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Silly Teen Adventure
claudio_carvalho15 November 2016
When Earth is attacked by aliens, there is a sequence of waves of destruction to annihilate the population. The aliens drain the energy and create diseases and natural disasters. The teenager Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz) moves with her family to the countryside, but when her mother Lisa (Maggie Siff) dies, her father Oliver (Ron Livingston) decides to go to a refugee camp with Cassie and her young brother Sam (Zackary Arthur). Out of the blue, the army comes to the camp to transfer the survivors to a military base. They transfer the children first but Cassie misses the bus where Sam is. She learns that the in the 5th wave, the aliens have assumed the human form and she witnesses the military executing the civilians in the camp including her father. She flees and now she begins her quest to find Sam. Meanwhile the teenagers and children are trained by the military to fight the enemy. But how to know who is human and who is alien?

"The 5th Wave" is a teen adventure with a silly and illogical story and a shallow romance. The plot has an interesting beginning but unfortunately becomes terrible. The idea of using the teens and children to destroy the survivor is totally absurd. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A 5ª Onda" ("The 5th Wave")
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Fails to stand out in an already over-crowded field
Buddy-5128 November 2016
"The 5th Wave" is the umpteenth version of a post-apocalyptic scenario that has all but taken over pop-culture since the turn-of-the-century (or, more specifically, the attacks on 9/11). In this case, it's a race of mysterious aliens who, in an effort to take over the planet, are eliminating humans one "wave" at a time (destroying the power grid, creating massive earthquakes and tsunamis, spreading fatal epidemics, etc.). The screenplay focuses primarily on one Ohio family, and, specifically, their teenage daughter, Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz), who suddenly has to find ways of surviving in this new and dangerous world where everyone is out for him- or herself and, thus, no one can be trusted.

As they pass through desolate, auto-strewn landscapes that look like they came straight out of "The Walking Dead," Cassie and a caring (and dreamy) stranger (Alex Roe) - who saves her life at one point and rehabilitates her to full health - go in search of her missing little brother. And, speaking of TWD, since the movie can't fit any ACTUAL zombies into its narrative, it partially compensates by at least having a character NAMED "Zombie" (Nick Robinsons).

Ah well, after a few moments of fleeting interest in the early stages, the movie quickly settles into a predictable and boring series of teen drama, alien invasion and end-of-the-world tropes.

And with its open-ended conclusion, we're left wondering (or is it dreading?) if there will be a 6th wave in our movie-going future.
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WARNING : This Movie is for soppy girls aged 11 to triangles, boys washing their pecs etc. abound
noeloc-7187820 March 2016
Wow! That was complete and utter rubbish. Can we please have it listed under genres as Teen Romance / Brain Rot and not under the genre Sci-fi, Action, Adventure as it is listed above. Are teenagers these days all goldfish???, is this not the same plot as Twilight, Divergence etc only replace vampires etc. with Aliens?. I love my apocalyptic movies and after the first 20 minutes I thought it wasn't going so bad... decent special effects, seeing what each "wave" was going to do and I was looking forward to seeing "the others", but alas that was it for the movie after that it was like opening a teen magazine while jamming a skewer up my nose in to my brain.

I must say I did get a few laughs at the many clichés I called before they happened followed by my swift exit to save my brain from rotting by the absurd stupidity of it all. If you are not a girl aged 11 to 15 avoid this movie like you would avoid the plague
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When I were a lad..
quothage11 August 2016
We had The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, St Elmo's Fire, The Goonies to name but a few. Defining moments in movies, defining teenage angst, growing pains and young love and loves lost. Films that stand up today, not just for nostalgia's sake but because of solid acting, amazing characters and good stories.

I despair for the drivel that our millennial's have to endure today in the name of cinema. If you've grown up on good films through the years then you want to avoid The Fifth Wave. Encourage your young-lings to watch something else.

