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David Walliams' Big Swim
Jackson Booth-Millard16 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the Sport Relief swim that the Little Britain comedian did in 2006, it was really good viewing, and when I heard in the news about what was happening to him in this new challenge I was keen to see the events in another documentary. David Walliams set himself another seemingly improbable task, to swim one hundred and forty miles of the River Thames, starting from Lechlade-on-Thames and ending at Westminster Bridge in London city. His task was to swim through seven counties over eight days, and what makes the challenge difficult is the length of time, the use of muscular strength required, the speed needed to reach the destination end, and the bad conditions in the water. Over the time David swam the dirty water, he suffered from hypothermia for a little while, then he suffered a very bad case of stomach problems after catching a bacterial infection due to the state of the water, including diarrhoea, but he kept going for the sake of the charity. There was also a point when he rescued a Labrador dog after it jumped into the water, and failed to get back onto the riverbank, due to its bad hip, and the owner was very grateful. David kept swimming, and he made it to the end point in time, and by the end of the journey he found out his fantastic efforts had raised over £1,000,000 for Sport Relief. Narrated by Dawn French, with appearances from Rob Brydon, Jimmy Carr, Miranda Hart, the voice of Scott Mills, Angela Rippon and Timothy Spall. Very good!
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