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Sons of Anarchy To Thine Own Self
dalydj-918-25517522 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Tara tells Jax she was offered another job she now thinks he has done all he can with the sons which can allow him to leave. Clay wants to now be honest to Gemma but she cannot be that way with him. Tara has to meet with a lawyer to say what her story is about this business with Otto. While in lock up Otto is practically beaten to death. Jax tells Gemma that it was the cross Tara gave Otto that killed the two nurses. Clay tells Tig that he misses him at his side. He then tells him if he has a problem with the club he has some connections. The sons go to Nero's club to find where he is so they can talk to him. The sons tell Nero to come to a deal with them to leave them away. Tara runs into Wayne at the hospital and while he struggles to move around. He sees that she has a hidden agenda for meeting him. Clay meets with the cartel and is told her has two hours or Otto will be taken out. The sons in the middle of nowhere have to dive by and shoot some people. They get into a bad situation but end up living through it. Back at the club Clay talks to Jax about want he knows. He is told whomever replaces him will be coming soon. Clay turned down the leadership and is worried about how Jax is running the sons. Jax does not want to listen to Clay's advice because he has his own plan. Tara accepts the offer to move but it will take some convincing to get Jaxto go along with it. A civilian meets with Otto and tells him his life from now on will be awful and miserable. Juice goes looking all over Clay's house but finds it hard what he is looking for. Juice calls Jax telling him that he found what he was looking for. The plan is to put them back so Clay does not get suspicious. Jax is then taken away in the back of a truck while Bobby is left behind. Nero the bursts through the door of his crew looking for Jax. He kills two but leaves two living. Jax finds out it was the cartel who took him. He tries to make a deal with them and he is given freedom to go through with the plan if he goes through with his side. The club comes to a decision that the Mexican guns will be given off to the Chinese. Jax tells Gemma to take Clay to her house so they can search his house for the files. While at Gemma's house Nero comes to the door wanting to see Gemma. Nero is told it was not his crew. Gemma then talks to Nero by herself and he does not find it good that Clay is back in her house. The files are not there when the sons go to check for them. When Juice leaves Bobby tells Jax to let his worries of Clay go. Bobby comes to visit Clay telling him he will stay alive. OK episode not much to talk about.

EPISODE GRADE: B- (MVP: Charlie Hunnam)
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To Thine Own Self (#5.11)
ComedyFan20105 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Watching it and catching myself rooting for Clay more and more. I like how it seems to be that he is ahead of Jax. He noticed his papers being found by Juice. He is also being suspicious of Gemma because she looked through the files and that she is with Nero. I hope he makes it. Was also happy that Bobby came to talk to him at the end, wonder what that means, but I am sure the final episodes of the season will be great.

Also wonder who that guy is that came to beat Otto and what he meant by saying that this will be the worst time of his life.

I hate seeing Gemma with Nero, she should be with Clay. An while I am happy he survived, I am worried about Juice.
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Good ......not a standout
therunner4213 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Whilst this is a great episode, it is not as memorable as some of the others. Otto's murder of the nurse frees the club from Rico, but it may result in Tara in going to jail as an accessory. A mysterious man visits Otto in prison to beat him and offer him a lifetime of misery. Jackson has a very bad episode. His wife may go to jail, he is kidnapped by the Cartel and he misses a chance to prove Clay was behind the break ins. Nero also has a bad day kills two of the Bizlats and is confused by Gemma's new friendship with Clay. The Cartel are satisfied to have the Sons hand the drug trade over to the Chinese. The MC is moving out of drugs and guns and Di Osa is reopened as the new business. This basic a setup episode as the dynamic plot lines for the last two episodes are introduced. There is drama and some humour. And, like always, it is fin to watch.
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