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This awful movie will have you begging to be on the hanging end of a rope before it's over...
MovieMama62524 July 2015
Do not, I repeat, Do not fall for the made up 10 star reviews...( It's obvious those affiliated with producing this garbage want to pique the interest of others so they give fake ratings & reviews, hoping others will be interested enough to see it- & they make more $$) Take it from me, Wasting my $ & time on this terrible so-called "movie" left me leaving the theater very upset I wasted $ on this trash & annoyed. All found myself wanting to do, was to drop-kick the blonde, camera-holding, guy. (.Whoever decided THAT guy has any talent in acting, needs to have their heads examined.,I can only surmise he has a family connection or paid to be in the film) The story/ acting was way too cheesy to be scary. I have nothing positive to say about this film. It was just plain junk. When I went to see it, it was opening weekend, therefore, there weren't many reviews or ratings accumulated to get a real idea of whether or not it was going to be any good. I believe this crap actually had a 6.1 rating...Now, for horror movies- I considered that to be relatively high ( even from just a couple hundred ratings) Wow, was I duped!! Now,after seeing ( most of ) the movie ( ended up walking out, it was THAT BAD) and then seeing the 10 star reviews, I KNOW the ratings on here can't be trusted...( until you see at least 5,000 - 10,000 people rated it) SO- save your $ , time & irritation -skip this boring, sad excuse & find something better...
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I Have No Clever Analogy. It Just Sucked.
ralo2297 August 2015
Remember back when the found footage style was a unique style of filmmaking and only a handful of films used it? (I.E. The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, Rec.) But it's common knowledge nowadays that it's become a cliché and a cheap gimmick for studios to save on production costs. Most of the time, there is almost no effort put into the film's storyline, characters, or scares. The Gallows certainly doesn't help its case.


-A few decent performances

-Good production design

-Has the potential to be scary


-Insufferable main character

-Bullshit plot twist that makes no sense

-Plot itself is nonsensical

-Relies on cheap jump scares

-Has a few good ideas, but they're usually screwed up somehow.

-Found footage style is given no explanation

3/10 (Horrible)
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Worst Movie Ever!
xxitalianbabezxx7 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So apparently the plot of this movie is that in 1993 a school is doing a play called the Gallows. The character August played by Charlie Grimille something goes wrong with the props and everyone sees Charlie being hung dying infront of everyone. So in the film 20 years later which would place the film year 2013 the play is revived i am guess as a tribute to charlie. 4 Students break into the school at night and are haunted by a unseen spirit.

There is so many things wrong with that i don't know where to being. The acting is decent i will give that to them. But the whole movie lacks really much of a story. Pfeifer tells Ryan your not suppose to say Charlie on stage it is bad luck kinda like a Macbeth thing. Okay fine and well but why is it bad luck? Why can't you say it has the play ever been done after the accident? How did they get the idea to redo the play? When Reese discovers his father was suppose to play August not Charlie question remains why did his father call in sick? Was it truly a accident or what? If one of the students is suppose to be Charlie's kid born after his death wouldn't that put them being 19 or 20 call me dumb but by then you should be out of school. This movie is just so awful really don't waste your time watching it. Don't bother reading the "Fake positive reviews" Because shows people don't know true horror movies.

I always said a horror movie doesn't always need blood, gore, nudity etc long as it has a great story behind it a story that does not leave more questions then answers. This movie lacks that as you get more questions then you do answers. Found Footage movies should either go away or be made to look better then this bs! So i give this movie a F actually it is so bad it really doesn't deserve a grade
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Good very jumpy make sure you have volume turned up
stychy23 March 2019
Obviously is not going to win any academy Awards but I watch a lot of horror movies and I want to be scared and made Jump turn your 5.1 surround sound on and sit there with the volume up high I guarantee you will s*** yourself one of the best jumpiest horror movies and I watch a lot
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Tedious and poorly made found footage movie
mveal23 July 2015
The teaser trailer for this film was great and I was looking forward to what looked like a savage and rather nasty horror film.