Chloe maybe a good actress, but she couldn't drag the film from the mire of this cliché driven plot line with shallow characters and an awfully banal story of an alien plot to take over the Earth in as seemingly clueless manner as possible.
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Oh Lord, save us from stupid aliens
bob-the-movie-man7 May 2016
As a low-budget sci-fi flick, The Fifth Wave starts quite promisingly with a more logical continuation from the opening scenes of "Independence Day". The end of the world is nigh. An alien spacecraft has put itself into a threatening earth orbit (note: actually 'orbiting' - as a nod to science guys like me - rather than just inexplicably hanging there in the sky, as Douglas Adams once put it, "in much the same way that bricks don't").

The aliens are throwing calamity after calamity down at small-town America in 'waves': earthquakes; tidal surges; modified bird flu; and bombings.

Against this stressful backdrop, the ever-reliable Chloe Grace-Moretz ("Kick Ass"; "Let the Right One In") plays Cassie who after getting separated from her younger brother Sam (Zackery Arthur) faces the dangers of a cross-country Alabama trek to rescue him.

Like I said, quite a promising premise, and it flows quite nicely until the family get to a Fort Wilderness style sanctuary in the forest. There however the plot goes awry, with the aliens making a seemingly ridiculous strategic move.

Jaw-dropping dumbness now follows with a 'see-it-coming-from-a-mile-away' plot-twist casting Cassie onto her solo-mission, and the film declines into a rather poor 'Hunger-maze-giance' wannabe with Cassie torn between the affections of old crush Ben (Nick "Jurassic World" Robinson) and mysterious saviour Evan (Alex Roe). Much muscle-rippling and skinny-dipping ensues as Cassie oohs and aahs in a girlie fashion that erodes her kick-ass (no pun intended) characterization to date.

The director is J Blakeson.... no, me neither. This is only his second feature, and is a big ask.

The film rather obviously cues up a sequel: this is the first of a series of – apparently quite good – books by Rick Yancey, with the next in the series being called "The Infinite Sea". I don't think I will be rushing to the cinema to see the sequel, if it does happen.

A disappointing film that starts with real promise but then loses its way. Grace-Moretz really does deserve better. Nice animated Gif poster though!.

(Please visit for the graphical version of this review, and to comment with your thoughts. Thanks).
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Just another post apocalyptic teen flick
klheintz7 November 2016
The 5th Wave is based on the book of the same name and it's main focus is on a girl reconnecting with her brother. It's a tried and true story for the post-apocalyptic genre and doesn't do anything really cool with it except for the title. The title of the film plays into the "twist" in the film, if you can even call it that and it's about the only thing that it does a little differently.

Nothing too bad on the acting side. There's no Oscar winning performances but everybody does a decent job with the crap dialogue they are given. Except the kid... He just stares all the time, looking dumbfounded. Must have been a way to keep people from calling him "The annoying kid."

The film looks good in it's presentation. The choreography in the fight scenes is a bit exaggerated but I enjoyed that. What is does so wrong is the absolute straight 'teen angst novel' scenes and relationships. The books suffered from this too and I feel it could have been made to be a bit more serious to kind of adult up the series and make it fit with a wider audience.

Overall it is a bad adaption of an average book. It alienates everyone over the age of 12 by making it way too much like the novel and not trying to change up some of the things it needed to.
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Pretty bad and boring
QinetiQ19 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand how this is getting any good ratings, I guess people who benefit from it are the ones giving those ratings.

There is nothing interesting about this movie, the story is very flat and everything is predictable. It is filled with illogical decisions and the alien race, who is intelligent enough to come here and rule on landing, has no clue what to do and how to do anything efficiently.

The so called waves are a fun given fact but make little sense. If if an alien race would go with that, I am sure they could come up with a more efficient 'wave' than to just infiltrate the human race. Their drones seem to be having no use at all, other than flying from point A to B.

