jdowlicious4 August 2014
The Expendables series was supposed to be bring back the thrills of the great 80s action films. Nostalgia is the safe go-to for audiences of today, and Stallone knows this. Most of the man's career has revolved around him playing the same roles for over 30 years. The trailer came out and it was extremely promising. Bringing in actors like Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and what do you know? Stallone was even directing, a man who had proved himself a competent action director. Even of recent years, Rambo IV was pretty awesome. Ironically however, these 80s stars created something as dull and humourless as today's modern action films. Where was the fun? Where was the one liners? What should have been a spectacle piece with soul was a shaky-cam filled ride of nauseating proportions. Sure there were some small moments of fun, but they were few and far between. So, has the third iteration in the series any good? Not really.

The movie follows The Expendables on a mission to stop a weapon's trade, they discover an old foe once thought dead (Gibson), takes out one of their own. Their leader, Barney (Stallone), to keep the rest of his Expendables brethren safe, goes on a suicide mission with a new younger team to exact revenge.

Here lies the fundamental problem with the film - the actual Expendables aren't the focus of the movie. There's been an attempt by the filmmakers to attract a younger audience by bringing in fresh, younger 'action stars' and of course the PG-13 rating, the series' first. This could have worked, if they hired ANYBODY who had a star credit in the past three years. Instead, the audience is subjected to a bunch of no-name stars running around, spouting annoying banter at one another. The reason why people come to see these movies are for the nostalgia of the past films these actors have been in, and that they are in a film altogether. So when you disband what the audiences came for and replace them with a bunch of nobodies, you're completely alienating your existing fan base. What people want to see if Rocky and The Terminator killing bad guys together, and when you just replace them with regular mercenaries, it isn't special to the viewers anymore.

That's not to say that's the only problem with the film. For this type of movie, motives of character's aren't entirely clear. Why would Barney abandon his loyal team ready to fight by his side for a bunch of random mercenaries? The action is still largely incoherent, with either way too many cuts during the scene or really poorly executed fight choreography. The visual effects department looks like it had to take a pay cut for the actor's, there is better CGI on Agent's of Shield (every car ride is flat green-screen, one scene with a base jumper just looks completely unfinished). The editing - dear lord - the editing in this movie is some of the worse I have seen in a film in a long time. There are multiple cutaways to things for a minuscule amount of time that the audience has no idea what it is (a scene ends with a guy who the audience hasn't picking up a magazine and leaving), or is completely unintentionally hilarious with how the cut has been executed. The main example that sticks out is a scene that slowly zooms in dramatically on Stallone's face for about thirty seconds, as if the character was about to have a flashback, just to cut straight to the next scene at a hospital. However, the biggest crime this film commits is it's waste of talent. Jet Li is one of the top billed actors, and yet has about 90 seconds of screen time. Wesley Snipes has a fun and humorous introduction to his character, but then is just relegated to the background after the first act. Terry Crews is one of the most charismatic actors in films today and he is COMPLETELY wasted in the movie.

This movie is getting a 4/10 from me, because there are several elements that save this lazily made film. Antonio Banderas is an absolute joy to watch, giving a crazy, over the top performance that would make Nicolas Cage jealous. Mel Gibson, whilst more restrained, gives his all as the crazy bad guy, and although the majority of the visual effects are an eyesore, the stunt work in the third act of the film is quite impressive and even engaging.

Skip this one, go watch Guardians at the cinemas again.
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Needs to be seen on the big screen, but the bluray release will be a better movie
slightlymad2214 August 2014
Continuing my plan to watch every Sly movie in order, I come to Expendables 3.

Plot In A Paragraph: Barney Ross (Sly) disbands The Expendables and signs up some new blood to take down arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson)

Expendables 3 is certainly action packed and while there is plenty hand to hand knockabout and a lot of people die, but they either quickly fall bloodlessly, or it's all off screen (a lot of quick cut aways) with a PG13 rating there is no viewing of the actual carnage.

For me Snipes owned the beginning of the movie, (but then seemed to have been forgotten about the rest of the movie) Grammar kept things moving a long nicely during the recruiting section. Then Banderas walks away with the movie in the final third. If the character of Doc (Snipes) had been more carefully scripted, and given more screen time in the second half of the pic, he would have easily stolen the picture.

