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A Story With A Strong Message
arundathi7 July 2012
A story that has been repeated many times is given a fresh look with new comers Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor. Both definitely will have promising careers in Bollywood. Arjun's role, as a brat, fit like a glove. No one would have guessed this was his first movie. He has charisma and flawlessly delivered his lines. Parineeti has a fresh look, playing a bold girl. She also played her character with ease. Both had amazing chemistry, which made it entertaining to watch.

The direction was amazing and the story moved really fast. However there were some parts which seemed a little unnecessary. Editing and cinematography really helped carry the movie forward. The songs were good, especially the item songs.

This movie is definitely a must-see especially for the lead pair.
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See it for the acting of the lead pair
bollywoodplusplus27 July 2012
Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor - they will go very far in the industry. This film proves it. Parineeti does such a justice to the role, she is audacious, loving, carefree, .... her body language, her vulnerability, her dialog delivery - its a class performance. Arjun Kapoor, while I think, doing the role he did, is slightly easier than how Parineeti did justice to so many shades of her character, but still did a stupendous job.

The other technicalities of the movie is brilliant. Art direction, the sets, colors, music (Oh Amit Trivedi, I cannot get enough of 'Pareshan')...

I loved the movie. Do not watch this if you cannot take intensity .... its a mad intense crazy love story!
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namashi_16 July 2012
Habib Faisal's Box-Office Super-Hit 'Ishaqzaade' is a terrific film, that works due to a strong script & excellent performances by its lead cast. Here's a love-story, that's brutal, wild & completely out-of-control.

'Ishaqzaade' depicts the love story of two defiant, rebellious individuals. A passionate love story ignited by extreme dislike. A love-story that's brutal, wild & brash.

Faisal's Screenplay is super-strong, each sequence unfolds superbly & the pacing is absolutely perfect. The only flaw lies in its culmination, which comes across as hurried. But overall, 'Ishaqzaade' is a winner! Faisal's Direction is top-notch, as well. Cinematography & Editing are good. Music by Amit Trivedi is masterful.

Performance-Wise: Debutant Arjun Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra are excellent in lead roles. Arjun plays the raw, rustic, unlikely hero to perfection, while Parineeti is simply impeccable in her part. Their On-Screen Chemistry is marvelous, as well. Gauhar Khan does her bit well. Ratan Singh Rathore deserves a special mention.

On the whole, 'Ishaqzaade' is a terrific film, that needs to be viewed!
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A deadly romance !
wazankash11 May 2012
Arjun Kapoor is stupendous. His body language is perfect. He can only get better from here. Parineeti chopra slips into character like a pro…a fantastic performance…She is a complete package. Faisal's screenplay does full justice 2 d story. D 1st half is fast paced & entertaining.

On the whole, ISHAQZAADE, a volatile and intense story with ample doses of fanatical romance, should appeal to a pan-India audience. This broadly engaging love story has a winsome pair who deliver dexterous performances, besides popular music and several poignant moments, which should appeal to fans of mainstream films. Go for it!
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Indian Cinema Back to old coming of age love stories....
ranjanjktyr11 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Locations suit the narration. Ishaqzaade captures the essence of small towns. Ishaqzaade may mark the return of old passionate love stories. Ishaqzaade primarily relies on a fast paced screenplay. The lead actors have come up with good performances. Arjun Kapoor Is Confident, cool and looks like another star has arrived in the town. Thanks To Salman for identifying a potential actor in Arjun. Parineeti Chopra deserves special mention for her lively acting. Though the second half looks a bit stretched. Ishaqzaade doesn't have many dull moments. Ishaqzaade is a good watch this weekend. GO Watch how New Actors are Shining and Hats off to Director for giving a good movie after Do dooni Chaar
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Parineeti scores once again but the narrative mostly remains plastic.
bobbysing28 May 2012
Post his National Award winning directorial debut DO DOONI CHAAR, I was pretty much excited to see writer-director Habib Faisal's second venture ISHAQZAADEY. The well designed posters with the grungy look and its promos having guns all over, raised the expectations further along with Parineeti playing the lead.

However, the film came out to be just fine but nothing hugely exceptional going against my big expectations. It can easily be called a violent love story made on a fast moving script with sharp twists coming in its both halves to keep you engaged. But at the same time, its not a perfect take as all the elements in it collectively do not hit you hard with a 100% force. The first half of the film is thoroughly enjoyable as the various characters are introduced in the small town background entertainingly and one feels like watching a winner all the way. But post intermission the narration dips at many places leading to some weak sequences and a 'could be better' climax from the talented director.

