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  • Yes, the show is an adaptation of a book, with the same name. The book is authored by Brian McGreevy and although he initially had plans to write a trilogy of books, he publicly stated in a Reddit interview that he had no plans to write further books and instead wanted to focus on the Netflix series. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Peter is a werewolf, we can deduce that he comes from a long line.

    Roman is an upir, which is a Russian vampire who can walk in daylight and compel others.

    Christina is a werewolf, after drinking from one of Peters wolf tracks in the woods.

    Olivia is an upir as well and mother to Roman.

    Shelly can possibly be assumed to have been an upir, however, having died and been brought back by Dr. Pryce as an infant, she can best be described as part human and possibly part machine due to what appears to be a mechanic eye.

    Annie is an upir of French descendant who has lived for decades.

    Destiny is a clairvoyant, seeing what happened and what is to come.

    Andreas is a werewolf and Destiny's fiancee. Edit (Coming Soon)


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