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a funnier perspective than entourage
rareintuition20 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
this is titled a comedy & it does just that. entourage is titled a comedy, drama; comedy is only from 1 role & thats Jeremy Piven but this show delivers that from every role almost. both these shows have the same theme. u will quickly c which 1 is funnier. keep making em i will continue to watch em all....... IMDb;Your review does not contain enough lines - the minimum length for reviews is 10 lines of text........ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz........ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz........ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.... abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz............ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz............. what, really? who cares. anyone can text how much they like. don't be a killjoy
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Don't give it ratings.. and this is why
DeNay_JoLLeY23 February 2013
OK, so where do I begin? I completely agree with the first review about how horrible this show is. What makes it worse is all this low grade acting it's just god-awful. I don't understand these characters, George Gore just recycled his character from My wife and Kids he sucks. Damien can't act worth a lick and Craig GEEZ! I mean watching him act is like watching paint dry..BORING! Quite frankly I'm sick of privileged "kids" acting like they have it rough and gotta make it on their own. OH PUHLEEZE! your family got money and none of that struggle is real. The only positive in this show is Tatyana Ali an actual actor and I truly hope that her name does not get tarnished from being associated with a show like this one. The only reason I believe that this show gets any ratings at all is because it follows a show that is actually really good and that's Real husbands of Hollywood. A bit of advice for you

guys, just stick to being your uncle's assistants u might make more money that way.
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Terribly Disappointed!
dashana664574329 January 2013
I just made this account just to write this review. Second Generation Wayans is the worst black show I have seen in a LONG TIME. The acting is so fake and it's like I'm watching a bad high school drama production. I felt like I was tricked into watching this show because it had the name WAYANS attached to it. I guess talent skips a generation because these two guys are NOTHING like any of the other members of the Wayans family that I've grown up with. They need some acting lessons and they need to learn comedic timing. I really hope that they allow Shawn, Marlon or Keenan to write and direct an episode and maybe I'll watch it again. My friends were telling me that this show was garbage but now I see that was an UNDERSTATEMENT!!
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I'll give it a chance
missmomosa22 January 2013
It's not the best show, I'll admit but its actually not as bad as people say it is well, yes it is but they are learning. It's scripted so it's mechanical, the boys can't act and it shows in the way they mechanically say their lines, there is no realness there like in the other wayans shows where you feel like what they are doing is real. I feel like if they were more real it would be so much better. I give it a fighting chance. It can't hang with the best of them but it's cute and I can see what they are trying to do but they definitely have to try harder to be more realistic and let the comedic naturalness come. The George Gore guy who played on the other wayans show is still acting the same and it's annoying. I'd think that after years off the scene and that he's grown up that he got better and isn't so stupid, but I would be wrong.
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