Sadly I found The Gallows to be utterly tragic in every way. The film is another entry in the overcrowded found footage genre and the story's cameraman was obnoxious and idiotic right from the start.

All the characters here are paper-thin and clichéd, they make stupid decisions to put themselves needlessly in peril.

But generally there isn't much peril, or danger, or scares. Distractingly amateurish, The Gallows looked as if it was shot for fifty quid in a spare weekend.

It's very annoying to pay a lot of money to see a film as awful as this in the cinema, because it's not even worth a rental.

Avoid paying to see the full film and just watch the trailer for free, that way you won't feel robbed.
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Better Than Most Found Footage Movies
WillWatchForFood16 September 2019
I appreciate the original concept in that high school students are stalked by a ghost when they break into their high school.

This is a nice change from the supernatural movies that are mostly about possession, which this not.

The acting was natural enough and didn't seemed forced which apparently is hard to achieve in found footage movies for some reason.

Worth an at home viewing.
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Made me mad how awful this film was
ldavison53017 July 2015
Haven't watched a horror film in a long time & decided to go check this one out. I almost left after 45 minutes but decided to stick out , since I paid for the ticket. Huge mistake, this movie wasn't even remotely scary at all or suspenseful. Camera work was annoying & distracting. Highly do not recommend if you're older than 15. Characters were not likable at all, so you really didn't care when on of them died. The "scary parts" were predictable and very juvenile, mainly included sudden loud noises or a person appearing out of nowhere. Very lazy script in my opinion, not much originality. I honestly don't understand how a movie like this could ever make it to the big screen, if this is the future of horror movies , then I just watched my last one.
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A new Gal-LOW in found footage horror....
FlashCallahan9 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Twenty years ago in the small town of Beatrice, there was a terrible accident that took place during a presentation of the play "The Gallows" at the High School.

Charlie Grimille, who was the understudy, filled in for the lead on opening night, but ended up swinging from the noose on stage during curtain calls.

In an attempt to honour the anniversary, Beatrice High School's drama department decides to revive the play in an attempt to put the past to rest.

Pfeifer, the star of the show, discovers her co-star, Reese, and a few of his friends, sabotaging the props one night. But when they are locked in the school with no cell service and no way out, they soon discover Charlie isn't at peace.....

When I first saw the trailer for this, I was completely blown away. It was terrifying, and straight to the point. Boom!! The Gallows, girl gets noose around neck and gets dragged away. Trailer done..

The film is very different, different as its a complete mess, poorly written, poorly acted, and quite incoherent. We basically spend the mercifully short duration watching teens waste their phone Batteries filming pointless walking back and forth down corridors.

On the odd occasion there is a figure holding a noose, but what's horrid about it is that it looks like Kane Hodder on occasion, and totally throws you.

The characters are wholly unlikable, and it all ends like you'd expect from a film that cannot decide where to go, abruptly.

The bit from the trailer is there, and it's still good, but your eyes will be so rolled back in disbelief that you'll probably miss it. Better still, just watch the trailer, you'll save yourself less anger than having to sit through this rubbish.
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"You suck. You're a terrible actor."
utgard1418 October 2015
Twenty years ago, a student died in a high school play called The Gallows. Now the school is putting on the play again, with a jock who can't act as the male lead. The jock's irritating friend convinces him the play will stink and he will be embarrassed. So, along with another friend, they sneak into the school at night to trash the set so it will be cancelled. But they are discovered in the act by the play's lead actress and then everything goes to hell as the four find themselves trapped in the building with the vengeful ghost of the boy who died in The Gallows.

