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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, pervasive language, drug content and brief sexuality.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man inappropriately feels up a woman and calls her a "meth whore."
  • When Winona Rider pulls her car into James Franco's garage, they start kissing, and he bends her over the car and they have sex.
  • Other than that, just cleavage and some suggestive scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot as he stands by his car and honks the horn (blood sprays).
  • A man holds a gun to another man's head, the second man takes the gun away from the first and beats the first man with it (he falls unconscious) when another man hits the second man in the face with a metal bar (we see him with blood on his face later).
  • A man threatens another man at a gas pump and when he turns off the pump before the man is finished, they fight; one man is punched and kicked and his head is slammed into the glass front of the gas pump (the glass shatters and we see blood on his head), while the other is punched and his head is slammed into the car window (it shatters and we see blood on his face).
  • A man with his hands tied fights several other men; he head-butts one man (we see the man's bloody mouth) and fights others with kicks until he cuts his restraints; he then stabs one man in the hand with a screwdriver, hits another in the head with a boat battery and kicks another back into water.
  • A man is tied into a chair and his head is held in water by two other men who bring him up and punch him in the face and stomach repeatedly (we see blood on his face).
  • A pre-teen girl stabs a woman in the hand and the woman screams and recoils.
  • A man enters a shack where several young people are smoking crack; the man yells at them and hits one young man in the leg with a club and he yells in pain and the man threatens to pour gasoline down their throats but says, "I don't want to kill a bunch of little kids."
  • A man confronts another man, shoves him and lunges to hit him when the other man tackles him to the ground and twists his arm; a woman yells for the man being held to do something.
  • A man in a car chases another man and a pre-teen girl in another car; one car rams the other and they both swerve, they drive onto a bridge that is opening and one of the cars flips and rolls a couple of times; the driver is trapped inside the car as the other driver approaches with a gun, the other man gets out of the car and the two fight; one beats the other in the face repeatedly and then holds a gun to his head (he does not shoot but roars to him like The Hulk).
  • A boy stands in a girl's way on a playground, then takes her hat and won't give it back; the boy shoves the girl and she falls back on the ground; the girl gets up and punches the boy in the nose and the stomach (he falls back and he has a bloody nose).


  • 125 uses of "fuck", 31 uses of "shit", 15 uses of "damn" (12 paired with "God"), 9 uses of "ass", 7 uses of "hell", 5 uses of "bitch", 3 uses of "dick" 2 uses of "pussy", 1 use of "Jesus Christ", and 3 uses of "piss".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several young people are shown smoking a drug in a shack.
  • A man smokes crack.
  • A man gives a woman a drug wrapped in a wrapper and they talk about having it (the use) under control.
  • A man puts a drug (crystal meth) in a glass pipe and tries to light it but is stopped by another man.
  • We hear that a woman was "smuggling dope into Angola."
  • A woman serves pitchers of beer in a bar and we see people drinking.
  • Two men drink whiskey from plastic cups and one pours his out after the other man leaves.
  • A man and a woman drink beverages from cans (it could be beer).
  • A woman smokes cigarettes in several scenes.
  • Another woman smokes in several scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The barn fight is brutal and intense.
  • Many intense scenes where main characters are in peril.
  • The house shootout/fight and the fight in the forest are both violent and very intense.
  • The final fight on the ridge is very brutal.
  • A man grabs a woman around the neck and threatens her.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Armed DEA agents and police break into a bar where drugs are being manufactured; shooting breaks out, the chemicals being used to make the drugs explode and we see officers and others being struck and falling dead or injured (some blood spurts and is seen on wounds); another explosion knocks officers outside the bar to the ground as a car speeds out of an alleyway, the car speeds away while being chased by a man on a motorcycle as well as police cars and when the car and motorcycle speed toward each other, the motorcycle tips over, the rider falls off and the motorcycle skids into the car and blows up; the rider limps to the car and forces the occupants to get out of the car, shoots one of them in the leg (we see blood spurt) and we see the other with a bloody wound on his head and face; the man with the leg wound is then shot repeatedly and we see bloody wounds open up in his chest and abdomen as he falls dead and the other man screams in anger.
  • Several armed men walk onto a man's property and search around outside the house; one gunman is slammed with a stall gate by a man in a stable and the two men fight (one man has blood on his nose) until one man stabs the other in the abdomen with a pitchfork (we hear a crunch and no blood is evident) and he slumps to the ground dead; one man enters the house and is shot as he climbs the stairs (he falls down the stairs dead); a man uses another man as a shield against other men shooting at him and we see the man struck repeatedly (blood spurts); a man chases a pre-teen girl hiding outside and she runs through woods to a pier where a woman grabs her and locks her in a compartment on a boat; a man shoots another man in the head and we see blood splatter and a man attacks another man and they fight with punches, kicks and wrestling maneuvers until one stabs the other three times in the chest (we hear crunches and we see blood at the wound sites).
  • A man and a woman argue and the woman is shot in the abdomen (we see blood on her shirt as she slumps to the ground).
  • We see a woman with a bloody bandage on her abdomen in an ambulance after being shot.

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