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A mind blowing masterpiece from Shankar
adithya-gota14 January 2015
I usually do not write reviews on IMDb. But i have to make an exception to this movie. This is the one hell of a epic movie i have watched till date. Starting from the beginning to the end, the movie takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

I do not have words to explain Vikram. He proved once again that he is not just a great actor, but also a hard worker too.

AR Rehman music is a real treat. Trust me, you will loose yourself listening to music.

Apart from vikram, every other co actors did their job well.

Overall this movie is best one to watch this weekend. If you got time to spend and willing to watch a movie, then go on and book your seats before someone steels yours.
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Brilliant movie , unbelievable acting
karthithedon14 January 2015
The film is worth the 3 years wait. If this movie can be compared to a painting, Vikram is the paper, paint and brush with which Shankar has drawn this picture.

P.C.Sreeram and A.R.R have done a great job but it is one and only Vikram who stands as the man of the movie, he has given all his to give life to Shankar's storyline.

The story does seem predictable at times but still makes the audience thrilled with its grandeur and extravagant visuals. Picture perfect movie with a perfect acting by Vikram

Amy Jackson has done a pretty fair job compared against the young bunch of leading ladies in Tamil film industry.

Santhanam's one liners makes the audience burst into laughs every time he appears on screen.

9/10 for movie but 10/10 for Vikram's acting
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I movie comes with Romantic Thriller action movie
dhaya-cool14 January 2015
I movie comes with Romantic Thriller action movie

Director Shankar comes love story with revenge based one. Colorful picturization & cinematography graphics.

Screenplay comes with Vikram bodybuilder whose only goal in life is become Mr. India and how his life change path to model / love with Amy/ hunchback character.

Chiyaan Vikram proved nobody can match him when comes to performance. Redefines acting and dedication for role. Hats off to his acting . Hunchback role was really touching

Amy is at her hottest best. Perfect choice for the role.. Really did well performance.. Superb.. Movie moves around her only.

Santhanam Comedy rocks simply first half and last part of movie

Suresh Gopi did simply good with positive / negative character.

Ramkumar Ganesan (Actor Prabhu bro), debut in this movie.. Comes as a business man, nice attempt.

Upen Patel also did well.

Ojas M. Rajani role was nice..

Power star just a guest role - Just value add

Cinematography P. C. Sreeram was really visual treat.. Sema... (shots in China was Good)

Edited by Llewellyn Anthony Gonsalves was good..

Brilliant fights too..

Music by A.R was simply superb....("Mersalaayitten" - Awesome one and "Ennodu Nee Irundhaal" ).. BGM was Good..


Vikram Acting (Hunchback role - Awesome)

Shankar Screen play

AR Music

Amy performance

Santhanam Comedy



In between First half will feel slow / bore ( for 15 min)

Shall be Value added in story.

Some may feel Movie lengthy.

Verdict : Don't Miss the movie. Should see for Hunchback role.

'I' saw the movie U don't miss the 'I'.

Score : 4.25 /5
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Can be called as Vikram's I rather than Shanker's I.
urztrulysooraj14 January 2015
"I" : How I felt Shanker's magnum opus I starring Vikram is huge, but doesn't reach the expected levels of hype.

I was obviously the most-awaited movie of the year, I was damn waiting for this flick since the teaser release months ago. The main elements of expectations were Shanker and Vikram, for the former's history of great flicks and the latter's talent and dedication. Rahman's music, P.C.Sreeram's frames everything was a matter of hype.... when I heard about Suresh Gopi's presence my level of expectations increased. Being a great movie lover, I was unable to resist myself from watching the movie the first day itself.

Now,coming to the experience of the magnum opus,

the story of the movie is told in two time lines, one is that of a hunchback man who kidnaps a supermodel from her wedding and the other, is his past with her. All together, the movie draws a sketch over the life of a gym master-turned- model, Ligeshwar aka Lee.

Initially, Director Shankar pushes the viewer into a forest of thrill called "I". As the viewer proceeds, he finds it interesting and wonderful, the visuals and colors mesmerizes the viewer, but, as the viewer reaches a stage of Shanker's magnum opus forest, the roads become clearer, it becomes no more a forest, the viewer one who is able to recollect one dialoge of the first stages, find the forest nothing but a projection of huge trees and a single beast called Vikram. Finally, when the movie ends, the viewer realizes that, the 'so called' troubling paths of forest were just usual roads and the forest is usual except for some visually appealing elements, action sequences and that heavy beast called Vikram.

