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The Most Unprepared (or Stupid) Crew Ever Seen
claudio_carvalho7 September 2017
"Alien: Covenant" is a sci-fi action film technically perfect, with great special effects and landscapes. Unfortunately the story is terrible with the most unprepared (or stupid) crew ever seen. How could practically all the crew including the captain and the second in command land in an unknown planet without a better analyze of the soil and the atmosphere? They have a skilled android that should go alone and report whether the place is dangerous or not. One of the groups have a sick crew-member and his partner brings him bleeding to the only means of transportation they have to return to the spacecraft. The pilot risks the lives they are transporting and their colonization mission to try to rescue a few survivors. In addition, the performances are soulless and not engaging and the viewer does not care to the characters. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Alien: Covenant"
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In space they can hear you laugh
Prismark105 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I thought Prometheus was a visually wonderful but hugely flawed film with an incomprehensible plot and characters that constantly made stupid decisions.

In the sequel, Alien Covenant set 10 years after Prometheus stupidity by the characters has multiplied tenfold.

The colony ship Covenant diverts its mission after receiving what seems like a distress call from an earth like planet. The crew beam down without any protective clothing, without any adherence to safety or quarantine protocols. Hell, they do not even have any non slip shoes on. One character even forgets to relief himself at the ship and decides to do it on the alien planet.

The reality is that this planet has hidden dangers and the android David from Prometheus who has been involved with genetic experiments with human DNA and the Xenomorph.

It is hard to believe that director Ridley Scott made the original Alien way back in 1979. The world has waited with baited breath for his prequels only to be disappointed. Alien:Covenant should basically be viewed as a comedy then it makes more sense.
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Alien: Paradise Lost
gogoschka-121 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It seems that in 'Alien: Covenant', Ridley Scott and his writers tried to use the best loved elements from previous Alien installments to appease those fans of the franchise who hated 'Prometheus' - but perhaps also to camouflage their intention to make a far meaner and less conventional blockbuster than what modern audiences (and studios) are willing to accept in this age of superheroes. It was my impression that what on the surface appears to be a very straight forward - and some might even say derivative - retread of familiar story beats is actually just a ploy to delve even deeper into the themes explored in 'Prometheus'. Because 'Alien: Covenant' not only continues to "dissect" the creator/creation/creature dynamic: it brings the android David's storyline to its perverse, if somewhat logical, conclusion.

Now if you hated 'Prometheus', or just dismissed it as a dumb movie where most characters are stupid and nothing is explained or makes sense, you won't find much to like in the less conventional story elements in 'Alien: Covenant', and you might as well stop reading this review now (btw, if you still have questions about 'Prometheus', you'll find a link to an article explaining everything by clicking on my username). But if you DID like it - or at least found its maliciously ironic religious subtext and musings on creation fascinating - you'll probably find some aspects of 'Alien: Covenant' highly enjoyable. As you might recall, the cycle of creation depicted in 'Prometheus' goes as follows: the Gods (aka "the Engineers") create mankind - mankind creates David - David in turn starts to experiment on his creators (the humans) in order to create something new.

The totally insane - and hilariously mean spirited - continuation/escalation of that cycle in 'Alien: Covenant' (beware: spoilers abound for the whole movie follow): David's ambition to make the jump from creation to creator has grown exponentially; it now entails nothing less than to exterminate the Gods, as well as experimenting on them - which makes him kind of hard to top in the mad scientist (or mad killer robot) department. By killing the Gods, he, the unworthy machine and "2nd class" creation conquers "Paradise/Heaven" and becomes the sole creator (humans are degraded to the status of lab-rats), thereby closing the cycle started in 'Prometheus'.

Admittedly, the film is uneven in terms of story and pacing - but I admire its ambition. 'Alien: Covenant' is a fascinating hybrid which somehow halfway through its running time turns from relatively straight sci-fi and very familiar Alien terrain into a brooding, Gothic horror film (at least for a while before it turns back into a more conventional sci-fi/action film). In the Gothic part of the film, the man-made monster/creature (David) has turned the table and assumed the role of Dr. Frankenstein to make creatures of his own design. These creatures - who appear to be the first actual Xenomorphs - reflect and reveal who/what David really is and how deceiving his human looks are. For although he inherited some very human traits from his creator (emotions, curiosity, ego, the urge to create - among others) he is still a machine adhering to a logic that is ultimately as alien (pun intended) to a human being as the Xenomorph itself - and as lethal. Which is why it makes complete sense that David is the "designer" of this perfect, machine-like organism (Swiss artist H.R. Giger, who created the original Alien, called it "biomechanoid" for a reason).

