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Season 1

9 Oct. 1994
Acts of Betrayal
First of nine adventures of court psychiatrist Jane Halifax. An attractive woman falls in love with a colleague of Jane, but is found murdered soon afterwards. Halifax investigates.
22 Mar. 1995
Words Without Music
Halifax comes to prison in order to make psychiatric evaluation of the murderer eligible for parole. In a nearby town, high school teacher suddenly dies and Halifax is asked to counsel the students. While she discovers strange circumstances of that death, one of the students gets killed.
26 Apr. 1995
The Feeding
Jane Halifax is called in to do a profile on a serial killer, dubbed the Make-Up Murderer. Jonah Cole, an out of town hotshot cop, is also called in to help the investigating team. They have no leads until they find a girl Frances, who is somehow linked to the case.
26 Apr. 1995
My Lovely Girl
A nurse is killed by a mentally ill man, previously released from custody. The media starts exposing stories of murderers being released from mental institutions. A young man who had been treated by Halifax also becomes the target.
14 Jun. 1995
Hard Corps
Two police detectives meet with their informant, but the meeting ends with informant being shot. Halifax is called in order to help in an internal investigation of the incident.
19 Jul. 1995
Lies of the Mind
Young woman brutally kills her rich father and stepmother. During the police questioning, it seems that she is suffering from multiple personality disorder. Halifax is called to determine whether she is indeed insane or just faking.
14 Feb. 1996
Without Consent
Young women fall prey to a masked serial rapist. The main suspect is a convicted rapist, released from prison after nine years. Halifax is assigned to evaluate him for parole purposes. Her patient claims to be reformed and has rock-solid alibi, but one of his former victims doesn't think so.
7 Jul. 1996
Sweet Dreams
Jonah Cole, a tough and unorthodox policeman who used to work with Halifax, comes to Melbourne after running from his fellow officers. He approaches Halifax with a story of police corruption. Cole's former partners, on the other hand, claim that Cole is suffering from paranoia.
6 Sep. 1998
Afraid of the Dark
When several people are brutally murdered at a service station, Jane Halifax lends her forensic psychiatric skills to the police investigation that immediately follows. As the case progresses, she establishes a strange rapport with Ray Harvey, a mechanic that is the principal witness to the killings, as they both struggle with internal demons involving the loss of loved ones. Meanwhile Senior Detective Eric Ringer starts to seek more from Jane than a professional relationship. In an ironic reversal of roles, Jane finds herself in counseling sessions with another ...
11 Jun. 2000
A Person of Interest
Jane Halifax is asked to do a psychiatric evaluation on Ex-Police Officer Laurie Downes who has the habit of posing as an active Police Officer. As Jane tries to get to the truth behind this man who doesn't seem to want to help his own case she has to deal with personal issues as well.

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