Yes, what you have read is correct. Shanker fails to meet expectations. I do accept that "I" is a visual wonder and treat for eyes, one can easily go crazy for those action sequences and compelling background score. Shanker really requires applause for the heights of technical brilliance he has achieved, but only visuals can't appeal the viewer, there should be a solid script which makes the viewer engaging. Yes, he keeps us engaged, takes to some level of expectation and what he delivered in pen-ultimate sequences is inside the circle of imagination, anyone could easily predict the movie as it precedes further. Had there was something which is out of the box, "I" would have been a mile-stone. It may satisfy a viewer who has normal expectations, but I am not satisfied to the core. But certain elements made "I" enterprising. The supreme of them is the jaw-dropping performance of Vikram. What an actor man...!!! How can a person expose so much dedication and hard work...! Had he committed a slight mistake, I would have been an epic failure, but he makes it stand. His transformation of characters require special applause, from start to end, it is Vikram show. 'Lee' was so effective only due to his versatility in acting and perfection in body language. The next factor is Shanker's making. Even though the scripting failed, his making was awesome. Each frame had novelty. Presented the average script in an engaging manner. Took the visuals to another level of experience. Next is undoubtedly, the maestro's music, AR Rahman's music was of top class, offered life to the movie. That BGM of main villain was terrific PC Sreeram's frames offered treat to eyes. Colouring effects were wonderful. Certain shots had an international outlook. ANL Arasu's action sequences were of great excellence, had a world class touch in it. Weta-Workshop made the make up works look damn realistic. Kudos to their work. A mixture of all these fore told elements offered a visual wonder but script still remained average.

Coming to the performances of others, Amy Jackson had a role of good importance unlike the hero-oriented flicks of these days. She was beautiful and sexy...filled the space of beauty quotient. Did her part well. Remarkable performance was from Suresh Gopi, did his job with utmost perfection. Upen Patel's negative role was impressive, where, Santhanam took charge over the comedy track. The other characters too did their part well.

Art direction too requires applause, that advertisement song (Aila Aila) was creativity brilliant and Beast song (Ennod Nee Irunthaal) had great visual excellence.

The movie had a brilliant technical crew, which require special applause for the visual experience.

Mind blowing Vikram, Stylish Making, Top Class Action sequences and wonderful visuals, altogether makes "I" huge,which makes the viewer engaging but lags behind only due to not-that- compelling script.

Kudos to Vikram again....you are a great actor....really great :)

My Rating: 7/10 Go for it, Vikram's performance is enough to make your money worth.

_Sooraj Pattazy
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Amazing movie-Outstanding Performance by Direction & Vikram the Hero of the movie
rocky_civilengg14 January 2015
The movie shows hero in three different views for the same role and the action sequences are out of imaginations.the screenplay of this movie makes the audience more interesting till the end of the movie.Hero of the movie has dedicated his soul to this movie reformed his body to suit for the role according to the situation.This movie convets a hidden message to us about present scenario of jealous world who cannot digest the one's own success in any field.Hat's off to the Director Shankara for such a wonderful story,taking,visuals reached Hollywood standards up to the mark. Million dollar worth watching movie.Pls watch this movie in theater as the I movie songs and few scenes are Eye feasting to us.
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Unique style SHANKAR!..
surenfut14 January 2015
Unique style is none other than spending money.

"i" released with lot of expectation. More than 2yrs in making and "i" is definitely a hard work.

Plot - Mr.Tamilnadu, handsome model and ugly hero seeking for revenge.

Vikram-Shankar made another grand combo here. Vikram hard work also not failed. Glamorous Amy is good. Stunt sequence among body builders is one of the best action in recent time. As usual Indian kings A.R.Rahman & P.C.Sreeram made a fantastic job. Other actors Suresh Gopi, Upen Patel, Ramkumar Ganesan does not make any impression. While Santhanam had a little extended role form his comic role which made all as much boring. With a predictable plot running time 189mins seems to be lengthy.

Verdict: Even though movie doesn't have any strong content, budget invested is damm too high.
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With a better second half it has sequences executed brilliantly but if you keep in mind the trailer then the magic remains missing.
bobbysing18 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Revealing the positive features first, I has a huge colourful canvas featuring many virgin locations of China and more captured beautifully. It has few brilliantly conceived action sequences (particularly the one with the cycles), worth watching graphics and an exceptional make-up converting a hard working body builder into a hunchback so believingly.

Moreover the effort put in by Vikram in both his unusual avatars on screen simply bowls you over leaving a lasting impact post the happy ending. And the actor deserves full marks for his visibly worked-upon performance, displaying an exemplary dedication towards the art without any doubts. Though for the Hindi film audience his lover-boy act might seem to be a bit over the top, but what he does as the disfigured victim later is simply mind blowing reminding you of veterans such as Kamal Hassan and Aamir Khan.

Apart from its cinematography, another major support to the film comes from its Background score that perfectly enhances the excitement level with the right punch delivered just at the right moment. The high volume arrangement makes you feel the power watching the disfigured person emerging as the winner at regular intervals and that's exactly what lifts the movie till the end, particularly in its climax.

Mentioning the flaws I's first half stretches a lot and Shankar takes a long time to establish his characters as usual. The romantic angle becomes repetitive after a while and the film starts losing its grip post the initial 40 minutes only. Thankfully the non-linear format adapted by the director, returning to the revealing flashbacks keeps the interest alive and one expects more surprises coming next remembering the path-breaking trailer. Post interval after another routine song as the basic plot gets revealed, Shankar returns with many entertaining sequences dealing with vengeance and the viewers enjoy justice being served to the evil souls quite deservingly. In other words the final 40 minutes of the film work as its major savior and one doesn't feel entirely disappointed due to Vikram and his flawless performance alone.

