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7 Aug. 2012
How to Start a Dragon Academy
With the Dragons causing intolerable friction with the Berkians with their instinctual habits, Hiccup must enable a reasonable co-habitation.
7 Aug. 2012
Viking for Hire
With Gobber feeling useless with the Dragon peace, Hiccup must find a new role for him.
4 Sep. 2012
Animal House
As the dragons become more comfortable as a part of Berk society, the livestock are becoming less comfortable - fire-breathing predators are, after all, around every corner. As a result, Berk is running low on eggs, milk and other food supplies.
11 Sep. 2012
The Terrible Twos
The Dragon Riders find a small dragon in the woods, which Hiccup is volunteered to take home.
18 Sep. 2012
In Dragons We Trust
When the dragons are blamed for a series of damages around the village, Hiccup and the kids form the Dragon United Monitoring Brigade (aka DUMB).
25 Sep. 2012
Alvin and the Outcasts
After the dragons are banished from the island, Hiccup searches for evidence to prove their innocence.
3 Oct. 2012
How to Pick Your Dragon
Stoick resolves to learn dragon riding himself from Hiccup, but he seems to prefer Toothless to his son's annoyance.
10 Oct. 2012
Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Man
When Stoick has a portrait of himself and Hiccup painted for the collection in the Great Hall, Hiccup ends up depicted as a strong, burly Viking, not his usual skinny self.
17 Oct. 2012
Dragon Flower
When the Riders discover that Mildew deliberately sickened the dragons with a special flower, Hiccup and Stoick force him along to find a cure.
14 Nov. 2012
Heather Report Part 1
The Riders take in a lost girl who seems strangely curious about dragon training.
21 Nov. 2012
Heather Report, Part II
After Heather's betrayal leaves the Book of Dragons in the hands of the Outcasts, the kids devise a plan for Astrid to disguise herself as Heather, sneak onto Outcast Island, and retrieve the book from Alvin and the Outcasts.
28 Nov. 2012
For his entire life, Snotlout has been beating Hiccup and the others in the Thawfest games. But this year, the games include dragon-based events, and Hiccup is determined to finally win.
5 Dec. 2012
When Lightning Strikes
When a series of lightning storms hit Berk, Mildew claims Thor is angry at the village for allowing Toothless, a Night Fury, to live among them. Hiccup must prove Toothless's innocence as he and Stoick face an uprising against Toothless.
6 Feb. 2013
What Flies Beneath
A rogue dragon - a Whispering Death - shows up in Berk, tearing up the village. He's on a mission - to find Toothless and settle a score.
13 Feb. 2013
When Ruffnut and Tuffnut have a falling out, Hiccup and the kids must reunite them before their wayward Zippleback is discovered by Dagur the Deranged, the visiting chief from the fearsome Berserker tribe.
20 Feb. 2013
Defiant One
Hiccup and Snotlout face difficulties getting home from Outcast Island.
27 Feb. 2013
Breackneck Bog
The gang visit a haunted bog to retrieve a lost gift for Hiccup.
6 Mar. 2013
Gem of a Different Color
Fishlegs discovers a gem that is of great value to a flock of dangerous Changewings.
13 Mar. 2013
We Are Family: Part 1
With Bork Day, the annual holiday celebrating the village's history, fast approaching, Stoick bestows Hiccup with all of Bork's notes and studies on dragons.
20 Mar. 2013
We Are Family: Part 2
Conclusion. Hiccup and Toothless hatch an escape plan after being trapped on Outcast Island.

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