Another found footage movie trying to find a hook in a played out horror subgenre. It has most of the usual found footage problems, including my favorite: characters continuing to film the terrifying goings-on in the movie even when all logic would dictate they should drop the camera. One particularly galling scene is when one character is running for his life and has to climb a ladder to escape the hangman ghost thing (don't ask). The guy holds onto the camera with one hand the entire time he climbs the ladder. I mean, come on, that's beyond stupid and unrealistic. The characters are very annoying in this. The guys are the worst, with Ryan Shoos giving new meaning to the word obnoxious and Reese Mishler having a slack-jawed wide-eyed expression on his face the entire movie. I can only assume he calls that acting. The highlight of the film is when Ryan's character calls Reese's character a bad actor. That the characters also share the names of the actors just made the scene all the more enjoyable. I'm sure Ryan loved getting to say what he was thinking about his fellow actor without breaking character. The two girls, Cassidy Gifford and Pfeifer Brown, are fine but ultimately forgettable. It's not a scary movie in any way. The beginning is very boring but, once it gets going, it at least manages to keep your attention. You probably won't like it much but try to stick with it for the unbelievably corny ending.
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Time is Irreversible and Life Is too Short to Spend Watching Low-Quality Films (Like This One)!
claudio_carvalho2 March 2016
I saw "The Gallows" with low expectations, but at least expecting to see a decent horror movie, based on the IMDb User Rating (4.3). However, the film is awful in every aspect: the storyline is poor; the twist is nonsense and ridiculous; the screenplay is terrible. The camera of this cheap "found footage" genre is a pretext to produce low quality films with low cost. In this movie, there is no explanation for the use of the handy cam. Sometimes I question why I see flicks like this to the very end since time is irreversible and life is too short to spend watching low-quality films (like this one)! My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "A Forca" ("The Gallows")
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TWO People Directed This?
iamwillsmith18 July 2015
Going into this movie and seeing reviews, I expected nothing and was still disappointed.

Everything was wrong with this movie. Poor plot, very slow start, disappointing scares, unlikeable characters (the cameraman may be one of the worst written characters I've seen in a movie), mediocre shots, and poor writing. If you name it, there's probably something wrong with it.

The ending was by far the worst part, with a nonsensical twist that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.

It was bad, really really bad, and the only redeeming quality was that it ended at a merciful 82 minutes. Don't see it. Just don't.
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That moment when you start to envy the guy in the noose
Robert_duder16 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I knew The Gallows would be bad. I knew that it wasn't going to be my cup of tea but I love the movies that much that this was the only thing left I hadn't seen so in I went. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever laid eyes on but its the worse thing I've seen in the theatres in a very, very long time. I am constantly amazed how these films are still managing to get wide theatrical releases. I absolutely despise the "found footage" genre. Please kill this genre!! I mean, the movie is bad enough but add in the stupid concept of "this is real, this was filmed on iPhones" or whatever and it is even worse. Actually, if they just filmed this and any other found footage film like a normal movie it would be exponentially better. I've seen movies that had decent enough stories that are literally ruined by the found footage style. Yes it saves money but how many people would see it and enjoy it more. The Gallows though is poorly written, poorly paced with some very moments of terribly bad acting. It feels like it takes forever to get to the point (another usual issue with these movies) because they are dragging out a concept that doesn't have enough to be feature length. The Gallows further suffers by the fact that they try to give it an intellectual plot twist that is ridiculous and eye-rolling.

The actors all portray people with their real names...because that makes it more real? They all have their moments where they are decent and are properly portraying their horribly stereotypical high school roles. Ryan Shoos is our main "popular kid" bully who films most of the movie. He is appropriately obnoxious and by the time he gets killed off you're actually glad to see him go because he's such a bully but he also gives one of the better performances in the film too. Reese Mishler is the misunderstood jock turned "theatre geek" and he is okay and has these big puppy dog eyes but man oh man does he have some moments of really bad acting. It almost seems like they had no script and suddenly he has no idea what to say. Its ironic that part of the film is how bad of an actor he is on stage in this play because his portrayal is equally as bad. Pfeifer Brown plays opposite him as his love interest and fellow theatre geek. She suffers from the same fate where some of her dialogue seems to get lost and she stumbled through not knowing what to say next. They have no chemistry but she does better than some of them. Cassidy Gifford certainly looks the role of the popular cheerleader, the girl is a stunning beauty and actually she gives a decent performance. I would almost consider her the scream queen of the film because her emotional break down is at least believable. She perhaps overplays it just a little but she's still at least decent.

