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Enlightened Revenge Play
dalydj-918-25517521 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The episode this week opens with a voice-over from Amy as she talks about the change she is going to make in the world. Tyler thinks Amy has a personal vendetta for her reasons of exposing information. Tyler still being a weak person can be talked into anything by Amy once again following her. Amy during lunch watches everyone unaware of what is about to happen to the company in the future. Amy then rings up Jeff exception his offer. Tyler and Amy then meet with Jeff where he tells them he has been building a story on their company for two years and they came along at the same time. Amy then has a dream of walking into Abedon and arresting the CEO for all his crimes. Amy gets a call from Tyler who seems worried about something. When she arrives at the office Amy is told that all the computers will be checked because she forgot to exit someones e-mail account. While outside Amy sees Krista being taken away on a stretcher and when Amy arrives at the hospital she finds out Krista is fine with some pregnancy problems. Amy comes home telling her mom about Krista who she is no longer friends with. Tyler was able to help Amy by replacing her hard drive. Amy then starts to pray with Connie that everything will be fine. It turns out Tyler replaced Omar's hard drive with Amy keeping her save but throwing him under the bus. Amy goes to visit Krista and as usual creates tension because everything she thinks just comes out of her mouth. Amy returns to work just as Omar leaves just getting fired. Dougie does not believe Omar did anything while Tyler finally acted bad by getting rid of two problems for the pair helping then fulfill their goals quick. Amy now believes she is doing the right thing now. This was better then the premiere and finally Tyler took his own action even at the expense of Omar. Laura Dern was her usual self causing problems for everyone.

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Mission Creep
talksallabout-426-53634525 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Amy Jellicoe is on a mission, but like many military missions, the original mission can get lost as reactions to "action on the ground" goes in unexpected directions. In the second episode of Season 2, entitled "Revenge Play" we see how actions and reactions can turn good intentions into evil consequences. I entitled my review (posted to my blog Premium Cable Reviews) of this episode "Mission Creep" because the original mission has led to new, less high-minded, missions.

Omar, one of the basement crew at Abaddon, corners Amy and Andy in the break room where they are meeting to hatch strategy. He wants to know what is going on between Amy and Andy. Amy makes up a story about Andy helping her develop a website to sell needlework.

Omar buys the story, but then utters the words that result in his downfall. He says he thought Amy and Andy were having an affair, but he couldn't believe it. Amy is tall and beautiful, he says, and Andy is a short albino loser.

IT at Abaddon has discovered that someone has hacked emails, and they are searching all computers to find out who did it. Amy is afraid she will be discovered. Andy takes her aside and says not to worry. He sneaked in the previous night and switched Amy's hard drive into someone else's computer. Just then a ruckus breaks out. Omar is accused and reacts angrily as security escorts him out.

Amy feels great guilt, but does nothing. Andy says it was a twofer. Omar was suspicious of them and might have eventually found out what they were up to. But now, Tyler has removed the threat, protected Amy by removing the incriminating hard-drive from her computer, and gotten revenge for Omar's insult. So actually it is a three-fer.

Amy began her mission to take Abaddon down, but now the mission has expanded as she and Tyler have to protect themselves from discovery. (Ti is an excerpt from my review. You can read the full review on my blog.)
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