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Not just Derrick but other big players as well
pfpunch17 August 2012
Three favourite quotes: "It is impossible to interfere with government administration when law enforcement is acting outside of the law" "There is no law, just men with a robe doing whatever they want to" "Does anybody else agree to that? Just raise your hand- No violence today?" The infamous New Hampshire adventures, with a cohesive story. Not only does Derrick put his welfare on the line for a cause make a good story, but there are appearances by other bright, talented activists.

The Shire has never looked so fun...

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Truth is stranger than fiction and civil dis is no exception
nicholaskirkpatrick14 August 2012
I have seen plenty of civil disobedience content out there. However, combined with perfectly-timed music, it's even better.

This movie is about a realistic and reasonable person with realistic and reasonable expectations. This movie appeals to all people with even an ounce of morality in their heart. It does not talk down to you or assume you are stupid.

It's great to see a video that provides some great context for the recorded recent acts of civil disobedience (The narration was key in me considering this movie a perfect 10- especially at the very beginning). Civil dis isn't about angry people without a cause- it's about right and wrong.

If this does not promote New Hampshire as the civil disobedience capital of the world, I don't know what *does*! That being said, civil dis is a *worldwide* issue and this movie will hold relevance to any audience no matter where they are.
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Great documentary on the liberty activism going on in New Hampshire
PeaceRequiresAnarchy6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In a TED Talk titled "Pay attention to nonviolence" filmmaker Julia Bacha said:

"If we don't pay attention to these efforts (nonviolent protests), they are invisible, and it's as if they never happened. But I have seen first hand that if we do, they will multiply. If they multiply their influence will grow.... These leaders have proved that nonviolence works in places like Budrus (in Palestine).... Let's give them attention so they can prove it works everywhere."

"Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree" shines a bright light on the activism that Free State Project participants are doing in New Hampshire to increase awareness of the many injustices perpetrated by government today.

In the film we get to meet many members of the growing liberty community in New Hampshire and get a sense that they are very kind and welcoming. Derrick J says in the film how surprised he was to find that he felt right at home only a few days after moving to New Hampshire.

This film was made on a very low budget using a lot of amateur footage, but is still an enjoyable watch and contains some very powerful scenes.

One memorable moment was Derrick J getting arrested for his act of civil disobedience in which he held a small amount of marijuana and sang John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance." In my view it is insane that people still let "government officials" get away with committing these crimes (arresting peaceful people) without facing any consequences whatsoever.

Let's pay attention to the nonviolent activism being done in New Hampshire by watching this film and sharing it with others so we can create a more just and peaceful world.
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The State is a violent monopoly.
drunkonliberty1 February 2013
This movie was great! It really shows how the state has their monopoly on aggression, and if they choose to come after you for trying to live like a free person they will come after you hard. Derrick J is a hero in my book for standing up for his rights and by doing so he was standing up for the rights of others. If you truly want to live free, you must allow others to live free. He is an inspiration to those of us too scared by the huge violent monopoly. I was not expecting the greatest video quality for this film but was very impressed with the quality. I hope this movie wakes a few people up to the violence inherent within the system, these state agents need to be held accountable. Police are a monopoly. Monopoly promotes abuse. The only way to abolish a monopoly is to open the market to competition. In Peace and Liberty, Drunk On Liberty
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