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Statham = Last Action Hero
A K30 November 2013
Now you'd expect the typical reviews for this kind of movie from most critics, "it's just another mindless action film" or "Statham can't act". Ignore them, If your an action/statham fan you won't be disappointed.

If your like me and miss the traditional action films from the past that had Charles Bronson or Chuck Norris, your gonna appreciate and like this movie. Statham is the last action hero of our time. He consistently delivers solid action movies where you know what your gonna get. In Homefront thats some bloody shootouts, great fight scenes and some good one liners. It has a good cast, People may not take James Franco seriously as a villain but it's interesting to see him in a movie like this and he does a good job with it. Kate Bosworth was very believable as a crazed meth head. It has a straight forward, thrilling story that builds the tension nicely to an action packed ending.

You don't get these type of movies anymore. These days pg-13 with dumb cgi is what most "action" movies are about. The days of the action hero as they once were are dying out, but Statham is their to provide some vintage style action flicks like Homefront which is one of his better films. Overall, whatever your thinking - watch this movie.

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It's not your usual Statham film
Joseph Su'a3 December 2013
"Transporter" rocketed Statham's name as a well rounded action star. Since then, most of his action films have felt the same, just with a different title. That was my mind set going into watch this film. "Homefront", isn't your usual Statham film, and it's nice to see it play out the way it did. A change of pace for Statham movies, and hopefully a turning point for the actor. But let's keep things simple: Story: Good Acting: Good Action: Very Good Pacing: Good If you're looking for a good action film with a lot of heart, watch this. It's not bad.

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It's a Jason Statham movie, what were you expecting?
James nunez16 January 2014
At first glance most Jason Statham movies are pretty much about the same thing. Some quiet, keep to himself guy finds himself using exceptional fighting skills against the bad guys. Turns our he's usually the fastest gun, in this case fist in the west. This time Jason Statham is a retired-likely forced retired DEA agent who raising his daughter after his wife and her mother pass away. They move to a quiet town somewhere in Louisiana and settle in. When his daughter gets harassed by the local bully in school, she drop kicks him into another dimension--hey, she did warn him before she broke the fat tub of lard's nose. Next we meet his mother, a very loud, unrecognizable Kate Bosworth who disrespects both daughter and Statham. When she fails at intimidating him by having her husband try to assault him in the school parking lot-a one-two takedown by Statham, she enlists the help of local meth kingpin brother, James Franco. There is a back story in the beginning and some actual character development dealing with Statham's former life and an undercover cop. Frank Zito, who in my opinion is very under rated both as a character actor and villain in this case, steals the opening sequence as motorcycle gang leader bent on revenge. This movie has some exceptional fight scenes, explosions, and very intense show down between Franco and Statham that was actually pretty surprising and satisfying. This is a Jason Statham movie but a strong supporting cast of Franco and Zito steal the show as both small time and big time antagonists. Action fans will enjoy this latest blend of action and drama from the last true action star of this genre. At 100 minutes, its just long enough to hold your interest. Surprisingly, Statham's last few films have contained some human elements to their stories. While it's not going to win any major awards, this movie is sure to please action fans and others looking for a decent night out at the movies.
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Easily Jason Statham's Best
Slasher_Lover2326 November 2013
After the death of his wife, Phil Broker (Jason Statham) and his young daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) to a small Louisiana town. What starts out as what was supposed to be a new beginning quickly changes. After an altercation with a local hick family, the wife Cassie (Kate Bosworth), enlists her brother Gator (James Franco) to put a scare into him. But what starts out as a few minor threats quickly begins to escalate and become more personal, and Broker is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his daughter and his homefront.

