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Splendid action
Leofwine_draca2 November 2021
Warning: Spoilers
THE THIEVES is a South Korean blockbuster in the form of an action/comedy/heist thriller, featuring an all-star cast heading off to Hong Kong to commit the theft of the century. It's familiar stuff of course, a hackneyed genre in itself, but it's handled with typical verve and aplomb in the Korean style. The exemplary cast make watching this one an effortless experience, and the only real complaint is that it's a little overlong. However, it gets more and more gripping as it transpires, and the extended action at the climax - including a gunfight on the outside of a building - is splendid.
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If you only watch one Asian movie this year, "The Thieves" is the one to watch...
paul_haakonsen5 May 2014
Finally I got a chance to watch "The Thieves" ("Dodookdeul"), and the wait was well worth it. This movie was fantastic in every aspect.

The story is about a group of Korean and Hong Kong thieves who come together for a mutual heist to steal a very expensive diamond. But things take a turn for the worse and the heist doesn't go as planned. Alliances are forged and broken, and the game of deception runs high, and just what is honor amongst thieves truly worth?

I will say that the storyline was compelling and interesting. Sure it could be compared to "Oceans Eleven" and with elements of "Mission Impossible" in it, but it would be a shame to do so, because "The Thieves" is unique in its own right.

The story was not predictable and just as you thought you had figured out what was next, the movie took an unforeseen turn and totally throws off the audience. This is the part that I really like about the storyline, it was kept fresh and constantly on the toes.

Director Dong-Hoon Choi have managed to put together a great movie that is entertaining, exciting and thrilling. And what really helps the movie along nicely are the people on the cast list. Wow! They really have some of the great talents from both the Korean and Hong Kong cinema alike. Gianna Jun, Simon Yam and Jung-Jae Lee really go all the way here and carry the movie so nicely.

"The Thieves" is a definite 'must' watch movie of you enjoy Asian cinema, regardless of your preference to Korean or Hong Kong cinema.

This movie is a clear 8 out of 10 stars without a doubt.
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Confusing mess
phd_travel14 November 2020
This caper story is ambitious and fails. Too many characters and languages. Hard to discern who is doing what to whom. Macau looks nice. Gianna Jun looks pretty. Not much Kim Soo Hyun. Not worth the effort because there is no impact or continuity.
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A Nutshell Review: The Thieves
DICK STEEL15 September 2012
The Thieves may look like Ocean's Eleven from the onset, with its star studded ensemble cast from South Korea and Hong Kong combining forces for the most parts in what would be a casino and jewel caper. But instead of having one primary heist as the central focus for all the characters, The Thieves present a whole lot more, used to introduce the different team's capabilities, and providing plenty of twists and turns as the story progressed. In short, it was a real treat and a wild ride to have the usual plot developments of the genre, with the betrayals and conflicting motivations all clashing together, and delivered with pin point perfection.

In the South Korean camp, there's Lee Jung-Jae as Popie, de-facto leader, who had assembled his team consisting of slinky cat burglar Yenicall (Jeon Ji-Hyun), veteran and linguist Chewingum (Kim Hae-Suk), and cable operator Zampano (Kim Soo-Hyun), to fleece a rich curator. They get contacted by Macao Park (Kim Yun-Seok), one time ex-partner of Popie, who had dangled an opportunity for a casino and jewel raid, and for the job, Popie brings along Pepsee (Kim Hye-Soo), recently out on parole, much to Macao Park's displeasure. The complex job also requires the team work with the Hong Kong camp, whom Macao contacted for assistance, which means an expanded motley crew comprising of leader Chen (Simon Yam), safe-cracker Julie (Angelica Lee), and regular goons in Andrew (Oh Dai-Su) and Johnny (Kwok Cheung Tsang). But there's enough to go around, since the plan is to rob a jewel in the premises of a casino in Macau, then sell it back to its original owner, the mysterious Wei Hong (Ki Guk-Seo).