In 'Alien: Covenant', David is the humans' - and humanity's - ultimate adversary; in fact, for the purpose of the story told in the film, he is the Devil (he even quotes Satan's famous lines from John Milton's epic poem 'Paradise Lost'). Now if the Devil in this tale were to create life in HIS own image (his REAL image - for David was only given human features to make interaction with him more "comfortable" for the humans), surely, he would create demons: and isn't the Xenomorph the ultimate demon sprung straight from the darkest pits of Hell? That 'Alien: Covenant' is essentially a riff on Milton's 'Paradise Lost' was the most surprising aspect of the film for me. David's story-line follows Satan's (quite literal) ascent to Heaven (Paradise), where he kills the Gods and starts his own rule, thus turning it into Hell and ending the age of man (and for those of you who think I'm reaching a little here: the film's title was originally supposed to be 'Alien: Paradise Lost'). Now regardless whether you liked the film or not, you have to admit: that's not exactly the texture of a generic, conventional blockbuster, right?

At the end of the film, David is aboard the spaceship Covenant - which he has turned into a perverted version of Noah's Arch - and travels to a new world where he plans to start his new version of Genesis. He might even start a new religion: the Bible as written by a mad killer robot with a god complex (just think about how crazy demented - and completely wonderful - that sounds). Imagine the Lovecraftian nightmare he will create and what creatures will populate "his" version of Earth. I would love a sequel to 'Alien: Covenant' to take us there and finally fully descend into madness. It would be the logical next step: after the human protagonists visited an angry god in 'Prometheus' who wanted to destroy humanity, and then discover that Heaven is empty and the Gods are all dead in 'Alien: Covenant', they should next visit the Devil in his newly created Hell. My suggestion for a title: 'Alien: Genesis'.

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It's abysmal.
Sleepin_Dragon12 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I love the franchise, but it's been on the decline for some years. Prometheus was average, this is worse than poor. I'll be clear, I hate this movie, it's terrible, it doesn't deserve to have the Alien name on it.

It takes an age to get going, and when it finally does it's a shambles, there doesn't seem to be any logic of any kind, multiple flaws in writing, so many times you say to yourself ''that would never happen," unless only the extremely thick people were in charge, which of course they are. I can only put it down to bad writing.

A few points for the visuals, there are some scenes that at least look half decent, the scene where the ship crashes releasing the pathogens onto the planet looked great.

I detest this film, and its awful writing. 3/10.
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Where no idiot has gone before.....apart from in Prometheus of course!
ViktorDrake15 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So once again, after the debacle of Prometheus, Ridley Scott has proved himself simultaneously a master of visuals and yet utterly incompetent when it comes to creating a believable Alien story.

The single biggest problem I had with Prometheus was the collection of imbeciles and weirdos that made up the crew, and one might have hoped that Mr Scott would have realised that himself and made amends this time round. Errr.... no, sadly not. Once again we're treated to a crew of simpletons who make THE MOST pathetic and unbelievable decisions possible. Are we really supposed to believe that a crew would just ditch it's primary mission (that we're told had been over 10 years in the planning to ensure their destination was safe, etc) just because they happened to stumble on a new planet purely by chance? Just plain ludicrous. And that's just the start. A few more examples :

  • Assuming we suspend our disbelief and accept the whole "let's risk all the colonists and everything we have planned for decades for to land on this new unknown planet instead" premise, why do these alleged scientists once again TOTALLY disregard the need for any protective clothing? So no breathing equipment, nothing at all to protect them from any alien pathogens. Good thinking!

  • Faced with a choice of sending either an android, or pretty much the entire human crew with no protective gear, to investigate an alien world, who should go? Yeah that's right, send all the unprotected humans!

  • Choice of landing right near the source of the unknown signal, or land several miles away and in a foot of water despite there being solid and flat ground a few feet away? Yep, it's wet feet and a huge hike all round folks!

  • Little alien pods on this alien world puffing their alien spores into the air? Sure, just get your nose in there and have a good sniff. I'm sure it'll be fine!

  • Crewmen get infected by said spores? Don't worry about any quarantine procedures, just carry them back to the ship while getting covered in their vomited-up blood.

  • Alien organism just burst out of said infected crewman? Just open up the locked door and try to shoot it, but be careful you don't miss at point blank range and then slip up on the blood.... twice. (When that happened, people actually laughed in the cinema. I was half expecting a comedy sound effect the second time!)

  • Tens of thousands of dead bodies, and an enormous dead city solely inhabited by David the android from the Prometheus mission, that the planetary scan managed to NOT pick up from orbit when determining the planet to be "safe"? No need to ask David what happened, just accept that it's all fine.

  • Dark basements to go into all on your own? Do it! Nothing bad will happen.

  • Huge alien eggs opening in front of you? Just have a good look inside. What could possibly go wrong?!

The list of stupid decisions just goes on and on AND ON!

While visually the film is generally excellent, the all-CGI-Alien was a huge let-down. Personally I found it considerably less convincing than the practical effects used in Alien and Aliens, which is unforgivable considering the creature is what these films are all about!

Additionally the crew, apart from being imbeciles (as is usual under Mr Scott's direction these days), are also completely forgettable. I saw this movie last night and I can't remember a single character's name today. The one exception is David/Walter, and once again Fassbender does a great job. (Perhaps that's why there's two of them - to make up for a lack of any other decent characters).