If an alien race has such technology and are in such dire need for living space, I don't think they will go with such a slow and pretty stupid method. They were already observing the earth for decades (if not longer) so I am sure wave 3 could have been a lot more efficient.

Even setting all that aside, the movie is just one cliché event after another. It's one of those movies you go watch if you have really, really nothing else to do.
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"Everyone's a critic"
ClSnyd3 February 2016
I mean seriously, why is everyone attempting to be a professional critic with such high standards for every movie made?! This movie was entertaining and followed pretty closely to the book and yet still getting such bad reviews! Why? For the one person saying they won't take their kid bc they don't want their kid to think its okay to get implanted with a microchip. Are you kidding? You know this is a movie about an alien invasion right? Not exactly a guide to how to live your life under normal circumstances. You don't want your kids wielding guns? AGAIN, ALIEN INVASION! It's not like this is teaching your kids to have guns during all situations. get a grip, this is a movie.. Chill out.
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So bad I didn't last 30 minutes
Skeauxsha6 December 2016
Okay, just to be clear. I have watched some terrible films all the way through to the end, and for the sake of the time and effort it took to make the film gave those films lots of leeway. Then came the 5th wave. This (at first) was a new take on alien invasion movies, and I have to admit I got fooled. Nothing was fresh. Everything re-hashed, and patched together like a bad last minute Thanksgiving dinner. So bad it wasn't worth staying for. Even worse... this film is predictable. Like a bowl of cold lumpy oatmeal. It's going to be unpleasant, and you already know how it's going to end up. Not sure why, but I have serious reservations about the Earth being saved by anyone in High School. The effects in this film are tired, as was the acting. The situations were even more ridiculous. I mean ask yourself seriously, are you (even for a second) going to wander off or away from your family to get a stuffed toy? It's the end of the world, suck it up. So yeah, if you're tougher than myself, stick it through to the end. I didn't last 30 minutes and I already know how it ended up.
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The idea was good, then the movie started
williambogaert20 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The global idea for this movie was good. Different waves wiping out humans, not bad at all. And then the movie started... First doubt came from the size of the ships... way to small, way too cheap. And then the "This was the last day of my normal life"... great, billions of people were supposed dead during this quote, but we are focused on the fact this was the last day of the normal life of a 15 yo girl... Amazing isn't it? To make it short, if you're not a teenager, and even more, a female teenager, you're going to waste your time... No effects at all, bad acting, and then WTF making 5yo kids wearing guns and going out to "kill aliens"..., no end to the movie at all... Being not personally fascinated by the vision of a man cutting wood or having a bath... I get bored big time from minute lets say 7 to the end. Don't waste your time on this one.
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Twilight, but aliens.
blakecormier8 June 2016
Wow. Yet another steaming pile of Hollywood garbage filled with thin white "good looking" people instead of actors.

If it weren't for some huge writing flaws like gaping holes in logic, super flimsy character development, completely unnecessary romantic "tension" crowbarred-in and the aforementioned models-where-actors-should-be trope, the idea and story could have been pretty cool.

I was actually looking forward to seeing this movie, but honestly just had to force myself through from about the half hour mark.

Adding insult to injury is the very obvious set up for what the film makers are most likely hoping will be two or more sequels.

Twilight, but aliens. Not even cool or scary aliens. Just lame, romantic aliens. Or incognito aliens. Huge yawn.
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Stay Away From This Movie
erhan-erdil-249-52450017 February 2017
For the first time i am writing a review for a movie. If you are not under 15 years old you should stay away from this movie because its just a really bad movie with some visual effects. The movie was looking good at first 10 minutes but after that everything in the movie started to seems stupid. Ending scene was the worst part of it. Scenario and most of the scenes in the movie is just disaster.
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The 5th Wave Is A Splendid Movie
touristica-8392428 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The 5th Wave follows the beautiful and wonderful 16-year-old actress Cassie Sullivan and her family. Waves of alien strategic invasion have devastated the world and Earth's population is on the verge of extinction. Humankind is knocked back to the Stone Age. Cassie's mother is dead from a modified plague by the Others (the Aliens). Cassie's remaining family move into a neighbouring refuge camp. The army comes in and says they are there to help. However, the army buses the kid out of the camp and promises to bus the adults out next.

