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Season 5

22 Feb. 2016
Flicker Goes Out
At Spell School, Tom and Twigs are chosen by Treetog to learn a new kind of magic with the mysterious Red magic master, Muru. However to perform red magic, they first need a red crystal, so Muru sets them on a journey to the deepest, darkest caverns to find one. Nearby the Mushas overhear this and decide they want the red crystals for themselves and hatch a plan to get some.
29 Feb. 2016
It's a Kind of Magic
Tom flies in to find an impatient Twigs waiting for their Red magic teacher Muru to arrive for a lesson. Appearing out of nowhere with a magic time control stick, Muru starts the lesson only to be called away almost immediately. Gone in a flash he leaves the stick behind. Unable to resist playing with it, Twigs accidentally breaks the stick and before he can put things right, it comes to life and flies off, running amok around Treetopolis.
4 Apr. 2016
At the Dead Branch Desert, Tom finds Twigs impatiently waiting for Muru to turn up to for their Red magic lesson. When Muru does arrive he reveals a magical 'spell stone', a wonderful device that shows all the red spells available. The 'Digging Desert Mole' is the spell he wants them to focus on and he demonstrates it before asking Tom and Twigs to practise it by moving a large pile of dust into a hole.
18 Apr. 2016
Box of Tricks
Twigs has a new leafboard that is very hard to master and requires great concentration to operate. Tom is about to try it when they're both called away for a Red magic lesson at the Dead Branch. They arrive to find a mysterious box that is very heavy and hard to move. Muru arrives and teaches them a new spell, the 'Gripping Bear' which enables them to lift the box but only if they stay focused on it.
8 Aug. 2016
Need for Less Speed
Today is the day that the fruits on the Wonderful Wish Fruit plant ripen and there is a race to pick the first fruit, because that means you get to choose what all the rest of the fruit will taste like. Everybody wants to take part in the race, Zigzoo has his amphibious cart, Ariela has Teabiscuit, Squirmtum his hover platform, the Mushas their spore bike and Tom and Twigs have borrowed the Turbo-Rantula from Rickety.
15 Aug. 2016
The Good the Bad and the Mushas
Muru is teaching Twigs and Tom two red magic spells but they cannot master either of them. He says they need to understand the spirit of animals and knows how both of them can do that, so he takes them to Ariela's Ranch. Observed by the Mushas, Puffy says she wishes they could go as fast as Muru, because they think of all the extra mischief they could do, but first they would need to get a red crystal.
5 Sep. 2016
An A-maze-ing Adventure
Tom and Twigs go on a quest to find an amazing thing.
12 Sep. 2016
Red Musha Mischiel
The Dark Sprites (Rootle and Shade) are visiting Treetopolis and want to do something new, but everything Tom and Twigs suggests they have seen already. Finally Tom decides to show them a new Red Magic spell. The Mushas are listening in and think they have something new to show the Dark Sprites - their Slime Bubbler, however they've just run out of slime so head to the Fungus Forest to get more.
26 Sep. 2016
Dead Branch Challenge
Racquette tells Tom and Twigs she's invented a new type of squizzle where you aren't allowed to use your hands. They think it's impossible, but Racquette says you just have to think of new ways of moving it. Tom tells her they have to meet Muru for their Red Magic lesson. Racquette asks to come too, but they say they have to get there very fast and she won't be able to keep up but when they arrive they find Racquette already there.

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