The other problem narrative-wise is that both Prometheus and Covenant have actually served to make the Alien universe much SMALLER in my opinion. In the original Alien and Aliens, the creature was just an unknown organism from the far reaches of the universe, and all the more scary because of it. (The same went for the Space Jockey for that matter). But these new movies have tried to tie it all back to humanity in some way - i.e. the Engineers (who are also the Space Jockeys) created both humanity and the black oil virus, and then the Xenomorph was apparently created by David (who was in turn created by man) somehow doing some genetic tinkering with the black oil and human DNA, while living in a cave and playing with his flute. Far from expanding the Alien universe, both these prequels have actually shrunk it by making man the centre of everything, while at the same time managing to sanitise and neuter one of the greatest movie creatures of all time. So what Ridley Scott is saying is that the entire Alien series and the iconic Xenomorph itself was just created by a deranged android with God/daddy issues. How very pathetic and disappointing. I personally hate it when movies try to explain everything to the millionth degree because it invariably ends up as a massive anticlimax. What was wrong with the Xenomorph just being some hideous unknown life-form from the far reaches of space???

I could go on and on, but there's a word limit here.

Lastly, the end is just pretty feeble and anticlimactic. The CG- Alien just kind of gets killed and that's it. And the *ahem* "twist" with David/Walter could be seen from a mile away, although David wouldn't have had anywhere near enough time to cut his own arm off and change his clothes and hairstyle.

Please PLEASE Mr Scott, stand aside and let Neill Blomkamp have his shot at an Aliens sequel.

A generous 2 Stars. One for the visuals that are once again gorgeous, and one for a great effort from Fassbender.
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TheLittleSongbird29 June 2017
'Alien' is still to this day a tense, shocking suspenseful and frightening masterpiece, one of my favourites of the genre. The bigger and bolder 'Aliens' is one of those rare sequels that is every bit as good as its predecessor. Both are two of my favourite films and the character of Ripley is one of the most iconic female characters in film. 'Alien 3' and 'Resurrection' had their issues but to me weren't that bad, while 'Prometheus' had some fine elements while also some major flaws.

My thoughts on 'Alien: Covenant' is fairly similar to my ones on 'Prometheus'. Not as bad as led to believe (having read reviews that were mostly mixed to negative), but could have been much better considering the brilliance of 'Alien' and 'Aliens'. With a good cast, and with the involvement of a hit and miss but talented (especially visually) director Ridley Scott, 'Alien: Covenant' could and should have been far better. Some undeniable strengths here, at the same 'Alien: Covenant' also commits the same faults as 'Prometheus', and makes even more of the mistake of having little point to it other than providing a few necessary answers to loose ends from 'Prometheus'.

Lets start with 'Alien: Covenant's' strengths. Even when the writing and story weren't up to snuff, Scott's films always looked visually beautiful. 'Alien: Covenant' is not an exception. The settings look tremendous, of sheer beauty and with a real eeriness, the cinematography complements it perfectly and is often powerfully arresting and most of the special effects (apart from the disappointingly cheap-looking ones for the xenomorph) are a feast for the eye. Scott's direction has moments where it is superb, if more in the visuals and spectacle than the narrative.

Jed Kurzel's music score is hauntingly unsettling and recalls one fondly of the music in the original film by Jerry Goldsmith. There are a few scary moments (though this doesn't come consistently) and credit is due for providing much needed answers to questions that were on people's lips after watching 'Prometheus'.

Of a pretty good cast, considering what they had to work with, Michael Fassbender's commandingly and intensely acted dual role is the standout. Katherine Waterston brings steel and vulnerability, yet another performance demonstrating why she is one to watch, and surprisingly Danny McBride succeeds in trying to fully form his character rather than be annoying or looking stoned. Billy Crudup also tries his best with little to do.

However, genuine tension and suspense is replaced by monster/alien action and attempts at character motivations. Sadly too much of the monster/alien action is not that exciting and only sporadically scary, cheapened by at times excessive and gratuitous gore (by far the goriest and bloodiest of the 'Alien' franchise and the approach felt a little out of place). On top of that the characters (in a film where there is too many of them in the first place) are very thinly sketched rather than fully formed and of the lot only Tennessee, Walter and David properly raise above forgettable, David especially being pretty splendidly drawn actually. The constant frustrating decision making from most of the characters also prevents one from properly connecting to them.

Script is also often very weak, even more rambling and cliché ridden than that of 'Prometheus', with philosophising and thrown in references to the likes of Wagner and Michaelangelo that gives a sense that the film wasn't sure of its identity. The story suffers from dull pacing and from being over-stuffed of too many ideas not done enough with. By the time the big reveal came it leaves one with a so what feel, due to it being so obvious too early on, and there is far too much of a you have seen it all before vibe.

In conclusion, tries hard and there's no doubting that a lot of work went into the visual aesthetics and the acting but 'Alien: Covenant' should have been much more. Certainly not awful but a disappointment. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Insulting Piece of Idiocy
statuskuo22 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
How in God's name did Scott make a worse movie than "Alien 3"? And then Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gives it a Fresh rating to boot. Any skepticism I've had for that rating site being an accurate barometer has imploded.