Sly has shown before he can be a fine dramatic actor when allowed to escape his action hero confines, however here Gibson steals the scenes he shared with him. His hairline is distracting again (especially when he meets Ford for the first time) at times, as is his wardrobe. He seems to change clothes every scene. In fact he actually looks younger in this movie, than he did in the first.

A big problem for me with this one is, Sly's Barney Ross is suddenly invincible!! the old man who "just got my ass kicked" in the first movie is long gone. No longer are The Expendables a team, who are there for each other (the first movie is the most ensemble of the three) it's a Barney Ross led gang. And he is fine with doing things on his own.

For his brief time on screen Ford brings style to the proceedings and simply radiates presence. Gibson is under used (in the first half) But he owns the scene with Sly in a Van midway through. It is the stand out scene of the movie (the only one with any intensity, and an example of how good an expendables movie can be) and a reminder of how good Gibson is. He is easily the best villain to grace the franchise. That scene in the van is possibly the best acted scene in the franchise.

Jason Statham has less to do in this movie than the other movies, but he gives his usual fine performance as Christmas. Jet Li once again is sadly nothing more than a cameo. Lundgren's Gunner seemed to be slipping back to the unbalanced guy from the first movie, and Couture just seems happy to be there!!

Of the young guns, Ortiz and Powell are bland and uninteresting, Kellan Lutz is at least annoying with his lack of respect for Barney, whilst Rhonda Rousey (My god is she hot) is OK

There is an Expendables movie so of course there is a fiery climax, which unfortunately involves some Awful CGI explosions. If Superman IV should have thought film makers anything, it is 'if you have bad special effects, don't reuse them over and over again!!'

There are less jokey references to the stars previous roles than in Expendables 2, and it is much effective than the infinite amount in Ex2. It is longer than other two movies, so it gives a bit more time to know the characters, Sadly it wasted on the likes of Ortiz and Lutz, who are both a waste of screen time.

The fight between Sly & Gibson is too short (About same as Sly and JCVD in Ex2) and is predictable. The climax is also more than slightly ridiculous. As I said earlier, Gibson is the best villain to grace an Expendables movie, one you felt could hurt the Expendables, and it is was saddening to see him dispatched so effortlessly and singlehandedly by Sly. I'd have rather Gibson got the better of Sly in a brutal fight, with both of them giving every ounce they had (as Rambo and Riggs would have done) before Sly won, or even better if Jet Li (ala Lethal Weapon 4) helped Sly fight him.

The core audience of this franchise don't care about the new younger people that were added to the cast, and they also don't want to see a PG-13 movie with them in, whilst younger cinema goers don't care about an Expendables movie.

I think if we got an R rated DVD, it may be a bit better thought of, but the lame new recruits would still be a waste of screen time, the fight would still be the same and again all of the Expendables would live.

Another Expendables movie that continues the trend of the previous two movies, some good parts, some not so good parts, an overall feeling of a missed opportunity, but still OK.

Hampered by the rating, which angered some/most fans, and the HD screener leak, Expendables 3 limped to $39 million at the domestic box office, and ended the year, the 80th Highest Grossing Movie of 2014.
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Razzie Alert - Expendables 3 - Wild Turkey
JasonDanielBaker4 August 2014
Aging mercenaries portrayed by aging action stars team with younger mercenaries to battle an international arms dealer (Mel Gibson) in a poorly written, badly shot and cut, muddled mess of an action film - the third entry in the series/franchise/action hero seniors tour begun by Sylvester Stallone (already having milked his Rocky & Rambo franchises for remaining crumbs) in 2010 with a decent first entry.

A pirated copy of this third entry was leaked online (by someone who WILL be caught and dealt with) in late July predating the August 15th, 2014 official theatrical release which is why the derision has come so fast and furious in advance. Millions have already downloaded it and spread the word about how bad it is and in particular how bad the younger actors in it are. It is also why box-office receipts won't be very impressive. Plenty have already seen it and told others not to bother.

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, who portrays Luna - one of the young mercenaries, is sure to be nominated for a Razzie as 'Worst New Star' for her acting. I've seen better acting from Tough Actin' Tinactin. But that will inevitably be part of the draw of the movie. Audiences will want to judge for themselves if her acting is as terrible as they have heard.

Since words can't fully describe (but I'll try) how bad Rousey's performance is they won't be ready for what they see. Her characterization is composed of rolling her eyes, shaking her head and squinting in an insipid characterization given by an irritating, crass and unattractive individual with no previous acting experience.