Cassie gets separated from her brother. Her brother is taken by the Army for care and protection. Her father and other survivors in Ohio are killed in a massacre by the army. Cassie scavenges her way through to the base to meet her 5-year-old brother, Sam. Cassie is saved from an enemy sniper by Evan Walker. Cassie falls in love with him and later learns he is an Other in humanoid form. Cassie learns that Colonel Vosch and the Army is actually the Others and the fifth wave they have planned is to use children to eliminate the rest of the earth's survivors by misleading them.

She learns the hard way to trust no one and leaves him. The only thing that keeps Cassie going is the hope that she can save her brother from the "training" camp established by the Army (Others). Meanwhile Ben Parish, Cassie's crush before the wave and her brother are in the same squad trained under the Others. Ben also comes to know the Others plans. Evan who follows Cassie helps her and Ben to save Sam and demolish the training facility. The Others evacuate from the facility with the intend to deploy the children as soon as possible to other cities. Ben and his squad is seen enjoying their meal with Cassie and ponders hope as humanity's driving force for survival.
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Third class - formula movie
zee02621 March 2016
What a third class movie. Made on the Same formula as the likes of divergent, maze runner and lots of others... Was hoping to see some alien vs human action. But Nooo the producer had to ruin my expectations... The viewers are forced to see the same crap, sexually confused really innocent know nothing teens. Who have just all the right of knowledge when needed to fight soldiers and know how on shooting all kind of possible guns... The lead actress, Ohhh she is a sight to see, if you are blind and don't know what emotions are... I think she could have been better playing an alien... That would be more believe able... Again what a brain fryer... Good going director. I could make better film in my sleep then this... Just one request to the rating dept. They should introduce a rating for Formula movies too. So that we have warning before ruining my brain cells... What a waste of time...
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Chloe Grace Moretz is the best again!
phd_travel14 January 2016
Of all the actresses to do YAF movies, Chloe Grace Moretz is the sweetest and most convincing of the bunch. She has the rare gift of being able to do both action and romance. She makes the character surprisingly affecting quite quickly in the movie. Her grief and anxiety are believable as she searches for her little brother and somehow manages to keep his teddy bear intact throughout. She has chemistry with her co stars Nick Robinson of Jurassic World and Alex Roe. Liev Schreiber actually is well cast for a change - his face suits his role.

The story starts off impressively. The disaster scenes and waves of destruction are effective, exciting and grandly done. The middle section is a little slower when the training (a bit like Divergent) starts and the romance blossoms. The fighting and shooting are big budget action movie standard and well done considering it's kids who are doing the fighting.

As the plot twists the story makes sense in it's own way and is clear enough to follow. I found it more palatable than the Hunger Games which has a rather sickening premise kids killing each other, and easier to relate to than the Divergent series which is rather monotonously dominated by fighting and training.