This movie is a masterful mess. The worse thing Scott has ever done. I won't step too much into the plot, as others have already given the best parts of comical nonsense away. Only to say this, the movie begins with a captain of the ship, a free rock climber...who takes a selfie video with one hand on the rock...nearly falling. This is the man they initially send to guide a ship with "terraformers" to set up a society. Then the second in charge...he answers a random beacon and decides it is a better course of action to follow up on that rather than stay the course. Dumb beyond belief.

I am through with Scott. I've been a fan for decades, but the slide is real. Like painfully real. He is treading not only over similar material, he is gutting it and leaving the fans to rot in the sun. This is the worse of the series and everyone involved should be ashamed. A true crime of a movie.
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"I played panicky idiot #3....."
twhiteson12 March 2018
This was dumb.

The crew of the spaceship, Covenant, is transporting 2,000 colonists to a new solar system, but their journey is interrupted by a solar flash which damages the ship. While making repairs, they pick-up a signal from a previously uncharted planet. Upon locating it and determining it can support human life, the captain (Billy Crudup) makes a spur of the moment decision to chuck aside all the planning that was put into their expedition to make this new planet their colonial destination. He gets some slight push-back about this flippant decision from his second-in-command, "Daniels" (Katherine Waterston who looks eerily like her father), but that seems to be the only complaint.

So, the crew set down on this planet with no real plan, no protective gear, and just start winging it with, of course, disastrous results because this is an "Alien" movie.

The crew, especially the captain, appear to have the intelligence of turnips. They proceed to act like the Scooby-Do gang and/or the begging-to-be-victims characters from the "Friday the 13th" and "Halloween" franchises by constantly splitting-up. I groaned every time a character said: "I'll be right back" as he or she walks off alone. And, boy, are they panicky. It's as if they had no training for their jobs whatsoever. Who green-lit this expedition with these fools? (The rampant stupidity of these characters is downright insulting to the audience's intelligence.)

I don't know what's going on with poor Ridley Scott. For him to go forward with this stupid story with all its plot holes that require characters to repeatedly act like irrational fools is sad. The original "Alien" was such a smart movie with believable characters who were intelligent and professional. This is a pale imitation with a recycled plot twist from the original film except grossly embellished. Also, although Ms. Waterston is cute, her Daniels is no "Ellen Ripley."

Most of the other actors didn't resonate at all. Years from now, while they're trying to land new roles and are asked about their previous work they can respond: "Well, I played panicky idiot #3 on 'Alien: Covenant.'"
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Alien: Covenant ? More like ...MORONS CONVENTION !!
Dr_Sagan5 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OK... This "Crew" ...they must be the biggest morons in the whole Universe. Were these people supposed to go and...inhabit an Alien planet? These guys are dumber than the illegitimate child of Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey.

-- Ah a planet that looks like Earth! Let's forget our carefully planned initial destination and let's go and inhabit this one! What can possibly go wrong? It has 78% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen, so it must be fine. No need for any special precautions. Not even a ...mere gas mask! And while were here why not rest on this comfy rock and light a ...cigarette to pass the time!

Jokes aside, this is more like a semi-horror movie than an actual sci-fi movie. I recently saw "Life" and this is even worst. Nothing original. Nothing new. Just creatures bursting out of the bodies of morons and imbeciles.

I won't bother you with comments about the visuals nor the music. (They are the "usual" stuff) and the acting refers more to screaming queens than to actual actors.

And the very predictable ending you can see it coming from a mile away.

Overall: Ignorant, idiotic, crying babies in Space !
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Not just disappointed, I am angry.
freddyj888200221 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I started going to the movies when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I am now 71 years old. My oldest daughter and I have tried to get to the newest movie, every weekend, for the past 35 years. When watching movies, I never complain about the actor/actress in the movie. My concern is the writer/director of the movie. Acting,now, is like working at McDonald's was when I was growing up. There is so much money involved in movie making that with a few classes, young people can make a living in the movie industry. I have a nephew, living in L.A., that started right out of high school working with a crew that puts "set's" together for movies and TV. He even got credit at the end of some of the movies he worked on. Amazing that a person can get credit for putting furniture on and off a set.

I put in my summary that I was not just disappointed in this movie, but angry. I am not angry at the movie, the actor's, the CGI, or the Director. I think that I am angry at the movie industry for allowing this kind of crap to be put in the theater. I am angry, because I actually paid money to see this piece of crap. I am angry because Riddley Scott promised so much more. I thought that "Prometheus" was actually pretty good,despite it flaws. It was a movie about possibilities and that is what science fiction is for. The possibilities ended when the mentally Ill android, destroyed the Engineers. I am now done with this series of movies, there is no more story to tell. A mentally ill human (Weyland), created a mentally ill android (David), who created Xenomorphs that kill humans. That's it folks, the story is over,no need for two more pieces of crap like this.