Jason Statham has been known for his past non-stop action films. While entreating and fun, most of them lack a lot of substance. Homefront is a change of pace. Instead of playing the normal character he usually does, Statham is family man this time around. He's trying to provide a better life for his daughter by trying to avoid conflict, but conflict seems to follow him amongst the townspeople. At the film's core it's about a man trying to do his best, but like many people, he has his limit. What sets it apart from Statham's other films is that there's more to the story than him running around beating the hell out of everyone. There is also more substance to his character. But it certainly wouldn't be a Jason Statham movie without some good fight sequences. While we are treated to minor ones throughout the movie, the biggest one of all, of course, is in the final act of the movie. The film does a good job of balancing the story with action which should be please most audiences However, one of it's weaknesses is that it has more villains than necessary, and it ultimately leaves the viewer wondering who the real villain is. It also suffers from some weak character development with some pretty important characters including Kate Bosworth's character who essentially is the one who sets things in motion, she pops up every once in a while and randomly shows up at the end. Rachelle Lefevre who stars as Maddy's school psychologist isn't given much to work with either. She's introduced and it's evident there's chemistry between her and Statham's character and that's really it. And while she's present through a good chunk of the movie as Franco's girlfriend, Winona Ryder has a character that should have been given a bit more history, as she's an integral part when it comes to the "other" villains.

Jason Statham gives a very credible performance. As noted, we typically see him as the all- around tough guy with nothing much else to show. Here, we see him as a father caring for his daughter, plus that, and he balances both really well. The moments between him and newcomer Izabela Vidovic are nice to watch as their chemistry as father and daughter really works. Vidovic also gives a very good performance as Maddy, she portrays a tough young girl well, but plays the emotional moments when discussing her deceased mother very well. James Franco stars as one of the major villains in the movie. After his villain-ish performance in Spring Breakers, Franco takes on a more legitimate villain role. The thing about Franco as the villain here is that we never know what his next move will be, he does a excellent job of keeping the audience on their toes. The rest of the cast (at least what we see of them) do a decent job, though nothing spectacular or memorable.

For a film of a new nature for Jason Statham, Homefront does a well-done job, as does Statham and Franco. The story is one that can appeal to both genders. It's not all action, but offers plenty of thrills and dramatic elements to keep the story going until the big fight scenes occur. Despite some of the weak character development, and the over-abundance of villains, Homefront is an above average film that is easily Statham's best.

My Rating: 8/10
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Statham Rocks!
namashi_11 April 2014
Alright, 'Homefront' may not offer a strong premise or a power-packed Script, but what it has, is, Jason Statham. The Action-Star rocks in his portrayal of a hero, who defeats each & every snob out there & refuses to lose, ever.

'Homefront' Synopsis: A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town, where he soon tangles with a local meth drug-lord.

Stallone's Screenplay isn't wow, but its interesting nevertheless. The Action-Sequences are magnificent, with Statham executing all the moves with style. Gary Fleder's Direction is fair.

Performance-Wise: Statham is the life of the show. James Franco makes a sincere attempt to portray a baddie, but fails to evoke much terror or fear. Kate Bosworth is commendable, while Winona Ryder does her bit well.

On the whole, Love Statham? Watch 'Homefront'. Simple.
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Just sit back and enjoy the action
TheRetardedVacuum29 November 2013
While this may not be a great movie, and it had some boring spots, it definitely delivers on action, what I'm sure most of us came to see.

Jason Statham is bad**s as usual, kicking a** and taking names like it's nobody's business. James Franco is great as the main bad guy. Izabela Vidovic was also great as Statham's character's daughter, I can definitely see her appearing in many more movies in the future.

I liked how it seems like the whole town is in on something, conspiring against Statham's character for whatever their reasons are, I was really interested to see what was going to happen next.

While not perfect, this is pretty much your typical Jason Statham movie (that's a good thing), with a nice father-daughter relationship thrown in. Worth watching for anyone who enjoys watching Jason Statham repeatedly beating the crap out of various assorted scumbags.
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A Really Good Action Film....Very Intense
TheTruthDoor28 November 2013
I love Winona Ryder, in my opinion she is one of the sexiest actresses ever. Can you guess what made me go see this movie? Yes, it was Winona. I loved watching her in this film, she was great and looks awesome. I have also decided that James Franco is for real. He can play nice guys, mean guys and doped up drug dealers with ease. I never miss one of his films.

So now let's talk about Jason Statham. Well this IS a Jason Statham movie so you know how it's going to end, I won't tell you any of the plot. I am not a real big fan of him but he did very well in this film. If you see only one Jason Statham film, make it be this one, he is at his best. The action scene's were very intense and the cinematography was excellent, you could definitely feel Sylvestor Stallone's influence.