Go see it - it's entertaining and enjoyable. Hope it does well enough to ensure the sequels are made
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I'm so glad I didn't have to buy a ticket for this one.
albereinstein19 March 2016
Let me start off by saying that in no way shape or form am I a movie critic. I respect the big screen and my hat is off to those who are perfecting their craft as artists on the silver screen. Having said that, I have watch a host of various genre films, and the ones that I truly love and deem classic, are downloaded and kept in my movie library for entertainment purposes when needed. Bringing me to my point and review of this film. Th 5th wave has been done before thru so many other films, that I'm was so glad that I didn't buy a ticket for this one. I mean seriously enough is enough already. Covergence, Divergent, the Host, Hunger Games, these end of day movies with surviving at all cost, embracing humanity is just over done and I'm done with them. This was just another teen survival flick with no purpose other than to give Chloe Moretz (whom I love) a lead role. She was great and did a good job in this told for the hundredth time story role. Honestly, this could've been a good sci-fi channel movie, without the cost of a movie ticket. I didn't enjoy it at all. Liev Schreiber, looked like he was just out it in this movie, probably thinking, (what the hell was I thinking signing on to this). Anyway there's my take on it. This was just awful.
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Dull, incoherent and predictable, The 5th Wave is a futile undertaking in an already crowded genre.
LloydBayer14 January 2016
Survival besieged by sentimentality in an end-of-world scenario seems to be the driving theme in an ever increasing list of young adult films. Joining that list, rather late in the race, is The 5th Wave – a pointless save the world mishmash that feels like the retarded offspring between Independence Day and Red Dawn, but without any redeeming qualities from the parents.

Going from normal high schooler to gun-toting survivalist, Chloe Grace Moretz's Cassie Sullivan is both the heroine and narrator of this alien invasion for the new generation. The onslaught of the invasion, as explained by Cassie, is unleashed in a series of attacks beginning with power outage (Wave 1), natural disasters (Wave 2), fatal epidemics (Wave 3), followed by parasitic possession of humans as hosts (Wave 4). The first three waves are narrated in short flashbacks, thankfully, as the special effects employed are modest, and that's putting it politely. This leaves us, and Cassie, trying to figure out who's really who, before we arrive at the film's haphazardly written twist reserved as the titular Wave 5.

Part of that twist involves a group of child soldiers led by the capable Maika Monroe from last year's sleeper hit It Follows. Monroe's role is an interesting inclusion considering her forthcoming appearance in this year's tent pole offering of the Independence Day sequel. Written as polar opposites, Monroe and Moretz are tasked with shouldering the story from different perspectives. While both deliver, it is the latter's character who reminds us that this is nothing more than a YA film. Cassie's involvement with Evan, an Edward Cullen like mystery figure, not only adds to the overall corniness, their romantic interlude weighs down the story when it is already trying to stay afloat. But even this, although expected in a YA film, is put to use in the most cringe-worthy way possible. You'll know it when you see it.

With The Hunger Games laid to rest, and both Maze Runner and Divergent series following suit, all The 5th Wave manages to do is bring left overs to the table in an already crowed pound party. Low key and already lacking in originality, shoddy writing further adds to incoherence and chaos. If that's not bad enough, spoon feeding the narrative dissolves what little mystery there is, resulting in a telegraphed ending. This becomes even more disappointing with the inclusion of seasoned actors like Liev Schreiber and Maria Bello whose only role is authoritative figures. But even they can't save a film as absurd as the idea that only kids can save humanity from total annihilation. By the numbers? It sure is, and as thrilling as hearing someone count from one to five.
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It depends on your age and preference.
kaym-332937 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I personally loved this movie. But I'm 16. I believe that those younger than 24 or older than 44 would also like this movie. It's also by belief that those between those ages might find this film to be another teen dystopian washout with an average female lead and common love interest. For those younger might see it as an apocalyptic thriller. They may see it as a story of intense loyalty, love, and strength. It may be perceived as a becoming of one's stronger, more powerful, less average more extraordinary self. For those older might see it as either a way to entertain their teenagers or a twisted way to look at the reality of our government or what our government is becoming.

Some have compared this film to Twilight, Hunger Games, or Divergent. They do indeed carry similar elements. Similar to Twilight, Evan Walker (love interest) is not human but an intense romance begins before we find that out. He later decides to deny the nonhuman part to be with the girl. Similar to Divergent and Hunger Games their unlikely survival is due to their leader, Vosch, who is actually the bad guy. Also very similar to Hunger Games and Divergent their victory sits on the shoulders of one very thin, unprepared teenage girl.