The story by Choi Dong-Hun and Lee Gi-Cheol is kept extremely tight despite the myriad of characters involved, with director Choi expertly cutting through characters and their respective story arcs, with flashbacks used to introduce each and every one of them, coupled with surprises that throw up individual character motivations. This adds an extra spice to the proceedings, because like a poker game, we are the only ones who had a sneak peek into their respective roles, and what their intent is from the get go, with an expectation that things aren't always what they seem. We're lulled into complacency that we know it all, until another surprise gets thrown up to knock us off our balance. And doing so without cheating - which involves randomly or forcefully including unbelievable or illogical moments - was something of a feat.

Which is pretty amazing, because the pace of the narrative is never let down, interspersing adrenaline pumping moments with quieter scenes, and the usual heist film montage expectation where the Plan gets played out as the team embarks on their surveillance and preparation work, before the real thing. And that only covers less than half the film, with the second half trading characters for more stunt work and action, and given that it's a Korean film after all, had its focus shifted back to the Korean actors. The way that characters come, go, and the narrative bringing up sub plots, work wonderfully well, especially in setting up what were to follow from surprising moments.

But in a cinematic world where there is no honour amongst thieves, a romance also got thrown in to shake things up a little, especially when emotions play a key role in the building of various alliances and plans that each individual sets in motion in pursuing their self interests. It plays with what you know and have established, feeding you with new facts that would make you change your opinion about someone or some situation, and then decide who you would root for in this bunch of ten skilled professionals. They slag each other when there's opportunity to, backstab and form new partnerships, some even quite moving, especially when you know that Trust amongst the players is really a rare commodity.

No effort got spared in designing the action and heist sequences in the movie, making it a delight to watch since things are kept relatively fresh. Tom Cruise's building climbing escapade is well documented in M:I: Ghost Protocol, and while they aren't scaling the highest building in the world here, the film more than made up for it in the frequency, number of people involved, and at a much faster pace thanks to technology being unavailable other than a strong cable, a threaded indication, and lots of guts.

It's no surprise that this film has so far been South Korea's box office champion, given the slick execution of its action, and an all round good story involving boring cops and sexy/suave robbers. The handling of the languages here - Cantonese and Korean - in the way the characters interact, is a definite draw, as something that was handled close to perfection, because in the real world accents will come to play, and this one had attention to detail.
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Ocean's 10, coed version
harry_tk_yung7 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The incorporation of 4 women (three very pretty, one would have been very pretty twenty years ago) does give this flick considerable added appeal. The resemblance to "Ocean's" series, however, is limited. While both involve robbing a casino, the complexity of the job here is child's play compared with George Clooney's schemes. On the other hand, this one strives on relationships between the various people in the gang, present and past – betrayals, romances, policy undercover, double-crosses. The main stage is Korea while the action takes place is Macau, with planning and aftermath scenes in Hong Kong.

I shall make no attempt to deconstruct the plot and sub-plots, the events, the roles, apparent and real. What follows is only an attempt to briefly outline the line-up, hopefully spoiler-free.

The guiding spirit of the project is Macao Park (Kim Yun-seok) who brings together 9 people, 4 from Hong Kong and 5 from Korea, to help him steal a 20-million-US-dollar diamond currently kept at a casino in Macau. The idea is to fend the spoil to connoisseurs in the Southeast Asia. Among the potential buyers is the owner of the jewel himself, a powerful kingpin so mysterious that only two members of the gang claim to have seen him.

The Hong Kong group of 4 is much simpler, comprising leader Chen (Simon Yam), safe-cracking expert Julie (Angelica Lee) and two gunmen Andrew and Johnny. Julie has learned her trade from her father, reminding you of Charlize Theron in the new "Italian Job". Andrew is the designated clown in the group. The only thing special about Johnny is that he is played by Derek Tsang, Eric Tsang's son.