This is a must see film if you like action films, adults only though, there is some serious fowl language, definitely not for children. I give it 8 stars out of 10. Unfortunately though, it was released during the very competitive Thanksgiving weekend and will have a tough time holding up against other big budget films.
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a statham movie keeping up to date
jamieeaston5715 May 2014
I was very pleased with this movie. Its got the action you want, a believable story to keep the momentum going and a handful of good actors to support it.

First of all, I LOL at all the people criticizing the plot, dialog, character development etc, again let me LOL. People watch Jason's movies for the a** kicking action and fight scenes. I will admit, some of his movies I think about giving up at the half way mark, but this was one of his better films for sure.

Transporter, Homefront, Hummingbird would be my favorite Statham movies not including the Guy Ritchie classics of course.

8/10 will definitely watch again.
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Good movie, doomed to a terrible demographic.
Ethan Hecker25 January 2015
First off, the only reason this movie gets a ten out of ten from me is to try and balance out the unfair average score it's been given.

I never really liked Statham, he just never stood out to me as a particularly great actor, and certainly isn't my favorite. But I can say for a fact that I've yet to watch a movie from him that I've not enjoyed. Homefront is an interesting beast, combining psychological thriller and vigilante action-flick, which is quite alright in my book. In fact, there were plenty of times were my heart-strings were pulled, as an American male, living in the south during these times in the war on drugs, I was able to connect enough with Statham's character, even if I never worked in law- enforcement.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much the movie's downfall, seeing as we live in a time where it's frowned upon to have any sort of pride or ability to defend yourself or your family, and God forbid you like a movie that teaches you such things. Basically, what I'm saying is that if you're a bleeding heart wuss who doesn't like seeing drug-dealers getting their just-desserts, then you won't like this movie, and should probably go watch a Michael Moore movie or some mess.

However, if you're a fan of action, suspense, and watching the bad-guys get the snot beat out of them, this is definitely a good movie for you.
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This movie is very much underrated
garrett_cranney25 August 2014
Honestly this movie is good, it's a movie for all the Jason Statham fans out there. I enjoyed watching this movie over the 2nd Hunger games movie; catching fire. If you like those movies with ex special forces, ex military, ex special agent or someone who's just a solo destroyer, this is the movie for you. Jason Statham is so underrated and needs to be more known for his acting in these great action movies he's in. The story is a simple base line and that's all you really need for having such a good actor; Jason Statham. Great film overall! Definitely would recommend this movie to action lovers, especially those who like to see amazing take downs, and showing the enemies who's the boss.
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Absolutely Awful! Why.... WHY!?!
John Seabrooke26 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely write reviews for movies that I have watched, because my view seems to be pretty in-line with what others have wrote.

I went into this movie expecting absolutely nothing, my friend wanted to watch it and I had never seen so much as a preview. The beginning was so far fetched and contrived that a sense of dread settled over me within the first 10 minutes... there was no escape. I was watching this.

As the story dragged me along it's nonsensical series of events, I looked around and noticed that only 5 other people were along this journey with me, which made me feel good. Others would be spared due to this most likely becoming a huge flop.

I watched Sharknado on Netflix the night before, which was so bad it was good. This was borderline bad, which is far worse. It hovers in some sort of realm between loathing and rage, filled with meth addicts and poor character development.

Then it happened. The vindictive off biker gang bent on revenge came to the home of the international narc to seek revenge for killing some dude in prisons son. The main character takes his daughter and hides her in a safe place from the intruders.... UNDERNEATH THE FRONT PORCH AND VISIBLE TO EVERY MURDEROUS VILLAIN THROUGH THE LATTICE! You win father of the year dude.

I never went to film school, so my review most likely sounds equally idiotic. If you have went to film school, and know how to properly describe why this film sucks, please go watch it and review it. You can save someone's life... well 2 hours of it anyway!
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Pretty poor truth be told
alex (doorsscorpywag)5 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Jason Statham is a decent actor. He will never trouble Shakespeare true but he has carved out a nice niche for himself and proved he could act in films like Snatch, Lock Stock and the Bank Job. Sadly he is wasted here along with the rest of what is a talented cast.

The opening sequence is unbelievably silly and the film goes down hill from there.