Although this film does carry aspects similar to those before, I ca say i love this movie and will always.
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Movie WITH children FOR children.
Psyboyo14 January 2016
If you are older than 12, and hoping for a sci-fi movie, you will be bored to death. There is no character and plot development, other than a big huge cliché. There is no action, there is no pace. If we went to see the movie "Heidi" we would be presented with more action and story for sure. It gets one star on IMDb, because a) we cannot give zero stars and b) well, the first scene is a scene from the trailer, and when you start seeing it you already know what is going to happen, and surprise, the scene ends differently! One star for that. At the interval of the premiere, half the audience left and did not come back. It is THAT bad. This is a movie WITH children FOR children. Consider yourself warned.
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I loved this movie!!!!
ligibson23 January 2016
This review is from my daughter

This a great movie for family . I absolutely loved it, it is now one of my favorite movies .

Please don't listen to any of the bad reviews . I hope they make the next two books into movies as well I can't wait to see what happens .

Even though they don't show real aliens I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning of the movie until the end of the movie .

I loved all of the characters especially Evan .

When I came home I was frantically texting all my friends telling them they had to go see this movie right away
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harmonyrose1014 January 2016
The 5th Wave is a new Sci-Fi Film directed by J Blakeson and is based on the novel of the same name by Rick Yancey. Cassie Sullivan (Chloë Grace Moretz,-Kick Ass) was a normal teenage girl before Earth was invaded by the others, destroying homes and family's. In desperation to find her younger brother, she teams up with a man who might be her final hope.

I had been excited for this movie for maybe about a year. When the movie finally came out, I went in on the first day and first session, and boy was I not disappointed!

Director J Blakeson did an amazing job with pretty much everything in this movie!

Chloë Grace Moretz made a terrific performance playing the title role Cassie Sullivan. She got in so much depth with her character, she played the emotions perfectly, not under-exaggerated, not Over- Exaggerated, it was perfect!

But so were all the other actors, including Alex Roe as Evan Walker, and Nick Robbinson as Ben Parish.

Director J Blakeson did so well at keeping the story at a pace, the story never got boring and it never stretched out any of the scenes. I was always at the edge of my seat, especially with realistic special effects of the floods, the explosions, EVERYTHING!

The story was filled with heaps of action and awesomeness! It is hard to find a movie these days with a great story-line, effects, dialogue and acting. But, this movie was fantastic and is worth the $15.00 you pay for the ticket. It did leave me with a few questions though, but it was overall, one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I would watch it again and buy it on Blu-Ray. So if you are looking for a good watch, go see The 5th Wave!
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The perfect movie for critics to vent their frustration from other more popular YA.
DejmalSoptik12 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I consider this movie an above average YA adaptation. Sure it's not perfect and has a few cringe-worthy moments, but they are few and far in between. It has talented young actors and good pacing that keeps you on your toes especially in the first half of the movie. So imagine my surprise when I looked at Rotten Tomatoes and found out it has only a measly 17 percent. I couldn't help it and read some of the reviews. I wondered what exactly were those esteemed critics complaining about. Let's see.

No originality

– true, but then again I have yet to see a Hollywood sci-fi YA that is original. Somehow this didn't bother them during Hunger Games or Divergent.

Love triangle

– except there isn't one. Ben and Cassie have one short scene in the beginning. She has a crush. How unusual for a teenage girl. And that's it. After this they only meet at the end of the movie and there is no romantic tension whatsoever. She's no longer interested in him, he was never interested in her. At the beginning we also see scenes of Cassie with her best friend, Cassie at school, Cassie with her family, Cassie playing soccer – so obviously that scene with Ben was there to simply show that she's a normal girl and to introduce Ben as a character.

Similarity to Twilight, Evan as a stalker type

– Yeah, for about 5 seconds in a flashback that really had to be there to show the moment he first saw her.

With the exception of a few scenes, the movie only shows destruction in the US, even though the problem is worldwide

– the movie budget was 38M. Enough said.

