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Very well told story of human nature.
AbesOddysee2 April 2013
The story and animation were both well made and told. The story deals with themes such as starvation and how the environment we are at shapes us to what we become, or changes who we are. They succeeded putting a lot of emotion in only just 70 minutes, going through themes of love, friendship and hatred in a way that made me feel sorry for all of the characters, even if they did horrible things to each other, but mostly out of necessity.

One of the best animated films i've seen in a long time, and a lot better story than you get in most live action movies out there.

Warmly recommended.
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LOVE this movie
maureen anastasia9 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I love this movie. Asura is a proof that not all animated film is for the children. Some of the dialogue and scenes in this film is more suitable and easier to be understood by an adult audience.

The story is very simple but has a good moral message. Especially when Asura met the Monks for the second time. That's is unforgettable moment from the film ASURA. I cried, was touched by scene when the Monks cut off his hands and give it to Asura.

The description of Asura's character in the film also very suited with the story. The innocence of a child audible from his voice. The cruelty from his eyes, canine teeth, and long nails like a monster.

Two thumbs up for Asura
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A Dark Material which is Surprisingly Humane
Kong Ho Meng6 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This anime film is incredibly dark. It covers extreme poverty, hunger, cannibalism -- conditions that no one will want to see themselves live in such conditions . It explores humanity's perseverence and willpower against all odds.

That said, I was surprised by the good moments especially on Asura's side. His difficult journey of discovering his identity was a heartwarming experience. I do not think its well-crafted 3D techniques poses a problem in terms of what the film is trying to deliver.

Overall, while I was impressed with the film's impact and delivery, I still feel that the film did not maximize the vast potential it was given. To me, whatever the film had achieved so far could have been better if it were remodelled into a short film.
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supenakrisnadi12 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie contains several teachings that derives from the Buddhism stories. Even the title Asura itself depict an addictions to wrath, pride, envy, insincerity, falseness, boasting and bellicosity that shown by the main character. Which is in this case I feel very well put in the plot and intertwined with the human basic needs and crave of love. Dominant language of colours engulf our visions in a precise manner to bring emotions to the audience which is worthy for my two thumbs up, except the snowflake scene near the end. Overall, this is definitely a movie I'll recommend for anyone that want to see the human nature in a glimpse of wisdom teaching of Buddism.
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