For no sensible reason he packs in his job as a DEA agent and moves to Redneckville where the hillbillies cook Meth and talk in an accent that would confuse a Scotsman.

James Franco as the ridiculously named 'Gator' is less menacing than the little kitten he catnaps and Kate Bosworth, his sister in the film, does nothing but swear and scream hysterically.

Winona Ryder who is an excellent little actress is criminally under-used here. We hear she is genius but her character does little to endorse that fact. It could have been a great part for her but instead it's pretty dull and ordinary.

Which best describes the film really. Nothing much of interest really happens. Jason hits a few people and seems to talk in some kind of Cockney American accent which probably confused the Rednecks who were speaking an even more incomprehensible dialect. The final shoot out is dull and derivative and seems nothing more than a way to fill in an hour and a half.

Sly wrote this as a follow on from First Blood by all accounts. Maybe it would have been done better as that.

Innocuous enough stuff really but there are several billion better ways to pass 90 minutes.
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Story so archaic, it wastes the talented cast.
quincytheodore3 December 2013
I suppose it's not surprising that Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay, since the plot is so ancient it might have been etches as hieroglyph on Rambo's machine gun. There's an appeal to simple action movie, but it's nowhere to be found on the uninspiring Homefront, and even the capable cast can't save it from mediocrity. Either it's from the poor casting or lackluster predictable content, audience will most likely have little to none enjoyment watching Jason Statham bludgeoning random thugs, again.

Jason Statham plays Phil Broker, a former undercover cop who retires into the countryside after his testimony incarcerated a drug lord. Little did he know that his past, and untidy file saving, will haunt him and his daughter. The concept is to portray the antagonist as a man involuntarily dragged into fights as he defends a frail looking little girl. Statham has done this concept in last year movie Safe, and to approximately the same undistinguished effect. The movie doesn't offer anything novel; in fact Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando back in '80s has more flair and arguably more personality.

There are several big names here, but they are underutilized or badly cast. James Franco brings plenty credibility, and originally I thought he'd offer more challenge in acting department for Statham, however his role as Gator just doesn't work. He doesn't convey the menacing threat to Statham, and if the movie opted for more cerebral contest, it could've been better, but instead his actions just seem random and unorganized. It is far from clever scheme the backwater hoodlum runs, it more resembles panicked redneck rampage with money as incentive.

Winona Ryder is looking messy and not in intentionally thought provoking or sympathetic way. Honestly, I didn't even recognize her at first, she's too hectic to give more impression than just Gator's confused lackey. Kate Bosworth goes full hillbilly crackhead, profanity firing in all cylinders. Another thing that's wrong with the movie; it spews curses constantly. There are many ways to make profanity works, peppering it as ham-fisted way to lure any reaction from audience is not one of them.

Screenplay builds up inconsistently as it gives the illusion that something dramatic might happen soon, although it unfortunately turns into average brawl yet again. Music and sound effect try too hard to sell the dynamic, in which there's barely any, they function more as loud distractions if any. Perhaps the nicest thing in the movie is how the action is done. These scenes are pretty well done; they have rough impact and believably pain-inducing, although there is only modest amount of it.

Homefront doesn't bring anything new. The cast is talented and action is passable, but for extremely abysmal plot which audience can find at cheap bargain or rerun at Cinemax, it's hardly worth anyone's time.
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Misses the mark
drjgardner3 December 2013
If you're a Jason Statham fan, as I am, you will be disappointed with this film. The action scenes are few, brief, and scattered, and the "sensitive" scenes with his daughter are labored and painful. Statham shows more concern for his cat than his daughter. "Hey, Jason. Not everyone can be a well-rounded actor. Take some kudos from your roles as an action hero and spare us the sensitive roles." Of course Statham is not the only one to blame here. The screenplay from Stallone is by-the-numbers and has so many cliché scenes it's embarrassing to watch. Stallone has written some excellent films ("Rocky", "First Blood") but he also has some real duds ("Cobra", "Rhinestone") and this is clearly one of those duds.

If you want a film where Statham shows a sensitive side, I thought "The Bank Job" was one of his best. But that was long ago and most of his work before and after has been one-dimensional and that's OK.