They should've got Gina Carano if they wanted an MMA star. Gina is way cuter, her MMA comes across better on screen and she is a passable actress.

The gimmick upon which the first two Expendables movies built an audience was this 'family reunion' style casting of old action movie stars. But producers were driven to lock-up a newer audience demographic. Going younger and cheaper whilst bringing in new blood may have seemed like a good plan at first but the adverse results are plain to see.

Mel Gibson is the best aspect of the film. He could always act. But his scandalous, offensive outbursts and history of violence add all the necessary subtext for him to become Hollywood's premier villain and tack 20 more years on to his career if he does it right. This is the perfect role for him and he milks it for all it is worth. The screen comes alive when he is on it which unfortunately isn't for very long.

The remainder of the older action stars in the cast give performances as tired and sad as you might expect. Schwarzenegger inspires more pity than Harrison Ford. Antonio Banderas with his over the top acting is nearly as bad as Rousey. Bruce Willis should count himself lucky he was left out of the mix. Wesley Snipes? Let's not even go there.

Whether it is botox or just aging Stallone looks like a toy action figure left too close to a radiator. Yikes!

Jet Li is among the action stars billed but is barely on screen for 5 minutes.
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The Expendables trilogy now has its Godfather III
Meven_Stoffat3 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First off, nobody expects a film like The Expendables to be amazing. Even the cast and writers are aware of it, which is why the first two movies in the series succeeded. They were merely an excuse for our favourite childhood action stars to blast people's brains apart and utter cringe-worthy one-liners, and sold themselves as such, and that's why the series worked in the first place. The series was pure trash and it embraced it, and so did we. I mean, how can anyone expect a film with a scene where Chuck Norris makes a Chuck Norris joke to be anything deep? If we want Shakespeare, we'll watch Shakespeare, simple as that. And so it leads you to wonder exactly how on earth The Expendables 3 ended up the way it did. The first red flags were raised when it was announced earlier this year that the film would be rated PG-13, and that was just the start

First off, the plot is pretty much the same as Expendables II, but with less action and more boring revenge BS. Then there's the moment where Sly Stallone (let's just say it's easier to remember the stars by their real names rather than their character names) disavows the team and brings in all these boring new people. The Spider-Man wannabe who can climb elevators- so what? The chick. There's no other reason for her to be in the film other than to be the chick. I can't remember any of the others right now because they're THAT forgettable. From there on, there's pretty much no reason for Stallone to continue with the mission. Other than revenge, etc. But of course, naturally, he continues, gets himself in trouble with his own stupid actions, blah, blubbety blip, and we get one of the most boring action sequences in history this side of Man of Steel, complete with dreadful editing and camera too close to the action

There's also the fact that the film is PG-13, and it shows- the violence is not only toned down, but it also constrains the plot from being any more interesting in any way. We get boring gunfight after boring gunfight with some hand to hand here and there. Speaking of which, there's very little action here- there's a grand total of 4 action scenes in the film and the only one of which is interesting, being the end one- but even then, it's not as interesting as it should be. When Stallone and Gibson finally square off, the fight lasts for like a minute and then boom. Over.

The one saving grace of the film is the addition of Snipes, Banderas, and Gibson. There's not much for them to work with in the first place, but they make the most of what they're given to work with, and they really do try. Banderas is an annoying loudmouth, but at least his endless talking in his scenes do liven up the pace. Snipes is always a pleasure to watch and his fight scenes are the best thing about the film, but he's under-used. Gibson always has even one of my favourite actors and his portrayal of a villain here is brilliant. I've always thought he's been the perfect guy to play a villain, and despite the cringe worthy dialogues he's given here he does what he can to brighten the atmosphere with his portrayal

Otherwise there's really no reason to see this film. It's pretty much The Godfather 3 of the franchise- the sequel that was not needed and did nothing to advance any character or plot, was just recycled and had no reason to exist. And furthermore there's an Expendables 4 in production. This is despite the fact that the film leaked onto the web early two weeks before its release. To me, whoever did that must have realized just how awful the film is and leaked it as a warning, that or Lionsgate is doing this for more PR and is disguising it as an accidental leak just to cause more publicity. Either way, avoid this one like the plague.
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Absolutely a blast!
caseyx24 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I loved it, great enjoyable movie with a great cast (especially the older cast, loads of humor, pun and action and a script that worked out fine. A fantastic performance by Antonio Banderas, really well done and of course the return of Wesley Snipes, great to see him back in action in a job he definitely pulled off. Mel Gibson as the bad guy worked well for me but his role could've been more crafted as far as I'm concerned. The humor was on target considering the many laughs from the audience, I certainly enjoyed it. The action was also very well executed and held a good pace. The positive (changes) compared to the former two movies was the absence of the blood and guts (adds nothing for me), this cast (additions), much better paced action and logic and everything seemed to work.