Thanks to Alien Covenant, I am done going to the movie theater. I will not pay another dime to go to the theater. We movie lovers are being abused by the movie industry. I have told you a better story in less than a thousand words then this piece of crap told anyone on planet earth. Ridley had 97 Million dollars to tell us a better story and he didn't. If you have not paid to see it, don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes to your steaming device and see it for free. That way you can't be disappointed or angry. Please forgive the rambling.
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U kno where the movie is heading when u see space engineers walking into an unknown planet without hazmat suits....
Fella_shibby1 May 2021
This movie borrowed elements from Pandorum.

I saw this recently for the first time n got disappointed.

If this is the way Ridley Scott is trying to connect Prometheus n Covenant with the 1979 Alien, then its heading for a disaster.

Scott made a mess of Prometheus by introducing "Engineers" and black liquid but in Covenant, he doubled up the mess by showing A. I. creating aggressive n violent life forms.

Another worst thing is the predictable ending.

Generous with a 4 cos its visually appealing n once again Fassbender gave a memorable performance.

In fact, the partial nudity of the hottie Callie Hernandez eased my anger

The film has another hottie Tess Haubrich, whose character gets the goriest death shot via quick cut annoying editing.

The borrowed elements:

In Pandorum, Gallo created a "new world" in a wild and primitive state where "life eats life". He created the mutants on purpose.

In Covenant, A. I. played by Fassbender created aggressive life forms.

In Pandorum, 60,000 passengers plus crew members board an interstellar ark, the Elysium, headed for an another planet to colonize it. Because of the length of the trip, the passengers were all placed in extended hypersleep.

In Covenant, the ship Covenant is headed for a planet Origae-6, with 2,000 colonists in stasis and 1,140 human embryos in cold storage.
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In some ways its excellent, but as an Alien film its infuriating
rabbitmoon12 May 2017
In the first 20 minutes I was so happy with Covenant. It felt sharp, atmospheric, there are interesting character situations, emotive moments and infinitely better writing than we had in Prometheus. As it progresses, this feeling continues - thankfully, a solid sci-fi film that got it right.

Then Ridley starts to indulge in his convoluted ideas about creation and destruction. Its like switching from 1977 George Lucas to 1999 Lucas. You can almost hear Ridley at a writing meeting saying "this'll be cool, and this, and this, and then this" and the writer saying "uh, is this for the same film or later in the series?" "Yeah just cram it all in, make it happen".

You end up with three different films - a first act like a modern Alien which I loved, a middle act of Prometheus style philosophizing that feels like more Westworld, then a last act of two shoe-horned in action scenes homaging Aliens and Alien 3 respectively. Except there is no satisfaction at all, because the aliens are rushed, a bit silly, often awkwardly CGI looking, and not even convincing as threats because we don't care about any of it.

By the end I just have no idea what to think. I just think it would have worked much better if the ideas were done justice in their own film, rather than ham-fistedly trying to ram them into an Alien film to try and please fans and make box-office.
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It started out well, but I got bored when a large part of the characters started doing stupid things.
nilen-5157323 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a big Alien fan, but I had a go watching this. I think it started out well, but I lost intrest and started looking at my phone during the movie( this is something I rarily do. I am easy absorbed into a movie). The turning point for me was when they had landed on the planet and two in theri crew started geting sick. I feel that almost every character in this movie are making stupid decisions and geting themself killed. This include: -Lets walk around on this new planet which we dont know anything about very uncarefully and smell at strange plants. -Lets trust this strange robot we found on this planet. Especially when we know he is hidding something and follow him into his basement and look at his large eggs. Also not get suspicus when he cuts his hair so he looks exactly as our own robot. -Splitt up at the temple when we know that a monster can be out to kill us. -When we get back to the ship, not quarantine every person that was on that planet and scan them, even though we know that some persons got a alien bursting out of their stomach.
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Misss259 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched "Alien" and "Prometheus '', they both are amazing. As ''Prometheus'' story was incomplete, I thought I will get my all answers through this. But, I don't understand what's the point of this movie.

David the robot from previous movie sends the signals to the new space ship when they are going to new planet. But as they found signals which were coming from closer planet which was quiet habitable, they landed on that. Then all begins, that creature again killed all the people. But this time David is the mastermind of all these. He killed all aliens with his created germs. Also he wants to kill all human. He wants to be superior to all of them.

But where will I get get the answers which are remained unanswered in this movie too? Even this movie ended with too many unanswered questions.
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Disappointing Sequel That Doesn't Know What It Wants to Do
Michael_Elliott22 June 2017
Alien: Covenant (2017)

** (out of 4)

Sequel to PROMETHEUS and a connection to the ALIEN series, this sci-fi film has a spaceship trying to locate a planet so that the human race can continue. The crew are planning on building a colony but they notice a much closer planet that can hold life. They decide to head there to see what's on it and soon the horror starts.

To put it mildly, ALIEN: COVENANT is a major disappointment. It seems a lot of fans were unhappy with PROMETHEUS because it was more of a thinking man's movie and less of a action/horror/sci-fi film. It seems that this film was in trouble from the start because you have to wonder if there was some sort of debate before hand on what should be done with it. PROMETHEUS was a terrific movie that made you think about a lot of things but sadly this sequel doesn't do that. Instead, it almost seems as the filmmakers were forced to answer a few questions about PROMETHEUS and then they wanted to throw in the action of an ALIEN sequel.