The Korean group of 5 has a much more complex history of relationships. The movie actually opens with job lead by Popeye (Lee Jung-jae) who worked with Marco a few years ago. His present 3 team members however do not know Macao, except by reputation. Gianna Jun, sassy as ever and sexier than usual, plays a sort of spider woman Yenicall. Chewingum is a middle-aged woman, veteran but bottle-addicted. Zampano is a young pretty boy fierce in combat. Together with Popeye, involved in the aforementioned job with Macao a few years ago is beautiful Pepsi (Kim Hye-soo), just released from a jail term for her involvement in the job while Macao and Popeye were not caught. While on the surface, the trio act as if they have forgotten and forgiven (not sure who should forgive whom at this point) the ominous undercurrent is stirred up by intermittent flashbacks.

It is not difficult to follow the characters and their multi-dimension interactions are interesting. The good action sequences, including a couple of showy set pieces, make up for the lacking in subtleties. The two-hour-plus screen time will pass unnoticed, enjoyably.
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Two gangs for one big heist.
Reno-Rangan24 November 2016
It looks not bad, but too long. From the director of 'Woochi' and 'Assassination', though it came between them and I'm seeing it now since I liked them both. An international cast film, I mean some well known Korean and Hong Kong actors in this multi-starrer. The story of two thief gangs joins hands to steal a diamond necklace in a casino in Macau. It's a team work, everyone is assigned to do their part, but due to some old incidents, they lose trust on one another. Followed by betrayal, how the heist takes place and what happens to them comes in the final quarter.

The actors were good, but their roles were so usual. At least the story looked better, but too much drag in the first half. Once their work begins to take off, the narration with those stunt sequences gets interesting. Even though I felt it should have been better, the screenplay should have kept tight. With so many characters, too many twists. So feels like it all jammed, though none of them were stunning enough, particularly a theme like this needed one that. I have seen a better heist film, I bet did as well, so this film won't surprise, but okay for watching once.

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Delightful action comedy.
paulclaassen10 June 2018
Oh, how I absolutely loved this film! I initially thought it was similar to 'Ocean's Eleven' with reference also to '21' (with Kevin Spacey) but as the film progressed, it became very different, and also very interesting. The group of thieves - supposed to work together - each has their own agenda, as well. A few twists and turns later we're in for a real treat with action, appropriate humor and also a good share of suspense.
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A curious mix of charisma and danger, date The Thieves only if you can forgive its fundamental flaws and flirt with amusement and exhilaration
moviexclusive18 September 2012
The purported selling point here is so lazy and easy it's slutty: the most anticipated star-studded action blockbuster 2012! Unless The Thieves intends to pay homage to The Avengers, this year's only rightful owner to that headline, we can't verify the credibility of that audacious claim. Granted, the movie's A-list ensemble of the most bankable stars from around the region places it in a perfect position to sell itself to the usual fandom, but I'm usually sceptical of such an approach to filmmaking. The good news? The Thieves is everything it pledges to be in marketing and message – epic, smart, funny and well- shot. The bad news? It's not quite everything it needs to be.

Hardened robber Macao Park wants to steal a $20 million diamond from a casino in Macau. In order to pull off the perfect heist, he enlists the services of Korean and Chinese thieves. What looks to be a smooth heist suddenly shatters into a botched job as each thief begins to reveal their true motives and lots of betrayals and grudges surface before any thief can get to the diamond. The real winner here is Macao Park, who has deliberately assembled this double-crossing team of thieves so that he can escape with the diamond. Unfortunately, trouble catches up to him before he can safely pocket the prize. Each thief must now fight to survive and find the diamond before time runs out.

Let's face it: this is the sort of heist movie that can only look good with a greedy scale, even if it's with one that's only initially superficial. Director Choi Dong-hoon doesn't scrimp here, getting stars from Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia and wrangling with a multilingual dialogue that speaks Korean, Mandarin, Japanese and English. It makes for an amusing preamble that sees our group of thieves engage in almost endless banter, effectively using the barriers of language to allow one party to criticize the other without the other actually realising it. The thieves eventually manage to pull their thinking caps together, navigating through the complex security at the casino with an equally cartoonish verve. So far, so good, right?

