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Season 1

15 Mar. 2012
Episode #1.1
Returning home from a year's travels Joe bumps into girlfriend Lucy,who is heavily pregnant and the maths show the baby is not his. Joe wishes now that he had settled down with Lucy as she had wanted and finds out via her debt-ridden father Will that the father is her boss Dom. After Joe confronts him Dom calls Lucy to say he genuinely had no idea he was a putative father and to thank her for keeping the news from his wife Penny,who has had problems conceiving. Joe is attracted to Alex,a girl he met on his travels,but he is accosted by Lucy,furious that he told Dom ...
22 Mar. 2012
Episode #1.2
Lucy leaves hospital with her baby,Arthur,but the bailiffs have taken everything from Will's flat so Joe installs them in a caravan belonging to his brother Dez. Penny,noticing Dom's odd behaviour,follows him and sees him holding Arthur and he eventually admits that he is the father, which upsets Penny so much that she crashes her car. After speaking to Liz,her mother, Penny decides to sue for Arthur's custody,given Lucy's circumstances. Joe meets with Alex,who is off on her travels again and invites him to go with her. However he goes to see Lucy at the caravan where...
29 Mar. 2012
Episode #1.3
Penny prepares to fight for Arthur's custody as Joe tells Lucy he is off to Argentina with Alex. Penny,fearing that Lucy will run off with Dom and the baby,confronts her and Liz,trying to break them up,is injured. Liz,nonetheless persuades Penny to give up her claim and be glad of what she and Dom have. After Will accuses Dom of abandoning his daughter Dom gives him money to pay for accommodation for Lucy and Will gambles it on a horse but wins big time and goes to Dom's shop to return his stake. Here he meets Penny and they argue,with the result that Will,who has a ...

 Season 1 

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