Made around the subject of 'Honor Killings' (Hindu-Muslim Issue), ISHAQZAADEY is undoubtedly better than many other big films of 2012 featuring the saleable stars. But as far as perfection is concerned, it disappointed me majorly due to the confusing characterizations of its lead actors. Firstly the bindaas girl, who is daring enough to go and buy her own revolver illegally, who is bold enough to lead the election campaign for her father and who can even slap the grandson of the opposition leader. The same girl forgives & surrenders herself completely to the same boy so easily, just like that and plays being a big fool which strongly goes again her bold, tom-boy image. Secondly the rough guy who simply behaves like a no-emotion man when his own mother gets killed in front of his eyes and he weirdly takes it in a very strange, cool manner. The third are his close friends, who act like two born cowards and at once go against their own friend, the moment he decides to be a rebel. With such loosely written characters the film fails to sink in deep in the viewer's heart and one never feels moved emotionally while watching it.

Still, the intelligent part of the script is that it moves at such a pace which doesn't allow you to think about these weak chracterisations. Moreover with a violent (but lengthy) climax it ends like an attempt to create awareness around a social evil putting you onto a different track altogether. So the writer director very smartly covers up everything and one feels like having watched a fine film while walking out of the theater.

Frankly, I found the emotional touch missing in ISHAQZAADEY, both in the love as well as in the family relationship angle. The lead pair does show a great chemistry in their intimate scenes but I didn't feel like watching an intense and passionate love story as a whole with feeling or depth. In other words, it all keeps on happening on the screen pretty fast without any real touch of hearts interacting with each other. To be honest, the narrative completely gave me the feeling of watching some well crafted plastic flowers with fine beauty & colour but no fragrance of their own. In fact there were only two scenes in the entire film where I felt the emotions coming out perfectly. One where the couple is running away from the girl's house after their Idd visit and Parineeti's father is blindly firing on them in anger. And second when Gauhar Khan is seeing them off with her moist eyes.

Performances wise it's once again a Parineeti movie all the way after LADIES VS RICKY BEHL. The girl remains immensely likable from the first frame to the last with her next door persona and a fantastic bindaas style of acting. In her second film only, she goes pretty bold too in her on-screen kisses and is a real treat to watch particularly in the first half. Arjun Kapoor as the other Ishqzaada makes an impressive debut with a careless kind of attitude. He fairly manages to leave a mark with his cunning smile and rough looks. But the boy still needs to work hard in order to shine more brightly. And he can surely better himself working on some valuable tips coming from his mentor Salman Khan and uncle Anil Kapoor available to him as his family elders.

Interestingly in his current get up he does remind you of the young Abhishek Bachhan too in few scenes. Apart from the Ishq couple, the supporting cast is fine but Gauhar Khan comes out as the sole winner here, giving a loving performance supported by a well choreographed dance number. Perhaps she has now become one of the favourites of Yash Chopra group after ROCKET SINGH.

In the technical department, Cinematography deserves a special mention, shooting on the actual locations and giving the same rustic feel to the project as shown in its posters. The action (especially the Chase Scenes) and the background score go hand in hand providing the much needed energy to the project and so does the well worked upon soundtrack from Amit Trivedi. I particularly loved the spirited title track "Ishaqzaadey" and "Pareshan" which has also been shot lovingly by the director in a great mood. However for "Jhalla Wallah" song, Amit takes a clear inspiration from Sai Zahoor's "Saiyaan, Allah" track sung in the original Coke Studio version of Pakistan, which was also featured in the recently released "West Is West".

In all ISHAQZAADEY becomes watchable mainly because of Parineeti and some good music alone. But being a film written and directed by Habib Faisal, it cannot be rated as a hugely satisfactory venture, vaguely made on the theme of honor killings.
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Romeo-Juliet with a Twist or Contemporary QSQT Warning: Spoilers
This is a Type of Film You can Actually Watch Back to Back on The Same day and still feel and get Entertained.Basically,it Follows the Plot and Story of Romeo-Juliet and QSQT but with a Modern and Contemporary Feel and Politics as a Backdrop.I Don't Generally Sit and Write Reviews because i find it Tedious and Boring job but this is a Film which Compelled me to Write a Review so i can share with the World and tell the Readers that "DO NOT MISS THIS FILM".

As someone said Everything Depends on Execution, its the Execution of Romeo-Juliet Story which makes Ishaqzaade an Awesome Experience.If you think its 100% Frame to Frame copy of Romeo Juliet than you are 100% Wrong, they have changed the Entire thing here except for the Basic Theme,that is- Pure Love. The Backdrop here is Politics between two Families Qureshi's and Chauhan's. Both the Families have a Candidate Ready for Upcoming Elections.The Boy (Arjun Kapoor) is From the Chauhan Family and is Hindu and The Girl (Parineeti Chopra) is From Qureshi Family and She is Muslim. They are Campaigning for Elections to make sure the Candidate from their Party wins Election. They Fall in Love......I don't Want to give away Everything now.The Rest of the Story is for the Audience and Viewers to Experience and Fall in Love with this Brilliant Film.