I saw this with my sons of 12 and 14 and they also loved it!!
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like watching one of those carney shooting booths - endless supply of rabbits
febru301225 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! 10 guys kill, oh about a thousand of some eastern European country's army. Even got so bad Mel Gibson's character remarks to one of the army's generals "How can 10 guys kill an army?". So Mel, in utter frustration, says he has to do the job himself and shoots the two army generals and storms after Sly Stallone. Sly's gang of course has an endless supply of ammunition of various calibers, grenades, knives, fly swatters and rolled up newspapers. The last two items were what I may have mistakenly seen. Anyway, the fighting, violence, truck chases, shootings, etc are really more like a cartoon (The Road Runner) than anything that could possibly or remotely take place in real life. This movie is perfect for a 6 year old boy and his fantasies. If your not a 6 year old boy you probably won't like this movie.
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Really decent action flick
tmf08417 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don't expect too much and take it for what it is - a high profile summer action flick that's out there to bring you some light entertainment and a bit of nostalgia. The story is simple and filled with tropes but makes sense to a degree where you can buy it and focus on the action sequences and one liners, which are pretty funny. I especially liked that they went for classic action sequences, still with lots of explosions and fight scenes but keeping it tidy enough to not overload the audience - unlike other movies where action scenes start to become just flickering images because they put so much in them and so many dynamic camera movements that you almost start to feel nauseous.

Bottom line: If you like 2 hours of mindless entertainment to see the action heroes of the past perform one more time then this is for you - if you look for substance stay clear (but that should go without saying since it's the third installment)
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Way, WAY too much Hollywood for my taste!!! BORING!
Connor_Kenway1 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely the weakest entry in The Expendables series. Lousy acting, and too much Hollywood invincibility it's annoying. I get that the good guys in such action movies, almost always has to win, i get that. But NONE of the heroes die! Not even the new, young ones, it's pathetic! No matter how bad-ass elite soldier you are, you just cannot let, what uh 12-13 people, get away without so much as a broken arm or someone dead or something against a whole freaking army! Even Caesar is alive at the last scene, even though he wasn't in the whole movie almost and that was what it was all about, revenge, but for what? This movie is so cheesy, everything is seen and done before, but this one still doesn't manage to kinda' make it it's own in some way. And the last battle between Stallone and Gibson is just pathetic. Gibson kicks his ass the first half minute, then Stalone get's the angry "now you're gonna get it" look on, and get's those special Hollywood "hero almost looses the battle but at the last crucial moment, gains momentum and defeats the bad guy" powers, it's so old! Oh and then the cheesy one liner "I am the Hauge", and then BANG Gibson's all gone and the battle is won. I was really disappointed with this one, i actually found 1 & 2 entertaining enough if you just take them for the brainless action movies they are. But c'mon for Christ sakes, get some variety and let someone other than the good guys die, so it's just a little more believable and fun to watch. If the next one is just as much Hollywood bull crap and cheesy, then i'm done with these movies AND Stallone!
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Worth seeing. Think low ratings on this site are exaggerated
novaman10017 August 2014
First off, Expendables 2 was better and I do not think anyone will argue that. But some of the poor reviews on here almost made me second guess going, and the reviews likely had an effect, since only a handful were in the theater last night (9:45 showing) My take on the young actors/new team is yes, the older one's are better but they tied in nicely in being immature where when the old team returns to clean up the youthful's inexperience issues. Bandera's was Hilarious, the few in the theater were laughing a lot at him. He was annoying, but that is what made it comical. The one disappointment, wish Chuck Norris would have made a brief appearance like in part2. Agree, the younger actors were used to attract a younger audience, but did not see that in the audience when I was there. I'm 39 and would say audience was 30 and up. Also thought perhaps the newer actors were used to pull lower the $$ down some, might be BS, but just my thought. Not the movie going type either, haven't been to theater in 3+ yrs, much rather watch at home(DVD or Blue ray) to take b-room breaks and refill my mug ;-). This movie was worth going to. Solid performance, but bar was so high with Expendables 2, will be hard to beat.
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Nothing new to offer
ketgup8322 August 2014
Movie Name : The Expendables 3 Genre : Action Rating : Average 2.5 /5

Expendables 3 was better than its predecessor where bunch of popular tough guys from early 80's and 90's collaborate and gives you gun- throttling action popcorn entertainment.

