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And we weren't let down
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews10 November 2015
This is a feature-length, 2 hour and 2 minute, making-of documentary on the 2-Disc Special Edition of The Hunger Games, about, yeah, you know which movie. It features behind-the-scenes footage, sit-down interviews with the major characters' actors and the crew, clips from the film, script excerpts, storyboards and tests(be they stills, pre-visualizations or drawings). We're taken from early preparations all the way to the premiere.

It goes into it as an accurate-yet-medium-fitted adaptation, making sure it is intense rather than "fun"(this *is* about teens forced into killing each other!), the much-maligned too hand-held-and-shaky-cam, casting(J-Law gets to prove she can carry one of these... And Banks was a truly inspired choice! Tucci, Harrelson, I could go on), sets, design, action(that was almost purely the stars, not stunt performers! "Xander! That's the real one!" And most of that fire in the forest? Yeah, that was actually there!), locations, budget, special effects, post, distinct sound-work and how all of that has to be carefully planned.

Of course, you do have to sit through some of the obligatory lovefest. That includes when they talk about Lenny Kravitz - just try to listen to that without cracking up! Most of the time, it is entirely earned, and they do actually detail what their thoughts on things were and how they approached the different challenges of the production.

There is some disturbing content and a little moderate language in this. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the series and wants to know more about how the silver screen entries were shaped. 8/10
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