According to me, this is the most Realistic film from the Yashraj Banner who often believe in Sugar-coated Entertainment and Candyfloss Songs and Dance in London and Europe Gardens. This is Shot very Realistically Credit goes to the DOP and Cinematographer and i think UP and Lucknow is Appropriate to Shoot a Film like this and its a Right Decision by the Set Scouting team. The Background Music is Decent and Okay. The Music and Songs are the Lifeline of the Film with each song Excelling the Other and its Actually Quite Difficult to Choose a Favorite from the Album because every song is Awesome. The Writing is Freaking Beautiful and quite Intelligent.The Writer Habib Faisal have Written and Captured each and every Nuances of the Central Characters and the Situations with Sharp Detailing. As i Said, the Execution is Brilliant so Full Points to the Director Habib Faisal,He Exactly Knows How he wants the Film to Progress and Flow Smoothly and Attractively.

Acting Department- Parineeti Chopra Yet again Steals the Show and Acts Convincingly as Aggressive,Bubbly and Vivacious Zoya and Looks Cute and Stunning. Arjun Kapoor- Where do i Start? I became his Fan after watching this film. No one Could say this is his First Film.He acts like a Pro.In fact , i Loved this Film because of his Superb Acting Skills.All the Best Debutant Award next year are Reserved for Arjun Kapoor.Once you see him in the Frame you will Forget that He is Arjun Kapoor and Start believing that he is Parma (His Character).

The Reason i Gave it 8 Stars Rather than full 10 is Because i Found the Climax bit Bizarre,Strange and Unconventional given it is a Modern Take and Climax became a Hackneyed affair for me but Maybe the Climax was to make it more Realistic and Not end it in a Filmy Way.The Climax also Gives a Scope to Give a Social Message to the Viewers about a Dreaded Issue which is Prevalent in India and should be Stopped.Its Not a Spoiler and Climax is Not what You are Thinking,its Very Chill.

Either You will Love Ishaqzaade or you will Hate it, If you are grown up with QSQT you may Think these New Guys could not Create the Magic of Aamir and Juhi but if You watch it with a Broad and Open Mind, Chances are you will Love it and will watch again Few Times and for the New Generation who always Wanted a QSQT Remake in Modern Time and Modern Settings with their Modern Lingo and The Cool Characters they could Root for here's Ishaqzaade. They will Love it Definitely. According to me, this is a Best Film i Have Watched in a Long Long Time. I am Planning to Get a Blue-ray When it Releases because i found this Film Evergreen. Its a Dazzling Experience, DO WATCH IT
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To be judged solely on its creativity
g-phanisrinivas10 August 2012
Set amidst raw gunshots, zingy atmosphere and a zany town, Ishaqzaade is an interesting film, to be judged solely on its creativity rather than the tons of loopholes in its plot. Habib Faisal proves his mettle once again after his tremendous Do Dooni Chaar.

In a fictitious town of Almore in Northern India, two die-hard rival families, Qureshi and Chauhan, compete each other in politics. Zoya is the zestful daughter of the Qureshis who has some fiercely over- protective brothers. She is hot-tempered, pampered and ambitious. In the backdrop of the family tussles, she meets Parma of the Chauhan family and is attracted to his raw charm. They elope and marry but there is a twist in the tale. Why does a Chauhan marry a Qureshi?

Ishaqzaade heavily relies of the performances of the lead and they do not disappoint. Parineeti Chopra is not my favorite for being the typical loud, brainless Punjabi girl in Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl. This time around, she is given a similar character but she is better this time. Her dressing is unique and inspiring. Arjun Kapoor is the best debut this year. He gets under the skin of his character with ease and not once does he deviate. The script is filled with many loopholes in the second half where the characterizations go haywire with the story. Some nonsensical comedy is inserted between the truly engaging and serious scenes. But Habib Faisal's direction deserves praise. This is a unique romance set in the rural background and rugged characters but still emerges out to be lovable.

Accompanied by technical excellence, Amit Trivedi's terrific score, Ishaqzaade is a decent watch. 7/10 for being different.
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Old story + new actors not equal to success
darshancruz12 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Based on Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Dahek, comes another inter-cultural love story which disappoints.

The movie begins with 2 political parties fighting to win elections in a small town. Arjun (Parma) leads one and Parineeti (Zoya) the other. Arjun plays with Zoya's emotions for more votes to their party. At intermission, we feel we have a winner at hand.

But what goes wrong after this, is the handling of romance and politics. Arjun changes his emotions towards Zoya quite quickly and Zoya is ready to accept her back in her life. The getting back attitude of Zoya wasn't justified here. On the other hand, both the families are after the death of the love birds, who keep running from one place to another.How the movie ends, is no surprise.