Along with the sad script and Statham's inability to project emotion, most of the actors phone in their performances. Winona Ryder is completely wasted and James Franco puts in one of his lesser performances. Rachelle LeFevre ("Under the Dome", "Twilight") was the only bright spot.

Give this one a miss. It's OK for a rainy night on TV.
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The term 'pleasant surprise' was made for this good ol' fashioned crime thriller
Sylvester Stallone writes the screenplay for the Jason Statham and James Franco led Homefront, and we love it! Yes, you read the right.

For all intents and purposes, Homefront should be a train wreck of an abomination in film-making. But if you squash your preconceived biases that will doom Homefront to failure, you open yourself to watch a supremely entertaining, funny and highly thrilling film.

Phil Broker recently widowed and struggling to raise his 9-year old daughter Maddy the only way a father knows. Broker also happens to be a well trained DEA agent who chooses to leave the dangerous action and retire to a small town in Louisiana to care for his daughter. With small town life comes small town trouble, and Broker is quickly thrust into the drama despite his fervent effort to remain impartial and uninvolved. Unfortunately, his past history and the criminal occurrences of his new residence makes matters more complicated and he must soon use his skills to protect his daughter the only way he knows how.

Homefront has an energy and vibrancy about it, a spark, that revitalizes the potentially stagnant action film type. It does not deviate from the formula too much to make it feel forced and contrived, but it has a well formed and original enough plot thanks to the source material from Chuck Logan's original and synonymously titled novel. Sylvester Stallone, the film's screenwriter and executive producer, who never makes a token egotistical cameo, translates Logan's narrative into an un-caricaturized action-crime-drama, a pride worthy feat. The difference between Homefront and its inferior counterparts is Homefront focuses on the story and the characters and the creative direction of Gary Fleder never veers into nonsensical excess.

Jason Statham is quintessential Statham as Phil Broker, bringing his stoic charisma and martial arts ability to be used perfectly in this film as the steadfast protagonist. No protagonist is complete without an equally matched antagonist, of which Homefront has several players, all of which fully formed and complete characters. Kate Bosworth, James Franco and Winona Ryder are all notable in their acting and contributing to the film's overall success.

At first glance, Homefront should be an uninspired derivative action flick solely for box office numbers. But, it is not. It is a surprise of a film and a shame that some potential viewers may choose to overlook this film due to their misinformed prejudices for the actors, crew and subject matter. Anyone willing to take my word for it and give this film a chance will not be disappointed.