What really shocked me about this movie is the fact that it almost put me to sleep several times. I'm not going to say that the film is a cure for insomnia but at the same time it's deadly slow at times even though there's usually something always going on. As I said, the screenplay doesn't seem to know what the film should do and the majority of the running time is just downright boring. The film starts off with a tragedy yet it's hard to have any emotions for the characters because we're just getting to know them. Another problem is the fact that the characters are all rather bland with the exception of Michael Fassbender's two-part role.

As I said, I thought the characters were rather boring and I'd argue that not many of the performances are all that memorable. Perhaps a longer director's cut will eventually show up but there's really not too much here. Fassbender delivers a fine performance but I can't say I was impressed with the rest of the cast. On a technical level Ridley Scott is a visual genius so all of that stuff looks great. There's some extremely gory scenes of violence, which are very good but the film is just way too uneven to work.

It's like part of the movie wanted to be another thinking man's movie but there's another part that wanted to be a bloody action film. It just doesn't work in the end.
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Moronic and involuntarily funny
harryplinkett1420 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It is Z-quality filmmaking with a huge budget. Imagine if someone picked a talentless, autistic nerd, told him to write and direct a fan fiction film, and gave him a professional film crew to get it done. This is that film. It is so badly written that it boggles the mind. It doesn't care about the story, the characters, or even the action. It's as though it goes through the motions, hoping to get to the end as quickly as possible, while never stopping to pay attention to anything. It has no rhythm, no buildup of suspense, no memorable characters or scenes, and it leaves a strong impression of being made by people who really don't care about anything except getting the whole thing finished and shipped to the cinemas worldwide.

I guess I can give it one star instead of zero for comedic value: people repeatedly slipping on blood (absolutely hilarious), the dancing alien from Spaceballs, the 'put your head in the egg' moment (remember Blackadder and the Scotsman that puts his head in the cannon?), the whole talk about 'security protocols' while no one even wears a protection suit on an alien planet, the silly 'good vs. evil Data' thing that was done a lot better in a much cheaper Star Trek episode... The film sure made me laugh time and again.

Another funny thing is watching old Ridley give interviews while trying to stay awake or put together a coherent sentence. The man should have retired before he even made Prometheus.
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Absolute, total pile of utter dog...ess, aitch, eye, tee Warning: Spoilers
Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Prometheus may have been a colossal clusterfudge and absolutely cursed to the marrow on every conceivable level, but at the very, very least it had the moxie to ask big questions even if no one and nothing within had the ability to answer back with anything remotely resembling logic or sense. Ridley Scott didn't seem to understand the logic and mythology of the universe he created and if you think he's going to retcon himself back on track with this pile of crap you'll be making the same mistake as me.

I knew that he had painted himself into a corner. If they followed the David/Shaw storyline and went to the Engineer homeworld (they are still the stupidest-looking creature design in film history) then every single part of the dialogue would have to be delivered by just two characters. So now we have a NEW ship with a NEW heavy- handed symbolic name filled with NEW fresh, disposable meat...I mean characters heading out into space under the banner of Weyland Corp.

After sustaining some damage from a solar flare or whatnot the crew pick up a transmission from a nearby planet and decide to go check it out. So far so very familiar. When they get down there they discover a crashed derelict ship. Okay, I've DEFINITELY seen this before. And then...all Alien hell breaks loose, but not before a long, seemingly endless succession of scenes where people loudly discuss the plot in a way that would make the earliest Scooby-Doo episodes look like masterpiece theatre.

This is complete garbage, kiddies.

There is a line of dialogue between David and Walter where Mad Dave actually says the words "You hold it and I'll do the fingering." Yes, he's talking about playing a flute but COME ON!!! How in heaven or hell did THAT go unnoticed? Was anyone paying attention to how terrible this is?

We don't even get the classic Xenomorph, but instead have to be content with a Neomorph/Protomorph/Morph/Sooty and Sweep/Howdy Doody placeholder. The Protomorph CGI is frequently terrible too and looks like something from a video game.

Ridley Scott succeeds, again, at making this look like a genuine, lived-in universe, but the characters are never anything more than fodder and even at 122 minutes you can tell a LOT was cut out of this. They clearly struggle to find a workable pacing in this theatrical cut and it feels sloppily edited throughout. The final 20 minutes seems like a completely different movie and lowers itself to the tone of a Friday the 13th film. Nothing against Jason Voorhees, but the Alien series is supposed to be more cerebral and Covenant is so lame that you'll actually be longing for the comfort of Alien: Resurrection or AVP: Requiem.

Alien didn't need a prequel. A huge part of the lure was the darkness, the mystery, the coincidence, the infinite unknown. To have it all explained by Prometheus was a bad idea, but that movie completely failed to even come anywhere close to that. Covenant should have spent its running time answering questions Prometheus dumped on us when it confused the audience. It should have spent 122 minutes getting this series back on track after the staggeringly bad choices of the 2012 debacle.