Arjun as a newbie does well. Parineeti fits this role to the T, she promises to be one of the best actresses we will have . The soundtrack is decent especially 'Main Pareshan' & the title track.

After the hype surrounding this movie, it does not live up to the expectations that the audience had set. Plus, after the classic QSQT , this one does not even come close. Not recommended.
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Waste Of Time & money ..............!!!!
delhiguy_puneet13 May 2012
I am a big fan of Bollywood Movies. What a waste of 2 hours and 30 minutes of my life. Plz Don't see in theater. Wait for DVD to come and see on your home theater. Parineeti's acting was good. Arjun need to polish himself then enter into Great Bollywood. Direction was so bad .....1/10. If I was the Director of ISHAQZAADE, I could make it more entertaining. Only good thing was its Music.....7/10. Keep yourself away to see this AWFUL MOVIE.... Believe me.....Totally waste of time. See VICKY DONOR replacing this awful movie. If you are still interested to watch it, please keep a headache tablet in your pocket.. Thanks for see my review.. For any suggestion
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Forbidden love
abcvision24 March 2013
There is a fine line between hate and love. If you hate someone, that really only means you truly love them. How far will go to be with then one you love? Would you sacrifice your family, betray your faith, dishonor your name. In Born to Hate… Destined to Love, you follow Parma and Zoya who seem like an unexpected pair. Both come from rival political families and belief, she was Muslim, he was Hindi . They first disliked each other then the attraction over came their mutual passion for each other. This film is beautifully made and the story is believable full of twist and turns. It keeps you intrigue and on the edge of your seat until you discover that when soul mates connect, it's hard to divide the union of when two become one. I saw this film as part of the Atlanta Film Festival
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An hardcore Romantic Mess that will makes you feel alive for a while
rifaz-khan4 July 2012
A passionate love story ignited by extreme dislike. The Chauhans & the Qureshi's are two Political families whose rivalry & shared hatred for one another goes back generations. I don't watch too many Hindi movies except Hindi Art or social. So in the end this one obviously has taken my attention with its internal social view likes: Religion, Politics, Revenge, Love and Affection. This one really has some masala that can impress any kind of audience. Still have some lacking but every people has their own different point of view. Though it has simple and common concept but you guys will really love Arjun Kapoor & Parineeta Chopra's Hardcore Acting.
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Unexpectedly exceeded the expectations...
koustav_net24 May 2012
Ishaqzaade....Had limited expectations from this movie....So opted to skip this one (a rarity for me, indeed), but NO IPL MATCH and boredom was the prime reason that forced me to watch this movie....and boy, I was simply bowled over in those 2hrs, which actually compelled me to watch the movie again.....!!!!!

Coming to the movie, it was like a breath of fresh air....may be the storyline can draw some criticism owing to its "old wine in new bottle" theme(though the director tried his best to spice up the proceedings with some really well written twists and turns), but more than the story, it was the portrayal of the two principle characters that deserves the brownie points....May be we have come across various love stories, but the love story shown here is way different than the others....reason? The innocence and the immaturity of the two young college going teens (one in the 3rd year, another in the 1st year for 5 years) initially pitted against each other and eventually falling in a love-hate-anger-care bond is what makes the characters so identifiable and relate-able....their interactions, their reactions and the repercussions makes u, as a audience cringe for them....and whilst the movie reaches its crescendo, how these characters while discussing their love for chemistry lab or discussing their future life, eventually emerges as the true ishaqzaades is where the movie is notches above the others in the same genre.....

Acting wise, Parineeti Chopra proved that she belongs to an altogether different league of performers with her feisty performance, with eyes that emote anger and vengeance to the same eyes emoting unconditional love in the next scene shows her versatility as an actress....if not better, then in the same bracket of Vidya's Kahaani Act....!!!!! And regarding Arjun kapoor, may be he was not at par with Miss Chopra if acting skills are concerned, but he filled up this void with his adorable charm(smile) and terrific screen presence.....Together they were sizzling....!!!!

And this movie is incomplete without its unconventional music.....Pareshaan, Afaton ke parinde & Ishaqzaade title track are the pick of the lot....with the picturisation of the title track deserves a special mention though very similar to the picturisation of raabta track from Agent Vinod....

Overall a very good movie, if not great....!!!!! Worth a watch for sure......!!!!!! :) :)
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A Romance That Is Fiery, Not Breezy!
zzzoeb24 May 2012
I don't know what is the problem with critics. Some are calling this film sexist, others are calling it a film that goes awry in the second half. Well, guys, why can't you enjoy the show with popcorn and hankies? Why can't you guys join in the fun with whistles and applause? This is after all a romantic film coming from Yash Raj Films and in fact, I found this film way, way better than most of the mediocre stuff rolled out every week.