Please check out our website for complete reviews of all the recent releases.
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Can't believe I watched the whole thing
James Thefeline29 November 2013
Thinly plotted? That's forgivable. Contrived? That's not the worst thing that can happen to a movie. But the F-bomb in every sentence of the movie, used as every part of speech in some? Stallone wrote the screenplay, which must indicate that Sly has lost some brain cells somewhere along the way and can't think of English words that might be used as dialog. Stallone must have written 500 F words into this movie. Really, if the 10 year old actress in this movie was on the set for more than 2 minutes, Stallone should be reported for child abuse just for exposing her to the awful repetition of "f'ing" this and "f that." There were literally points in the movie where there was loud action (think 12 gouge shotgun going off right beside your ear) and somehow Stallone managed to have someone off-screen mutter "F...!!" Do not see this if you like meaningful or even trite dialog in your movies. I literally lost IQ points sitting through it.
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Statham contaminated by Expendables
Georges Drouet28 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It definitely was really long time since I had not seen such a bad movie. Jason Statham is not acting but seem loosing his time playing a role that has no substance, a smile here, another smile there. There is still a couple of action scenes that bring some excitement, but no more. Many technical elements are typically old fashioned, Rocky Balboa style, hard blue lights creating a false night ambiance pulling you out the action. The screenplay itself is insubstantial, containing crucial errors like the fact that Broker would let the secret file containing all details of his previous life as an undercover cop, right on the top of an open box in his open basement. Such a silly point plays indeed a crucial role in the development of the screenplay, making the whole structure ridiculous. Some characters of the story also appear and disappear as for instance the teacher who seems to have a key role to play but who's totally missing from the second part of the movie... Some of the action scenes are not credible, like the killing of the mob's son at the very beginning who's supposed to received 47 bullets! So if you want to keep in mind the good Jason Statham, just avoid this movie and the Expendables by the way!
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A real "guilty pleasure"
A_Different_Drummer16 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed this film. But, to be fair, they have been making this specific type of film since the 70s and I enjoyed them then, I enjoy them now. (Back in the day, this would have been a Charles Bronson film, or Chuck Norris film, or a Lee Marvin film). No I will not mislead you or tell you untruths. This is not an original story. It is a specific story which, depending on the actors and the direction, either works or does not work. Films like this never make it to the Oscars and often they don't do well in reviews either. But they can be fun. If you read the other reviews you already know the backstory -- the reason this specific formula was resurrected from the Script Graveyard and given the A-List treatment -- it was written/developed by Sly Stallone. Sly is too slick and too smart to let any property sit idle, so he "slyly" (sorry) picked Statham to play the lead. Once again, before anyone takes exception, I will note that my review of Hummingbird -- the first major film where Statham showed his acting "chops" -- was very popular in this database, so I feel entitled to make a final call. Which is this -- good movie. Could have been great, but it did OK, considering the part was not originally written for the actor who played the main role. And the heavies were (to be fair) just a tad over-written. I mean, if you have ever watched Justfied, you already know that the friendly overweight woman who runs the General Store in back mountain country is probably a serial killer. And the local deputy is corrupt and related to the judge. So, with such a rich assortment to draw upon, why import heavies? Final comment: I thought Izabela Vidovic as the daughter stole every scene she was in, most especially the opening (which arguably -- and this is not unusual in action films -- was the best single setup in the production) where she whips the snot out of a local bully who is twice her size after patiently and earnestly explaining to him that she warned him -- twice.
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"Drugs is bad, DEA agents is good" TV
in198414 February 2014
3 of 10. Made for TV war on drugs propaganda enhanced for theater by adding a few big name actors who apparently are in need of some spending cash or anxious to finish a studio contract commitment.

Pretty much the empty action you'd expect from a Stallone written script. If there's a cliché, cut up, choppy action scene to be used and a bad song to add to the soundtrack, you'll find it all in this film.

The film starts out with some interesting child interaction. To keep things at least mildly interesting, Bosworth and Ryder put in entertaining performances as more than eye candy. It's too bad the story is such nonsense as a whole.

You can get ridiculous shooting scenes and drugs with at least some humor in 21 Jump Street, which isn't great, but at least it doesn't take itself seriously.
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OK, I guess...
petarmatic3 January 2014
I do not like these types of films. Typical American gung ho shooting get them all bad guys good guys.

I watched the whole thing but I could of spent better my evening.

Acting is OK, I liked the little girl, she is a promising acting talent, otherwise other actors acted well white trash little town folk.

What else should I say about this film? If you like these type of films you might as well watch it.

If you do not like these type of films like I do not, use your time better.

What is with camera work, I got all dizzy? Please do not do this to us poor older folk, we have a feeling we are on the rolercoaster.
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Did Stallone pay for these reviews too?
amazon-879-5566924 December 2013
Written and financed by Sly Stallone - absolutely mindless script that reads like he saw a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad and had a GREAT IDEA! It probably would have been fine if it was done 30 years ago, but the same story has been played out SO MANY times now...ugh.

How much did Stallone pay these actors to do this? Franco? Come on...this is a guy that's offered a lot of scripts. That he would sign on to this film tells me Stallone threw some crazy big money his direction. I doubt he did it to hang out and bake with his fellow actors.

Coming over here and reading the reviews I can guarantee they are from people involved with the film.

If anybody finds the stats on what the actors were paid, please share.
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The weakest for Jason SPOILER ALERT
jan-tromp16 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie with 'The Transporter" in my mind and other good ones. Here we have a story by Silvester Stallone and maybe this is for the USA market.

It could have been a usual action thriller with good fights etc. but here you get a movie with exactly the same type of story we have seen a million times before (and better)

An example is the 'daughter' part. It should not have been in the movie as it adds nothing and the part is played poorly. But, according to Stallone (my guess) one needs to loose the first wife and then a child, but that will be avoided, of course.