Every movie of this type is trying to carbon copy the only great found footage film and that was The Blair Witch Project. And then they attempt to copy the biggest financial success which is the Paranormal Activity franchise (entirely over-rated as well) so you have a blend of these two things and then they are trying to be creative and unique which I am convinced in this genre is literally impossible. Every scene feels the same and while there are a couple of jump-worthy moments and one particularly creepy scene (which has been done before too and better) the movie falls flat. I was was forgettable and I thought to myself several times that they needed to get on with it and that's a bad sign. The film is squarely aimed at a late teen demographic with the girls showing plenty of cleavage and the characters being so stereotypically "teen." It doesn't surprise me in the least that writing directing team Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing are just making their foray into big screen but my question is HOW?!? How do they get this very very average straight to video fluff released into theatres? And it makes money because it is so cheap to make. Don't waste your theatre cash on it at home if you must or if you're one of those die hard fans of this awful horror genre. It was forgettable and silly but wasted a couple of hours for me I guess. 5/10
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Awful film to a point of anger do not watch
jamamaes22 July 2015
I have never been so angry leaving a cinema, I really disliked this film I have seen the same plot a million times and found footage has had its day in my opinion. The actors were terrible, there was so many plot holes after the ending. I was spending most of the time in the film saying to myself what will happen next and 90% of the time I got it right, such a clichéd film. Some of the acting was laughable to a point where I burst out laughing in the cinema. I was also surprised that the cinema was fairly packed I thought I as the only idiot to go see this film.

I see films like this making over $18 million on a $100 thousand pound budget and then more and more of the same film comes out. I understand me watching it is feeding these films being made but nothing unique is coming out in the horror genre.

Spend your time and money on other films, like 'It Follows' which came out this year a way better psychological horror or even Insidious 3 where they have much better intense moments. I would give it a 3/10 only because I admire that they tricked so many people to think it would be a good film by the trailer.
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The people who need to be on the end of a rope are the reviewers
funkyj-8419111 April 2018
I remeber when I first saw the trailer for this movie, and it scared the hell out of me. When it came out on iTunes (the most convenient place for me to watch it), I immediately rented it without reading the reviews. I loved it. I consider myself a horror movie buff. I'm so desensitized to horror movies that I fell asleep during The Exorcist. However it took me hours to fall asleep after The Gallows. The "villain" was depraved, yet relatable, the scares happened when you least expect them to, and the setting was perfect. The next day, I went to IMDB to review it, and was horrified to see the reviews. People have trashed this movie for no reason. Maybe they just don't come in contact with modern high school students, because the actors pulled off their roles marvelously.
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mitchellwelch-368965 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Now as far as ghost antagonists go, The Gallows wasted what could have been a decent horror entity. Freddy Kruger had his bladed glove/gauntlet, Leather-face his chainsaw, and this vengeful spirit had a noose which could be placed around a victim's neck without notice (even be invisible) and violently pull them in any direction(not just up). COMPLETELY sounds like my type of horror film, armed to the teeth with potential for "heebie jeebiez" or chills up one's spine. This flick wasted that potential. The shaky cam thing is waaaaaaay to overdone at this point, this film might as well have been shot on a quickly-becoming-obsolete-smart-phone's camera. Give one to each character to justify all the nauseating shakes and movement. This is the worst I have ever seen in the found footage realm, as if nothing had been learned from other found-footage failures. Not a singular fook will be given about these characters by any viewer, and the rational driving this "shin-dig"/plot will anger you. I can't comprehend the premise to making this film, but as I said the Ghost's weapon of choice(obviously his own demise as well) was decent so...2 outta 10 for a fifth...and if "IF" was a fifth, we'd all be drunk instead of watching this. d-_^b
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The camera effect killed the whole movie..
nguyentrongnam4 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Despite of the good Sound effect, the whole movie is such a failure. The casts so terrible with silly dialogs, and especially the camera effect. I'm totally fine with Paranormal Activity but this one...NO!! The camera so damn annoyed, it made my gf felt so dizzy after 1 and half hour watching it, and actually she did vomit when she got home. I also could not stand the camera, even I play FPS quite oftenly. Because of this stupid shaky camera style, I could not enjoy the whole scary things of this movie. By the way, about the theme scene (from poster) with the guy holding a gallow behind her back, the way the actress cries is so fake and I have no idea why she has to zoom the whole face to the screen so that everyone can see how suck it is. Such a waste of money..
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Watch teaser Trailer and your done with the movie
atinder9 August 2015
The found footage genre is really odd one.