Indeed, by most virtues, Ishaqzaade is a romantic film that roped me completely in. I remember being awed by 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na' as the last romantic film which I found entertaining on every time I watched it. 'Ishaqzaade', despite a somewhat tried-and-tested premise, turns out to be a rather unconventional romance. Far from being a breezy tale of romance set in idyllic locations, the film is instead set in small-town UP where there is little or no respite from the constant strife.

Political rivalry rules the town of Almore and right from the word 'Go', writer-director Habib Faisal dives in and shows us the lawless land from differing perspectives. The political families Chauhans and Qureshis squabble over matters as trivial as cans of diesel or a prostitute performing in social gatherings. Clearly, Faisal sets up the setting with an eye for detail and ear for rapid-fire wit. This is a land of generators running on diesel, a house populated predominantly with men, handguns that can be bought as easily as earrings and a strange world where a brothel is the safest place to hide from vested, self-centered malevolence.

Indeed, the scramble for Almore's throne decides the fortunes of our unlike eponymous couple. In the gruff and unkempt Parma and the spunky Zoya, Faisal gives us a couple that will remain in our memory for a long time to come. Both run wild, both sport handguns like mobile phones and both are a cause of concern for their families. Parma's aging, wizened grandfather reprimands him for his errant ways while Zoya is restrained by her elders from going blazing. By assigning each credible character development, dialogs bursting with wit and local dialect, Faisal makes the characters look as real and rusty as the steel revolvers they sport. And the pair is equally deadly.

Faisal ratchets up a terrific chemistry between his leads. He lets the romance progress in an unpredictable format. There is betrayal involved but then again, Faisal pairs the duo together as they flee from people hell-bent on killing them. It is remarkably like the clever rapport we saw in 'Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid' as well as 'Bonnie And Clyde'. As in those films, Faisal keeps the chemistry sparky while creating an authentic background as well.

The film reeks of the flavor of UP but Faisal keeps the ingredients superbly in balance while the romance crackles. Faisal touches a number of sensitive themes like the religious disparity, social stigma and political opportunism and the resulting mix thickens the plot and makes the film authentic and realistic. And there is always the fiery pairing to keep us thrilled.

As Parma, Arjun Kapoor makes a stellar debut. He captures the small-town, grungy essence perfectly in his body language and the gritty dialog delivery rocks. He embodies the scoundrel perfectly while his change of heart is also believable later. Parineeti Chopra, as Zoya, exudes a natural confidence and enthusiasm that sets the stage on fire. Under Faisal's capable directorial hand, she performs freely, blazing her dialogs and yet being vulnerable as well.

Faisal's direction sparkles in other places as well. The action and romantic sequences are shot with energy while the drama is captured realistically without sinking into melodrama. Faisal keeps the pace steady and balanced as well and crafts the film with his trademark flair for detail. Amit Trivedi's music is alternately zingy and poetic, while Hemant Chaturvedi's visuals capture the small-town sights and locations with grittiness.

On a whole, Ishaqzaade is not just a film. It is a sensation. It overwhelms you and leaves you thrilled.
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'Tom & Jerry' meets 'Counter-strike' in Uttar Pradesh
ssvikas14 May 2012
If the promos were to be believed, Ishaqzaade was a film to watch out for. It had Boney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor making his debut after a fat to fit success story. And there was Parineeti Chopra riding on a high after being lauded as a worthy newcomer for her performance in 'Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl'. And well, it was from the Yash Raj Banner.

Predictably, the film began with packed halls on the weekend. But after the show, I'm sure many among those hordes would have returned to their homes thinking that they have just been conned by a pointless movie! As one of Ishaqzaade's hit songs goes 'Pareshaan' (Troubled), this was exactly what the experience was!

In the fictional town of Almor, Uttar Pradesh, political battle-lines are drawn along religious lines with Qureishi and Chouhan political patriarchs being bitter rivals. The hate spreads through their families too, with Qureishi's daughter Zoya (Parineeti) and Chouhan's grandson Parma (Arjun) hating each other since they were kids.

Soon Zoya and Parma fall in love, at first prompted by the latter's trickery. But circumstances draw them towards one another. But the world around them wouldn't let the pair unite, as their religion-conscious families don't want to see an inter-religious marriage, which could in turn hurt their political careers.

The love-hate relationship between the lead actors, in a way reminds you of 'Tom & Jerry' playing tricks on one another. But, set in a politically aware state like Uttar Pradesh, things can't be so cozy. Shot across various locations in the state, including Lucknow, there couldn't have been a better setting for the film.

With a zillion bullets being fired in every direction, the film feels like a live game of 'Counter-strike'. If someone bothered to count the rounds fired, I'm sure it would add up to a four digit figure. Figure this, the goons-n-guns need item songs and, Gauhar Khan gyrates to them in the background of guns firing to the beat of the song.