The movie's cliché romantic scenes

  • yes, but nowhere near Twilight level. Actually scenes between Peta and Gale talking about Katniss in Mockingjay 2 were way more cringe worthy than this. Also one might get the impression those scenes take the whole second half of the movie, while it's in fact about 15 minutes of screen time. Getting your gunshot wound stitched is not a romantic scene.

The movie is like an AD for NRA (National Rifle Association)

– because I guess it's a really bad idea to give your daughter a gun in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens invade the Earth.

The all-white cast.

  • Yes, I will open this can of worms. This movie dared to exclude the obligatory minor role the talented non-white actors usually get. On purpose? In the book, the first thing you'll read after the title is Hawking's quote about Columbus and Native Americans. So the casting choice could very well be a reference to that and western Europe's colonization of other countries centuries ago. To make people think that maybe screwing with other nations isn't the best idea just like H.G. Wells did in War of the Worlds. But let's hate this movie anyway, because "I see white people."

So the most disappointing about this otherwise quite entertaining movie, as long as you like the genre, is the laziness of its reviewers. It looks like all the things the critics wanted to write about the YA franchise for a while were crammed into the reviews of the Fifth Wave. Therefore it gets a 10 to compensate for all the nonsense I read.
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marioperez-3150127 January 2016
I actually like the plot twist of the movie. It has alien invasion, romance, and the cast of the movie is what makes the movie good. I would have liked if the movie had more excitement but I think the movie was good. Chloe G. Moretz, Nick Robinson, Alex Roe & Maika Monroe. The 5th Wave has to be one of the best movies this year. It's in the level of being as big as The Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Twilight. I really thought that the movie was excellent and I hope the other 2 movies are made so we can all find out what happens next. Hopefully the next movies are done better than the first. The 5th Wave is similar to these other movie series but the only difference is that most of the characters are ordinary and all of a sudden there are aliens and the aliens are disguised as humans so any real humans will have to be aware if they are with real humans or the aliens which in the book/movie they are known as "the others"
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all the good elements is in this movie!!!
stephanie_puzz11024 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
when i went to the theater i'm not hoping that this movie would be this awesome. i thought this movie like 2012, independence day or any other usual disaster movie. But OMG it blew my mind. This movie has a twilight, hunger games and maze runner mashed up. this is perfect. i really love Cassie and Evan, hope Evan make it out alive after the explosion. at first i thought it was all about surviving, but its not. i think there is gonna be love triangle between Cassie, Evan and Ben. and what happen to Vosch? he just let them go? uh huh no way. That's what i am waiting for the sequel. TELL ME THERE IS SEQUEL RIGHT???? All of you go to theater and watch it, tell everyone you know to watch it, because this movie is too damn good for you to miss it. REALLY HOPING FOR THE SEQUEL!!!
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Aside from the Cheesy Love Story, a Great Movie
williams_aj26 January 2016
I loved this movie. While it is expected to try and list this movie as just another dystopian young adult novel turned movie and while it has many of the same elements, I believe that it is different enough to give a fresh spin on the genre. The pacing was better than Divergent and flowed smoothly, with the exception of things like learning how to shoot a gun quickly, etc.

I gave this movie a 9 out of 10 for the cheesy love story with cheesy lines. I could literally hear the audience cringe at certain lines.

Despite this, I was engaged the whole time, which has not happened in a while when I go to the theater because a lot of movies have unanswered questions, have crappy pacing, etc.

Some people mentioned that there were plot holes. To be honest, I was too engaged to notice them, so they can't be too big, but those people must keep in mind that the movie is an adaption of a book (which I have not read yet). Divergent was one of those movies that didn't make a whole lot of sense if you watched the movie before reading the book, but I gave it a second chance and ended up liking it.

Overall, no movie is perfect, but this one was pretty good, and I would recommend it, especially if you love young adult novels. However, if you still aren't sure, there is always the option to rent when the movie comes out on DVD/Bluray.
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