I seen to number of them , I liked a lot of them but I hated few of them else And there are some feel are OK.

If we the gallows falls in the hated pile, when I first saw the teaser Trailer at insidious 3, I thought it looked and sound really good . But sadly that was not the case.

The doing play on stage but some goes wrong when is accidentally hung on stage.

The the movies onto modem time and people getting ready for the same play

But the football player who is really bad actor on stage (and off stage as well)

They break into school at night and trash stage, then when movie Start to up, with the door that never locks , is locked!

What this movie is missing is that that there was no atmosphere at all , I didn't find anything creepy or scary at all.

Even the jump scene didn't work and I saw them coming a mile away.

I didn't like how the movie ended , it was predicable

I going to give this 2 out of 10
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It's really not as bad as people are saying
kevin-3824224 March 2016
OK, so it's not going to win any Oscars. But is it so awful, as some reviewers have suggested (in jest, I hope), that suicide would be preferable? It's surely not the worst movie ever made, as somebody commented.

It's an unpretentious, slightly silly, high-school horror movie. The acting is way better than the plot deserves -- in fact, I think every one of the cast puts in a credible performance. The dialogue is amusing, and convincing. The story isn't Tolstoy, but it's not as vacuous as most movies like this. There is (unless I blinked) no nudity or overt sexuality, which film-makers are often compelled to sprinkle around, to brighten up an otherwise hopeless film. What drama it has, it has through decent acting and production values.

For the most part I don't really like 'Handycam' movies -- where the film-makers try to simulate amateur recording -- but I think it was tolerably well done here.

One criticism I would make is that there isn't enough plot to carry the movie through its full length -- it does get a bit samey after the first hour.

On the whole, I prefer honest movies that offer what they claim to offer -- even when that isn't much -- to those that pretend to be more than they are, and fall short. I had pretty low expectations of this movie, and it exceeded them. I've certainly spent my time less well than in watching this.
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Surprisingly Intense
samgiannn9 July 2015
Unsurprisingly, this movie has gotten a lot of hate around the internet. With a 4.7 on IMDb based on only 164 ratings, a 16% on rotten tomatoes and a 31 on metacritic, you'd expect this to be a complete disaster. Fortunately, The Gallows is a surprisingly intense and effective little found footage flick that has a few good scares up its sleeve. The Gallows is a supernatural found footage film about a group of teenagers who break into their school the night before a play, appropriately titled "The Gallows", so that the show can't go on. However, 20 years earlier, a freak accident happened during the same play that resulted in the death of Charlie Grimelle, the star of the show. For the most part, this film is rather tight and controlled. Clocking in at a criminally short 81 minutes, this does allow the movie to move at a pretty brisk pace, but a few scenes do feel rather rushed. Some of the scares do fall flat because of this and go for a jump scare that would have been much more effective if there wasn't a "big whoosh sound". Other than those few scenes, there are quite a few well- timed jump scares and a lot of incredibly intense and scary scenes that, luckily, don't end on a dramatic jump scare. Watching the four characters roaming the dark, empty corridors of their school is rather unnerving, especially when they find hidden rooms underneath the school. The sound also makes this movie very atmospheric and unsettling. The Gallows isn't without its glaring problems. This movie definitely won't win any awards in the originality department, and the acting (something I usually never mention) is largely uneven from a couple of the cast members, but the worst thing about The Gallows is the atrocity that is the ending. I don't want to spoil anything, but the big plot twist at the end was insanely predictable and cheesy. It was almost as if the filmmakers couldn't come up with a decent way to end the movie, so they just wrapped it up with some lame plot twist that makes no sense at all. That might have been why this was only 81 minutes. The worst thing about the ending is that it actually created more questions than it answered, which really frustrated my friend and me. Despite the absolutely awful ending, The Gallows does not deserve the scorn it's been getting on the Internet. It's a very intense and sometimes scary movie, and it's definitely a movie you'll want to watch in the theater.
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Decent found footage horror outing
Woodyanders2 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
1993. A teenage actor in a high school play meets a brutal untimely end after a terrible accident occurs. Twenty years later a theater group at the high school decide to do another production of the play. However, several students take it upon themselves to sabotage said production by sneaking into the school late at night so they can trash the set.