Although the whole premise is clichéd, some good acting saves the day. The lead actors, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor do well as newcomers. The supporting actors do well too. Per se, Parineeti scores better on the looks department as compared to her starry cousin Priyanka Chopra. And she has talent too. But it is too early to say whether she can pull off varied urbane roles with aplomb as Priyanka can.

A bizarre film that it is, you will either love or hate Ishaqzaade and there is nothing in between. The ending, which is not revealed in this review, is utterly disappointing. There are no reasons to recommend that anyone should watch this one. Just hang in there for a few weeks and Ishaqzaade will be on the small screen soon!
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A Blockbuster.. Awesome Debut by Arjun Kapoor
avi_n_ash12 May 2012
A Blockbuster.. It has a very simple and old concept about Inter-cast Love and Marriage.. But the way of representation of this topic in movie is ultimate. Arjun Kapoor has proved himself for this role.. Now the time has come like we don't need big names like Shahrukh Amir,Salman to run a movie.. These young lads rock the movies on their own..

Ending is a little bit Sad but They did what Situation forced them to do as they don't have an option. And Above all its all about POLITICS..

A must watch.. and Trust me Its a Paisa Vasool Deal.. :) So Go grab your Popcorn and Enjoy the Show..
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A true depiction of regressive Indian society
arnab_tumpy13 May 2013
Different stories are told- few fresh few stale but there are few stories which have universal appeal over age and time. Ishaqzaade is such a story of passionate lovers over creed, religion, cast,greed and Indian hypocrisy. While Aamir Khan debut in TV unmasking the "glorious" culture of India with Satyameve Jayate, Habib Faisal throws light on real India and its raw crude reality. India at its root level is as harsh as the film itself, toned down to make it suitable for family viewing. Ishaaqzaade is age-old story about a hindu boy falling for a Muslim girl. Within this simple structure Faisal injected good amount of twist and turns to keep one glued to screen. Set up in fictional town Almore Faisal reflected reality of states like UP & Bihar. The film begins with Qureshis & Chauhans fighting for MLA seat. Even though both are full of hatred for each other ironically they are same at ideological level. The success of narration lies in the fact that it is not about superficial rivalry between two families. The film goes deeper into mindset of Indian societies. However modern we claim to be at the root level we are caught in webs of hypocrisy and false esteem whereby an elder male member of the family is respected irrespective of the person he is. Over the years this false respect which we have bestowed upon undeserving men has laid to the deceleration of India as a whole. Coming back to the film, personally I have no inclination to love stories specially the once made by Yashraj film but it is the authenticity of Faisal's work which struck me. Hardly interiors of rustic crude India has been explored to churn out love stories and characterization of Parma-Zoya is just marvelous. Both young, rough, foul mouthed who can go all the way to see their family members winning the election. Through the interaction with their family, hypocrisy has been shown. Initially it seemed that Zoya's family will go all the way to save her from any adversities but to her shocking revelation even her dearest father turns out to be those power hungry men who can go to any extent for his own benefit. Same goes with Parma's grandfather for whom career and reputation is more important than family. In fact these people are more dangerous than big gangsters as they play with emotions of people creating a hindu-Muslim rift amongst masses to win vote, when needed they are ready to shed their religious inhibitions and flock together to create havoc. As expected the mothers' are relegated to backseat but they are shown as strong characters. The courage which Parma's mother exhibits to save his son's Muslim bride should be applauded and we hope more mothers garner that courage to stand against cruelty.