In the supporting acts, Amy Jackson does what she was supposed to do, i.e. look beautiful besides the skin show and provide the glamour factor as an important commercial requirement of a big project. Whereas all the rest including Upen Patel, Santhanam, Suresh Gopi & others fail to make any major contribution in the film resulting in all childish kind of villains reducing the overall impact. In the technical department, editing comes out as the biggest culprit since the film is too long at more than 3 hours of duration and could have been trimmed by at least 20-25 minutes cutting out all the unrequired songs and sequences.

(Spoilers Ahead) Elaborating on the disappointments further, the basic story plot of I is so thin and clichéd that it makes you wonder that how come one think of making such a big budget film with a big star on such a wafer thin plot of plain revenge (where the culprit can easily be guessed too). The money spent on the song picturisations are the next bizarre thing you notice while watching the lackluster songs. And this further forces you to ponder over the poor music composed by the maestro A. R. Rahman yet again in a biggie post LINGAA. But here along with Rahman, Shankar also needs to be questioned for having approved such tracks coming from the Oscar winning composer and not (demanding) asking him to deliver something bigger and better. For instance there was a time when every sad song from Rahman used to be a gem like 'Tu Hi Re' and more. But now even the rendition of a sad song seems to be so loud and odd putting too much effort into it in a silly manner.

Pointing out I's major shortcomings, its screenplay is erratic, the romance lacks depth, humour doesn't work, particularly the gay angle falls flat and so does the rich 'fat millionaire' acting weirdly. The final 40 minutes of the film where Vikram is taking his revenge resulting in more uglier disfigured bodies might be upsetting and distasteful for few. But ironically these are the only moments when entertainment is supposed to be there for the viewers leading to an emotional climax song reminding you of the traditional fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.

For friends (in awe of its trailer) who were expecting a bit of horror, a bit of werewolf and a bit of terror in I as shown in those 3 minutes promotional cut, there is nothing of that sort in the film at all based on a simple plot of love and revenge. Specifically the werewolf getup and that roar is just there in a song that has nothing to do with the film's actual storyline and I doesn't deliver anything related to the horror element in its more than three hours, missing the magic promised in its trailer.

Yet the silver lining in the dark clouds is the enthralling, never before kind of rare performance by its lead actor and the film can and should be seen for Vikram alone instead of Shankar, Rahman or anything else.
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Shankar Sir is back with a BANG!
spruthvi3514 January 2015
I don't want to reveal anything about the story, but the genre of this flick is most important for you to know before you enter the theatre. It's a Romantic Thriller with fantasy elements. Vikram is the show stealer. He's just out of the world. His action in each and every frame, will keep you all spellbound, especially the hunch-back characters' sequence. And the film, from the first frame till the last, runs on a very very clever screenplay, which I haven't seen in any of Shankar's previous flicks. The Cinematography is outstanding. And P C sir once again proved that he is the King of Cinematographers in India. No wonder why the film production cost so much,the art- work and the sets they solely put up for Songs would give you the answer! Splendid art direction. This films' OST will remain as career best for A R Rahman. Upen Patel was good. Santhanam was hilarious. Amy Jackson was good with her acting skills. She was literally an 'I' candy all through the film. The amount of 'A' rated content should have been controlled by Shanker sir. The length of the film and few scenes might seem lagging, but the crews' 3 years of hard work overpowers it. The best parts being the whole China sequences, Upen-Vikrams fight sequence and Hunchbacks' emotional scenes. This 'I' will remain as a unique film in Shankar's career, not many are made in such a way. Before you get in the theatre, do not have any expectations and watch the film with a lot of patience and I would assure you that you'd leave the theatre with a smile on your face and most likely, a bit teary-eyed as well. And for people with less patience, I would suggest them to avoid this flick.
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(Overrated I) Watch it only for Vikram!
tylddn20 January 2015
Prior to the release, the movie had immaculate hype for an "international quality" story line. Both from the director and the lead actor.

Vikram quoted this as his dream role and the best one he has done yet. The actor has put a lot of effort into the role, with not only the body transformations, but also with the incredible acting. But the real question is, was the story worth it? To me it's a NO!

Pithamagan, Sethu and Anniyan still stay to be the best of Vikram.

The story is something any 10 year old could guess.

STORY: A body builder and gym owner (Vikram) meets his crush, a TV model on a shooting set. Through a series of events Vikram is made to be a model by Amy. They eventually get into a relationship and become top models. Leading to jealousy and animosity, among the villains. There after it is a usual revenge story. Bad guy loses - good guy wins.

The movie has a lot of plot holes or should i say, factual errors. Mostly on the revenge methods.