That question is important because the movie totally loses control once it hits the second half. I'll admit upfront that the movie is very smart – or at least its multitude of subplots is. But the fundamental problem with The Thieves is that it has well over a dozen major characters competing for screen time. I can't stress enough how a burgeoning character count is to the detriment of a movie's quality. With so many personal agendas / betrayals / grudges on offer, The Thieves struggles to tie all its subplots into a concise, clear and easily comprehensible script, instead allowing them to dart uncontrollably in all directions. It's incredibly labourious to keep track of who's doing what or even which diamond is real. Above all else, The Thieves would have worked better as a TV serial; condensed into movie length, it wears out any form of sanity too quickly.

That's not to say The Thieves isn't without any more charms. The movie is a stacked deck of balletically choreographed action scenes that become increasingly daring, and we dare say reckless, as it progresses. Characters are allowed to fight in places that don't traditionally grace the screen for action scenes, including an elevator shaft and the surface of a building. There's an action scene which, in the perfect storm of horrible coincidence, is virtually the same as Tom Cruise's vertiginous adventure on the surface of Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower in last year's Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The only thing that's better than this action segment is the relentless pace at which the movie pumps out gunfire.

Watching The Thieves is like flirting with James Bond. You get a curious mix of charisma and danger, and you don't know whether you should stay or leave: the charisma is appealing, but the danger is off-putting. The Thieves is far from perfection, but if you're willing to overlook the messy second half and indulge in the amusement and exhilaration of the package, then this so-called most anticipated star-studded action blockbuster 2012 is worth a visit to the cinema.
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Hollywood wishes it could do this.
carbuff10 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, Koreans seem unstoppable these days. First their cars go from embarrassing to near aspirational, and now their movie industry makes Hollywood look like it's run by drunken, drooling, idiots (which, upon reflection, might actually not be too far removed from reality.)

"The Thieves" is what "Ocean's Eleven" and all it's tedious, empty, shiny, sequels would be if they were the product of intelligent life. The plot is extremely clever and witty and keeps moving and taking unexpected twists and turns right up until the very end. The acting and cinematography are top notch, and when it's over you can't believe that more than 2 hours have passed, with subtitles at that. Even if I wanted to toss in spoilers, it would be difficult because the plot is so involved and only comes together in pieces as the movie progresses.

Returning to my opening, this flick makes the best possible case that the "Ocean's" franchise should be shuttered, since this was so much better, and likely cost much less in total than what was lost to the "talent" alone in those tepid, vacuous, American productions. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty.
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The Thieves — A very complex caper with lots of surprises
AvidClimber4 May 2013
The Thieves is a South Korean movie that will demand your full attention.

The good. An ensnaring story line that will push you to see it to the end with a ever greater astonishments. The scenario is incredibly well built with plots within plots, revenge, love, distrust, and new twists at every turn. No character is safe from death. A Ton of action. Good editing and camera work. Nice sets.

The bad. A few cliché. Shallow motivations.

The ugly. The afro-hair Chinese thief who's not a very good actor.

The result. Great entertainment, but don't expect any depth.
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Kinda convoluted, complicated and long
asc8525 February 2018
This looked like a fun movie from the trailer. As my rating of "6" shows, it wasn't that bad, but it could have been much better. As others have noted, the film is very long, and could have been cut down by 15-30 minutes, which would have made it tighter. And as is the case with many films in Asian cinema, this film gets extremely complicated and convoluted on just who is doing what to whom, so it gets very, very confusing at times. You really need to keep your focus to follow most of the picture.
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loved ever min of it
backnblack-061231 November 2020
The Ocean movies were good but i think this is better, this shows KD can match Hollywood in quality movies with great actors and story line. Don't believe the negative reviews they much be looking for a silly romcom.
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Ocean's Eleven meets From Vegas To Macau meets Ronin meets The Italian Job: A Highly Intelligent, Sultry, Dazzling and Engaging Thriller
totalovrdose4 April 2015
There are many aspects of this film that distinctly separates it from others. For one, the characterization - it's superb. Over time, through development and flashback, the characters become significantly fleshed out, and though the audience may initially appreciate a character at the beginning of the narrative, by the end, it might be an entirely different story, our loyalties continuously shifting, as do those of the individuals on screen.