The film's second half is more clichéd and few even complained it being sexist and misogynist as Zoya is tortured to an extent she loses her true self, but then that is the plight of women in interior parts of our country. Without making it look like a fairy tale Faisal dared to show the raw reality and thanks to Aditya Chopra as producer for showing the "real" India which is rare in Yashraj films. As mentioned earlier the typical story has been elevated due to the execution. Faisal showed competency with screenplay in his earlier films (Brilliant Do Dooni Char & different Band Baja Baraat) and Ishaqzaade is no exception. Such old themes wouldn't have made any impact if not tight narrative added with dialogs which are real to the core. The way the duo's passion gets ignited through violence amidst a violent setting is commendable. Hemant Chaturbedi's cinematography gels with the director's vision. The violence lurking in the alleys of small town cocooned by supposed mirage of peacefulness has been well captured. A little shaky camera-work uplifts the mood from the first sequence. And then there is Amit Trivedi , probably the best musician in tinsel town who creates melodies that suits the mood of the film rather than a sequence in isolation. Since Dev D he proved himself again and again. The song "Aafaton ki parinde" immediately takes audience to the rustic land of lawlessness to fast edited sequences by Aarti Bajaj and brings in the tension. "Pareshan" is another song that demands mention for its hatke treatment. Ishaqzaade marks the debut of producer Boney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor and he looked comfortable as a brat without a conscience. One thing he needs to work on is his dialog delivery which was not clear in few scenes. On the other hand Pareeniti Chopra is a treat to watch. With a confident debut in forgettable Ladies Vs Ricky Behl,Chopra displayed tremendous confidence with a variety of expressions in Ishaqzaade. She instilled soul to Zoya's character with whom one could empathize. She played the confident Zoya who stood tall in a patriarchal society with high self esteem with precision and executed the vulnerable side of Zoya with equal conviction in the second half.Even though it is too early but still I feel if she gets the right opportunity she would leave a mark as one of the finest actress of Hindi cinema. The lady playing Parma's mother was exceptional in her portrayal of the character and even after the end credit rolls you will feel for her and mothers like her in rural India who are subdued and crashed breaking their self esteem. Gauhar Khan as Chand Baby was decent in her bromide portrayal of a gold hearted hooker saving Parma-Zoya's life. Anil Rastogi as Parma's grandfather brings hatred thanks to his violent on screen characterization. The unknown supporting cast was adequate and filled in the gaps. The ending (which many might not approve) was plain brilliant which was appropriate for the story in a rustic setting. The end leaves a lot of question to the conscience of our great cultured society but is anyone listening??
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Watch this movie if you love movies with Action-twisted Romance!
andre_rox9921 April 2013
ISHAQZAADE is an action-romance film directed by Habib Faisal starring Arjun Kapoor and Parineeta Chopra in the lead.

The film revolves around two family groups that make up the city, Almore: the Qureshis and the Chauhans. The son of the Chauhan family, Parma (Arjun Kapoor) is willing to do anything to make his dad win the election while Zoya (Parineeta Chopra), the daughter of the Qureshi family is trying to make her dad the next MLA. Both of them are very tough and are always insulting and brandishing guns in front of each other. Parma is very intrigued by Zoya's behavior and therefore finds himself attracted each other. The rest of the movie forms a tale of family politics, love and hatred.

So I recently saw this movie on download, because when I saw the trailer and poster of this film I wasn't sure it was going to be a good movie. But it was getting a lot of praise from the audience so I decided to give it a shot. Now, I really don't like mushy romantic films but Ishaqzaade managed to give me what I wanted from a romantic film. It created a movie which guys and girls would like. It had the smart insults, the romantic stuff, the guns, the chases... and after hearing this I'm pretty sure you understand by now that I had a great time watching Ishaqzaade. It doesn't need much thinking because it manages to intrigue you by its story itself.

Replay value is very high. If this movie is showing on television or something, I wouldn't mind seeing it.

Now, I'm going to start on with the BIGGEST thing about this movie other than the story. THE ACTING. Because WOW, this movie had such terrific acting from both the main stars. Lets start of with the newcomer, Arjun Kapoor. BADASS. He totally fitted the role for Parma and his character had quite a nasty look and role to portray and he did it so well. Hats off. Parineeta Chopra was great too. We saw her first in Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl as a gullable and spoiled girl and now we see her as a fierce person who won't stop to shoot you down if you get in her way.

The songs in this movie is pretty good. My favorite one that comes to my mind is, 'Chokra Jawaan' while 'Pareshaan' and 'Jhallah Wallah' is quite good as well.

My word, you won't regret this movie. Its a sure entertainer.
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A weak story elevated by impressive performances
Peter_Young22 December 2012
I can fully understand why Habib Faisal's Ishaqzaade did well commercially. It's a very different kind of 'love story', though I can in no way see it as a love story, because for the most part there's hardly any love happening between the two main leads and it's all about ego, pride and communal hatred. One of its strengths is its very Indian feel. The movie is devoid of modern sophistication and I loved its rustic sensibility, where it scores big time. The sets, the dialogue, the characters, all match up to this very impressive portrayal. But then it is also overly brutal and violent, and the story is lacking in substance. Ishaqzaade may be quite fast in pace, and it could have been a nice small-town romance, but something is missing. Towards the end, it does get far more interesting and suspenseful, and the ecstatic climax makes it work much more, but I expected something else. Anyway, where Faisal manages to do his best, is in extracting very good performances from its two leads. Arjun Kapoor gives a confident debut performance, playing Parma with a nice touch of cynical ambiguity. It is the rising starlet Parineeti Chopra, however, who dominates the proceedings with her fiery and natural portrayal of the no-nonsense lass Zoya, showing immense strength and maturity. This girl's sure got what it takes to become a leading heroine whether it's screen presence or acting chops and, following her nice act in Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl, this one proves she is a good new find. Hopefully we get better things to see from these two actors and Faisal himself, who is a very good director who just has to work with better scripts.
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silvan-desouza4 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Yashraj films earlier used to boast of lush locales, heroes were from posh colony mostly wore designer wears Post Band Baaja Baraat success they realised that small budget films based on small towns make a huge impact and most of their films follow the formula. Ishqzaade is based in UP, where politics and gang war is famous amidst this a love story is based, though not new but the handling is good I excepted nothing out of the movie but the film is better then what I expected. The first half is good, it establishes both the warring families very well and cupid strikes predictabily only to be shaken by a shocking interval which took me by shock. The second half focuses on solving mistakes, several twists, chases and a sad ending which surprisingly from Yashraj films who earlier changed sad endings to happy endings in CHANDNI though DEEWAAR did have a sad ending but mostly in love stories their films ended on a sweet note.