MUSIC: AR Rahman fails in this one with his poor background score. No songs in the movie gets the fans dancing. But ARR saves his name with "Ennodu Nee Irundhaal" song, which is absolutely breath taking.

Cinematography: PC Shriram, nothing more to be said. The visuals from China are more than enough to show what the man is capable of. Brilliant.

Make UP & Art: Absolutely brilliant. 10/10.

In an interview Shankar, describes himself as "never disappoints". Sorry sir, but after watching films like Anniyan and Mudhalvan, you certainly did disappoint us.

The movie "I" is technically brilliant, but intellectually stupid.

A word to Shankar sir before your next movie, i understand your urge to take Indian cinema to the next level but please there is more to cinema than just graphics, it's called story and that is something you know better than any of us.

Please sir, we miss intelligent flicks like Mudhalvan and Anniyan.
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Chiyaan's One Man Show
karizmabadrinath14 January 2015
Right from the announcement of the project "I", the expectations went to sky high as Shankar and Vikram joined hands for the second time after the blockbuster "Anniyan". The film had close to three years of hard work with lots of effort especially from the "Man of Steel" Vikram; His hard work and dedication went on to become the trending topic in all social networking sites; When Arnold came to the Audio launch, it added one more peak for the expectation; Does it really meet with the expectations? It is all about this review.

Plot:- This is really a simple plot; This is a revenge story of a wounded lover, who was injected with a virus called "I" and turned from Beauty to Beast. This is an outdated love-revenge story and it is surprising that Shankar went on to make it into a Magnus Opus project. Vikram as Lee/Lingesan loves Diya(Amy) and after he was brutally affected by "I" he takes revenge on his enemies; Will he succeed in his mission? Will he win his love interest? How can he come back to normal? Go and watch "I" to unfold the answers.

Performances: - Vikram as Lingesan/Lee is the soul of the film; His dedication and hard work are evident in each and every frame of the film; He looks dashing as Lee, the model; Amy, Ram kumar, Santhanam, Suresh gopi and many more has their moments in the film; The fight sequence in the Gym is outstanding; Song visuals are stunning and adds feather to PC Sreeram; Music album is good and has some hummable numbers by ARRahman. The film is very rich and a pleasant to watch its visuals as it is so colorful; Art Direction needs a special mention as it has reached another level in Indian cinema; Santhanam's comedy is laughable at places; Vikram as Hunchback character needs a special mention.

Negatives:- There are a lot to say; The story is very weak; This is not worthy enough for making it into a big budget film; Many of the sequences are predictable especially the characterization of Suresh Gopi; The narration between two stories with a blood circulation sequence CG is as similar as the transformation part in "Anniyan"; The way Hunchback vikram takes revenge on Ram Kumar with Honey bees is as similar as "Anniyan" when he kills factory owner with insects . The dialogues are too lousy except "Athukkum Mela"; It shows the importance of Sujatha in Shankar's films; BGM is really a letdown; It seems like ARR has scored this music unwillingly; Cycle fight sequence is logicless and Vikram's dupe is very evident; Train sequence and Transgender portions are really horrible to watch; How can a man with Hunchback can jump, run, chase and switch from carriage to carriage having a well fitted body builder? Shankar has really failed in this part; Powerstar should have been avoided; The mention about the virus "I" (H4N2) is delivered in very few places.

Bottomline: Even Homer nods and Shankar is not an Exception. Shankar's movies are always expected a lot because he is capable of it; How can we digest when India's best Director finds a fall in his career! I, as a fan of Shankar hope that He will come back stronger soon.

Verdict:- Vikram deserves a standing ovation but the film doesn't.
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Vikram Steals the Show...
ShaShank_MovieFreak14 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It is hard to argue the fact that 'I' is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2015, even though 2015 just started. While there are good reasons with Vikram's performance being the most important, another reason is that it's directed by Shankar, one of the most famous directors of South India. But, does the movie deliver?

Good points first. For the whole length of the movie, along with many other details, there was one thought I kept entertaining. Well, the movie is long (189 minutes) but I was not able to find any actor who could have taken up the role of the protagonist of this movie but Vikram. He completely and utterly nailed it. The passion with which he portrayed the three shades is rare, to say the least. Not just the tiresome make up and prosthetic work he had to put up with, but also emoting distinguishably amidst all the different shades was a herculean task. He brings credibility to a role that did take up nearly three movies worth' work of acting (just a rough guess). Also, the promos, the trailers and the interviews by the team that explain and highlight the amount of time and dedication Vikram put into the role. Then there is the Cinematography, which was technically brilliant. P.C.Sreeram must be lauded for such an effort. All the songs were gorgeous and were shot either in beautiful locations or elaborate and breathtaking sets. The music by A.R. Rahman impresses. The production values by V. Ravichandran are grand. Art direction was fabulous. The movie does shine on a technical front. The fights were choreographed very well too.