Secondly, the stunts: the fact the feature isn't filled with continuous action sequences allows us to appreciate them so much more. They are brilliantly executed, highly exhilarating, and occasionally, even with suspension of disbelief applied, beyond fathomable. Thirdly, the script - characters are witty, sassy and subtly cutthroat. Never is the script reduced to slapstick or cliché one-liners, the well executed humor at the hands of the talented actors being as fresh and fluid as one could ever hope to witness.

Fourthly, the suspense. Alongside some of the hectic stunts, the film offers nail-biting entertainment as loyalties are tested and plans abseil out of control, to the extent, the question isn't so much 'who will walk away with the prize?' as it is, 'whose going to come out of this alive?' Fifthly, the music - it's rarely too serious or too laid back, immersing the viewer into the experience. Sixth, the visuals - their gorgeous. Macau and Hong Kong vibrantly come to life in a mixture of dazzling bright colors, supported by brilliant framing and directing that is truly captivating. In this sense, the feature isn't just an entertaining thrill ride - it's a gorgeous vacation - with guns, and thieves, and gold.

Yenicall (Gianna Jun, who is especially outstanding in this film) is a superbly athletic thief, working alongside a crew consisting of Chewingum (Kim Hae-Sook) and Zampano (Kim Soo-Hyun), the leader of their outfit, Popie (Lee Jung-Jae), finding them a job working with an old partner of his, Macao Park (Kim Yun-Seok), who he detests for reasons that are explained over the course of the feature.

Trust is a luxury that is unaffordable, and even less so when the South Korean team travel to Hong Kong to meet an equally talented group of Chinese thieves they will be working with over the duration of the job: to steal the Tear of the Sun, a prized diamond that can be sold for 20 million. Leading the Chinese team is Chen (Simon Yam), alongside Andrew (Oh Dal-Su), Johnny (Kwok Cheung Tsang) and Julie (Angelica Lee). The character who is most shocked of all however is Macao, to discover that Popie has brought with him an undisclosed thief, recently released from prison: Pepsee (Kim Hye-Soo), whose loathing of Macao's character, alongside her love for him, is explored throughout the film.

Though there are more men participating in the film than women, the story fantastically allows the women to continuously be at the forefront of the plot, each of them with sizable, engaging roles that occasionally overshadow their male counterparts. With each of the thieves having agendas of their own, and with nothing been too sacred, or too illegal to try, the ever continuous suspense constantly submerges the audience as they try to figure out who will experience, as Yenicall calls it, a 'happy ending.'

There's little else I can write to convince you, dear reader, to watch this particular film, except - you will be doing yourself a serious disservice by not doing so.
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Impressive and Enormously Entertaining!
cremea2 November 2012
The Thieves is a 2012 Korean heist/caper film. Here's your story: Gather a bunch of thieves & criminals together to hatch a plan to steal a diamond. That's it!...Well, Almost!


The comparisons to this film being a Korean version of "Ocean's Eleven" simply can't be avoided. And, if you're asking "Why should I waste my time watching that?" The answer is because IT IS a KOREAN VERSION!

When you watch "Ocean's Eleven", you know the worst thing that will happen to Clooney & Pitt & the Gang is a couple of punches in the face and/or slaps on the wrist, or maybe some minimal jail time. There's nothing wrong with that; it can all be great fun when done well. But, this is a Korean production, so, Anything Goes Here!!! (and, it certainly does Go!).