It doesn't. There is simply no way a third prequel can logically tie into the Nostromo crew finding a thousands-year-long dead Space Jockey fossilized in the derelict on LV426. Ridley Scott has gone insane and doesn't know what he's doing.

The original quadrilogy had the tangible DNA of four different directors upfront and visible in every frame, for better or worse. Scott has had too much creative control (two words I use with massive doses of irony) and it's time to either kill this series for good, forever, or let someone else rewrite whatever unworkable direction the Covenant is lumbering in.
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Wow, people seem to really hate this movie
ericstevenson23 May 2017
The score isn't that bad but man are these reviews negative. I mean, I admit it's not as good as the original two movies or even "Prometheus", but it did pretty well on its own. What I like about this movie is that it doesn't even seem like it's going to be a direct sequel to "Prometheus" at first. It's not until far into the film that we get to see David from the original movie. I really liked the connections this had to that movie. "Prometheus" wasn't advertised as being in the same Universe, which is why a lot of people were satisfied by the ending.

And hey, we get to see the Xenomorphs in their original form here! I will admit it has a lot of weak points. It's annoying how it's just a retread from "Alien" with a single creature being on the ship. Still, the acting was quite good and I really thought they had a lot of creative ideas even if they weren't done that well. It gets boring at first, but it gets a lot more intense and watchable later on. I thought it was interesting to just compare this to "Prometheus" and the original "Alien". Hate all you want, but I thought this movie was just fine. ***
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You canceled Blomkamp's Alien 5 for THIS?!!!
rossmccarthy199021 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After the amazing Alien and Aliens, (and I believe the hard done by Alien 3), we had a string of utter tripe from this franchise, and this is no better.

Character development is almost non existent, with the vast majority of people there simply to die.

Danny Mcbride might as well have had a leash on him, for all the acting he was allowed to do, and James Franco showed more charisma than anyone else in the movie...and he died before even having a speaking role.

The film has gone down this ancient feel/setting, which didn't work in AVP, or Prometheus, and just flat out bores to death in this film.

And the "twist" at the end was so obvious that there was an audible "DUH" and "NO SH*T" from onlookers in the cinema during the reveal.

Ridley Scott's last two films have led me to believe a couple of things.

1. He can't do jack without a GREAT script 2. His movies look good, but are boring as hell 3. Alien was a fluke! It was a mess of ideas that all came together and somehow worked, but that was by accident and not design...or at least not by Scott's design.

Unless Cameron, or possibly Blomkamp (hell even give David Fincher another go) get involved, or perhaps someone equally as talented, we're just going to see Ridley Scott spew his old man, self indulgent philosophical man juice all over our faces for the foreseeable future

It was an OK by film standards...but by an Alien film standards it was pure muck.

And a final note. A TWIN ANDROID FIST FIGHT AKIN TO X-MEN belongs nowhere near an Alien move.
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Corporate product
0Tolerence12 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a result from corporate decision making based on marketing data. You take everything that has been known to work in this franchise and you mash it in a single installment. Make sure you have an opening for a sequel in there for cash flow continuity!

Where's creativity? where's the story? where is the plot? It's a typical Hollywood by the numbers movie production that we see all the time these days. Your DC movies, your marvel movies etc. etc. It's all by the numbers. Hence a by the numbers score of a 6. It's so very average without a standout anywhere.
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The dumbest scientists ever
ericaharris190827 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing about this movie makes any sense even for a fantasy movie. They do one stupid thing after another. Not realistic or logical. The characters do so many stupid things it completely ruins the movie. They land on a foreign planet in the middle of space and it just happens to have breathable air. Then they explore planet with no protective gear. It's an alien planet, there is absolutely no telling what kind of disease, microbes, creatures that are on the world. If I see a big bug I'm finding the nearest object to kill it. The stupid girl who gets locked in with the infected guy just sits there watching the alien grown. She is in a medical lab, why in Hades did she not find something to start bashing that alien while it was still just developing! Then other stupid scientists are poking alien pods and get infected. I could not stand it anymore, the plot, the screen writing, everything was stupid. Why do we continue to get these asinine movies. Can we please get a movie that isn't ridiculous. It's so bad you can't watch it just to be entertained, when you just want everyone to die for being so stupid, you know it's a terrible movie. Don't waste your time.
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While Prometheus had some interesting concepts, it was a very flawed movie. This was a disaster
bangotti7 August 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Remember Aliens? Remember when you had a cast of characters each unique and interesting? Remember how you were kept at the edge of your seat the whole time?

Well throw that out the window. Here we have a completely inept and forgettable characters. Seriously they were all forgettable especially the lead.

Why do they divert their mission of carrying 2000 human embryos (or were they colonists?) to an unknown planet because of a radio trasmission of John Denver? You had a proven objective, and proven habitable planet! Why do you not wear spacesuits on unknown planet? How does some random dust go into your ear and create an alien? I thought you had to be impregnated somehow. How can you lose a fight to a squirrel on steroids size creature? How do you manage to get your foot stuck in the door? How do you not realize you're aiming at fuel cells?