Now that those are talked about, lets get to the next section. The problems. Shankar has always made his mark as a director who has social awareness and makes lavish movies, never compromising on bringing his vision to life. None of his movies were about petty and narrow-minded revenge dramas and 'youth' topics. His broad vision always had a lot of plot points and a simple yet effective screenplay that took things right to the viewer. In other words, there was always a good amount of substance justifying the style. However, some critics say that after Sivaji, his graph has seen a decline, which could mean that Shankar could be actively trying to make movies out of his comfort zone. In doing so, any director must be careful not to tread the same road trodden in many movies before, much less someone as famed as Shankar. But in 'I' there were many scenes in its 3 hour runtime that I had the feeling 'any director could have come up with this idea'. The only thread that distinctly had the director's trademark vibe of high melodrama along with an equally foreign idea of justifying the role was the hunchback(diseased) character. Everything else, not so much. The storyline of love/revenge along with the hinted look of 'beauty and the beast' the movie do not make any impact and is also predictable. Except for the lead actress and a couple of others, none of the characters were utilized well and were fleshed out. Making the story more intricate and broad instead of just making it a high voltage personal revenge drama could have steered the movie towards a much better position as an achievement and not just commercially.

All that said, 'I' makes a good movie not for the story but for the performance of Vikram. No one else could have been crazy enough to accept the role in the first place, whatever the reason. You may watch it.
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Ordinary revenge story with new weapon
r-rohan12315 January 2015
I watched this movie after I saw reviews on net, but still i had some confidence on Shankar that there would be surely some good point in the movie. After I watched the movie, i really disappointed and felt waste of money.

Coming to movie, I didn't find any interesting point in this movie expect vikram's performance.First half was bored with uninterested scenes. Second half also bored with predictable scenes. Some scenes miss logic. In addition to many boring and routines scenes, length of movie is another weakness.

Finally I feel this is not a family entertainer but movie lovers may watch it if they want find why I movie is not up to the mark.
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Utter Disappointment.
sachin-mtk15 January 2015
What happens when you wait almost a year for a movie and finally go to the theater, setting high expectations for it and all you get to see is a decade old love-revenge cliché cinema. Disappointment. Shankar is well known director in Tamil movie industry. His previous works such as Anniyan and Nanban were critically acclaimed and commercially successful. But 'I' clearly disappoints movie lovers. Let's start with the basic plot here.(possible spoiler alert) Protagonist(Played by Vikram), Lingesan, a deformed hunchback who was once a body builder and a handsome model, seeks revenge on the people who are responsible for ruining his life. Nothing new or innovative is here. And also Amy Jackson is there, playing the love interest of protagonist. And that's it. End of story. Direction was really dull and unimpressive, screen writing failed to keep the audience attached to the movie. Some of the few good things about the movie which makes it worth to watch are, * A R Rahman's mesmerizing music. * Vikram's acting and the effort he made to bring the character to life. * Cinematography. * Foreign locations captured beautifully into frames. If you are from south India, you will enjoy this movie despite it's many flaws, because it has so much "masala" for South Indian movie goers. Like fights, comedy and jokes only the South Indian people could understand, etc. But shankar could have made it into a better movie, when we are considering a budget of INR 1 billion and an acting talent like Vikram. My rating for the movie is 2.5 / 5.
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Little bit disappointing
SAMTHEBESTEST17 January 2015
👍'I' Review- watched it with very high expectations but film disappointed me.expected something unexpected from Shankar like Robot but movie was not up to the mark.long runtime of 3 hrs 8 min made it boring.all the visual effects shown in the trailer were only in 1 song,no more effects in film.Vikram was awesome in his role and he made the movie little bit more watchable.Amy Jackson was superb.other actors were good.the only MSG from the movie is that Ugliness cant stop the true love thats it,nothing much.its only and only 1 time watch that too for Vikram.this happens rarely that a lead actor stealing the show instead of director like Shankar.
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Shankar's " I " is the best movie ever in Hollywood Style
aloysiusjoshi15 January 2015
HONEST REVIEW - On Jan 14th 2015 (Pongal), I went to see the Shankar's vision ! I was shocked to see that this movie came out very well in Hollywood style. This is the costliest movie ever in Indian Cinema (approx. Rs. 185cr) The Graphics, VFX, WETA Workshop make up and all other effects of the movie remains the best in Indian Cinema. IF this movie was released in Hollywood , I'm sure " I " would come up in to Top 10 list. This films basic plot was not inspired from any films and was unique in shankar style. The movie shows the message about "Beauty" & "Ugly". The Actor Vikram - Hats off for doing such a big role and spending 3 years for this movie of 3 hours. As always Shankar's Songs and the Picturisation for it remains the best in Indian cinema and so for the Movie "I" ; Oscar AR Rahman's music and Shankar's Picturization doesn't make us to take our eyes off screen for a second. The movie has taken with a lot of perfection, Can't find a single mistake. The three different roles of the movie - Body Builder, Model & Hunchback Character - an actor like vikram can do something like this and he handled it very well. I'm sure no one would want to miss this movie if you have seen the Trailer. The movie gets standing ovation and audience sits there and watch even the end title card (credits). I recommend one to watch this film and experience the next level of Indian cinemas in Shankar Style. Negatives of the Movie - Only a few scenes at the first half makes us feel down a bit , but that was to build up a basic plot for the movie and shankar has handled it well. EXCELLENT & Brilliant Film . AWESOME EFFORT by Actor Vikram . Super model Amy Jackson is hot. FANTASTIC MOVIE 10/10 for this NEW Indian cinema different Experience !!!
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Awful Movie
loveinchelsea16 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Me and my friends rushed for this movie right after class hoping to see something different....perhaps like anniyan(which was a brilliant movie, of course)...and we did see something different.....a different variety of bullshit...

