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Alternate Ending Released For The Boba Fett and Star-Lord Face Off Short From Super Power Beat Down

Earlier this year we were treated to a new "Super Power Beat Down" from the folks at batinthesun that featured two of everyone’s favorite bounty hunters: Star-Lord and Boba Fett. They were both vying for a green lantern ring. One, of course, won the battle while the other was killed. After several months, we now have the Alternate Ending for the fight. The fight in the original video starts at 5:45 and in the alternate ending, it starts at about 1:02 with the alternate ending at about the 5:00 mark. Which ending was your favorite?
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Peter Cullen Joins The Second Chapter of The Prime Wars Trilogy: Titan Returns

Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, and Machinima, the premiere digital video programmer of gamer and fandom-focused content, announced the launch of the second chapter of digital series, Titans Return. The companies have confirmed that Peter Cullen, who originated the voice of Optimus Prime in the 1980s animated Transformersseries, will be making his Prime Wars Trilogy debut in the upcoming installment as the voice of Optimus Prime. Cullen will be joined by a host of fan favorites including Judd Nelson, who is reprising his roles of Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod from the 1986 animated Transformers movie, Michael Dorn as Fortress Maximus, Wil Wheaton as Perceptor, Nolan North as Metroplex and Jason David Frank as Emissary.

They are joined by returning talent from Combiner Wars, including Abby Trott (Windblade), Jason Marnocha (Megatron), Frank Todaro (Starscream), Lana McKissack (Mistress of Flame), and DashieGames (Menasor), as well as a new set of
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Boba Fett Vs. Star-Lord in a Battle To the Death in New Super Hero Beat Down Short

The gang at batinthesun has released a new episode of Super Power Beat Down and this time we get to see Baba Fett fight Star-Lord in a battle to the death! This is a really fun short and as you'll see they put a lot of work into it. The production value is actually pretty damn impressive. It's awesome being able to see these two characters fight each other. What are they fighting over? Hal Jordan's Green Lantern ring, of course. 

You know what's great about this, is that the Star Wars universe and the Guardians of the Galaxy universe could totally crossover with each other if Marvel and Lucasfilm wanted to do that. I know it will never happen outside of fan films like this, but if the studios really wanted to find a way to make it work, they could.

One of these two characters dies at the end.
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Batman Beyond Vs. Spider-man 2099 in CG Animated Super Power Beat Down

The talented team over at batinthesun have released a cool new episode Super Power Beat Down. It's a fully CG animated episode in which we get to watch Terry McGinnis from Batman Beyond and Miguel O'Hara from Spider-Man 2099 brutally battle each other to the death in a futuristic setting. Regardless of whether or not you agree with who wins, it's still an entertaining ride. The fight begins at the 4:00 mark in the video below. 
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Watch Wolverine Kill Wonder Woman in Alternate Ending of Super Power Beatdown

A couple weeks ago batinthesun released their "Wonder Woman Vs. Wolverine" Super Power Beat Down episode. In it, Wonder Woman ended up killing Wolverine... or did she? An alternate ending has been released that shows us that Wolverine really didn't die, and it shows us how he would end the life of Wonder Woman. 

These videos are really well-made and extremely fun to watch. I'm glad that the creative team behind them is still making cool stuff, and I can't wait to see which heroes they have fight to the death next.
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Snikt! Wolverine vs Wonder Woman's Alternate Ending Released

Bat in the Sun has uploaded an alternate version of the Wolverine vs Wonder Woman battle.  In a close vote, fans chose the Amazon princess to emerge victorious in her lethal battle with the mutant berserker.  But in this alternate version, it's Weapon X and his incredible healing factor that catches Diana off guard.  Which ending do you agree with?  Did fans get it right the first time or do you only accept the results of the alternate ending? Let us know in the comment section below. If you missed the original video, you can watch what a Wonder Woman victory looks like by Clicking Here. Next up on Super Power Beat Down is Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099. Which futuristic successor do you think will prove victorious? Loot Crate delivers epic geek & gaming gear monthly, Signup at & save 10% with code Batinthesun Purchase The Music Here https://itunes.
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Wonder Woman and Wolverine Brutally Battle It Out in New Episode of Super Power Beat Down

Watch Wonder Woman and Wolverine beat the living bloody hell out of each other in this latest episode of Super Power Beat Down. This thing gets absolutely brutal as they fight to the death on Wonder Woman's home of Themyscira!

