The Babadook (2014) Poster


Noah Wiseman: Samuel



  • Samuel : [from trailer]  You can't get rid of the Babadook

  • Amelia : I'm sick, Sam. I need help. I just spoke with Mrs. Roach. We're gonna stay there tonight. You want that? I wanna make it up for you, Sam. I want you to meet your dad. It's beautiful there. You'll be happy.

    Samuel : [Sam stabs her]  Sorry, Mommy!

  • Samuel : [from trailer]  DON'T LET IT IN!

  • Prue : I'm Prue and this is Warren. How are you?

    Samuel : I'm a bit tired from the drugs Mom gave me...

  • Amelia : [Samuel comes out from hiding and Amelia shrieks like a banshee. Amelia starts approaching Samuel, but he starts wetting himself. ]  You little pig. Six years old and you're still wetting yourself. You don't know how many times I wished it was you, not him, that died.

    Samuel : I just wanted you to be happy.

    Amelia : [mocking Samuel]  I just want you to be happy. Sometimes I just want to smash your head against the brick wall until your fucking brains pop out.

    Samuel : [softly]  You're not my mother.

    Amelia : What did you say?

    Samuel : I said you're not my mother!

    Amelia : I AM YOUR MOTHER!

  • Amelia : [Amelia is driving Sam home from his aunt's house]  Where did you get those firecrackers?

    Samuel : You got them for me on the internet!

    Amelia : [livid]  Well, that's the end of the internet.

  • Amelia : [about the Babadook]  Well, I'm not scared.

    Samuel : You will be when it eats your insides!

  • Amelia : [after Sam has snooped around in his father's crawlspace]  All your father's things are down there!

    Samuel : He's my FATHER! You don't own him!

  • Samuel : It wasn't me, Mum! The Babadook did it!

  • Samuel : [loud and hysterical]  DO YOU WANT TO DIE?

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