The idea and concept although present, are poorly executed....the script is nothing short of weak....the first half of the movie is bearable(but better when compared to the second half),half of the movie is filled with ads and songs, which maybe entertaining for a while, upto a certain limit,but after that it was just plain irritating...

The effort that Vikram put into this movie is definitely worth applauding but the movie isn't...Amy Jacksons acting was not worth a standing ovation, but she more than covers that up with her looks...

I honestly felt sorry for those people who laughed at the lame one liners which they termed as "comedy"... couple of fight scenes are put into the movie just so the tamil fans can whistle and enjoy the mindlessness(the action in it though, is not that bad)...i would like to point out one scene from the movie to further elaborate on the term "mindlessness" that i have mentioned in the sentence above...the fight scene in china would stand out as a perfect example...im not sure if all of you noticed, but after supposedly beating all of the Chinese people riding bicycles on rooftops to a pulp( yes, you did read that right) Vikram asks one of the Chinese people, "who sent you"-(in tamil, yeah seriously)...i don't know if that was for convenience or if it was just a plain stupid mistake...my moneys on the latter...and while were on the topic of money...i am a poorer man than i was before i watched this movie.

For those of you who admire Vikram, i strongly recommend this movie... for those of you who are used to watching tamil movies, i also recommend this movie...but for others...I'd recommend that you rent the movie if you are so curious as to what the movie is about...overall, I'd rate the movie 4/10.
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Good movie
robertanderson477714 January 2015
Plus Vikram's performance and the struggle he had gone through in shaping himself for the roles is commendable and as he transforms there is a huge applause from the audience, Shankar's imagination is outstanding the way he has structured the scenes, visuals and emotions are brilliant. He has literally taken a character that everyone would hate for its look and transformed into something the audience would cheer for, Songs are pleasant to watch with Ennodu Nee Irundhaal being the epitome of all of them, Stunt choreography is done very well as with any other Shankar's movies. A R Rahman's score fits well for the story.

Minus The length of the movie, the drag in the portions shot in China

Overall very good movie go and watch it.
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Watch this movie as a shankar fan
saigovind9514 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
'I' am totally amazed. Director Shankar is ready to fulfill ur expectation as well as Vikram our Chiyaan. Yes the movie is too long but other than that all the elements of the movie is coming together and is a total treat to every movie goers. The movie is ready to give you many twists. the only place where u are ought to feel bored is the last 30-40 minutes where the movie becomes slightly predictable and the audience can quiet easily say who is the main villain, as there are many villains in this movie which again is to make you sit on the edge of the seat and wait to see the real villain being revealed . it is a suspense movie with many twist and turns. surely a treat for the audience no matter if you are a fan of vikram or not. Once again director shankar has made his mark as an extraordinary director in Indian Cinema. as for the music, ARR once again does his magic as we already know. visually the songs are excellent and colorful. cameraman has done a good job, especially in pookale song. Vikram's acting, need i say that? wow amazed. The movie is complete only because of his acting. Finally, if not for the length of the movie and few unwanted scenes the movie would be more than once watch for all viewers. Verdict-9.6 for me, movie is very thrilling and sure to pull you to the edge of the seat. :) Say no to piracy and watch in cinemas only.
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Outstanding Hard work...Dedication..Result..
abhishekvijayannair14 January 2015
A Indian Movie which will remain special in terms of its dedication towards it.. Indeed it is Shankar's dream project and he proved it. In every sense a person can enjoy this film.on this review i will be very short to rate this movie as i enjoyed. Direction: 8/10

Story:7/10(Well my expectation were a bit more.but they have given a fair and appealing story..Script is lagging in some places)

Performance of the cast: 9/10

Vikram-10/10(No words to explain!)

Amy-8/10(She has done decent performance.and her beauty can be seen in every frame)

Suresh Gopi,Santhanam,Ramkumar Ganesan-8/10(Comedy from santhanam is just okay..)

Upen Patel-7/10(good but there can be made improvement)

Music: 9/10 (All the songs are enjoyable through out the entire movie, with very good BGM support)

Cinematography,Film Editing,Art Direction: Superb!! PC Sreeram brings every beauty into the screen.. Film Editing is good.

Costume Design: This department must be given a special shake hands for their work.. Great Job Guys

Visual Effects,Special Effects: On terms of VFX this movie is outstanding..One of the best the South Indian Movie has every provided. BOOM!