Direction by Habib Faisal is good, the film does have a few flaws but the handling is good Music Amit Trivedi is good, Pareshan is the best song, title song is good too and others too

Amongst actors Arjun Kapoor does a good job for his unusual debut, he plays his character well, a few rough edges and dialogue delivery needs work but yet he leaves a mark The best part is Parineeti Chopra after impressing in a side role in LADIES VS RICKY BAHL she does a great job as a lead, In fact her performance is one of the best in recent times from youngsters Gauhar Khan is decent as the item queen rest are mostly unknown faces all leave a mark especially Arjun's dada
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saadgkhan10 July 2012
Ishaqzaade - CATCH IT (A-) A story of Hindu boy & Muslim girl has been told numerous times on celluloid but what makes Ishaqzaade different from predecessors is its daring & tapuri attitude. There was a time when hero & heroine shown in the movies were most pious & nicest people or even if Hero was Gangster but good at heart like Sunny Deol in" Jeet" but now things have changed. Now hero can be the worst guy in society & thanks to Kareena Kapoor's brilliant performance in "Jab We Met" the heroine can be foul mouth rebellious. Ishaqzaade took advantage of all new raw, bold & foul mouthed youth of today's villages & presented them in the most daring & tapuri way & succeeded with it. Newcomer Arjun Kapoor is brilliant no doubt he got the acting gene from his family and it's nice to see that he decided to debut with daring role. Parineeta Chopra stole the show in awful movie "Ricky Behl", and here once again she showed her talent. She is simply amazing, whether being daring, crying, running, hiding and fighting. She does it all with greatness. Guahar Khan's dances are brilliant especially "Huva Chokra jawan re"plus she acted really well. In all things good, only thing lacks in Ishaqzaade is its second half which is fast but the story or situation changes in every 10mints and it makes you wonder how they want to live or run off without having any money in hands. That made it little unrealistic. Overall, it's a hell of a throttle ride from beginning to end. Sometimes it's good to watch masala movies with great performances & songs.
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Haraamzaade nahin....Ishaaqzaade
nilo_anjano16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Another spellbinding story comes from Habib Faisal....The first thing that should come into your mind after you watch Ishaqzaade is that, though a love story, it is more a story of Zoya, portrayed by Parineeti Chopra. The film portrays the real story of communal violence in India, and behind its veil, it shows the triumphs and sufferings of Zoya, as she is utilized by the society as a scapegoat, and ousted by her family on communal issues. The love it portrays turns out to be a present day perception of Laila-Majnu, but without the tag-line of 'timeless love'....Instead it carries the tag-line of 'the strength of love...."Ishaqzaade ki tarah pyaar kiyethe....Ishaqzaade ki tarah nibhayenge" is what should have come into the mind of Zoya, instead of what she actually said....Parineeti Chopra was outstanding....Arjun Kapoor acted well...but, more than his acting, he surely will win the hearts of many spinsters.....The most outstanding element of the whole film is how it is presented....Music and Editing plays a huge role in this presentation.....even the Production Design was top all, Ishaqzaade is the type of films that Bollywood should look forward to....catchy story, no melodrama, and a rustic yet urban presentation....
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Almost perfect!
sexyshreyan12 September 2018
A perfect scenario if intercaste marriage. This is how love gets killed by the hand of religions. Love is said to be made in heaven and marriage is written by gods. Who are we to disrespect his decision? I just wished Zoya & Parma had a happy ending which our society desperately needs!
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Bad movie !
nnk-399902 August 2018
This movie started off pretty well but ended very horribly , I wish they would have focused on the script as well
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Good romantic thriller
aaronbir15 July 2017
This was definitely the best movie ever made and I ever watched in my whole entire life

Songs are really impressive good romance by the the couple

Arjun kapoor was superb in his debut performance parneeti who is the cousin sister of priyanka does well other unknown actors did fine in their performances

This movie was brilliant and entertaining as well good storyline good screenplay

Overall my rating is 4/5
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