You'll have to watch the video to see who wins because I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I will say it takes a surprising turn that I wasn't expecting. After you watch it, let us know what you thought of the outcome.
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It's Wolverine vs Wonder Woman In A New Super Power Beat Down

Though the fan-decided outcomes of the Super Power Beat Down battles can be very polarizing (to say the least), dare I say this outcome was the logical choice?  Without giving anything away, check out the video below which features Wolverine and Wonder Woman going at it in an epic battle that  sees only one walk away.  Based on your comic book knowledge, do you think that's Logan or Diana?  And as always, if you disagree with the outcome, be on the lookout for the alternate ending video which is typically released a few weeks later. [P.S. How sad is it that these X-Men costumes are better than the ones in the Fox movies?] Loot Crate delivers epic geek & gaming gear monthly, Signup at & save 10% with code Batinthesun Purchase The Music Here Music composed by Sean Schoenke Vote online for Batman Beyond vs Spider-man 2099 Directed by Aaron Schoenke https://www.
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Superhero Bits: Wolverine vs Predator, Cable Fan Film, Doctor Strange Overseas Box Office & More

Superhero Bits: Wolverine vs Predator, Cable Fan Film, Doctor Strange Overseas Box Office & More
Can Wolverine beat Predator in the latest edition of Super Power Beat Down? How many times did Robin say “Holy _____, Batman” in the original TV series? Would James Gunn direct an episode of a Marvel series on Netflix? Want to see an X-Men fan film featuring Cable? How much did Doctor Strange make at […]

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First Official Look At Arrow's Michael Rowe As Valiant Comics' Live-Action Ninjak

Arrow fans will know Michael Rowe as Deadshot, but the actor will now be giving life to another masked assassin in Valiant Entertainment's Ninjak feature-length original digital series. Expect more details at New York Comic-Con on October 8, but for now you can check out the official image below, along with a press release. Valiant is proud to debut the first official image of star Michael Rowe in costume as Mi-6’s master assassin – Colin King aka the lethal Ninjak – from Valiant’s upcoming Top-secret, Live-action project to be announced at New York Comic-Con 2016 (Nycc) on October 8th! Valiant’s first-of-its-kind, feature-length original digital series – directed by Bat in the Sun’s Aaron & Sean Schoenke, the co-creators of the massively successful YouTube sensation Super Power Beat Down – will feature Ninjak’s brutal live-action debut as he goes head-to-head with a top-secret roster of Valiant’s most iconic heroes for a bloodstained battle royale.
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Exclusive: Transformers: Combiner Wars Interview With Amy Johnston

Cbm recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Johnston, the voice of Maxima in Machinima and Hasbro's Transformers: Combiner Wars animated series which is currently streaming on go90.  In our chat, we touched on her performance as Maxima, whether there's more seasons of Combiner Wars coming down the line and also discussed some of her current and past projects.  While Johnston does a bang-up job providing voice acting for Maxima in Combiner Wars, her day-to-day occupation is kicking ass as a stunt actor and motion capture performer.  She's a frequent collaborator  with Bat in the Sun and played Harley Quinn in the Super Power Beat Down episode that featured Joker & Harley vs Deadpool & Domino.  She also had a role in the underrated 2013 underground-fighting thriller, Raze which starred  Zoë Bell and Rachel Nichols.  She also has a presence in anime fandom, as Dragon Ball fans should recognize Amy as the face
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Nightwing Battles Winter Soldier to The Death in New Super Power Beat Down Episode

Bat in the Sun has released their latest episode of Super Power Beat Down. In this latest short film we get to watch Nightwing and the Winter Solider brutally beat the living hell out of each other. One of the things I enjoy about this web series is that the fight scenes are always awesome. If you’ve watched previous episodes, then you know one of them has to die at the end.

Who do you think would win in a fight against Nightwing and Winter Soldier? Find out who wins in the video below! The actual fight begins at the 4:45 mark. There’s a lot of awesome production value in these films and they always turn out awesome.
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Vote For The Next Super Power Beat Down: Nightwing Vs Winter Soldier

Bat in the Sun's Aaron Schoenke will be playing Nightwing.  Former WWE star John Morrison will play the Winter Solider. Who do you think will win? It's the battle between the greatest DC and Marvel comics sidekicks. Click the image below to place your vote.   And if you missed Iron Man vs Optimus Prime, Click Here to see the first-ever, completely animated episode of Super Power Beat Down.   Aaron as Nightwing! Ps this is the Stunt suit. It's for taking a beating! #superpowerbeatdown #batinthesun A photo posted by Bat In The Sun Productions (@batinthesun) on Apr 24, 2016 at 3:21pm Pdt   Nightwing and Winter Soldier #batinthesun #superpowerbeatdown #bts #johnnymundo #johnmorrison #wwe A photo posted by Bat In The Sun Productions (@batinthesun) on Apr 30, 2016 at 8:11am Pdt   #bts with our stunt choreographer @alvin_hsing!! #superpowerbeatdown #BatInTheSun A photo posted by Bat In The Sun Productions (@batinthesun) on Apr 11, 2016 at 8:29am Pdt   Coming this Summer!
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YouTube Millionaires: Bat In The Sun Tries To “Get In Tune” With Its Characters

On Bat in the Sun, schoolyard arguments are brought to life. The action-packed YouTube channel run by Aaron Schoenke, his father Sean, and Damian Beurer is best known for Super Power Beat Down, a series that pits iconic pop culture characters against one another in ferocious battles. Episodes of Spbd take on a cinematic quality and delight the one million fans who have subscribed to Bat in the Sun so far. We spoke to Aaron Schoenke about his online video efforts:

Tf: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you want to say to your fans?

Bits: It’s feels great, we here at Bits are super proud of our team and what we’ve accomplished, and of course we want to tell all our fans, thank you!

