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Super Power Beat Down: Legends Battle
Terryfan31 July 2015
My interest in Super Power Beat Down begin when I started to notice all of these character match ups so I thought I would watch one battle, these battles impressive me and how they did it feels like watching a short movie but with high production values a lot went into each fight it goes to show they are fans of these characters and it goes to show in these battles.

After one Super Power Beat Down all I could say was: "you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention"

The series Experts Marisha Ray, Jennifer Wegner, Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl each give their views on who would win in the match up to come out on top and it is pretty interesting the debates.

Some of these matches are in some way dream match ups of many legends to go head to head in who would win.

Each battle when you watch them are well thought out and pretty entertaining. Again it's like watching mini movies and they do their best to make each battle worth your while.

My favorite Super Power Beat Down Battles Nightwing vs Gambit Superman vs Thor Darth Vader vs Gandalf Batman vs Wolverine Wolverine vs Predator Batman vs Darth Vader Lara Croft "Tomb Raider" vs Nathan Drake "Uncharted" Green Ranger vs Ryu Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino White Ranger vs Scorpion Batman vs Deadpool

They go all out to make sure the characters look and feel like they should for the fans and they do a lot of impressive work for a independent series. The fight scenes are very matched and there are some that make you go wow the talent they get for the characters are smart work some.

It's quite impressive how Super Power Beat Down puts together these battles and it is something that can spark your interest. If you a fan of fantasy fights then check out Super Power Beat Down
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Clash of the Titans
hellraiser716 August 2015
It's hard to say why we even have this fascination at all on the possibility of two well known superheroes/villains pitted against each other, probably because we want to know whether our favorite hero/villain is truly unstoppable, can take em at all, or just simply seeing them fight for the sake of it.

This is one of those fan films/series done right. Basically the web series is sort of like "MTV's Celebrety Deathmatch" only instead of celebs it's Super Heroes and Villains. Personally I think this is an awesome concept for a web series because the possibilities are just endless because you can practically pit anyone against anyone without any restrictions.

I really love the production value, each were at a minimum budget but it was used well and right. From the costumes, use of locales, and special effects their all on par and top notch, it really showed how much love and respect they had for the properties, they not just wanted to give fans but themselves the spectacle we all deserve.

Really like how in the beginning we see some comments from a lot of fans as to who would win, to me I found it fun and kinda funny because it showed how each has their own opinion.

However were all here for the fights and their great they are well choreographed. The fights are never one sided they actually do feel as thought it could be anyones game, and when it comes to the opponents being superheroes and villains anything is possible. Though on a side note most of the fights have an alternate ending so anyone betting on a favorite character to win won't be disappointed. Their also pretty violent as we see some blood effects in places and how each fight ends in death.

The actors in the costumes not just fought well but also their performances were solid. Despite not many lines they all understood and kept in character which really made it feel as though we were seeing actual characters fight.

My favorite fights are the one on one battles of the White Ranger versus Scorpon along with Green Ranger versus Ryu. What made those matches really special to me is the fact that the actor Jason David Frank got to dawn the costumes of both Rangers once more as well as show off his martial arts skills (honestly why the heck hasn't he became a action star) which are still awesome as ever. I thought OMG, I personally didn't even know he was going to be in this show, just seeing him again in those roles and fighting against these iconic characters just blew me away and for the record yes, I'm a "Power Rangers" fan and Tommy was my favorite character in the show so you can understand how psyched I was.

Last one of course is seeing Batman against Darth Vader you can say two dark knights together which is something I never thought would happen in a million years, let alone I was unsure whether Batman would stand a chance against a Sith Lord. But they way they handled it was awesome seeing how Batman really can stand a chance Batman would've made a great Jedi Knight and if you've read any of the Justice League comics, Batman along with Superman (whom is mentioned and makes a cameo) crossing to the Star Wars universe makes sense, since in those comes both travel to space a lot.

The show also makes you want to see more because of the endless possibilities, I have some ideas for some fight myself. Like have the Pink Power Rangers both Mighty Morphin or Time Force versions against Chun Li and Cammy. Or Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin version) versus M Bison. And if their going to have Power Rangers characters again get the actual actors Austin St. John, Amy Jo Johnson, and Erin Cahill that would be awesome. I know this would be kinda a long shot but with a show like this who says it's not possible, thoughts to conceder.

This is a clash not to be missed.

Rating: 4 stars
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