I could keep going but it would be pointless. The crew make the dumbest decisions ever. The pace is never exciting. And the twist was so obvious they should have had a laugh track at reveal.
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Visually appealing but there are too many issues
Laakbaar1 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The space ship and the alien world are portrayed beautifully in this movie. In that sense it's a beautiful movie. I wish Ridley would explore this further outside of the Aliens franchise.

The "aliens bursting out of the body" theme -- the hallmark of this franchise, I suppose -- was done well in one spectacular scene. If you enjoy that kind of visceral, Cronenburg-esque horror, you won't be disappointed.

Let me list the obvious problems....

One problem is that the visuals are not that different from Prometheus. This movie is quite similar to Prometheus.

A second problem is that there is no real intellectually interesting premise behind it all. No new story really.

No character development at all this time, which is a huge problem.

I don't like this special historical connection the aliens somehow have now with the human race via the Engineers. These Engineers. Who are they again?

"Alien bursts out of body. Alien becomes scary and evil. Woman fights alien." This is the plot of every movie. I'm tired of these aliens.

A third, very annoying problem is that all the crew seem to be paired off with each other. This movie is proof that partnered people should not be in a military unit together, because if this movie is any indication, the minute one's partner is endangered or gets killed the screaming and blubbering and unprofessionalism begins. "Oh my god, my wife might be in trouble, I will risk this huge space ship, and all 2000 colonists, just to save her. She's so important."

My response was: WTF is your wife/husband/partner doing on the ship with you if you're such an emotional mess? At one point, I yelled "stop screaming" aloud at the screen. This is why there are (or should be) rules about this kind of thing. Somehow the edginess of the marines in the first movie has morphed into this. I don't like it.

A fourth problem, perhaps the most annoying problem of all, is that these people seem to have no understanding of the biological dangers of alien planets. I mean, a 10-year-old would know about this from watching cartoons. Why don't they? Why would you get so close to a man who was clearly suffering from some serious alien trauma? Why would you look into an alien pod knowing that the alien planet had somehow infected your mates? How can I rate a movie highly when I was spending much of it rolling my eyes?

A fifth problem is that the David/Walter mix up was so frigging obvious. I saw it immediately. How could the crew not have checked this more carefully? It was just unbelievable that they didn't do this. And how did David learn Walter's codes?

A sixth problem: the movie was confusing. I googled it afterwards to try to sort it out, but I still don't know how the alien got onto the colonist ship after all that effort to keep it out. I suppose David brought it in, but how? In his mouth? And what happened exactly when David brought the ship to this alien world. Where did he get those spores? What were they? Confusing.
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What a joke
dom_ti200011 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an insult, not only to Alien fans but to each and every cinephile. Hollywood has been happily churning out a lot of garbage lately, it's all about the money, they just bank on the name, doesn't matter if it's good or not as long as they make a profit. Hope this one loses money, I feel bad cause I got suckered into going opening day.

Like the video game crash of 1983, maybe one day, one day soon there will be a movie industry crash when people won't even bother going to see any more crappy sequels/prequels, unnecessary reboots, and other misleading bad creations of Hollywood, this is not entertainment, it's a just a kick in the brain.

I feel bad for every Alien fan out there, I found nothing to enjoy here. The direction they took the Alien lore is just... dull, even Prometheus was more enjoyable.

Alien Covenant - a waste of talent, time and money.

(This is my second review, I wrote more harsh things and it got deleted)
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Caught me off guard by just how good it was
jtindahouse11 May 2017
I only recently got around to seeing 'Prometheus' and quite enjoyed it, without really loving it. Though for me to get any enjoyment out of a sci-fi film (my least favourite genre) is rare. So the fact that I had an enormously good time with 'Alien: Covenant' says a lot. This film was a lot of fun from start to finish.

Firstly, the action really steps it up this time around. It is plentiful and brilliantly directed by Ridley Scott. The film moves at a break-neck speed and you've barely settled down from one action sequence before the next one is commencing. Also the aliens look absolutely terrific in this film, as does every CGI feature for that matter.

Secondly, the characters are once again masterfully written. Michael Fassbender as 'David/Walter' is nothing short of captivating. The performances he gives as these characters deserve more recognition than I believe they will get. He's undoubtedly the stand-out, but there is not a weak link in the chain in this film.

Finally, the overall plot line is quite brilliant. Less convoluted and confusing than 'Prometheus' (I didn't find it overly confusing, but I'm told some did), yet equally (if not more so) smart and intriguing. I love that this film has enough layers to it where not everything is always as it seems. In an action/horror movie those kind of elements can sometimes be put on the back burner, but not here.

I would have to say I enjoyed this movie more than I expected to. It took me quite off guard with just how affecting it was able to be. The two hour run time absolutely flies by and the credits are rolling before you know it. Whether you're a fan of the series or not, make sure you get out and see this film. You won't be disappointed.
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