Tf: Where does the name "Bat in the Sun" come from?

Bits: My father, Sean Schoenke, who is
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‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank Reprises Green Ranger Role to Face Off Against ‘Street Fighter’ Ryu (Video)

‘Power Rangers’ Star Jason David Frank Reprises Green Ranger Role to Face Off Against ‘Street Fighter’ Ryu (Video)
Jason David Frank, who played Tommy — a.k.a. the Green Ranger — on “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers,” reprised his role in the latest episode of “Super Power Beat Down” to face off against “Street Fighter” character Ryu. If you’re not familiar with the YouTube series, “Super Power Beat Down” picks two fictional characters and has fans vote which one they think would win in a fight. Fans interviewed in the beginning of the video seemed split as to who would prevail in a face-to-face fight, though a few fans said if Tommy called in the Dragon Zord, it would be no contest.
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It's The Green Ranger vs Ryu In New Spbd

Vote Here to decide the outcome of the next Spbd episode, Joker & Harley Quinn vs Deadpool & Domino. The concept of the Spbd web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every new episode the viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner! Directed by Bat in the Sun's Aaron Schoenke. Starring Jason David Frank as the Green Ranger, Peter Jang as Ryu with Jay Tavar as Vega. Super Power Beat Down is hosted by Bryan Morton, Marisha Ray and Tatian Dekhtyar. Original Music and Sound by Sean Schoenke. Cinematography by Joey Rassool. Editing by Aaron Schoenke. Alvin Hsing serves as Stunt Coordinator. Special Effects created by Nikolay Zamkovoy. Super Power Beat Down is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy.
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Machinima’s New ‘Super Power Beat Down’ Pits Darth Vader Against Batman

Darth Vader fighting Batman is one of the coolest, most epic match-ups of all time, or so Machinima thought. The multi-channel network’s latest installment of its popular Super Power Beat Down series pits the iconic Star Wars villain against DC Comics’ Dark Knight. In the “Batman vs. Darth Vader” episode, Gotham’s superhero flies all the way to the Death Star to save his colleague Superman, who’s been taken captive by Darth Vader. With the victor determined by over 250,000 fans on Spbd’s home page, the showdown of a lifetime ends in tragedy for one of the caped men in black: The “Batman vs. Darth Vader” episode was directed by filmmaker Aaron Shoenke, who’s already well-known for his Batman fan films. Kevin Porter reprised his role as the Dark Knight, having already played Batman in a number of shorts (as well the Punisher in a previous Spbd
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Super Power Beat Down - Batman vs. Darth Vader

"I underestimate... nothing"

A new episode of Machinima's Super Power Beat Down has been released, and this one pits Batman against Darth Vader! This is an exciting episode that I think fans are really going to love. The quality of this web-series is always impressive, but this is definitely one of the best ones that they've unleashed. 

The 14th episode of Super Power Beat Down is also far and away the best-looking and most epic episode ever - Batman vs. Darth Vader. This will be Batman's third appearance and Darth Vadar's second appearance in the beloved live-action series that pits two super powered legends in a winner-take-all battle - with the victor determined by more than a 1/4 million fans who cast their votes on the Spbd home page. The Caped Crusader is currently 1-1 on Spbd, with a decisive victory over Deadpool and a crushing defeat at the hands of Wolverine.
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Super Power Beat Down: Bat In The Sun Teases Kick-ass vs Casey Jones

Super Power Beat Down is becoming a highly anticipated video series in the geek community. With each new installment, more and more nerd debates erupt about who won, who lost and who Bat in the Sun should use in their next Spbd entry. Following Punisher vs Red Hood, next up is Casey Jones vs Kick-Ass. No super powers here, just good ol' fashioned fisticuffs. Who do you think will win this one? Former WWE superstar John Morrison plays Casey Jones. Actor Shaun Piccinino plays Kick-Ass. The new video should premiere sometime in September on Machinima. Kick-Ass vs Casey Jones (@TheRealMorrison) Super Power Beat Down coming soon to @Machinima! — Bat in the Sun (@BatintheSun) August 4, 2014 Friend of the site, Aaron Schoenke, director of Spbd, standing between Kick-Ass and Casey Jones. Related Content: Super Power Beat Down: Punisher vs Red Hood Super Power Beat Down:
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Super Power Beat Down: Punisher vs Red Hood

In four Marvel vs DC clashes on Super Power Beat Down, DC currently holds a 3 to 1 advantage. Superman took down Thor, Nightwing got the best of Gambit and Batman triumphed over Deadpool. Marvel's lone win was Wolverine's lethal victory over Batman. Can Frank Castle secure one more Marvel victory over former Robin, Jason Todd? Spbd is directed by filmmaker Aaron Shoenke, who is best known for his independent Batman-genre fan films. The episode stars Kevin Porter (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Chronicles of Curtis Tucker) as Punisher and Rich Manly as Red Hood. Next up for Bat in the Sun's Spbd is Kick-Ass vs Tmnt's Casey Jones and then Green Ranger vs Street Fighter's Ryu.  Original Green Ranger Jason David Frank returns to play the former evil Power Ranger turned good guy.
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