Barney must locate and confront the ex-member of the expendables, Stonebank before he eliminates Barney and his team members.

Directed by Patrick Huges, The Expendables 3 promises to have more impact then its predecessor but falls flat on the face. It is just an average flick with old wine in a new bottle. If you have been a great fan of Stallone , Schwarzenegger , Mel-Gibson , Statham then you might enjoy the film otherwise the screenplay has nothing new to offer. . Few scenes were entertaining with punching dialogues ... good action sequences ... good story line !! Unfortunately , it is just a time-pass. It is Stallone and team which makes this worth-watching at least once.

Overall , if you have liked 90's action stars , this movie is meant for you otherwise stay away from it !!!
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Huge cast, wasted talent . I'm very angry.
Haider-kazmee1 August 2014
I'm a huge fan of action movies and after watching so many movies I can tell which one is going to be a disaster. Expendables 1 was okay in my opinion, Expendables 2 was great and then there's this coming in last place. There is simply no character development in this movie. The cg looks like adobe after effects, the camera work is shaky, and there is absolutely no blood and gore. I felt nothing through out the whole movie except boredom and being angry at the fact that I'm wasting my time. Some of my favorite stars like Jet Li had like 3 Min's of screen time and that's it. Mel Gibson was no good as the villain and the last boss fight was so very weak. Jean Claude was the best EX villain. Antonio's character did okay but I think they should used his Mariachi character, instead of being a loud mouth. So much cheesy dialog's here and there; it's really not fun at all. In conclusion this is a passionless excuse of a movie. My rating 2/10 Abysmal.
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Disappointing, mediocre, laughable
kobold-2317 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Good lord, what went wrong with this movie? I don't even know where to begin. I hope the producers read this list:

1) PG-13 rating: The hell, Sly? Are you out of you goddamn mind? Expendables is a series aimed to adults, fans of movies with bloody violence and carnage. You get rid of that, you get rid of 90% of the fan-base of this movies. The box office isn't a surprise...Way to alienate your core fan-base. That's PR rule number 1, NEVER betray your fan-base. By turning your back to them, they'll obviously turn their backs to you.

2) This movie is full of cuts. Again, they can't show blood or wounds, because the teens will be scared. How pussy, Sly. Did the kids go to watch your movie? They didn't, because according to sources, over 61% of the audience was above 25 years old. Again, you alienated the fan-base.

3) False advertising: Why such huge cast when you waste goddamn 50 minutes with characters that we don't care about? Who pays to see Rousey, Powell, Lutz and Ortiz? I didn't.

4) You put guys like Couture, Lundgren, Jet Li and you give them NO fight scenes? FFS, Sly, you're on drugs. No other reasonable explanation.

5) Why is this movie even called Expendables? Nobody died.

6) Was Terry Crews shot in the ass? If so, how the hell did he got shot in the chest? Probably the pussy pg-13 rating.

7) I've seen better PS1 CGI effects rather than that piece of crap filmed in Bulgaria.

8) Why didn't Gibson blow up Barney's face in Somalia?

9) Jet Li and Arnold are possibly a gay couple in the final scene. Are you retarded, Sly?

10) Robert Davi gets 1 minute of screen time...

1 star for Gibson, 1 for Banderas, 1 for Snipes, another for seeing them being good characters in the movie. 4 is what this movie deserves.
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SforSmile26 August 2014
Having seen the previous parts I didn't expect much of an intriguing story, just dirty, rough handmade, gun fire action in the style of the 80's blockbuster stunner like "Rambo III" and occasionally a cool one-liner here and there, however, this tired, uninspired, unoriginal, dull, undynamic rehash just made me yawn and anticipate the ending so that I could go home.

Sylvester Stallone once wrote a good script for "Rocky" and now he thinks he can write worthwhile, interesting stories on and on, well, he obviously can't, repeating yourself is one thing but repeating yourself badly without the humor and thrill of the previous works is simply unworthy of the cast consisting of so many action movie legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and the like, and it's certainly unworthy of the ticket price.