This movie has a quite a bit going for it. First & foremost, the acting is top notch throughout, and, each of actors and actresses they gathered together here get their chance to strut their stuff. The cast is packed full of talented stars (in Asia anyway), and it's really hard to take your eyes off of any one person when it's their time to step to the plate (regardless of age, sex, or role). Everyone really plays off each other quite well, so much so that it seems they've been working together as a cohesive unit for some time; this is even all the more impressive when you consider this is a Pan Asian ensemble cast that has to overcome language barriers while snappily working their way through some well scripted, and witty dialogue. The film eventually tightens its focus more on the Korean stars for the most part, but this is a Korean production, so that is to be expected.

The story is pretty decent overall; nothing fancy or overly challenging (at least until your figure out who's doing what to whom and what everybody's motives are). The first half of the film primarily brings everybody together to work on the plan to steal the diamond, while revealing their past histories and present interpersonal relationships. The second half ultimately brings all their story lines and individual objectives to a head under a heavy dose of fairly impressive action scenes.

Production values are quite high here, and, it might be the most slickly made and stylized film I've ever seen come out of Asia. I'm used to seeing increasingly high production values from Asian cinema over the last decade plus, but this film is really pushing the limits of what an Asian "Big Picture" can be. If this is what bodes for the future of this type of Asian action cinema, then I'm on board 100%! (PROVIDED, they don't lose their heart & soul along the way, which is what made films from this part of the world so enticing to begin with).

Perhaps what I like best about this movie is that it is just flat out sexy, and, I don't mean that in a 'let's get naked & have sex kind of way'. It just oozes a certain kind of sex appeal and undercurrent throughout as a result of its stylized story arcs, character back stories, and star performances. It's also quite romantic at times, and, is not without its comedic moments. For what is essentially a 'popcorn action flick' with little room for excess, it does make a solid & effective effort to infuse a sexy/romantic/comedic aspect, which it pulls off quite well.

This is by no means what I would consider a great film, but it is just a crap ton of fun, and I loved just about everything about it. It's solidly made and quickly paced (despite its 2.25 hour run time), and, it is often incredibly entertaining. There's really very little not to like here in all honesty. If you're looking for a high octane action caper with a decent enough amount of substance behind it, you might want to check this movie out pretty soon.

So, from a reasonable and realistic prospective, this film should probably rate at about 7 out of 10 stars or so overall. But, I liked this flick way better than that, so I'm bumping it up to 8 out of 10 stars. Totally Recommended!
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A New favorite for my Asian imports section
joeywyss30 November 2013
The Asian cinema that has most impressed me is usually of the horror genre, but this one actually stood out as a regular action flick. You will see a distinct similarity to the Ocean's serial, but it competently makes its own mark with multiple subplots that work as well as an almost dizzying amount of twist and turns. The humor translates better than almost any other Asian film I've seen, which is probable because my copy was subtitles only, there was no English dubbing available. Even with the extended run-time, the pace is quick and crisp, with no plodding moments or stalls. It keeps moving all the way to the credits, a great popcorn movie.
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Best Thief Movie of Korea
murali-8276114 June 2021
Korea's best thief movie ever.the story screenplay and everyone was extremely super and good. Best ever movie.
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myartniki29 April 2020
Ocean eleven theme in asian version. Exciting plot, when China & Korea best thieves work all together. But yeah it's because of love triangle again.
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pankajnegi-3874225 August 2020
Its an enjoyable movie. Decent script, good acting and direction.
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Ocean's Eleven meets Mission Impossible in this highly entertaining caper
kamenhaven29 July 2017
This is one of the best Korean movies I've ever seen. I wasn't surprised to find out it was one of the highest grossing films at the Korean box office - this Korean/Chinese production is an international blockbuster designed for mass, global appeal. The Thieves is a heist action comedy about two teams of professional thieves teaming up for a heist with a surefire success rate, but only if each team members could avoid their personal agendas getting in the way ... and that's all you need to know about the film.

The movie's biggest success is that it proves that you can have an ensemble cast with no less than 10 principal characters and still make each one of them unique and memorable. By the end of the movie, I know each character's personality, motivation and quirks. To top it off, it has an intelligent script with lots of twists and turns, always keeping you guessing. Oh, and the set-pieces! The final action scene is one of the most entertaining set-pieces I've ever seen, involving complex choreography, wire-work and amazing stunts.