This film certainly starts with a jolting bang and concludes on a pleasing dark note. Moreover, writers/directors Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing do manage to generate a reasonable amount of tension and creepy atmosphere. Alas, the laborious opening third proves to be a real slog to get through. Worse yet, the three kids who sneak into the school to vandalize the set are extremely annoying and unlikeable, with obnoxious wisecracking troublemaker Ryan rating as by far the single most hateful and irritating of the rotten lot. The deliberately sloppy hand-held cinematography doesn't help matters much as well. Fortunately, the game no-name cast all give perfectly acceptable performances and the despicable jerks all bumped off in highly satisfying nasty ways. An okay time-waster, but overall nothing special.
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Definitely not a 1 star show (true review)
johnspwn24 October 2019
So I took a risk and watched this, since it's close to Halloween and I'm binge watching lol. Is give this movie 7.5 or 8...maybe higher? The plot is unique, which is hard to find now adays. It gets Pretty freaking creepy and very tense. Acting I thought was good but little special effects (not needed).
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The Gallows (4/10)
skybrick73615 December 2015
As one of the most marketed horror films of 2015, The Gallows was strictly made to pick up money from teen audiences. The story revolves around a drama class at high school and drama between characters. The story is set up terribly making no sense at times and the characters were unlikable and had terrible dialogue. The writing was awful from the start. Besides the found footage technique which wasn't really needed, there is an element of originality with some of the concepts so I'll give it points for that. However, the film crashed for good once the ending rolled along, it was just terrible. Skip The Gallows unless you're looking for a movie with lots of jump scares or something to laugh at with your friends at the films absurdity.
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Great Clean Horror Film
I was concerned about going to an R rated horror film, but was pleasantly surprised that there was no nudity, F words or blood and gore. It was nice to be on the edge of my seat and to be completely scared throughout the movie. I was surprised by some of the negative reviews because this movie was great entertainment and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Some of the reviewers say that the movie has a slow start. Perhaps some of these people have a short attention span, because the group of friends that I watched the movie with, felt that it was just telling the story in the beginning and then the suspense begins about 30 minutes in. We were on the edge of our seats and the ending was awesome!!
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Movie should Have Hanged To DVD AND BLU RAY
nikola1711 August 2015
*** review contains spoilers***

worst movies of (2015) well the first time when i saw the trailer it looked so scary dark and red intense Most of the time we're treated to feet treading floors, epileptic hand-held cameras prowling creepy passages, and dramatic lapses when the characters avert the cameras from the action. Unfortunately, sound of horror movie and also i like the ideas of movie but then when it turned out to be one of worst movies i have ever seen no likable characters let me tell everyone i am done with found footage movies they even don't go for long as 81 minutes long it was little longer then Unfriended but unless it was better movie then this. and no likable characters in movie, completely one of idiots in movie acting is very terrible very terrible they