There is nothing original about the story. My advise would be to forget this one and hope for better one in the future. Same as with Willis.
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Jason at his finest
BearGlove9 December 2013
This is the first movie in which Jason was given the role of a father. As you might thought he is single father, slow down you can't expect whole Jason family in a movie. And he played that role pretty good. There are some thing you could resent him, but all in all for first time he was good. And his daughter in a movie is just like you could expect his daughter would be. So that part is well made. The story was not so good and predictable. James Franco played villain part very well. But other actors wasn't so good. But the movie was saved by Jason bad-ass fighting. Movie deserve far better grade. But as others said. You either like Jason movies or you don't.
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Let Statham unleash the beast!
estebangonzalez1025 November 2014
"Whatever you're thinking, rethink it."

I can't think of a better actor to deliver a line in a menacing, yet calm way, than Jason Statham does here. He is one of the contemporary action stars that audiences will go see without hesitation or worrying about the screenplay. The reason is because there are very few actors that can deliver their fight scenes as well as he does. Audiences can feel every punch or kick from Statham without the need of quick edits or shaky camera movements. Unfortunately, the main problem with Homefront is that director Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls, Runaway Jury) didn't use his action skills as a means to improve the movie, but rather sticked to the usual way of filming action scenes which involve quick edits, extreme close-ups, and shaky camera movements. Why would you have Statham star in your film if you don't take advantage of his well choreographed action scenes? The few action scenes in Homefront could have been shot with a steady camera and less cuts which would have made this a much more enjoyable watch because Statham has a great screen presence and he's always fun to watch. It's too bad that they decided to hold Statham's character back and didn't let him explode on screen.

Homefront's screenplay was adapted by Sylvester Stallone from Chuck Logan's novel. Sly had intended to use the story for another Rambo sequel, but decided to put it into Statham's hands instead. The premise of the story is very familiar as you have the main character moving to a small town in order to put his violent past behind him (if you think about it, it is what Rambo has always been trying to do, but somehow he's a magnet for violence). Homefront is just another standard action film that follows pretty much every genre convention so it becomes way too familiar to enjoy it as something other than that, but the problem is that Fleder tries to make a more serious film instead of accepting the fact that it is simply a silly and familiar story. By trying to build character and move the story forward, the film loses its steam because it doesn't accomplish neither and ultimately it drags for most of its runtime. The few action scenes aren't entertaining either because of all the hyper editing going on. The film tries to build character and introduce new elements but it doesn't do it well. Take the romance for instance which is introduced, but it never goes anywhere with the subplots it introduces. We know exactly where everything is leading up to so the least you can do is explode Statham's potential instead of underlying his performance.

Despite the familiar story and the hyper edited action scenes there are some positive elements to Homefront. First of all the cast is solid. Besides Jason Statham, you have James Franco, Kate Bosworth, Winona Ryder, and Frank Grillo starring together. James Franco plays a very different villain. He is a local meth kingpin who goes by the name of Gator. He might be intimidating in his small local town, but we know he is no match for Jason Statham. There isn't a second in this film where we feel Statham's character is in real danger and all we are waiting for is for him to let his rage loose. The small grudges that the people in this town hold are about to be blown out of proportions and they will soon find out that they are completely out of his league. The second positive thing about this film is Kate Bosworth's performance. She is almost unrecognizable in her role here, but she delivers the best performance of the movie. If your a fan, you will want to check this film out, if not then there isn't anything worth your time in Homefront.
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good movie
akypant98755 December 2013
While this may not be a great movie, and it had some boring spots, it, definitely delivers on action, what I'm sure most of us came to see. Jason Statham is bad**s as usual, kicking a** and taking names like, it's nobody's business. James Franco is great as the main bad guy., Izabela Vidovic was also great as Statham's character's daughter, I can, definitely see her appearing in many more movies in the future. I liked how it seems like the whole town is in on something, conspiring, against Statham's character for whatsoever their reasons are, I was, really interested to see what was going to happen next. While not perfect, this is pretty much your typical Jason Statham movie, (that's a good thing), with a nice father-daughter relationship thrown, in. Worth watching for anyone who enjoys watching Jason Statham, repeatedly beating the crap out of various assorted scumbags.
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