So yeah, do whatever you can to see it, you owe that to yourself as this is the kind of movie that Hollywood should be making and isn't. Director Choi Dong-Hoon crafts this masterful heist action comedy with such an assured hand that keeps you entertained and engaged throughout. Also, actress Jun Ji-Hyun (My Sassy Girl, My Love From The Star), is drop-dead gorgeous and absolutely magnetic on screen. She steals almost every scene she's in, and is worth the price of admission alone.
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fakhar-abbas925 December 2020
Wow great thriller, will keep you on guessing and on edge.. Lots of twist.. Worth watching. Korean cinema at its best
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Simply awful.
rupak-dey13 June 2015
I have watched a lot of Korean movies last couple of years. I am fan of their movies, starting Oldboy, JSA, Chaser, I saw the Devil, man from nowhere, Vengeance series, new world, brotherhood of war etc., But this movie was just pure crap. Aboslutely waste of time. Script is bad, acting is superfluous and just a bad movie. Haven't watching anything recently as bad as this one. I hardly write any reviews, but I was so disappointed with this movie that I thought I had to write a review. Avoid this movies, this is a pure garbage. They tried to make the movie like a slick bollywood style heist movie. And there lies the fault. They should have stuck to what generally works for them. It was neither convincing, nor was there an sort of suspense. I was just waiting for the movie to end. Just crap..

My Rating: 1/10
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Bizarre, waste of time and space....
DexAery8 September 2014
This is for the very first time aim giving negative review. But after watching this piece of crap my gut told me to enlighten others about this bizarre movie.

It's a human nature that whenever we start watching a movie we see that if the first 15 minutes or half hour enchant us or not if not we left that movie in between but unlike others i never do that once i start a movie i left screen only when it's finished even if it bores me to death, and something like that happen to me when i watch "The Thieves" It was totally a premeditated movie, no surprise element in it. Jung-Jae Lee is a very talented actor i've seen many other movies of him but have to say this one is worst. If you've seen lots of robbery movies like ocean series, the Italian job then this is nothing special for you.

Some good points of this movie is action and locations otherwise this was one waste of a time, usually i kept movie in my drive so that i could show it to others but unfortunately this one doesn't deserve space in my drive....
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anjumsrabony29 August 2020
I f you are searching for an action and thriller movie then you should check out the thieves
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The Thieves of Time!!!
zico-7967313 May 2016
There are Some raving comments here that make me wonder about their group age.I am a big fan of Korean movies but not any Korean movies, only the great ones;and this one is definitely not one of them.It's pale with a painfully idiotic writing and horrendous acting .I got a headache trying to figure out what the hell was going on.The scriptwriter obviously wrote it while he was chilling out with the crew in Macau maybe because this is the kind of lame writing you churn out when you have no intention to exert the slightest amount of effort You can go to take a nap and come back and you will not miss anything because there's nothing there to miss. It's definitely a huge waste of time.
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Thieves from Korea
sctop-547-207225 December 2012
The Thieves is directed by Donghoon Choi. There are four main actors: Yoonseok Kim, Hyesook Kim, Jungjae Lee, Jihyun Jun. They are one of the most famous actors in Korea. The story is about stealing a diamond in a casino. Director Choi said he wanted to make a film that has action and a love story. It contains complicated love story and dynamic action. The film is set in Korea and Hongkong.

On the plus side the movie includes lots of funny scenes similar to a comedy movie. Also, the actor whose name is Dalsu Oh, who specializes in playing funny characters makes us not be bored while we are watching the movie.

On the other hand, the plot has too many reversals that surprises. We don't know the conclusion until the movie is finished. As well, If you were Chinese or Japanese, the movie would be more fun because they speak both of them in different parts of the movie. And despite the humor, there is enough action that will keep you on the edge of your seat.è

All in all, it is fun but this movie is too much like the other heist movies.
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