needed to go drama school more they were worst actors and characters in movie they could got someone else in but even the movie is boring half way i was bored completely i wasn't scared expect for when it was dark and felt same way it was scary Plot: 20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary where Charlie Grim is student who did the play then got hanged in stage then later on it still goes on 2013 then these stupid characters(Ryan shoos)Ryan was such pointless, idiot pointless character making himself number 1 idiot front of people at school and specially stage in movie even such a worse movie i have ever saw and he was with friends with Reese and Cassidy specially they find Pfeifer Ryan wanted trash the play down not respecting the place when someone died ? hello does this person has to be respected no wonder why these characters had no personalty bullying Reese to this especially his girlfriend got angry when he destroyed theater for noting she got very disappointed to Reese but Ryan made him to say yes to go with him at school and destroy the play ? thought he can get away i thought the doors were locked that was never locked, they could smashed windows or smash the doors down but somehow why don't they don't try to call cops with there IPHONE could of called cops try but they don't. Cassidy boyfriend to Ryan she doesn't have brain Reese said don't leave the door when Ryan was screaming like little girl. she keeps running out to yell help and door keeps locking like they can't get out smash it down find something before that scene when they said trash the school Cassi wanted to change her mind clean the stage and fixing stage said i am fixing the stage ? you go there for noting just go home her boyfriend got everyone killed especially Reese wasn't that bad but he still did wrong thing agrees Ryan for noting. and even the girl he liked girl and ruined the stage

killing i thought it was lame death scenes all the characters got hanged because it's called gallows they don't die different way lame every different horror kills them the different way but this just hanging, the title of gallows is lame name i liked the trailer all staff but movie was going to be titled stage fright witch has better name apart from using boring name the gallows witch sounds like boring name it's only 1 Gallow there's not many gallows title should of named the Gallow that's it. movie was going on since 2012 even Ryan making things a lot worse for all his friends got them in danger but i wish he's friends said no that's it got all his friends killed in movie the thing is all actors are so bad like i can't stand it i always think about leaving the theater this movie wasn't scary at all it was just worst story, i love idea of movie with darkness how scary it was i like found footage films but this killed it the all thing no point of making it :/ some of scenes are very scary and dark i like idea of movie with scary is haunted and all that but this with gallows and another crap was like what ? but the trailer didn't had same scenes in movie i can't remember witch ones but then some how movie didn't do much there's not much too say i am glad this movie got 4.5 very short story line like grade 3 kid had written this movie, movie needs to be more to be scary, more of running around the all school surviving but ending killed it there's not much to write about all plot it mean to watch movie goes for 91 minutes no need for to write plot for this review. gallows needed to be 2.1 least and even this movie should have went to DVD the movie budget think's it is made more then Paranormal Activity ? least Paranormal Activity is $28.015 million and Unfriended 1 million still didn't noting like gallows got $100,000 from what did they got budget from toilet ? boy i would have done better movie then this better characters , better plot, much scary then this ? 1.10 one of worst movies in 2015 worst acting ever and ending killed it with cops i rather watch cops or end of watch. BEST HORROR MOVIE IT FOLLOWS
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The bare basics of horror housed in one brief, engaging horror film
StevePulaski10 July 2015
In October of 1993, the students of Beatrice High School in Beatrice, Nebraska put on a play called "The Gallows." A last minute casting switch had an understudy playing the lead role, who's character was hanged before the townspeople at the conclusion of the play. Due to a horrific accident, shortly after the actor, named Charlie Grimille, slipped into the noose, a malfunction sent him through the floor beneath his feet, killing him almost instantly. Twenty years later, to honor the cast and the late Charlie Grimille, the students of Beatrice High School decide to resurrect the show, with a student named Pfeifer (Pfeifer Brown) directing the play.