Stunts& Action Sequences: Good. The stunts do have a south Indian touch to it.. Throwing Lifting.. But that does not mean its have failed. One of the highlighted part after watching this movie will be its action scenes.

The movie is too lengthy... 1st half is a bit lagging but 2nd half is well paced.


Go Watch 'I' Its A must Seen Movie Especially in Cinema Hall.. Watch it for its Music,Romance,Visual Treat & Action. Great Job!!!(To Entire 'I' Crew) Hoping that this review might help you.. Enjoy the Movie.
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A Fantabulous Work!! MASTER-PIECE Of Director Shankar!
kumarkhan00714 January 2015
This is one of the best movies that I have watched in Tamil cinema!! Its a great work by the cast! First of all,salute to the crew for putting great efforts and taking Tamil cinema to great height!First of all,the cast, both Vickram sir and Amy Jackson have done their best(est) part in this film. Next, the cinematography of the film is simply awesome!! It was different for viewers ,especially in the song- part.All the locations were great!! Next, a hearty welcome to the art director and stunt director for putting such an effort in this film!! Last but not the least, This film, 'I' is one of the precious carpels in Shankar sir's flower which is always extraordinary! Thaks for giving such a film!! Loved watching it on the first day and on the first show :)
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Ai an Action thriller, Romantic and Revenge stated movie.
esvarkavi15 January 2015
Ai is Adorable and Awesome Movie. The movie is so fast that we Couldn't Expect the next frame, Moreover, The cinematography is marvelous i.e We can keep each and every frame of the movie in our Room as aesthetic pictures particularly the film which was taken in China. It is a master piece in Shankar's Career, He is so genius that He made the screenplay so powerful for the character i.e We couldn't feel that the movie is 3 hours(That much lengthy) I think Because of Anthony who made the Editing work so much with dedication. Next Acting Of Vikarm is so Artful which shows his dedication towards his career.

Finally Guys Please Watch in Theater, It worth For watching in BIG Screens because of its Background score (A.R.Rahman), Screenplay and Concept (Shankar), Cinematography (P.C.Sriram) and Editing (Anthony) and as as for as I say HARDwork of Vikram.
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Different and Awesome movie
lilyoflar14 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was really fantastic, particularly the second half. The main pillar of the movie is Vikram.. Wow what an actor!!! Hats off to him! Fantastic performance, next pillars of the movie are Director Shanker sir, PC SriRam sir, ARR sir and Amy.

Talking about the performance, Vikram sir, I don't have any words to describe his mind blowing performance, coming to Amy.. She did her part very well, as a model and as a lovable girlfriend. No other can fit this role this perfectly. All other actors like Santhanam, Suresh Gopi and all others did their part very well. First half of the movie was bit slow but the second half was the kick start. Felt little lagging in script.

Must mention about the fight sequence, they deserve an applause. The song sequences, location.. Oh Man where do they find these heavens on earth?? Awesome locations.. Particularly in China and in the hill station.

Make-up and graphics needs a special applause, was great. Each and every frame of the movie needs an applause.

Verdict: Bit lagging script yet a awesome experience overall. A must watch movie.
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A Total Mess
DareDevilKid1 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Shankar, who wears his commercial tag like a medallion, has an addiction for making big commercial films. While he's been quite successful at it all these years, it has slowly started to have an adverse effect on his films to the extent that even the presence of a bankable star like Vikram, doesn't add much value to the output.

In his much anticipated film "I", Shankar proves yet again that only he can take a wafer thin plot and turn it into something outlandishly beautiful. Alas, it isn't enough to infuse some vigor into an insipid screenplay. Mostly known for making message-oriented films in which the hero single-handedly takes on the system, Shankar attempts to narrate a mash-up of a romantic, sci-fi, thriller tale in his latest offering, said to be made at a budget of over Rs. 100 crore - the result is harebrained, juvenile, bloated, and utterly convoluted.

Vikram plays a bodybuilder, Lingesan, who idolizes Arnold Schwarzenegger and supermodel Diya, played by Amy Jackson. If the posters of Arnold decorate the walls of his lower middle class home and his gym (which is named after Arnold), there's a box full of women's products endorsed by Diya in his bedroom. In a funny scene, when he's caught red-handed by his friend and asked what he is going to do with all the products (holding a pack of sanitary napkin), Lingesan nonchalantly says he will use it as a pillow. In these refreshing initial moments, Shankar helps us understand that Lingesan has extreme liking for Diya but doesn't love her yet because of their social and cultural divide.

In any other south film, he would've stalked her to the point she eventually gives in. Here, Shankar doesn't tread that path and that's a big relief. However, the story soon takes a detour when Lingesan turns overnight into a model, Lee, soon becoming a sensation in the glamorous world of advertising, and earning the wrath of a few along the way. It is from here that Shankar's "I" ends up becoming a big-budget mess and a mundane revenge drama.

