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Watchable, but not overly entertaining...
paul_haakonsen5 December 2020
Well, "Beast Mode" wasn't exactly the most memorable of movies that made it out of 2020. When I sat down to watch "Beast Mode" from directors Chris W. Freeman and Spain Willingham I hadn't even heard about the movie. But the movie's poster/cover was interesting and caught my attention, and the fact that the movie was labeled as a horror comedy definitely won points with me.

But the movie wasn't really a bag of potato chips and then some. Sure, it was watchable, but it was hardly an outstanding addition to the horror comedy genre, and there are far better movies readily available in this genre. But yes, it was watchable, albeit a less than mediocre overall movie experience.

It was primarily the storyline that didn't really tickle me in all the right places. The storyline just felt too simplistic and at no point throughout the course of the movie did I feel like the writers delved into a well of aces. The things portrayed in the storyline were just too bland, I'm afraid.

The acting in "Beast Mode" was adequate, and lead actors C. Thomas Howell and James Duval definitely carried the movie well enough, when taking into consideration the limitations imposed upon them by the simplistic script and storyline. It was fun, though, to see familiar faces such as James Hong, Ray Wise and Robert Costanzo make appearances in the movie.

All in all, "Beast Mode" came and went without much of a stir. And this is hardly a movie that has enough contents to it to support more than a single viewing. My rating of "Beast Mode" settles on a four out of ten stars.
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it might be the...
ops-525351 December 2020
Worst horror movie of the year, but the way theyve overdone their task of gruelling gore blood and horror ,amplifies everything else about this film, because the comedy is beaming through the ointment of hell.'

so if you can collaborate with a terrible story, bad special effects, and a very ironicly angeled gorehorrorcomedy its a recommend, i had a few laughs and thats usually a sign of clever devious filmaking. there aint much else to say that its a bad acted, bad story that has a fortunate outycome in the end.

so its a cultclassic for the nerds, thinks the grumpy old man
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Nice cast
BandSAboutMovies17 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
When they call this an 80s throwback, they mean it. Beast Mode stars C Thomas Howell (The Hitcher), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy), Ray Wise (Twin Peaks), James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China) and James Duval (Gone in 60 Seconds).

This one's all about a has-been Hollywood producer who accidentally kills the lead in his next movie, which means that - of course - he must use an ancient herbal elixir and ends up releasing shapeshifting beasts onto the streets of Los Angeles.

This is directed by Chris W. Freeman, who made 2012's Sorority Party Massacre, and Spain Willingham, who also acts in this movie. The effects are pretty solid, so it has that going for it. A Hollywood insider werewolf-ish movie. The last one I saw like that was Howling 3: The Marsupials, which this would pair well with.
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Enjoyable if somewhat flawed horror/comedy creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder12 December 2020
After his controversial star goes missing, a down-on-his-luck producer inadvertently kills the star he's trying to court for his latest movie, and in the rash to correct his mistake hires a look-a-like to replace him, but the clean-up process to complete the ruse turns him into a shape-shifting monster and must now save his film.

This was a highly enjoyable horror/comedy. What really works great here is the comedy in the setup where it builds the exasperated nature of his work and career that sells the desperation of the situation. The absolutely cheesy beginning where it focuses on the plight of the producer to get the movie going and deal with his disgruntled and controversial star who has all the hallmarks of a spoiled movie star which is quite funny. The accident and resulting need to keep it hidden from the studio bigwigs in charge are also genuinely funny which gives the first half a rather fun light-hearted tone that's immensely appealing and immersive. That also manages to work quite well with the start of the horror elements being introduced. The transformation effects are appropriately given a stylish werewolf-style addition to the mythology where the change occurs and he runs wild on the crew attacking the make-up artists and savagely pulling them apart before running off into the night. The ways in which it spreads throughout the industry with their inadvertent use of the special cream which causes them to become one is a fine touch, and the look of the best itself is a fine one giving off a rather vicious practical look. These help to hold the film up for the most part while there are some issues with this one. One of the main faults is where most horror/comedies fail in that the comedy doesn't always work for the film. So much of the goofiness and slapstick comes across as highly suspect in terms of actually being funny that most of them could've been removed without much change at all, resulting in several moments where it's a huge struggle to get through because the comedy is so bad. The exasperation and frustration that comes about with trying to hide everything are far more impressive and genuinely funny, making the comedy rather hit-or-miss. The other issue is the seemingly underwhelming finale that could've been fun but just seems odd and weird. From the haphazard race to get the antidote to the afflicted member at the party, the bizarre interruption to provide closure for their own needs yet surprisingly comes off with no motivation and a lame resolution and the halfway decent brawl between the monsters is undone when it's realized that this is really the clearest look at the design all film long. A series of tacked-on epilogues for most of the individuals go nowhere and could've been trimmed out altogether, mostly leaving this one somewhat cold at the end.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Da beast
Stanlee1077 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This so called "comedy" horror film is a terrible film. It is as though the writers are telling each other some insider joke and not share with the viewer. The characters are somehow less than one dimensional. To describe this film, one needs to imagine a spider hatching its eggs under your skin & it starts growing and forcing its way through during this film. This is how annoying this film is!
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Light & weak parody
kotepanchvidze5 December 2020
Yep, this is light & weak parody movie. You will nothing gain (or loose) watching (or not) this.
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