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The Grand Seduction slowly brings its story into focus and then sneaks up and becomes quite funny.
In the small-town-conspiring-on-a-big-lie genre, The Grand Seduction doesn’t get near the mastery of 1998’s "Waking Ned Devine," but the shots of the village in Newfoundland, where it was filmed, are beautiful, and the local accents are convincing.
The frequently funny The Grand Seduction is a thoroughly pleasant way to pass a couple of hours.
A remake of a 2003 French Canadian movie, The Grand Seduction is more bland than grand and more eccentric than seductive.
The Dissolve
With just a couple of strong casting choices and a winsome tone, an old formula can still work, and The Grand Seduction comes out of the lab with a disarming readiness to please.
Gleeson and the collection of good-natured seniors with accents will win your heart.
Village Voice
The endearing nature of the characters, especially Gleeson's Murray, provides some pleasure.
Despite this notable cast, the remake never manages to drum up much excitement for its sleepy hamlet rousing or for its characters, finally filled with purpose.
A confused, toothless comedy.
Slant Magazine
Like many films that contrast the simplicity of a rural community against the confusion of city life, The Grand Seduction exhibits a patriarchal, xenophobic attitude.

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