Shankar likes to take his audiences to vast, unknown locations even if it's not required. This time he travels to China, shoots in some picturesque locations, and makes Vikram feature in a well- choreographed action sequence. It's here that he makes Vikram and Amy fall unconvincingly in love. He also feels the need to create a love triangle and introduces a transgender makeup artist, played by Ojas Rajani, who lusts after Vikram. It's a complete shame that Shankar resorts to playing with the sensibilities of a transgender character, openly mocking at the sexual orientation, and painting the character as a jilted fiend.

Vikram may have worked tirelessly gaining and losing weight for his role, but that doesn't necessarily translate to good acting. In both the roles - as a body builder and a hunchbacked man with a rare cell deterioration disease - he makes one take notice of his potential and how far he can go for cinema; it's about time he delivers on that potential. Amy Jackson chips in with a surprisingly decent performance and has worked hard on her lip sync, at least in some crucial scenes. Upen Patel, Suresh Gopi, and Ramkumar Ganesan come across as misfits in their respective roles.

Given the lavish budget, "I" is visually grandiose, and that's not a surprise. But the visuals don't make up for the weak script, tacky direction, huge plot-holes, and major demand on a complete suspension of disbelief. Even AR Rahman's music isn't up-to-the- mark. Returning after a gap of three years, Shankar should've gauged the pulse of the audience who now prefer shorter, more sensible films, over a 3-hour, dazzling, albeit convoluted mess. All that's big may not necessarily be great. Hope Shankar realizes that much better films can be made on a smaller canvas and lower budget.
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Shankar's AMAZING I is close to a masterpiece... But Vikram's performance is beyond any masterpiece... He leaves you in AWE
jmoneyjohal14 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A supermodel named Diya (amy jackson) is all set to get married and suddenly she gets kidnapped by a hunchback. The same person also decides to kill another famous model John (upen patel), a doctor Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi), a stylist named Osoma Jasmine and a businessman Indra Kumar (ramkumar ganesan). Who is this hunchback? Why did he kidnap Diya? Why does he want to kill all these people? This forms the rest of the story.

The director has come up with a romantic revenge drama and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was great. The dialogues were top notch. The script was above average and the screenplay was well knit. The background score was melodious and all the songs were worth watching. Cinematography was the main strength to this film. Editing was okay but needed more overall. Costumes were extremely creative and rich while the art department was mind boggling. Vikram steals the show with his act and he is a true performer, hats off to him.The kind of dedication one sees him giving in all three roles of body builder,model and especially the hunchback leaves you speechless...Salute Chiyaan,your out of this world. Amy Jackson is not only gorgeous but very sexy and a class performer, she shows her acting versatility in I. Upen Patel was upto the mark. Suresh Gopi was good. Santhanam brought few smiles. Ramkumar Ganesan was regular. The others did their bit as required and added value.

The film is the dubbed version of the Tamil movie with the same title and given the fact that it is coming from Shankar, the expectations were high. The first half takes off with some twists and there is a lot of flashback element in it. The interval bang was great and the second half also has its share of amazing moments with emotional intensity. If only the length was trimmed and film was not so predictable the film would have done even more wonders. Overall, the film is still amazing just short of a masterpiece, one salutes Shankar's vision of 3 years, the film in the visual and action pieces is mindbogglingly brilliant!!! Some scenes in the film do stun, and Vikram has given a performance of a life time. Honestly one loses words while talking of I it has to be experienced, i feel like giving the film 5 stars just for Vikram's performance he is that good, but thats not fair, because its just short of a masterpiece for me. A MUST WATCH

4/5* or 8/10
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Not A Beauty After All......
greensman269 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I, directed and written by Shankar whom claims that he has delivered/conveyed a "Masterpiece" which was starred by Vikram, Amy Jackson in lead roles in "I". The soundtrack and the BGM were composed by the two-times academy award winner A.R.Rahman who has done a prodigious job.

Now, let us bounce to the plot and the direction. The plot was very predictable, I would like to emphasize the word "very". I watched "I" with my family and friends and they predicted the whole story after 30 minutes of watching the movie. The plot is like the whole sum of "Cliché" The direction was a "so-so" or "run-of-the-mill" job done by Shankar.

The action sequence should be seriously highlighted. As I've read all the other reviews, the action sequence in the bodybuilding competition were praised continuously. In my view, I just realized that a light bodybuilder just lift two heavy bodybuilders at the same time which is beyond the capabilities of human beings. Can Arnold Schwarzenegger do that?

Moreover,Director Shankar spent to much on the 5 minute video song sequences. Director Shankar keeps saying that "I" is a different movie and it would make an impact globally, I disagree. "I" is a typical Indian Tamil musical romantic thriller that has a very weak and predictable plot but Vikram's hard-work is noteworthy and praiseworthy.

The CGI is placed erroneously in the movie. Honestly, the CGI is only placed in the song sequences and it is very bad for a big budget movie. I guess "Avatar" is way more better than this garbage and it has a lower budget than "I".

In a nutshell, "I" did not hit the spot; dreadful.
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