The new "younger" backup for the Expandables-team of bloodless no-names like Viktor Ortiz or Kellan Lutz (who?) which Sly assembled in a boring interlude where he travels around America, which seems to serve no other purpose than stretching the runtime of the movie to unnecessary 127 min. the longest runtime of the series - nevertheless it felt like the movie had less action scenes than before just because of too much talking and standing around - this said new members are just redundant and pose in no way any competition to the original cast in terms of charisma and camera presence. it's ridiculous that half of the movie is about making us believe that this crew is actually supposed to replace the older ones. Ronda Rousey, the first female addition to the team, makes a face as if someone is constantly holding a stinky sock under her nose, at least she makes her stunts all by herself, right? Antonio Banderas is just laughable in his role as "Galgo", and I don't mean it in a positive, funny way. It's the kind of humor you will find predominantly in cartoons: childish and silly. It's embarrassing that he let himself pay off for this. Wesley Snipes is good for an entry joke, nothing special.

The only redeeming factors are the explosive finale, although devoid of any logic, and surely Mel Gibson's kind of angry performance of the main villain; he clearly enjoys his assigned status of being Hollywood's lunatic number one.

"Expandables 3" is a bad movie, period.
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Nice to see so many stars on one frame
Seraphion13 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After the last movie, Barney goes on freeing one of his old team members, Doc. And on their next assignment there's a surprise, the target of the op turns out to be Stonebanks, Barney's presumed dead old teammate, who is still alive and now is a big shot arms dealer. Stonebanks get a clean shot at Barney but instead shot Caesar to get to Barney's mind. Stonebans' trick worked, Barney feels that he's not into losing anyone else close anymore, and decides to break up the team that's been with him since the first movie. He then contacts Bonaparte, and together they recruit young guns to make a new team. With the new team, they take on Stonebanks again and succeeded. But Stonebanks apparently has a tracker with him and the team gets ambushed on a bridge. Barney was tossed into the river while the youngsters are captured. Barney then sets up to go alone for the rescue, having only Galgo, the talkative operative formerly denied entry to the team by Bonaparte, to go with him.

But as the team's plane readies to taxi on the tarmac, the old team of Lee Christmas, Doc, Toll Road and Gunner Jensen joins him for the rescue. On the other side, Trench who delivered Barney's team to the location, gets in touch with Drummer, the CIA exec, and Yin Yang, who now works for Trench, to join the rescue. Barney's group get to the youngsters easily but then Stonebanks contacts them saying that the building they're in are already rigged with C4. Thorn, the tech youngster, manages to rig a signal jammer buying them time. Stonebanks then sends the army backing him. Drummer, Trench and Yin Yang come in with a helicopter, providing air cover. After all the hot action, Barney asks Drummer to pick the team up on the roof. When the team's up safe on the heli, Stonebanks catches up to Barney and they do the final battle. Barney wins the fight, just as the signal jammer runs its battery out and the building blows up. But Barney escapes by jumping to the fast rope on the heli.

The story finally comes to the classic 'old dead teammate turns out to be not dead but has become an enemy' premise at this third movie. The story now strangely tries to be a touching one although the bigger part of heavy action and the hard aura by the action cast still gets the greater part of this movie. The small jokes here and there are now better and are more easily laughable. Yet there is a slightly odd situation where, besides Stallone's focus character, all the older characters like Christmas and Toll Road feels much less active due to this movie having to introduce strong new characters in Galgo and Doc.

The action is as expected, explosive and brash. What's nice about the action this time is on some characters. Doc has a way to spice things up to be able to improvise on things whether it's a stealth run or a head on shoot out. Galgo is nicely a surprise because with his old looks and talkativeness, his action is not bad at all. The younger characters also brings in a great addition to the action sequences.

The acting here is nicely worthy of some praise. The addition of Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson does make it better because they make their characters optimal by their acting. Ronda Rousey and Victor Ortiz gives a nice effort to act well, despite there's something missing on their facial expressions usage. Antonio Banderas makes his character worth waiting for because he can handle Galgo's eccentricity. Wesley Snipes make Doc's unpredictability nice to see.

My final say is a solid 7 out of 10 score for this movie. I do recommend you to see the action this movie offer. It's a good old school fight and shoot action entertainment amidst all those superhero movies.
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