Former football star turned thespian Reese (Reese Mishler) has decided to take on the lead role this time around, much to the dismay of his father, who wanted him to continue football, and his pal Ryan (Ryan Shoos), who hangs around the set during rehearsals just to ridicule and belittle the castmates. Reese desperately wants to get close to Pfeifer, though his own stage fright and lack of acting abilities prevent him from being much more than just another body on stage in her eyes. In an attempt to win her affection by being there, Ryan hatches a misguided plan of breaking into the school one night through an unlocked door and destroying the set of the play before opening night, presumably resulting in an opportunity for Reese to console Pfeifer. Reese, Ryan, and Ryan's girlfriend Cassidy (Cassidy Gifford) go along with their asinine plan, breaking into the school late at night, but once they wind up meeting Pfeifer at the school, they encounter a barrage of paranormal activity and strange occurrences from what is believed to be Charlie's undead ghost.

Such is the premise for "The Gallows," the umpteenth rendition of the found footage genre, which I claimed to be "uniformly dead" following the release of 2012's "The Devil Inside." With "The Gallows," a film made on a shoestring budget and released by Blumhouse, a known indie horror company, no new ground is broken but the ground that the film manages to chart is interesting, twisty, and a great deal of fun.

I've always found high school/college drama rooms and theaters to be creepy places where one can find just about any old prop or relic. Seeing these locations captured with lowlit, dingy lightning only emphasizes their almost inherent eeriness. With "The Gallows," we don't settle for creaky floorboards and shifty objects, but rather, detailed props and set designs of colonial periods that really intensify a feeling of discomfort. Being that there are only four characters, confined to the spacious setting of a theater-focused high school, there is a lot of room for which to roam and play around, which adds to the fun of the film.

The writing/directing team of Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing also have fun toying with the visual possibilities of their setting. Consider the scene where they evoke an effect that almost communicates an optical illusion to the audience, showing a long, narrow hallway in the bowels of the school, captured in almost complete darkness, with the bottom half of the walls painted dark red. The visual effect makes it look like we, along with the characters, are wading through a thick, black sea of sorts, or are encapsulated into nothingness. These visual tricks, whether conscious decisions on part of the filmmaking team or fortunate occurrences, make for a film that is never visually boring, constantly finding ways to invigorate its setting.

The videography and editing, while shaky, also works to help the film create this spooky atmosphere. The nauseating effects of found footage films are well known, and this year saw some of the shakiest videography the genre had yet to see in "Project Almanac," which still wound up succeeding in my mind on a plethora of different levels despite its guerrilla filmmaking. The shakiness of "The Gallows" is never a real issue, for it continues to add to the suspense and Edd Lukas's cinematography, which is very fixated on the lowlit and the ominous.

"The Gallows" could've also fallen prey to the faults of "As Above, So Below," last summer's low-budget horror effort, which failed largely in part because of its interchangeability in its execution. "The Gallows," however, keeps things moving not only with a great setting but narrative twists and a persistency to show what other found footage films won't always show. We have multiple different camera perspectives, and once we see a character is doomed from one angle, we will eventually see the event unfold from his or her perspective and not just the one that closes us off from the events. So many found footage films leave us in the dark when it comes to the fate of the film's characters, figuratively and literally, but Cluff and Lofing seem to be sick of being left in the dark and, in turn, give us multiple different perspectives to show us what we wanted to see in the first place.

If you're no fan of the found footage genre, "The Gallows" certainly won't make you one. It lacks the power of being the subversive piece of horror that the genre really needs now (look to films like Patrick Brice's "Creep" for that kind of quality). However, this is a film that does the very bare basics of the genre correctly, and with a budget of approximately $100,000, "The Gallows" finds itself stripped to the genre's minimum, forced to focus on narrative and the creepiness of its setting. This is the perfect horror outing that makes audiences active in the mystery and the looming ominousness of the story, rather than passive observers simply anticipating the next jump scare.
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